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Discussion in 'Zalera' started by Pound Cakes, Oct 1, 2013.

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    <Alcoholics Unanimous> is looking for active raiders on the Zalera server. Currently running 8 mans in anticipation of 24 man raids being released. Three nights of raiding. Core players have played with one another on previous games are considerably skilled. If you're interested in clearing content at a mixed casual to hardcore pace, this is the guild for you. No formal application process, but if you stand in fire constantly you won't be coming to many raids. Send a tell to any of our members in game (they'll point you to the right folks), or myself (Pound Cake) if interested. We use mumble.

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    Pound Cakes, im gonna look you up tonight when i get on, perhaps we can get some sort of alliance together with me and my guys, Junglist, we only have 4-5 level 50s right now, but we are all pretty skilled and completed the storyline and two of the HM primals, just working on more DL before we continue on much else. We are more of a semi serious end game FC. focuses more on getting geared up and playing when we can (we are all in the Military so its tough sometimes). let me know what you think or send me a message on game. Ghostlike Swiftness

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