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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Don Vitorio, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. Don Vitorio

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    As a player of many MMOs, I would like to suggest the below to SE. Comments and additions are most welcome.

    1- Character Customization:
    A lot is missing when it comes to char customization, learn from GW. I don't believe it is hard for SE to add much more options, hair style, tattoos, chin size, eye shape ...etc.

    Additional, why are we unable to hide earring, necklace or any armor part? what if I like an armor looks but need the stats on the ugly set? its there in many MMOs, the ability to copy the looks of a set and use it on another.

    2-Weapon Skill:
    It was a very interesting part of FF11 why not have it in FF14?

    A nice unique class that we miss in FF14.

    4- AH:
    Do I still need to go to the town to post something in AH?!! come on, make an anywhere screen and make out lives easier. I know there is a npc to help you post stuff but are we able to check prices anywhere?

    5-Group Set:
    Still? Tank, Healer and DPS? so we are going towards the same results, server piled with DPS looking for group and white mages are kings?! I would consider what GW did for that matter. not copy what they did, but there are many ideas.

    6-Main Weapon
    One weapon only? it was nice to see a Dark Knight with a scythe and another who chose great sword as a main weapon. Something to consider.

    I want to control my UI, for example...chose the level of the transparency on my map.

    8- Why Alt-R?

    9-Balanced level zones
    My friend joined the game a week ago but I cant play with him with my high level main. create a zone where levels gets balanced and we can level and have fun together. the penalty might be a little less xp for both but the fun will compensate.

    10- PVP:
    Is a challenge and it hard to be successful with. I hope its different than FF11 PVP. Something to conquer, reward to the guild....etc

    Thanks for reading.

  2. Lucian Greymark

    Lucian Greymark Adventurer

    Most of these are basically taken from Guild Wars 2. I agree that seeing similar mechanics in FFXIV would only help the game, I'm assuming what they're trying to do is build a great game from the ground up. As in, start off with the basics and as the updates progress, so will the mechanics and gameplay. In an age where F2P game mechanics are much more advanced, I am really hoping that this is what SE has planned for FFXIV.

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  3. Lodius

    Lodius Crystal Brave

    I have to agree with @Lucian Greymark on this one... It sounds a ton like GW2 mechanics. I got burnt out on that game (especially #9 of your post)... Balanced level areas got on my nerves so bad.

    Post #5 - That's the only appeal to me in this game is the Trinity type playstyle... Once again... burnt out on the Anyclass role type game.

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  4. Zheri

    Zheri Crystal Brave

    The frequency with which you bring up GW2 and FFXI makes me question whether you are "a player of many MMOs". To some degree I've played WoW, SWTOR, TSW, Tera, EQ2, GW, GW2, Aion, Rift, and RuneScape; they almost all have something I would have loved to see in XIV. Also, a lot of your suggestions already exist in some form or are planned to be addressed to some degree. PvP is slated for 2.1 next month. They are working on new classes sometime in the future, likely the first expansion. UI customization will take off when they allow addons, and Level Sync is already present in FATEs and dungeons. As for the rest, well, here's what I would like to see.

    1: Character Customization
    Aion, not GW2, really set the gold standard for character creation. It has wide-ranged sliders for damned near everything you can think of and large color palates for skin tone and hair color. Gear customization I'd have to give to SWTOR. Their dye system could use work, but the combination of dyes and moddable gear gives a level of customization that no other game offers. TSW comes close as stats and appearance are completely separate, but mix-and-match clothing sets are a craps shoot when it comes to colors and there is no dye system.

    2: Epic Villains
    Give me Kefka 2.0. I want a bad guy I can love to hate. WoW had that in spades with Kel'Thuzad, Illidan, Kil'Jaeden, Arthas, Nefarian, Ragnaros, Deathwing and even some minor bosses like Anub'Arak, Kael'Thas and the Blood Princes. To me, no other game has come close to the level of "Man, I can't wait to kill that guy." that WoW had over the years.

    3: Group Roles
    The trinity is there because it works. In any group setting, specialization is king. This is true even in the real world. Think of it this way... You're opening a restaurant and need a head chef, pastry chef, and bartender. Are you going to hire 3 people who are competent but not outstanding in each role or are you going to hire one exceptional candidate for each position regardless of their ability to fill the other two? You choose the specialists because that is going to give you a much better result in all 3 areas. This is why the "anyrole" style does not work and, even in GW2, players are shoehorned into tanking and healing. That said, I really think ARR is the type of game that would have greatly benefited from the Rift-style 6 man parties with a tank, healer, support, and 3 DPS and maybe they can go that route when there's more viable support jobs than just Bard.

