Looking For Any friendly LS/FC out there willing to take a "newb" in for endgame?

Discussion in 'Gilgamesh' started by narsie, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. narsie

    narsie New Member

    I've played this game off and on since December of last year, hence the quoted newbie bit. I still think it applies somewhat seeing that I am new to end game.

    Never really got in to endgame too much due to current FC not being too inclusive and myself finding the ones that do run the endgame content in it.. obnoxious.

    Anyway though as title says, looking for a friendly inclusive LS/FC to join to run end game content with. Server doesn't matter, I'm willing to transfer at this point just to do end game.

    Note: Current end game experience is up to T4 and clear of Garuda EX. Not seeking a group to carry me, but rather one to learn from.

  2. pe3nguin

    pe3nguin Crystal Brave

    Hehe. Well, Im in a super casual FC on Odin. We are in your position. T4 and Garuda EX in the bag. Honestly - we spend most of our time on talking s**t and pretending to raid :D

    I would require a highly descriptive CV detailing your hopes and dreams should you wish to join. We are CAKE on Odin! :D

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