FFXIV News 2.1 Pre-patch preview

Discussion in 'FFXIV News & Announcements' started by JeckylTesla, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. JeckylTesla

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    Greetings, all!

    Bayohne here, with some exciting updates from the recent FFXIV stage show at the Tokyo Game Show!

    The team showed off some exciting content planned for patch 2.1!

    (Keep in mind some terminologies may change before release...)

    New Primal Battle: Good King Moggle Mog XII
    Extreme Mode Primal Battles
    New Dungeons
    - Two Hard Mode Dungeons
    - Brand New Dungeon: Pharos Sirius


    The Crystal Tower


    The Wolves' Den

    Treasure Hunting
    Hard Mode Boss Battles
    Beastmen Daily Quests
    Duty Finder - Random Matching System

    Look out for patch 2.1 this year! I can't wait!

    - Bayohne


    Looking awesome if you ask me!
  2. metalwrath

    metalwrath Member

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    Aye.But i'll give it 2 weeks after it's released for people to be posting here again about the games 'lack of content'
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  3. pe3nguin

    pe3nguin Active Member

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    Treasure hunting? Intredasting. Anyone know anything about this?
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  4. Syn

    Syn Guest

    Looks promising, seems there will be way more to do now, at least it seems so. Wolfs Den though is PvP I wonder if that means that the Battlegrounds they promised will be available as well.
  5. Brandon Copeland

    Brandon Copeland Active Member

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    Niiiiice... now it's starting to feel like an mmorpg.
  6. JeckylTesla

    JeckylTesla Active Member

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    PEople who are posting that now I assure you have not even stepped into Coil. Those people have no reason to complain.



    Upcoming few events!
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  7. Grimus

    Grimus Well Known Member

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    BWAHHHHHH Dragon Quest Golems. So awesome @_@
  8. xusha

    xusha Well Known Member

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    I can't' tell, is the new dungeon snowy themed too? The architecture for it anyway is amazing!
    Can't wait to try out Good King Moogle c:
    As well as Extreme! my goodness, going to be fun.
  9. ilmaestro

    ilmaestro Well Known Member

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    This all looks and sounds great!

    Any ideas what "Duty Finder - Random Matching System" means? Isn't this what it does now? ^^;
  10. xusha

    xusha Well Known Member

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    Just guessing, but maybe making it so that there aren't any repeats in 4 mans maybe?
    Not sure, I saw that too.
  11. pipes676

    pipes676 New Member

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    The random matching is going to be a random selection of a dungeon. According to an interview there will be a reward for completing a random dungeon once a day.
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  12. ilmaestro

    ilmaestro Well Known Member

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    Ah yes, now that you mention it I remember them talking about that before, good call.
  13. Brandon Copeland

    Brandon Copeland Active Member

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    Ohhh.. that'd be intense. That's what I thought it meant.
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 21, 2013 ---
    2.3 actually.
  14. Cresscendo

    Cresscendo Member

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    You mean Fort Sieges? They said that would be later...Probably next year.
  15. Heras Death

    Heras Death Active Member

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    Thanks Jecky, most useful! Cant wait!
  16. JeckylTesla

    JeckylTesla Active Member

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    Live Letter two, pasted form Reddit:

    • More warnings about phishing emails
    • Video showing the FFXIII content in FFXIV (looks like a story, has cutscenes w/ Lightning)
    • The FFXIII content will be released week after 11/14
    • Bahamut Coil: no one has cleared stage 5 yet; some Q&As
    • Crystal Tower: 24 man high-level challenge (boss is from FF3) but easier than Bahamut and will allow Duty Finder use. 90-120min for each run.
    • Player Housing: 3 sizes (small, medium, large), over 300 parts to build from. Video shown... amazing.
    • No pricing on housing yet, Yoshi-P still needs to fix the economy first (increase Gil)
    • Growing Gyshal Greens in house & Chocobo Raising is planned!
    • Planned to being able to build ships/etc in house basements
    • FC will be able to hire shopkeepers in their FC housing at some point
    • You can't make furniture out of bread
    • Wolves Den (PVP): 4v4, three tiers (lvl 30/40/50), PVP-exclusive abilities. Video shown.
    • Images showing PVP specific gear
    • Are thinking about 1v1 battles, but not decided yet
    • 2.1 will release this year for sure
    • More servers/stability in Oct
  17. CritAnime

    CritAnime Active Member

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    Sounds good :)
  18. Hulvein Blitz

    Hulvein Blitz Active Member

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    I remember it with these videos.
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  19. ilmaestro

    ilmaestro Well Known Member

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    Glad they're continuing to address this.
  20. fizzlesticks

    fizzlesticks New Member

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    Go level a crafter, there's plenty of Gil to be made. I'm sitting at around 7million.

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