bout that unicorn

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by heynowjose, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. Thyristor

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    My reaction when I saw it the first time:

    I can't stand unicorns :<
  2. Trasias

    Trasias New Member

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    Don't know why people assume it's a WHM mount - it's meant for Conjurers.

    It's a conjurer quest, and CANNOT be completed unless you have the WHM stone unequipped... just saying.
  3. Shalaia

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    Love that this is available--but am I the only one kind of freaked out by the animation of it's mane and tail? LOL... kind of reminds me of gelatanized cool whip--haha... that is definatley not made of horse hair--lol
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  4. jn2002dk

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    I love that mount

    I wasn't planning on going CNJ but i may have to just to get it
  5. Pure Lucid

    Pure Lucid Wiki Team Leader

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    I was aiming to be a bard but now, i'll play conjurer to get the unicorn mount first and foremost. bard can wait!
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  6. Karamethien

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    Need more rainbows :/
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  7. xusha

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    I just want to say, female players do not side saddle it. At least my Miqo'te doesn't c:
    And I'm happy. Side Saddle looks weird.
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  8. Madrone Damodred

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  9. xusha

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    Thank goodness I choose a race that does not! :D

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