Change wedding ceremony date and/or time?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Erox, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. Erox

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    Is there a possibility to change the date or time of a wedding ceremony?
    if yes, how?

  2. PrincessNewb

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    The only way I know of is to miss your time and sign up for the next week... And I only know this because my boyfriend @GeekMatt slept through our first three attempts to sign up for EB when it first came out. lol

  3. Lucius Tinger

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    OR!! You can get a friend to make an excuse to your partner and "accidentally" miss the date because something "came up" E.G. A IRL issue such as bills to pay or you needed to pay a maintenance fee to a public service like a mechanic for your vehicle but it can't be something like a sick relative as those excuses are like a one or 2 shot then they lose effectiveness.and you could be like[improper use of and sue me XD]'I am so sorry darling I forgot the date and I rushed to do [insert long and pertinent excuse here] but I SWEAR i'll be on top of the ball this time babe.Wait...what do you mean I do this everytime? I absolutely do not go to -name erased for privacy-house when we have time for our EB. Hey don't go I was just late is all I really want to EB with you I guess i'm just very unorganized but thats why I need you. I love you babe.....

    Sorry that got weird....yikes.:manic:

    In short yeah what she said and you could just miss the date XD

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