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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Beckyx, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. Beckyx

    Beckyx New Member

    I'm new to MMO's, always wanted to get into them but never did always had rubbish laptops that couldn't handle anything but now I've built my own PC I've got right into this game and really enjoying it :)

    I've got a couple questions though, might get a bit lengthy! Please explain anything to me in laymans terms I'm not up to date with the slang yet lol

    1. I started as a THM, got Archer to 15 and I'm now officially a Black Mage, yay! Though I want to look more Mage-y and less THM-y. Where can I get level 30 BLM gear? Buying stuff at the market board is very pricey and the only other stuff I've seen is at the Grand Company shop using seals to buy. Is there anywhere else?

    2. I got the attack Convert, is this a good thing to use in my rotation? Sacrificing HP for mana doesn't seem useful to me if you're good at making sure you don't run out in the first place.

    3. Speaking of rotations I'm currently going with:
    Manaward > thunder II > fire (until mana is low)> transpose > blizzard (until mana is back up) > transpose > fire

    I use sleep if I've got multiple mobs on me, use fire II and blizzard II when there's lots ganging up on me. But I'm wondering when and where to use swiftcast, surecast and scathe.

    4. I've got the attack raging striked from being an archer, is that any good to me as a black mage? If so where and when should I use it. Are there any other classes I should level up a bit on to use other cross class attacks/traits?

    5. I got a Chocobo but was wondering how I go about turning him into a Chocobo that can help me in battles. I'm assuming he can't come into dungeons and stuff with me but can be used on regular overworld quests. I hear he can wear armour and stuff too where can I get that from?

    6. I've got a lot of materia from gear I've converted. Does it make a difference attaching that to my current gear in terms of attack and defence type stats I'm not really sure what it does once attached. Is it worth attaching while I'm at a level where you can change gear every couple levels or should I wait? Or can you take it off and re-attach it to something else?

    7. I've just found out how to sell items using the retainer. I can only sell 20 at a time right now but how do I know if something has sold am I told in any way or do I just keep checking back and if something is sold the gil is added to my total?

    8. I'm adding my attribute points to intelligence still, is this correct?

    I think that's everything. Obviously being new to this but also being a BLM I want to make sure I'm doing everything right and if there's anything I can do better so I can do the most damage I can :)

  2. Cynessae

    Cynessae Crystal Brave

    Welcome to the wonderful world of MMOs!

    I'll try to help you with some, although I haven't set foot into a THM's skin yet in this game, so I may not be able to go into specifics on all of them.

    You'll notice some "mage" gear in this game doesn't look very mage-y. (Acolyte's set from the first three dungeons, for example.) I'm unsure where to specifically get BLM-looking gear, but quest rewards are one place. Other than that, dungeons or crafted gear. (You already checked the AH, so that's probably the crafted gear right there.)

    I can't help you with any of these here. :(

    You can teach your chocobo to fight with you from a level 30 quest you pick up in the South Shroud, Camp Tranquil, I believe. You can only use them on overworld fights, not in dungeons, not in cities and not in any sort of instanced battles. You can get chocobo barding (not sure if it's really armor, per se) from your Grand Company.

    In my opinion, unless you can do it yourself (in your case, probably weaving for most of your gear), I don't feel it's really worth it. Maybe if you're going to use the same gear to level up multiple classes/jobs, and definitely at level 50. But, while leveling, it probably isn't really worth it, IMO.

    When you're online, you'll get a message that something sold. Otherwise, you have to check your retainer. I just get in the habit of checking mine in my inn room before I exit it for the day after I log in. The gil goes into the retainer's pockets, and you can pull it from there.

    Not sure on this one. I would assume so, but there might be another stat that goes with BLM that I'm not familiar with. Most of BLM-specific gear focuses on INT.

    Hopefully I was some help, at least. :cat:[/quote]

  3. Beckyx

    Beckyx New Member

    Thank you Cunessae :)

    AH? None of the quests I'm doing right now are giving me any gear I can upgrade to, all armour I seem to find has worse stats than what I'm wearing but I'll just keep questing and see what comes up. I see some people walking round in that over-your-face coat and low down hat with a mask on looking really srs bsnss but I think that's probably level 50 stuff lol

    I'll go there now and get started on that one, and get earning some stuff to spend at the Grand Company on him too ^_^

    I haven't touched any of those kind of things yet, mining, weaving and things. I would definitely do it at level 50, I don't think you really change your gear after that do you (is that top level? I've not seen anyone higher, correct me if I'm wrong lol).

    At my lower levels I was putting them on strength because I had no idea what I was doing haha then I read up on it and realised lol

  4. Cynessae

    Cynessae Crystal Brave

    Level 50 is the cap, and there are several tiers of armor at that level, starting with your Artifact Armor (which you start getting at level 45), then going through several tiers that are available now. So yeah, your armor does change. (FYI, that bad ass BLM gear you described is probably the BLM AF.)

  5. Legwen

    Legwen Crystal Brave


    4)Yes its great, use it whenever, its 20% more damage.

    5) http://ffxivrealm.com/threads/legwens-tip-of-the-day-8-29.6010/

  6. Beckyx

    Beckyx New Member

    Ah I see, so I'll probably end up finding a set I'm happy with at that point and then I'll start looking at enhancing it with materia maybe
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    Use it whenever okay, I'll use it before I use fire/blizzard etc the proper damage attacks to get the 20%

    Thanks, I'll bookmark that :)

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