Free Company Alith Guild (FC) *EU-Cerberus* is Recruiting! a PvE, Social, Casual, Mature, Community guild

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    Alith has arrived in Final Fantasy XIV!
    A Social, Casual, Mature, Community Free Company on the EU Cerberus Server

    Alith is a friendly, social, casual, mature, PvE guild (Free Company) located on the Cerberus server of Final Fantasy XIV Online. Having enjoyed great success in Aion, Tera and Elder Scrolls Online over the last 8 years, we've built a reputation of being a respectful, fun focused, close knit community who believe we all play MMO's to have fun with great friends. As an Alithian, you can expect a non-pressured, supportive environment, with a leadership team who don't believe in imposing strict rules on the community, but promote an ethos of "play the way you like, when you like, with whoever you like". We don't involve ourselves in guild politics or drama, and we encourage a spirit of positivity, tolerance and respect. In Alith you can expect to see regular guild social events, competitions, dungeons, raids, helpful guildmates and of course plenty of jokes & banter. Our experienced & dedicated officer team are super excited about going on this journey to Eorzea with you all, we want to be known as THE PvE commuinity that everyone wants to join in Final Fantasy XIV Online!


    Alith have arrived in Eorzea and we're so excited! After 8 fantastic years filled with great memories & friendships, we're embarking on another great adventure. Alith has always been about community and great friends enjoying awesome experiences together in gorgeous fantasy worlds. What better place to build our awesome family, making new memories & friendships, than Final Fantasy XIV Online. Quite frankly, the game has everything we could hope for, to make our home, and have heaps of fun for a long time to come. Alith has always fundamentally been a social, PvE orientated guild, and the world of Final Fantasy XIV certainly is not lacking in amazing PvE content & a beautiful world to explore! With plenty of dungeons, raids, group questing, exploration, not to mention tons of fantastic game & guild systems and a wonderful community, Final Fantasy XIV really is THE game for Alith. We can't wait to enjoy the game with you all, whille growing our community steadily into the big fun loving family we've always been known for.

    Existing Alithians will know, we've just come over from ESO, and over the last few weeks we've been working very hard in the background getting the guild ready for this exciting launch. We of course would love to welcome everyone from Alith ESO to join us for the adventure over in Final Fantasy XIV, if they'd like to join us for this great new adventure. We also want to open our arms to everyone in the Final Fantasy XIV community, who share our values and want to be part of a very special community. Alith has always been, and will continue to be the community where everyone is respectful of each other, and just wants to have fun in a friendly, supportive, tolerant, fun loving, pressure-free environment. Play the way you like, with whoever you like, whenever you like! We're located on the Cerberus server of FF14, and our goal is to become THE PvE guild that everyones wants to join on Cerberus, a safe haven for all fellow casual, non-elitist, mature players - and we woud love to have you along for the ride!​


    Deputy Leader, Krysalan and msyelf are 100% committed and dedicated to making Alith the success it was in our previous MMO's, and everything you've come to expect from Alith. With a combined tenure of 11 years leading Alith, we really understand what it means to be an Alithian and intend to lead by example, creating a community that we can all be proud to be a part of. Alith will continue to have a presence on the social media scene, so you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch and Discord. After a successful year of our very own guild podcast (Alith-Cast) we're also excited to confirm that the show will indeed continue, with a new Final Fantasy XIV flavour. We need to focus on building up the community, but keep your eyes peeled in the future for the return of the show! We hope you like our new shiny website - as you can see we have a new, brighter, Final Fantasy flavoured look & feel.

    So what are you waiting for? We'd love to have you in the family, so if you're keen to join us just CLICK HERE to apply to join the guild. All we ask is that you share a bit about your personality with us, so we can ensure you'll fit in and be happy in Alith.

    We can't wait to see you all in Eorzea - long live Alith!

    Kind Regards
    Belazarus & Krysalan

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    Hi folks,

    Just wanted to say a huge thank you to all our new members in FFXIV, we had a brilliant launch for the guild and we have wonderful members joining us every day. It's fantastic to see some old familiar faces too who have rejoined the guild now that we are up and running in FFXIV.

    Hand on heart it's an absolute pleasure to log in every day and play the game with such a great bunch of people.

    *puts on salesman outfit*

    Don't forget folks, we are accepting applications from all levels and classes, if you are an FFXIV veteran or just starting your first character we'd love to hear from you!

    Head on over to for more information and to apply.

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