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      Similar to life after 50, but focused on things you might not know starting the game as a new player. These are things I found out about after the fact, or learned the hard way.

      If you have any suggestions, feel free to make them and I'll add the content to the guide.

      Choosing a Class - How many can I be? How many crafting and gathering classes can I have?

      The world is your oyster. Starting out, you can only be one class, however, at level 10, after completing your class quest of that level you may branch out and choose as many classes as you like, regardless of type. This applies to jobs as well. The only thing that might hold you back is time. Also, remember that you will need 1 other class to complete the requirements for your job, and other another class to complete all your cross class skills. You don't have to level them all up to 50, just up enough to unlock the skills you want, or to meet the job requirement which is 15.

      Main Story Quests - So many quests, which are the most important?

      These quests, surrounded by flames, are one of the most important things to do as a new character because they advance your story, unlock new features, and are the most interesting quests because of movies and content. There are several side quests that unlock at certain levels that are tied to main story progression, so getting through the main story early on is advantageous.

      Teleportation- What is this free, favorite thing?

      You get one free teleportation location, but only if you've bound the dongle to your account. However, everyone gets access to 3 favorites, so use them as much as possible since they cut down the cost of teleports 50%. Don't forget you also get 1 home location in which you can use your 'return'.

      Where and when can I play a Rogue - I want to be a Ninja!

      If you noticed when you created a character, there isn't an option to choose Rogue. You'll need to start as another class, both Pugilist or Lancer are recommended, and at level 10 you can join the Rogue's guild. Getting there might be tricky, but it's possible by traveling over land if you don't want to wait till other methods open up.

      Ferrys as low cost shortcuts between areas!

      There are several nice shortcuts to know about:

      Limsa Lominsa : Ferry by Arcanist guild takes you to Vesper Bay (Western Thanalan).
      Limsa Lominsa : Ferry by Fisherman's guild takes you to Costa Del Sol or Aleport (Western La Nosca).
      Grindania : Ferry by Lancer's guild takes you to East Shroud (Hawthorne Hut).
      Between Horizon and Vesper Bay : Takes you down to Silver Bazaar, lower part of the zone.
      Aleport: Ferry to Candlekeep Quay near Moraby Bay (Lower La Nosca).

      Cross Class Skills - What are they and how do I use them?

      Cross class skills are skills you may choose to use across classes. Every 10 levels you level in a class grants you 1 cross class skill, thus you may have up to 5 cross class skills. To get cross class skills, you must play those classes and level them up to the point where the skill unlocks. You can tell which skills cross by hovering over them and looking at the jobs/classes they can be used with, some may work with your class, but not with your job.
      When you go to your "Action and Traits" menu, you'll see a section for Additional. Click to the classes you want to pick skills from and click the one's you want. The skill will then appear below on the bottom bar, and from there you drag the icons down to your hot bars.


      Dungeons and Guildhests
      - Why are they greyed out? When can I do them?

      These are available later on as you level up and advance through the story content. Guildhests are available at level 10, and will open up when you get the quest to unlock Guildleve's. It's normally located in the starter area outside of your starting town, and has to be completed before they become unlocked. Dungeons open up at level 15 after getting to the point of the story where you are asked to investigate Satasha Seagrot (shortly after you visit all the cities) for the quest 'It's Probably Pirates'.

      Retainers And Storage - I'm running out of space, where and when can I put my stuff?

      Retainers don't become available until you start what I call the second story arc, which follows you doing a tour of the 3 major cities. When you join the Scions, you will be granted the ability to use the retainers. You are given 2 retainers for free, though you may have up to 4 by paying more each month. Retainers provide you with 150 slots of bank space. Retainers may be designed much as you would a player character. Retainers are also necessary to sell items, which can either be from your pack or theirs. Retainers can also perform ventures for experience to level up, and acquire items and/or gil. You first must choose a class for them, and to do so you must have unlocked that class and have a level 1 weapon from it to equip on the NPC. As they level up you can equip them with better equipment, much as you would your own player character. Venture coins can be acquired in many ones, but the best is by doing Guildleve's early on, followed by beast tribe faction quests late game.

      Grand Company - Which one is best for my class?

      Around level 20+, the quest after your first trial will allow you to pick a Grand Company. You become a soldier in one of the three city states, and can rank up using Grand Company seals. Grand Company seals are your currency to buy armor, weapons, chocobo license, minions, bardings, and other useful items such as stat resets and crafting materials.

