Comments on Profile Post by Ish

  1. Caimie Tsukino
    Caimie Tsukino
    Maybe he was expecting to save it for melee LB on boss later? Meh, doesn't matter!
    May 20, 2015
  2. Ish
    Perhaps but i was doing far more damage then the Monk, lol
    The tank had trouble keeping agro as well tbh
    May 20, 2015
  3. GeekMatt
    BLM LB on large pulls > melee LB on boss. Unless you're pushing a phase like Bray HM last boss.
    May 20, 2015
  4. Ish
    Oh yes it was a very large pull that's why i used it. Granted my 3X Flares kill stuff fast, tanks have trouble holding agro for those ;)
    May 21, 2015