Any Realmers in Asia?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by rhkim85, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. rhkim85

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    Hi guys,

    I'm new to these forums, and I thought I would introduce myself! I'm RK, and I recently started beta testing FFXIV:ARR at the beginning of Phase 3, and I am completely new to the FF MMORPG Universe, although I've played a few other MMORPGs in the past.

    Just wondering if there are any other English-speaking players here currently based in Asia, mainly because I am having a hard time deciding which server I will be playing on once the game officially launches. I currently live in South Korea, and while I don't foresee lag being a major issue on any of the servers (we have fiber optic connections over here), I am debating whether to hop on an NA server or a JA server at the moment.

    Simply, it is an issue of whether I go to NA and suffer from playing at completely different times as the majority of the players, or if I go to JA and suffer from not being able to understand or communicate with the majority of the players.

    What do you realmers suggest? I highly doubt SE will mark off one of the Asia servers as an official English-speaker majority server (as they did with marking official French and German servers). Just want to know what my options are, and if there are any other people here facing the same dilemma.

    Anyhow, other than that, it's very nice to meet you guys and hopefully I will run into some of you guys soon on whichever server I end up at! :)

  2. Anzactrooper

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    When FFARR starts most SEA peeps who speak english will be going to the Masamune server JP from what I heard me personally im living in Tokyo will be going to that server when it officially starts

  3. Vamped

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    Welcome to the Realm, rhkim! We actually have quite a few SEA players here :)

  4. Fybrile

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    Hey Rhkim, I'm currently living in Shanghai. The lag between NA and JP servers is negligible. I'll be playing on a NA server come launch. Just for kicks, I searched JP players on Leviathan in the beta, and they hit the cap of 200 players. Most SEA players should pick an NA server, because the NA servers are closer (they're in California. Just check server time to confirm they're not in Quebec.)


    JMATAWWCL Moderator

    Welcome to the Realm!

    I ,myself, am a NA player. I'm new to the game, so I think it would be horrible playing on a foreign speaking server, although the JPN players are probably the most helpful and less elitist. I'm sure you will find some SE Asia players on here. We get them all!

  6. Welcome aboard! Check out the linkshell/free company forum to see where other SEA players are rolling.

  7. Zane

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    Tricky situations. I myself play in NA so can't help.

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