    4: Market Board
    Discounting the ridiculous price fixing, RuneScape, of all games, is really on to something with their Grand Exchange. For those unfamiliar, you can select an item then choose a quantity and price to either buy or sell at. If an already-posted offer matches or beats yours, the transaction is instant and at the already set price. If not, the system will wait until you are the lowest seller/highest buyer, and someone comes along that meets or beats your price. Additionally, if you've recently bought an item, there's a 4 hour cooldown period where you cannot sell that same thing and vice versa for selling then buying; you can post an offer, but it will be ignored until the waiting period is over.

    For example, lets say I want to purchase 396 Electrum Ores at 40gil a piece. When I place my order, there's a guy with 99 @ 36, another with 198 @ 38 and nobody else at or below 40. As soon as I put in my bid, I will immediately receive 3 stacks for 11,088gil (99*36 + 198*38) and I now have a standing offer to buy 99 more at 40 a piece. Now, someone else comes along and offers to sell 2 stacks for 38 each. He will immediately sell 1 stack to me for 40 and the rest will go up for 38.

    5: Entrance Barrier to Endgame
    TSW has this in the form of the Gatekeeper. This is a solo fight designed to test your ability to tank, heal, or DPS while dealing with mechanics and you could not run endgame dungeons without having first beaten him. Though their implementation was impractical and a bit too easy for my tastes, I love the concept.

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  5. Zheri

    Zheri Crystal Brave

    And the one I forgot to add before work...

    6: Voice Acting/Dialogue
    There's no polite way to put this; the English VO in this game sucks. The voices do not fit the characters at all and the lines are delivered poorly. I ended up switching to Japanese about halfway through, which is much better, but I do not understand the language so it really wasn't an improvement over just reading text anyway. If you look at SWTOR, their voice actors are phenomenal for a video game. They maybe overdid the quantity, but the quality is undeniable.

    Also, I hate how the PC says maybe 8 words during the entire story. I'm not asking for the amount or consequences you see in a game like Mass Effect, but a little personality would have gone a long way.

  6. A SIlly Sausage

    A SIlly Sausage Adventurer

  7. DarkEmpyrean

    DarkEmpyrean Crystal Brave

    I only have 1 suggestion, however it does equate to 10 suggestions, and I would gladly trade every new thing in upcoming 2.1 for it...and thats the ability to talk to npc's WHEN IM MOUNTED!!! :dead:

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  8. Don Vitorio

    Don Vitorio Adventurer

    I agree with Aion's char customization being the golden example, I left Aion long time ago to remember it among the list. About PVP, to me...PVP almost sucked in every game like WOW, FF11, Aion, Rift...etc. DAOC was the real pvp and GW2 copied the concept of tri-realm. lets see what SE has to offer. I hope its not the football match they had in 11.
    Battlegrounds are not the real pvp.
    Trinity works cause you got nothing else to offer as a new concept. until when MMOs are going to be the same?! FF starting from FF1 added new ideas, creativity to the gaming industry part after another. Here, we reached FF14 and its not that different from FF11 except is faster! they used the same game engine and I cant still preview the item before I buy it!! building a game from down to top?!!well I have to say that's an awful start SE. I don't cheer for GW but the new concepts they added was nice to notice. groping depended on real game play! not a magic dps standing back pressing 2 buttons the whole boss fight.
    Constructive criticism may wake them up after the long wait. I don't know about you fellas, but after such a wait I'm disappointed in FF14, ill give it a try, ill give SE a chance and if nothing is improved, I'm afraid it gonna end up like FF11.

    I strongly agree.

  9. Lodius

    Lodius Crystal Brave

    I agree with talking to NPCs and being mounted... I would also like to more easily select Fate turn ins...

    For example ... collect Eggs and give to Fate guy... 100 people rush to turn in... I click and click and click and eventually get to click on the guy when enough people move. Very annoying.

  10. Gara Bloodreaver

    Gara Bloodreaver Scion

    All I heard was "being mounted" so I arrived. Imagine my disappointment....

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