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    Anyone having issues with their chat when they login? Everytime I play, the chat shifts an inch to the right to the point where it's 3/4th off the right hand side of the screen making the chat feature useless..

    Any way to resolve this or a temporary fix?

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    Going to assume you're on PS3 and not running in 720p (i.e. using an AV cable) because I've had the same issue. Here's what you do:

    1. Hit start
    2. Hit L1 + R3. This will bring up a "playstation mouse".
    3. To use the "playstation mouse" you control it with the right stick and use the L2 button to select things.
    4. Now, go out of start. Scroll the "mouse" to where your chatbox says "general".
    5. Use L2 to select "general", which will allow you to move the chatbox where you'd like.
    6. Once you are done using the "mouse" (tip: it works great for fixing HUD stuff, too.) go into Start --> L1 + R3 again to make the mouse go away.

    A few other handy PS3 tips:

    Hold L1 and move the right stick up and down to zoom in and out.

    Hold L1 and hit select to make the HUD disappear (great for pictures).

    Hold L1 and then hit start (before or after the above) to take a photo.

    Hit R1 to toggle between hotbars. Hold R1 and hit up, down, right, left, triangle, square, circle or x to get to different hotbars.

    Hit the X in the right corner of the chatbox when you've got "mouse" up to resize it.

    If you want to exit a help popup hit Select --> go to the last page of the screen (bottom right corner) and then hit circle.

    Hit Select, then X, then triangle to bring up your interface to type in chat.

    I think that'll cover most of the stuff that is a bit confusing if you are on PS3. I hope this helps. :D

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    Thank you for all your help! Not only did it work flawlessly but I learned a lot more than expected. You are godlike!

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