Collector edition reward & Cascadier Uniform Voucher

Discussion in 'FFXIV Questions & Answers' started by Asuunai, Sep 1, 2013.

  1. Asuunai

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    Does any seems to know where to get Behemoth barding
    and where to turn in Cascadier Uniform Voucher
    if its not much to ask could you mark it on the map where to get npc name etc
  2. Nehym

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    Behemot barding is in the companion tab, in your character profile. At the bottom there are 3 icons with the saddle, leg and head pieces with the colors of your GC. Right click on them and you an select the barding.

    As for the Cascadier Uniform, i think it is an NPC in Costa del Sol... But i don't remember who exactly.. Might have to do a little research on that one.
  3. Hulvein Blitz

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    The voucher is also accepted at Revenant Toll. I saw the requirement of it, on a item, or two.

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