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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sixx, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. Sixx

    Sixx Member

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    Is it better from P3? I didn't play P3 but it seems to still be an issue from what I can tell.

    I'm playing a ARC and my "instant" attacks typically take a second or second and a half to fire.

    Anyone else noticing something similar or is that a ARC thing (I know it isn't my connection)
  2. Nehym

    Nehym Active Member

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    It wasn't like that for me at all but the servers are currently having a lot of issues so it might just be related to that? My instant abilities were instant.
  3. Aziah

    Aziah Active Member

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    Only delay I have it seems is when I do loot crap on ground for quests they tend to have a delay
  4. Laychu

    Laychu Active Member

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    I didn't have any delays on PS3 or PC for Arcanist instant attacks.
  5. Karnus Valkyr

    Karnus Valkyr Member

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    80% of my attacks and actions are instant, the other 20% were down to my connection or the fact the servers are full to the brim. In my opinion it is a vast improvement over phase 3 even with all the server traffic.

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