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Discussion in 'Cactuar' started by william chapman, Dec 30, 2015.

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    Hey there, im a brand new player to FFXIV (only got to lvl 21). been playing for a few days now. im looking for a fun and helpful FC, and make friends along the way. Personally id rather not be in a very large FC cause i dont wanna feel like just another member but i dont mind, i want to contribute and be a part of a team and grow. im own most nights after work and use TS. It is a mmo so why be by yourself?

    BTW my characters name is colt hothorn so if you see me feel free to chat

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    hi fellow cactuarian! theres very few of us on here.
    i would suggest making a party finder post in game re: this topic.
    cactuar is very friendly so believe me you will be flooded with requests.
    and about that large FC thing.. there seems to be only a few types here.
    solo FCs (like me), very small FCs that spam shout recruitments in the major cities, and very large ones.
    my friend Muck Vix runs a nice FC called VOLT, its below 200 members.
    good luck. i would say send me a tell but i have all that junk turned off because of RMT.
    but if you ever hover around Gridania, you'll see me (Paige Mathews) just use /say o/

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