Summoner Cannot use Aero?

Discussion in 'Disciples of Magic' started by Ryouzanpaku, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. Ryouzanpaku

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    I just got summoner, and when trying to rearrange hotbars I found out I cannot use Aero from Conjurer - which I used all the time on Arcanist.... it is really strange, because when I switch to Arcanist I can clearly see SMN listed as cross class on Aero spell....
  2. ShinSuta

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    It must be an old tooltip.

    I'm pretty sure SMN can only cross class from THM and ARC, so Aero is out-limit.
  3. Ryouzanpaku

    Ryouzanpaku Member

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    Ah ic... well thats bad - got used to Aero :/

    btw - what skills can SMN cross from ARC ? Had no idea there are some?
  4. Luko

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    I didn't even use Aero on my Arcanist. Sure it may have been a smidge more DPS, but it's also yet another ability that's instant cast, forcing you to stand there like a weirdo, locked out for two and a half seconds until you get to do anything else. It's bad enough Bio was designed this way, I didn't need another.

    Besides, its the same cast time and GCD as Bio and less potency. That may be excusable while soloing, but in situations of high maintenance DoT spreading on 3-4+ targets, it ends up being a DPS loss since you're losing uptime on your other targets to waste a GCD applying the weakest casted DoT in the game.

    They knew what they were doing with their design.
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  5. Illimite

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    On my ACN, I just liked seeing all of the DoTs stack up on a target.
    It was fun to see 6 different DoTs and how much damage they chipped off per second.

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