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    Greetings, everyone!

    For the past couple of months our lovable minions have been hogging all the limelight on social media with their Minion Spotlights. Don't let their cute looks fool you though! They gathered in mass near my cubicle and demanded that these videos be created to show their strength in Lord of Verminion. Fat Cat was fiercest of all and plopped down on my keyboard rendering me incapable of doing any work whatsoever until I finally bent to its demands!

    If you have yet to see any of the Minion Spotlights we've released, you can view them all on the official FINAL FANTASY XIV Facebook page and on Twitter. I guarantee you will get a chuckle as they are loaded with puns and comedic lines!

    While we've wrapped up our Minion Spotlights for the moment, as a final request (read: threat) from the minions, we put together a Lord of Verminion trailer that includes all of the rock star minions that were featured in the spotlights.

    Phew--I didn't think I was going to be able to get this blog up before Wind-up Tonberry reached my seat with his knife, but it seems I'm safe for the moment. Minions are easily pleased after all, but they will return in greater numbers!

    Stop by the Gold Saucer and be sure to try your hand at Lord of Verminion if you have yet to do so. It's a ton of fun and it really doesn't get much better than commanding an army of minions!

    See you on the battlefield!


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