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    We are a small FC made of a group of friends and we are looking to expand! We are recruiting active, social, mature players. Casual/Hardcore mindset. Pvp,Pve, maps, etc! We are always on discord.

    We do enjoy anime and will talk about it from time to time aswell as play other games. (Overwatch, PUBG, LoL, etc) New and veteran players are welcome. We are more than happy to help new players through old content and run end game stuff with veterans. Crafters are welcome aswell!

    We do mess around with each other in discord, so as long as you are not easily offended by things, enjoy video games, and enjoy hanging out with awesome people, this is a fit for you!

    If you are interested or have questions, PM/mail the following:

    ♦ Khari Esme

    ♦ Sephaul Gaolbag

    ♦ Geo Dragonslayer


    drop by in discord @ :

    Hope to see you soon! :bye:

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