Looking For [Cerberus][EU] Lvl70 Whm/Ast L/F FC <3

Discussion in 'Cerberus' started by Devlyn, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. Devlyn

    Devlyn New Member

    Hey all! o/​

    I'm currently in a small and kinda dead FC, and I'm quite a social person, so I'd like to join a new active FC on the Cerberus server. c:

    As it says in the title I'm a Healer main with White Mage and Astrologian both at lvl 70. I'm still working through the SB story line, but I'm getting there.

    I only speak English so I'd like to join an FC that's also mainly English speaking. I enjoy helping others so I'd happily join dungeons, trials or roulettes for those that want a quick queue time or just help. xD

    I'm also not a fan of PvP. I primarily play to have fun with friends. o wo/

    Please message me in game to add me first: Devlyn Nocti.
    I won't be leaving my current FC until I know I have another fun and active one to go into. o:

    Ty for your consideration~ \o/​

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