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      5 /5,
      Told me everything to know about WHM.
    2. BellaMorte
      5 /5,
      Just started playing whm very informative guide, should update it for heavensward though.
    3. Mixae
      5 /5,
      Very in-depth and thorough, it really is helping me leveling my whitemage.
    4. Caimie Tsukino
      Caimie Tsukino
      5 /5,
      This guide contains a lot of helpful information that helped me at the beginning of my post-50 WHM play. Only after I have read through this that I start to understand the important usages of Presence of Mind, Divine Seals and Shrouds of Saints. The macros included are also very useful. Very well-written guide!
    5. Sai
      5 /5,
      This guide has been super helpful for me as I learn the ropes. I know it saved me from probably many embarrassing mistakes.
    6. Fybrile
      5 /5,
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