Summoner Cannot use Aero?

Discussion in 'Disciples of Magic' started by Ryouzanpaku, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. Ryouzanpaku

    Ryouzanpaku Adventurer

    I just got summoner, and when trying to rearrange hotbars I found out I cannot use Aero from Conjurer - which I used all the time on Arcanist.... it is really strange, because when I switch to Arcanist I can clearly see SMN listed as cross class on Aero spell....

  2. ShinSuta

    ShinSuta Adventurer

    It must be an old tooltip.

    I'm pretty sure SMN can only cross class from THM and ARC, so Aero is out-limit.

  3. Ryouzanpaku

    Ryouzanpaku Adventurer

    Ah ic... well thats bad - got used to Aero :/

    btw - what skills can SMN cross from ARC ? Had no idea there are some?

  4. Luko

    Luko Scion

    I didn't even use Aero on my Arcanist. Sure it may have been a smidge more DPS, but it's also yet another ability that's instant cast, forcing you to stand there like a weirdo, locked out for two and a half seconds until you get to do anything else. It's bad enough Bio was designed this way, I didn't need another.

    Besides, its the same cast time and GCD as Bio and less potency. That may be excusable while soloing, but in situations of high maintenance DoT spreading on 3-4+ targets, it ends up being a DPS loss since you're losing uptime on your other targets to waste a GCD applying the weakest casted DoT in the game.

    They knew what they were doing with their design.

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  5. Illimite

    Illimite Adventurer

    On my ACN, I just liked seeing all of the DoTs stack up on a target.
    It was fun to see 6 different DoTs and how much damage they chipped off per second.

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