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    Hello and welcome! My name is Hiname, and today I want to introduce you to the glorious art that is crafting!

    There is a lot to know, and even more to do, but I will try to teach you all the basics, to get you hooked and interested in everything a skilled or experienced hand can do. And today, I will be using the Goldsmith profession as an example. Why, because that is what I do, obviously. Well then, shall we?

    [Chapter 1: The basic skills]

    Crafting is more than just pushing buttons and swinging a hammer around like some brainless oaf. In fact, there are a many, different techniques you must master to craft truly beautiful things. Let us have a look at the most basic skills you will come across..


    This is the most essential thing of all, evidently, as this is what will make your desired item make progress. Quite literally so. needless to note, it will not consume your CP, because otherwise you'd find yourself get stuck. Would be silly.


    The heart of quality. Without this, everything you will create will be mediocre at best. And let's face it, people want quality. And they pay good for it. Always try your hardest!
    Note, using this will cost you 24 CP. We will learn about that soon.


    This skill is so absurdly important, I would label it the most important one if there wouldn't be Basic Synthesis. When the durability of your craft reaches 0, be it via failure, progress or quality, it breaks, and you fail. With Master's Mend, no matter how expansive the skill is, you will never see this happening though. Keep an eye on your CP!


    This baby here can save your hide if you're dealing with precious or rare material and cannot afford to go for quality, or when every little point of durability is precious. I, personally, haven't run into many cases where I needed this yet, but I am grateful to know it's there when things get tricky.


    One of my favorites! Not only do the effects of this last through the whole crafting process, each time you improve quality, it gets better! Ain't that something? I'll teach you about control in the next section though.


    Yup, you're seeing right! A skill that makes you stare at your craft without doing anything. Fancy, huh? Why that is a precious tool, you'll learn when we talk about conditions.


    Now this is a true "Things just got real." skill for when you're attempting to craft truly difficult things that might be a bit over your horizon. In combination with Observe, you can squeeze some precious durability out of a delicate piece.

    So, that'll be the basics. Now that we have this down, let's have a checkup on conditions and quality!

    [Chapter 2: Quality and Craft Conditions]

    I keep talking about how quality is important. Now let us have a look at how we actually get there.

    When you crafted materials before, you must have noticed that line where it says "Condition: Normal"... Well here's where things get interesting. At some point during your basic training, you will start to see.. this.


    Here it says "Good"... Now what does that mean for you?
    It means, if you use a Touch skill to improve your crafts quality, you will get better results. Good is not the only condition though, you will also run into Poor and Excellent.
    Pretty self-explaining, but Poor means, you should better not waste precious CP on an attempt to improve quality, while Excellent can give you a huge boost in Quality. Note though, if your attempt fails while the condition is Excellent, it will drop to Poor in the next step.

    A crafters greatest tool is precision. And good material!

    I cannot stretch this enough, quality material results in quality goods. While a skilled craftsman can make quality out of everything, good material will make it all the much easier.

    Here, let me show you something.


    This should tell us a few things. ... Well for one, I need to go harvest some wind shards soon again. But for the other, it means I have some quality materials available to use in this piece.
    Note, in the top right, where it says "Quality: 0 / 866"? This is where you will start with when you begin crafting at currently set conditions. 0 is always that 1% base chance to produce quality. Not exactly the best outlook, is it?

    now, lemme add my available quality materials to this...


    There. That looks a little better already, does it? Now, how much might that be?


    9%. Well that's something, no? It should be noted that, the higher your quality already is, the stronger the effects of raising quality will be. Don't be surprised to see jumps of 30% or more if you improve a crafts quality over 50%.

    Now, excuse me a moment, I have to pick up some material to show you more...


    There we go. Now, let's see about this again, yes?


    Now, ain't that something? Nothing but pure quality available for an all fresh start with an all fresh item. How does that look like then?


    15% right off the bat, and half the max quality number filled. You can expect some serious number jumps if you start to improve quality now. Here, let me get to that... I gain roughly 15 progress each time I use basic Synthesis, so I have to use that 5 times to finish the craft.
    I will stop at 4.
    Then focus on quality.
    Use Masters Mend when durability gets low.
    And finish the craft with basic Synthesis when I run out of CP to improve quality.

    Aaaand.. tadaaa.


    Beautiful, isn't it?

    Now, that's that about quality and crafting. Now, shall we get to look the part?

