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ACN and the duty finder

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Requis000, Aug 24, 2013.

  1. Requis000

    Requis000 New Member

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    Are any other ACN a tad annoyed with the duty finder as I am when it comes to healing? I've gotta say in the early dungeons I'm just as good a healer as any CNJ. (With the added bonus of a little dps from pet)
    Problem is if I try to do dungeon as a healer and we don't have a full team in LS we can't use the duty finder as I'm dropped into a DPS slot :(
    Which meant a long wait and old fashioned looking about to find us a tank.
    Would be nice if ACN could 'opt in' to the healer spot nyeh?
    (And yes know this issue soon fades away when I hit SCH but I'm an impatient man!)

    Okay rant over ^_^ back to napping.
  2. Sithius

    Sithius Crystal Brave

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    Once you get to 20 a healer without medica is going to hurt.

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