Artifact armor/weapons question.

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    Is it artifact or relic? Can't remember.

    I can't really find much info on the artifact stuff, I know it's the armor/weapons that the 6 heroes wear, and you have quests to get it that eventually lead to a dungeon (so I read). But here is what I'm curious about. Is the Artifact gear the ultimate stuff you would get at level cap (50)? Or is it stuff you would use as entry level gear into end game stuff?

    Sorry if this has been answered before.

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    Its entry level 50 and your top end gear. When the dat files were read from the new benchy, they had Artifact armor +1. Stronger versions of your AF gear, with different/more detailed looks.

    AF1 > Primal gear (maybe) > Darklight gear > Allagan / AF2 gear (crystal tower drops/upgrades prob)

    This is just me speculating based off ffxivdb.

    Its Relic Weapon, and Artifact Armor.

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