    [Chapter 3: A Crafters Gear]

    Some people might say "Well duh, Hiname, it's not like I'm out slaying dragons, why should I worry about what I wear?"

    Well lemme tell you then, being a crafter has just as much to do with managing your own gear as it has with supplying others with theirs. Here, lemme show you. Let's visit a store in Ul'Dah who sells gear to get you started with.


    There. Gwalter sells the most basic gear for Gatherer and Crafter. What we're looking for is stuff liiiike.. hmm.. THIS!


    Yes, that's the stuff. Notice what that thing can do. that's the important bit for us here.

    Craftmanship and Control.

    Craftmanship determines how much Progress you make when using synthesis skills.
    While Control determines how much Quality you add when using Touch skills.

    But that's not all, no sir! Notice the other gear I'm wearing? Well lemme show you, I was able to make some nifty things for myself.




    You see the pattern here, aye? You need all the CP you can get, so make good use of trinkets like these!

    So, to recap...

    Control, Craftmanship, CP.
    You need them all, just try to balance your gear sooner or later towards what you want.

    So that is about it for the very basics! That should get you all set and started for the long, rocky but very rewarding road towards becoming a master crafter.

    I hope you find peace and enjoyment in whatever profession you pick up. And, should you find yourself in need of assistance or companions on his road.. the Anvil is recruiting!

    Have fun and good luck on your way!

    Kind regards,
    Hiname Dawnpride

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    Very nice and comprehensive guide. Keep up the good work! :)

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    Awesome. Just what I needed to know about crafting, never done it before

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  5. Hiname

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    Because I can't edit the first posting and add more pictures.. maybe a mod can nudge this posting under the first one? That'd be really nice.

    [Chapter 4: The work of a crafter]

    And now, let us talk about Tradeleves.

    These are basically what brings the food to the table when you're not the trading kind. You can find them at the same places where you find any other kind of leve.


    Eustace here can supply you with them within the walls of Ul'Dah. Tradecraft Leves are fairly simple though. But let's cover this, anyway!

    You pick one you think you can do.
    You craft the desired item.
    You turn it in...


    You claim your reward.


    It really is that simple. BUT, and that's quite a big but, there is always something deeper behind everything we crafter do.

    I mentioned this time after time again, but let me spell it out for you one more time. Quality! Beats! Everything! What does this mean for tradecraft leves? Weeeeell... let me pick a different one. But this time, we will turn in a high quality item.


    Now, what's the difference, other than more effort? Well..


    Firstly, we get warned about what we're about to do. Formalities, really... But the next step is oh so much sweeter.


    Yup, you're seeing this right, this ain't no typo.


    Ding ding ding ding, jackpot! Now THIS is what I call compensation for my efforts. But wait, it gets BETTER!

    Because, well, you must have noticed before. Our daily limit how many leves of any type we can accept is limited. We get only 6 allowances per day, so spend them well. So, with this in mind, I want to point out something exceptionally juicy. Let me pick out this leve in particular here...


    Three decorated copper scepters. Sounds like some work to do. But the pay is looking great, right? Now, in the spirit of what I keep telling you all over, what happens if we turn in three high quality scepters? Let us find out.


    Now, not only do we get our 200% reward, what is awesome by itself..


    Yup, that's right. That's one juicy load of a reward. But we're also leaving quite an impression on our client. So impressive in fact...


    We're offered an extension to our contract. And what does this mean for us?


    It means, that we can repeat the job, basically start from scratch. We get to do the same tradecraft leve WITHOUT spending an additional allowance!

    And as long as we trade in ONLY high quality scepters, without exception...


    We can do this again.. and again... and again... and again...

    So, keep working hard, deliver quality and get rich! It's amazing what hard work can do for you if you put effort behind it, isn't it?
    And that's all I have to teach you about the early tradecraftleves.

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    My only question is how do you choose which materials to use when you have both NQ and HQ in stock. I have a lot of high quality material that I haven't used because by default it uses the normal quality items. Thanks!

  7. Hiname

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    Surprisingly simpel, acctually!

    Here, lemme use this screen to show.


    When you hover over the area where you can see the 1's here in this screen, you should highlight something that looks like a little upwards arrow.

    Click, and done.

