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      Hey guys, as most of you know by now, I am a MNK main, and I get very excited when people play it and/or level it. However, I find that a lot of people get turned away because it seems difficult. Well, I'm here to make it seem not as difficult. Note: I'm not the greatest writer nor do I think I'm an expert MNK, so I suggest you check out Caimie's guide here.


      Their guide goes way into detail, but if you like it short and sweet, stick around. :)
      Also, I won't just be focusing on MNK after hitting 50, but also before, so if you want to see that, stick around!


      So if you didn't know, MNK has what is called a form. If you have other melee DPS jobs leveled, you're probably used to using a skill which combos into another skill. This is kind of the same thing, but not at the same time. You see, each different form allows you to use certain moves, rather than using a move which combos into a certain move after that.

      Your three forms are Opo-Opo, Raptor, and Couerl. Using an Opo-Opo form move will lead into Raptor which leads into Couerl which leads back to Opo-Opo. However, moves in Couerl form also grant you a stack of Greased Lightning. Each stack grants you an additional 9% damage buff and 5% skill speed buff. Your primary focus as a MNK will be to get your three GL (Greased Lightning) stacks up and then maintaining them all while hopefully doing mechanics.


      By level 50, you have three different fists. These are basically like a Ninja's poison, as they provide you with a buff that stays as long as you want.

      Your three fists are:

      Fists of Fire (5% damage buff)
      Fists of Wind (movement speed buff)
      Fists of Earth (10% damage reduction buff)

      Pre-40, I suggest you use Fists of Earth since Fists of Wind doesn't have much use in most content. After that, you'll be using Fists of Fire most of the time. Keep in mind that you can switch Fists while in combat, so if you want to switch mid-fight, you can.


      This is still in the easy realm of MNKing. My recommended rotation during this time is to just go through these moves repeatedly. I will also be adding the position that you should be in while using the skill.

      Bootshine (Back)>True Strike (Back)> Snap Punch (Flank [side note: this is where the cycle restarts])>Bootshine (Back)> Twin Snakes (Flank)> Snap Punch (Flank)>repeat

      Also, you'll have a DoT called Touch of Death which last for 30 seconds. You can basically weave it in anywhere, since it doesn't affect your forms.

      This cycle helps to set up what I call a comfortable priority system at level 50.


      Now you have a new move: Demolish (Back)

      If you need to see positionals of other skills, please refer back to the Pre-30 segment.

      Anyway, you would end up going with something like this:

      Bootshine>True Strike>Demolish>Bootshine>Twin Snakes>Snap Punch>repeat


      Now you have a new skill trait which allows you to have up to three stacks of GL.

      Now that you have more skill speed, I suggest this more complicated way of doing things.

      Bootshine>True Strike> Demolish> Bootshine> Twin Snakes> Snap Punch> Bootshine> True Strike> Snap Punch> Bootshine> Twin Snakes> Demolish...

      Basically, instead of refreshing Demolish every two cycles, you're doing it every three cycles. The debuff that Demolish applies might fall off a lot, but having it fall off for two or three seconds isn't a major issue in my opinion.

      MNK at 50

      Finally, we're here. And now you have two skills that I believe are major impacts on you as a MNK.

      Perfect Balance: Basically allows you to use any move that requires a certain form to use.This has a pretty long recast time, so you should only use it when you know you won't be needing it later.

      Dragon Kick (Flank): Applies a %15 blunt damage resist down debuff on the enemy.

      Basically at level 50, this will be what you'll do if PB is down or you're saving PB for later.

      Bootshine> True Strike> Demolish> Dragon Kick> Twin Snakes> Snap Punch> Bootshine> True Strike> Snap Punch> Dragon Kick> Twin Snakes> Demolish...

      I recommend you refresh Dragon Kick with Twin Snakes since they use the same positional and need to be refreshed at similar times.


      This is the opener that I use and that I found pretty simple and useful. This is only a recommendation, as were a lot of other things, and you don't have to use it if you don't want.

      There's also a lot of fancy stuff in here that might confuse you, but it's really just a bunch of cooldowns, so if you see something I haven't mentioned before this segment, it's probably just a cooldown like Perfect Balance. If you have any questions about it, just let me know.

      Touch of Death>Perfect Balance>Demolish>Snap Punch>Blood for Blood>Snap Punch>Internal Release>Twin Snakes>Howling Fist>Dragon Kick>Steel Peak

      It looks like a lot, but it's not once you actually practice it a few times.

      Cross Class Skills

      So if you're curious about the cross-class skills I use, here they are:

      Invigorate: LNC lvl. 22
      Blood for Blood: LNC lvl. 34
      Foresight: MRD lvl. 2
      Bloodbath: MRD lvl. 8
      Mercy Stroke: MRD lvl. 26

      You could probably switch out Foresight for Fracture (MRD lvl. 6), but I honestly think that Fracture has way too high of a tp cost, and it'll be a bit tricky fitting it in while you have Touch of Death to deal with.

      Alright guys, that was my MNK guide. I hope some of you actually found this useful, and to people who didn't, sorry to waste your time. If you have questions, please ask me in-game or through a PM. I'll probably be able to explain in more detail then. Anyway, I hope this was helpful in some way or got you a bit more interested in MNK. Later, Realm!
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