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    Alea Iacta Est (AIE) is a time zone-independent free company on the Gilgamesh Server. We are a branch of a large (thousands of members) meta-guild that has maintained a presence in several games since 2007. Our goal is to maintain a helpful, mature, enjoyable, and enduring environment where like-minded players can flourish.

    Why You Should Join Us:

    If the following meet your criteria for a gaming community, we might be the right fit for you.

    • Relaxed, low-stress environment.
    • Mature people who have real lives and commitments, and play games to have fun.
    • Large and diverse player base, providing the ability to play other MMOs while remaining part of AIE.
    • Casual but capable approach to many aspects of the game.
    • Freedom to focus on the aspects of the game that interest you - whether that be leveling alts, running endgame content, crafting, PVP, looking pretty, or other game aspects that you enjoy.
    • Experienced leadership and a framework designed to promote quality and longevity.
    • Supporting technical infrastructure including forums, wiki, podcasts, voice communications, and guild management support.

    What we're looking for in members: If the following criteria describe you, you might be the right fit for us.

    • Respect: While interpersonal conflicts and disagreements are inevitable, AIE members are expected to conduct themselves in a mature manner when interacting with members and others.
    • Participation: Most of us have busy "grown up people" lives. We don't expect you to be online 24x7 or make it to every guild activity and you're not going to win Member of the Month for having the highest post count on the forums. We understand that sometimes people burn out and need to take a break from the game. Participate in the forums, in-game chat, and activities when you can.

    To learn more:

    Main Community Site
    FFXIV Division

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