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    I starred crafting this weekend and man was it fun
    While I figured out some thing by myself this guide def enhanced my knowledge of crafting. Great guide. Thanks a bunch

  9. Cassidy

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    King for a Day in Ul'dah, and Dogtags are for Dogs in the Quarrymill were amazing. After I learned to consistantly reach 70%+ HQ rate(Great Strides is now my favorite goldsmith skill), i was making about 63,000xp and 30 silver ore per tradecraft quest. Big help, since i can't mine that stuff. I got to make lots of level 30 accessories and put them up for sale before the servers went down! :D

    Great Guide. If i'd found it before servers went down, i would have been further along.

  10. racooperii

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    I knew some of this, but not all of this. I am impressed with this guide, it's very comprehensive and gives ideas on how to Lvl your Craft Smart, vs Hard with the Levees. Keep up the great work, maybe the game world will be filled with better Craftsmen if more guides like this existed :).

    Now I do have a question, on your Stats for Crafting, what doe they control exactly. Which one is matched up to the Progress Bar vs the Quality Bar?

    Do you know how to acquire HQ items from Drops/Gathering as well? Cause I think a guide on that would be very nice as well :)

  11. Sword

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  12. Madrone Damodred

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    Very nice! My guide was meant to get you started to maybe around level 15 or so. I bow to you, sir. Now if you could just provide a list of NPC's and locations for short-cutting raw mats, rather than building them up from the low levels....

  13. Colt47

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    So basically, one can recycle the older leves by repeatedly turning in HQ gear until the materials run out... That's actually pretty awsome.

  14. Hiname

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    Next weekend, I will "try" to make chapter 5, about shared skills between crafting professions. No guarantee I can manage it far enough to show off reasonable results, but I'll see what I can do.

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  15. Madrone Damodred

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    Just want to note that Steady Hands seems to be only giving a 10% bonus to success rate, not 20% as in its description text.

  16. Freyjan

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    Yeah, I had wondered if it was just a tooltip error or a display error on the buff icon itself. I made a post about it on the beta feedback forums two weeks ago but who knows if it was even looked at :/

  17. Eblan

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    Hiname thank you so much for making this guide. I wish I had seen this before the beta ended this weekend T.T

    I have a few questions about the basics though.

    Why is Observe helpful?

    I know it's all about the quality (I am obsessed with it too) but I don't understand how or when to use it.

    Where or how do I farm shards?

    It was very sad when I realized I ran out of shards to keep leveling my craft. I don't think regular mobs drop them, and if they do it must be a rare drop.

    So I went to hunt some elementals. For every 3-5 Lvl. 7- 9 Wind elementals/spirits I killed I got 1-3 shards. But when I tried to farm water shards I noticed the drop rate was lower. I was getting around 1-2 shards per 5-12 Lvl. 7-9 water elementals/spirits.

    I know some quests give you shards as a reward. But I can't recall there is a repeatable quest I can use to farm shards.

    Am I doing something wrong? Or this is just the way it is?

    Sorry for the long post o_O

  18. Hiname

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    Well, let's have an example here.

    So let's say your item stands on 50% quality.
    You have 36 CP left.
    The items condition stands on Normal.
    You have 30 Stability left.

    So if you want the 10 stability safety to not endanger your work piece, you have one working step left before you have to finish your piece.

    Now we gamble a bit.

    You spend 12 CP on Observe.

    And voilá, the items Condiion jumps on "Good"!
    You use the remaining 24 CP to perform Basic Touch and bring your piece on 78% quality before finishing up with a synthesis skill.

    Another example.

    You have cracked the jackpot and got an Excellent success with a touch skill. But now your items quality stands on Poor. You are on the final steps of improving quality. but usign a Touch skill on a poor quality step is nothing short but a waste of time and CP. So you use Observe to bring the condition back to normal.

    As for the shards.

    the easiest way to make shards is Mining and Botanist.
    Depending on the job you want to pick up, you need other kinds of shards.

    Wind and Fire shards are easily found in the lowest level mining fields outside of Ul'Dah.
    Ice and earth shards can be harvested by a botanist right outside of Gridania, and so on.

    Really, if you want an easy,a ccessible way for shards, pick up mining and botanist, and you're good to go.

    Plus, farming shards is a very easy, if perhaps a bit tedious, way to level these professions for a few early levels, as shards are "generally" rather easy to gather.

    Quesitons answered? *smiles*

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  19. Eblan

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    Impressed on how quick you replied. And yes this was very helpful!

    Thanks again!

  20. Aarok Dahlmel

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    Oh wow this will def be my reference for the new players upon release

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