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    Starting with patch 3.5, summoners will gain the ability to change their egi's appearance. The update includes glamours for Emerald Carbuncle, Topaz Carbuncle, and Ruby Carbuncle, with more scheduled for future patches.

    Egi Glamours
    Players will be able to change the appearance of their egi by using a text command, which can be learned upon completing the quest "An Egi by Any Other Name."

    After inputting the text command, your egi will assume the appearance of your chosen Carbuncle the next time it is summoned.

    In order to change your egi's appearance once more, you will need to withdraw your egi, enter another text command, and then re-summon it.
    The appearances you assign each of your three egi will be saved when you log out.

    * Egi glamour will not be visible during PvP content.
    * Appearance data is saved to players' chosen client and will not be reflected if they change platforms.

    Available Egi Glamours
    • Emerald Carbuncle
    • Topaz Carbuncle
    • Ruby Carbuncle

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