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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lazarus, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. Lazarus

    Lazarus New Member

    Hello all,

    I am new to these forums and I'm looking for some advice and/or guidance to choosing a healer and making a dungeon team.

    First off I will say that I will be starting this game with a group of friends from launch day. We want to set up the group so we can go strait into group content like dungeons and raids without leaving our friends behind.

    My questions are:
    1. Are Classes for solo content and Jobs strictly for group content?
    2. Are there only 4 people in a dungeon?
    3. What Class & Job can heal and which is the best at healing in dungeons?
    4. I am thinking White Mage for healer? If so, does that mean I have to choose a Conjurer at the start?
    5. Are Paladins good Tanks?
    6. What Class do you have to choose as a prerequisite to the Paladin Job?
    7. What Class or Job is closest to a Warlock in WoW?
    8. Can a Warrior DPS if he doesn't want to Tank (and still pull DPS numbers)?
    Our group so far will be looking like this:
    Tank: Paladin
    Healer: White Mage
    Melee DPS: Warrior (if they can DPS) or Dragoon
    Ranged DPS: Archer, Black Mage or Summoner

    Is the above composition alright for a group looking to get into dungeons as soon as we can? Any suggestions are appreciated.

    Thanks in advance to all that answer, I appreciate your help.


  2. Luko

    Luko Scion

    1.) That's the general idea, though soloing is extremely easy this time around. I have no doubt that most jobs will be soloing just fine. It's not at all like it was in 1.0
    2.) I dunno. It's an odd size but it works.
    3.) Conjurer/Whitemage and Scholar, which is a job from Arcanist.
    4.) Yes. Jobs are just specialized, unlocked versions of classes. You'll need to level conjurer to 30 and arcanist (probably) to 15 to unlock your White Mage job stone.
    5.) Well, considering there are only 2 tanks, yeah I'd hope so. If not we're all pretty much dead in the water. :p Seriously though, of course they are, lol.
    6.) Paladin is Gladiator to 30, Conjurer to 15
    7.) Arcanists are essentially exactly like the old TBC Afflic locks with a little more pet emphasis. We haven't gotten to play Summoner yet but it looks like it'll maintain that trend.
    8.) Nope. The warrior pulls good numbers but everything it does has baked in Enmity boosts (threat) so even if you were trying to DPS, you'd be pulling threat. Also you can't queue as a DPS on warrior in the duty finder.

    Anyway, there's not a whole lot of options when it comes to group make ups. There's 2 tanks, 2 healers (one of which isn't even available til level 30) 2 melee, 1 physical ranged and 2 magic ranged. Not exactly exploding with different set up options. :p

  3. Zheri

    Zheri Crystal Brave

    1. I think that's gonna depend on the class/job specifically, but I'm not Legacy so I can't really be sure.
    2. For leveling content, yes. For level 50 stuff I think I remember reading that it will be 8.
    3. Conjurer is the only healing class; both white Mage and Scholar are healing jobs.
    4. No. You can start as whatever you want, but you will need to level up Conjurer at some point.
    5. Yes.
    6. Gladiator to 30, Conjurer to 15.
    7. Arcanist/Summoner
    8. No, Warriors are tanks. They have higher damage than a Paladin, but still less than a real DPS class. They also have increased enmity on several attacks.

  4. Lazarus

    Lazarus New Member

    Thanks for your help Luko and Zheri :)

    I have a few more questions:
    1. What are the Racial abilities and benefits?
    2. Is there a best Race for a healer (i.e increased mana pool or regen)?
    3. What are the strengths and weaknesses of a White Mage & a Scholar? (Single target heals vs AoE heals or direct heals, shields vs HoTs etc)
    4. Since Warriors can't DPS, what melee would you suggest? Dragoon?

  5. Zheri

    Zheri Crystal Brave

    1. The only difference between the races are a small amount of stat points. There are no racial abilities.
    2. For absolute min/max, Miquo'te Keepers of the Moon are the "best" healing race. In reality the difference between best and worst is negligible so play whatever you think looks cool.
    3. WHM gets more AoE heals, bigger direct heals, in-combat res, better Protect spell. Scholar gets shields added to heals, and either a healing or support style pet.
    4. Dragoon and Monk are the only melee DPS options. Dragoon is positional attacks while Monk is keeping up buffs and debuffs while rotating through 3 stances.

  6. Lazarus

    Lazarus New Member

    Thanks again Zheri.

    Looks like I will be playing White Mage and my friend who wants to play melee is going to play Dragoon.

    See you in Eorzea :cool:


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