      What you might not know is that each city state has gear that's more beneficial to certain classes than others. The Serpents (Grindania) are good for melee and ranged DPS classes like Pugilist, Lancer, and Archer, and the jobs which correspond to them. The Maelstrom (Limsa Lominsa) is good for tanking classes such as Gladiator and Marauder, and the jobs which correspond to them. The Flames (Ul-Dah) are good for magic casting classes like Arcanist, Conjurer, Thamaturge, and their corresponding jobs.

      Changing Your Grand Company - Oops, I picked the wrong one!

      OUCH! Yes, you're going to be stuck till you get to level 47. Upon reaching 47 you can do the quest to rank up to 2nd Lt. as long as you have ranked up in your Grand Company and completed Aurum Vale (it's part of the quest), and having completed your GC's rank 2 hunt log. You may then talk to the personnel officer and ask to switch, but all gear and company seals earned are frozen, and can't be used in the new Grand Company. You can also switch once every thirty fifteen days, so hopefully you don't make the same mistake twice.

      Grand Company Provisioning and Gathering - What is this, and how does it work? What's that gold star for?

      Once you join a grand company you can turn in items to the supply officer, as long as you are a member of that gathering or crafting professions. Otherwise, the items won't be visible. These are available every 24 hours starting at 4PM EST. The items are exchanged for rewards of company seals and a hefty amount of experience. The gold stars are items which the company has deemed 'in demand', and thus give you 2X the reward. Also, HQ items can be turned in for 2X the reward, so if you were to turn in both a gold star quest with an HQ item, you can get up to 4X the reward! It's pretty awesome, so make sure to check daily! Moreover, each turn in counts towards your challenge log, for more bonus seals on completion.

      Chocobo Mount - I saw a level 1 riding a Chocobo what's going on? When do you get this?

      DON'T PANIC! You're not doing anything wrong, you're just seeing a higher level person who has unlocked his chocobo and has switched over to a lower level class. You can do this at any time as early as level 20, following your first trial, and completing the first quest following to join a grand company. You first need to go to your GC HQ(not the English one), and get the quest for "My Little Chocobo" from the officer there. You will then need to purchase a license for 2000 company seals. Once completed, you will talk to the chocobo vendor and be asked to name your chocobo, so choose your name wisely! After that, he will be put in your pack as an item, which you may use to add to your mounts.

      Fighting Chocobo Companion - I saw a level 1 fighting with his chocobo! I want!

      At level 30, you can do a quest located at Camp Tranquil in the South Shroud called "My Feisty Chocobo". You will then be sent to Bentbranch where you will gather up gyshal greens to feed your chocobo (quest items). Gyshal greens can be purchased from various vendors in all three major towns, and are used to summon your companion from the hotbar. They are cheap so stock up! Remember, to choose the class for your chocobo carefully and invest all your points in 1 class. If you do so you can get your chocobo his class specific barding which are: White Mage Barding for healer, Paladin Armor for Tank, and Dragoon Armor for DPS. Sadly, you cannot use other mounts as companions, but who knows what the future will bring!

      Hunting Log - When do you get this? What's it for?

      The hunting log is one of the many logs unlocked, and can only be done so by doing your level 10 class quest. Once unlocked, you will be able to kill certain monsters for bonus experience on completion. Also, once the log is completed, you will receive a class specific ring, so this is a very good thing to do throughout your leveling career. There is a log for each class, and once you join a Grand Company, there is even a log entries for killing certain monsters for seals.

      Challenge Log - When do you get this? What's it for?

      The challenge log is unlocked after the first major story arc where you tour the various city states delivering messages from your home states leader. The quest "Rising to the Challenge" is unlocked in the Adventurer's Tavern in Limsa Lominsa by talking to I'tolwann, and you will be asked to carry a book down to Fisherman's Bottom. It's one of the more important logs to do since it will provide you both money and experience early on, and also GC seals and Chocobo experience later in the game. These challenges can only be done weekly and reset Monday night at 1AM EST. They are comprised of both PVE, PVP, Crafting, Gathering, amongst other things, so it's beneficial to diversify your professions to maximize the benefit.

      Green and Pink Items - I've out-leveled the items from the dungeon, should I sell them?!

