Crafting and Attributes Points

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anzactrooper, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. Anzactrooper

    Anzactrooper Adventurer

    A question about attribute points and there significance with crafting to be successful in getting items to synthesise is it important to have the right class allocated say for example culinary is Mind and Piety and primary and off hand tools coincide with these particular attributes would. I have a better success rate at being a conjurer for example?

  2. Kassatsu

    Kassatsu Adventurer

    I think their supposed to be refocusing it to the crafting specific stats rather than attribute stats like in 1.0 Once phase 3 launches there will be a lot more information available, also the game will be roughly close to what it should be at launch.

  3. Illithar

    Illithar Crystal Brave

    Crafting specific stats sound really appealing. I've heard that there will be some items that add crafting stats when equipped. I wonder if the items will be "head-to-toe gear" or just a few items? I vote for the former!

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  4. Madrone Damodred

    Madrone Damodred Crystal Brave

    There seemed to be a lot of them that I got while crafting inside Gridania's guilds... see what I did there? Maybe 3-4 slots as high in the levels that I went.

    I don't recall assigning attributes to my DoL or DoH classes... maybe I did though.

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