Beginner Friendly FC Recuriting (Glorious Chocobos)

Discussion in 'Diabolos' started by Vulpus Inculta, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. Vulpus Inculta

    Vulpus Inculta New Member

    Glorious Chocobo is a new FC looking for all types of members. Whether you're a beginner or not. Hardcore or just sort of. Does not matter just be friendly! We are beginners ourselves so its especially good for newer players we can all grow!. Excited to do dungeons, raids etc and looking to grow. You can PM me on reddit or Discord at VulpusIncultaFF14#4488 My ID is Che Inculta

    We are new to the game (the most "veteran" players have only had the game for 3 weeks) so everything is new to us an we are looking for any friendly members that just want to have fun. If you're a beginner its especially a good environment for you since you can grow with us

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