Free Company [Cactuar][FC][LFM][C/SC] Fluffy Chocobos <Birb> Looking for Active Members/New Players are welcome a

Discussion in 'Cactuar' started by raevnly, Mar 26, 2018.

  1. raevnly

    raevnly New Member

    A little about us:
    We are a very small fc built amongst friends but we’re all experienced members. New players are also welcome!

    What we’re looking for:
    We’re looking for active members interested in mount farming,raids,dungeons,trials,maps,crafting,gathering and heading into Eureka!(etc)

    What we have to offer you:
    • Experienced Players
    • A Discord
    • A Mature and Drama free atmosphere
    • Being a member of our comfy and growing family
    • A house in The Goblet
    • Very Friendly and Social members who are always willing to help or tag along to have fun
    If interested in joining us at all please whisper the following:
    Yatekko Wyrden
    Panza Knight
    Raven Moonsong

    Or if you see anyone with the <<birb>> tag feel free to ask one of them as well!


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