      No, take your hands off those items right now! Just store them on your retainer because once you reach the rank of Sergeant Third Class in your Grand Company, you can turn them in for seals.

      Materia - What are they, and how do I get them?

      Materia are created through a process called conversion. Conversions cannot be undone. The conversion skill is acquired at about level 15 after completing the quest "Life, Materia and Everything" during the Scions story arc. Once created, you can use materia to increase the stats of slotted gear through a process called melding. The type of item affects the type of materia created, so if you have a Magic based item, it's more likely to produce that type of materia. Level ranges for materia are 1-30 Grade 1, 30-43 Grade 2, 44+ for Grade 3.

      Item Slots and Melding - What are all these holes in my armor for?

      No, they aren't for ventilation! Those slots are actually used to enhance stats of your armor through a process called 'melding'. Using materia, you can put various stats in your gear. You can only meld items if you belong to the profession that made it, and only if you have a crafting profession that's above level 19. Once melded, you cannot remove the materia. Remember that stats are capped by level and stat type, and some stats you cannot meld onto a piece of gear that already has that stat.

      Spiritbonding - What is it and how does it work?

      Spirit bonding is a process where usage of an item while crafting, fighting, etc. causes an item to become bound to your character. Once this process happens the item cannot be traded. Once an item hits 100%, you're able to convert an item into materia. HQ items spiritbond faster than normal items, and unique special gear from dungeons cannot be converted. There are also items that can improve your spiritbonding rate.

      Crafting - How does it work and why should I do it?

      There are lots of reasons to craft: many challenges are based upon them, you can get better than normal vendor items, you can make money doing it, and some of the items at end game can be better than Tombstone gear, or provide you with options to fill slots you wouldn't have had open immediately.

      Check out Caimie's guide for a more explicit explanation on how it works!

      Dying and Dyes - Dying to change your pink armor? Where do I get pure white?

      Dying can be done after doing a level 15 quest located in Vesper Bay called "Color Your World". It's not tied to any of the story content. You'll need an orange juice to complete it. Afterwards, you can buy dyes from any of the town vendors and colorize your world. Some armor cannot be colored, and certain colors are only obtainable from crafting or other means.

      Dance, Dance Dance - Where do I learn to dance like that?

      Each town has a quest available at level 15 which allows you to learn a certain type of dance. The harvest dance is available in Grindania, the step dance in Limsa Lominsa, and the ball room dance is in Uldah.
      Changing Appearance - Having a bad hair day?
      At level 15 there is a quest in Limsa Lominsa which allows you to change the appearance of your character, and is done from your inn room. You get one free change, otherwise, you have to buy them.

      Achievement Rewards - I unlocked an achievement that should have given me item X, where is it?

      DON'T PANIC! Yes, I'm a big Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy fan. There is person you need to talk to that's available only in Grindania whom you must speak to, and tell your story before you are able to get the item. His name is Jonathas, the Master of Rolls, and is located by the Apkallu Falls, in Old Gridania. Fastest way to get there is to go to the Lancers Guild and head west.

      Cataclysm Salvager - I lost my quest item, and deleted my Collectors Edition helm, can I get them back?

      Yes, you will need to go back to the Cataclysm Salvager in your town, and talk to him, and he will sell you back items from quest and bonus content. You can even buy copies of non-unique items from quests you've completed and your jobs relic gear!

      Desynthesis - Where do I start? What is desynthesis?

      You first have to have a craft that's at level 30, then you may pick up the quest in Ul-dah market district from Syntgoht called "Gone to Pieces". You have to be 30+ to use desynthesis on an item. There is no unlocks for lower classes once you do this, it's strictly to the class you have the level 30+ in. You gain skill as you use it from a pool of skill points which at this time is 300. If you are maxed out at 300 in 3 skills and gain skill in another area, you're skill will be lowered from the 3 which you have maxed out so be careful. Thus if you use it for 5 crafts, you'll have less to pull from had you used it in 2 or 3, thus it's designed to encourage specialization. There is a special item, not really sure what it's used for yet but it appears armor and gems, that can be gained from this skill which is called demi-materia. The higher your skill in a craft, the higher the chance a demi-materia will be produced. Also you gain more experience by items no crafted by you, as to encourage trading and selling. There is a chance to lose skill on failures, and I'm assuming the higher level the item, the harder it is to desynthesize.
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