DPS Bard or Ninja?

Discussion in 'Disciples of War' started by Bowgun, Aug 20, 2015.

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    Hiya guys! So I just made a thread a few days ago asking for tank advice. I'm still playing a Tank and thanks to all of the helpful advice and guides people have linked me, my tanking is much better and I've received a lot of positive feedback from the groups I've been in! Tanking has been fun, but, I was thinking I should have a DPS class to play for fun too. Something that if I don't feel like playing a more advanced role, I can just play a laid back DPS character.

    I've been considering Bard or Ninja. Ninja is that one class that I said "That sounds so stupid, I'll never play one of those." Here we are now. So, I was wondering, what do you guys think? I know fun is subjective, so people's opinions will vary. I want to know, which one is in higher demand? I assumed it would be Bard for the songs and utility they have, but I'm not sure.

    Are they noob friendly? Decent damage? Which one would you say is more of a laid back kind of class? What are the Pros and the Cons of each? Also, I may start playing with a controller here and there just for when I'm feeling lazy, if anyone has some advice for playing with a controller, that'd be awesome!

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    My favourite guide on Realm happens to be a controller targeting guide

    Both BRD and NIN are in-demand, but I'd say having either a BRD or a MCH in your static is practically a must, so BRD wins out there, IMO.

    I only have experience with the 2 at level 50, and NIN moreso. NIN definitely felt more hectic/fast-paced in play-style, so in that regard, BRD is probably going to feel more "laid back" but you've still got a lot of buttons to weave, DoTs to keep up, etc. These really are two very comparable jobs IMO (at 50) since they both offer support, requiring some party awareness (BRD moreso), they both offer fantastic burst damage (BRD probably better?) and both have solid damage in a variety of circumstances whereas other jobs sometimes excel in one particular area. NIN had incredible DPS, but I don't think it's ranked quite as high as it was(?).

    From 50-60 people felt very unimpressed by the changes made to NIN, which is more support that isn't especially helpful when raiding. And BRD changes were not necessarily bad, but a let down to a lot of BRD mains who didn't enjoy the change in play style (standing still and casting). I personally raid but not heavily, so NIN changes are ok with me. But I also really like to be moving around, so not impressed with BRD changes

  3. Crimson Requiem

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    Both are in high demand. BRD is a dps/support job so their DPS isn't as critical as a melee DPS. The more dps you can pump out the better of course but no one really going to be giving you a hard time if you aren't parsing 1.7k dps.

  4. Jinzuku

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    After leveling all jobs to 50 pre-HW the one I found the most "laid back" was Bard. Then again, I main Monk so every job seems laid back compared lol. I don't raid though so that will make a huge difference.

  5. Basket Case

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    To me the BRD is still the most laid back class, or at least how I look at it,the least punashing for a mistake.
    At least on the classes I have worked on after 50. On SMN and BLM you miss something it really hurts, let Enochain drop or miss an Aetherstack or let miss your Deathflare and your crying. On a BRD it hurts to miss something, but not to the extent of the other two classes its kind of an "oh well, move on to the next thing".

    I am working on NIN right now and only 57, but I am liking the changes so far. Its probably the least changed class I think. Its biggest change to me so far is Armor Crush, along with doing damage it adds 30 seconds to Huton (to a max of 70 seconds) so as long as your on top of things, you only have to cast Huton at the start of a fight, you don't have to use a Ninjutsu during a fight to keep it up. Was talking in a Fate party I was in the other night and someone complained that they thought the NIN was moved to a support role, as another person responded, NIN has always been a support roll. NIN are in a party for their Slashing Down buff and for the 10% damage buff, the fact that there a decent damage dealer is just icing on the cake. Of their 5 new skills 2 are "support" and 3 are damage buffs to me.

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  6. Crimson Requiem

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    Make sense for NIN to not have changed much because it was the newest job to drop before Heavensward. It has already been tested and adjusted accordingly. The added stuff are hardly groundbreaking but they are nice in a party/raid setting. The positionals I would consider a big chance because before 3.0 they didn't have any outside of Sneak/Trick attack. Which made it pretty popular since they could do high dps from pretty much any position unlike MNK and DRG but 3.0 has laid down the homogenize hammer and put an end to that. XD

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  7. radioactive_lego

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    100% NIN.

    Bard lacks the utility it had in 2.X, and it simply isn't as fun to play as it used to be, IMO.

    NIN is still solid DPS at any level with underrated utility.

  8. Caimie Tsukino

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    Level them both a bit to get a taste of them!!! They both use Dexterity accessories anyway!

    - More laid back
    - Supporting role. People dont expect bards to have as high DPS as other classes. Doesn't mean you should slack off, but you do get less pressure. If you are melee dps, BLM or SMN, people have higher expectations on DPS levels.
    - Despite less pressure on DPS, you should sing the right songs at the right time "to give you that excuse" of lower DPS. Bards who doesn't sing and doesn't do enough DPS are "NOT in demand".
    - Mobility while shooting makes you able to eat chips (in real life) while you fight and still dodges fine. (Until after level 52 with Wanderer's Minuet which limits your mobility)
    - Relatively simpler rotation than Ninja. Even if you dont maximize everything, as long as you keep both DoT skills (Wind bite & Venomous bite) up all the times, and just spam your shots, no one will complain (this is really sloppy and slacking though).
    - In a dire situation which requires sprinting to dodge. Bard can use up all TP to sprint, and then recover TP with Invigorate.

    - Melee range renders higher risk of injury.
    - Much stronger DPS output than Bard.
    - Has "Goad" to replenish a part member's TP.
    - Complicated rotation, but much more entertaining than Bard's to go through.
    - Has to be very vigilant and quick with reactions to play.
    - Good ninjas that doesn't get hit and does huge DPS are in high demand.

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  9. Ish

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    What do you prefer, close combat or ranged?
    Bard is more support but Ninja is very useful for raids and does bring some utility.
    Current issues on Ninja other then mudra if you have lag is tp @ 60. Skill Speed really does hurt.
    Bard on the other hand some players do not like the new playstyle as they say it is similar to blm which i can assure you is completely false. I raid with both my blm and Bard.
    Caimie pretty much has it all in her answer :)
    Bard is still more used then say Machinist but they are very close even in terms of dps so you could not go wrong should you decide on Bard

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