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    Now I know it is too soon to wish for this, but what's wrong with just imagining what it could be like?? Me personally, I would love if they did one that would take place past the events of the end-game scenario, btw please no one spoil me since I havnt gotten there yet lol.

    Now to the big theory that has been in my head for a while. I would love some kind of pack called "The Lost Primals", in which it can be a story for after the game or just dungeons (more so this). Only reason I thought of this is because I just thought it would be cool to fight other primals such as Valefor, Yojimbo, and Anima. Also, Im not to much of a big fan of FF13, but why not include Hecatoncheir and Brynhildr with re-designs? That way we could get rid of the mechanical/FF13 aspect of them and into more organic gods.

    Well I dont have much to say right now since this just popped out of my head and was not thought out thoroughly. So have at it guys! Btw, this wasn't a suggestion, it was just what you guys would want or expect from an expansion pact if there was ever one released.

    Signing out!

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