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      Hey Team,

      Much has changed since I wrote this guide during opening week. I will be doing a massive overhaul on the guide to reflect the atma farming areas.

      This guide will still be great for first timers, or anyone leveling alts. I still feel like dungeons are the best way to get exp, but for the lonely DPS this may be just the thing for you while you que for a party.

      • You DO NOT need to stick around for the entire FATE.
      • If you feel comfortable that you have done enough to receive full exp for the fate, you can leave early to join another FATE that may have popped. For turn in fates this is typically 6 of the items.
      • This will help you optimize maximum exp potential.
      • Make sure to join a party. Often if you shout in an area that you are "looking for group" someone will pick you up.
      • Being in a party not only allows you to receive bonuses to parameters, it allows you to share everyone's exp they are getting from monsters begin killed.
      • There is also a group contribution feature so it is easier to get a gold medal.
      • It also allows you to use a limit break.

      -PLD : Having trouble targeting and hitting things before they die, just spam flash. As long as you do some damage to at least one enemy during the FATE, you can spend the rest of your time flashing everything.
      -WAR: If your having trouble getting your AoE to hit lots of enemies just put on Flash and go PLD on some fools. Overpower does wonders though.
      -WHM: If you find yourself with no one to heal cast Aero on as many things as possible. It is more important to do damage to multiple enemies than it is to just grind down one. Aero is an instant cast spell that can quickly be placed on multiple enemies.
      -BLM: Blizzard 2, Scathe, nuff said.
      -SMN: Bio, Bio, Bio, once you are higher level you may be able to use Miasma 2 to your advantage.
      -SCH: Same as SMN, Bio that baby up.
      -MNK: Monk can be tough at times, once you get "Arm of the Destroyer" you can use it similar to PLD's flash. Then beat up on your new friends.
      -DRG: Piercing Talon all the enemies around you, until you get some AoE.
      -ARC: Screw you, it's easy.
      All of these areas listed below are great for FATEing. Due to the raised dungeon experience in 2.1 most of the zones are barren, but that doesn't mean you can't make a group with some friends.

      I decided to keep all the zones on the list just in case, but due to the popularity of atma zones I encourage you to stick with this guides recommendations.


      LEVEL 1-5 (Really just kill enemies till 5)
      WESTERN THANALAN: Scorpion Crossing (3 fates)
      CENTRAL THANALAN: Southwest of Black Brush Station (4-5 fates)
      LOWER LA NOSCEA: South of Red Rooster Stead (3-4 fates)
      MIDDLE LA NOSCEA: South of Summerford Farms (3-4 fates)
      -This is now, the spot to be. The Atma here is notoriously awful to get, and you will find large groups of people clearing fates quickly.

      CENTRAL SHROUD : Zone out of Gridania (3-4 fates)
      NORTH SHROUD : Zone out of Gridania (2-3 fates)

      LEVEL 5-10 (Don't forget your hunting log)
      WESTERN THANALAN: West of Scorpion Crossing (5-8 fates)
      CENTRAL THANALAN: Black Brush Station/North (4-6 fates)
      LOWER LA NOSCEA: North of Red Rooster Stead (4-5 fates)
      MIDDLE LA NOSCEA: West of Summerford Farms (4-6 fates)
      -I would just stay here, can start hitting up some of the northern fates.

      CENTRAL SHROUD: Bannock (4-5 fates)
      NORTH SHROUD: South of Hyrstmill (4-6 fates)

      LEVEL 10-15
      WESTERN THANALAN: Vesper Bay/Horizon (4-6 fates)
      -Renzo's favorite spot.

      CENTRAL THANALAN: East of Black Brush (3-4 fates)
      LOWER LA NOSCEA: Moraby Dry Docks (4 fates)
      MIDDLE LA NOSCEA: North of Summerford (5 fates)
      -Head to fates on the northern part of the map, over the river.
      WESTERN LA NOSCEA: Swiftperch (5-6 fates)
      -Don't go too far north until around 13-14, the fates get quite a bit higher in level.
      CENTRAL SHROUD: North of Bannock/S of Bent Branch (5-7
      EAST SHROUD: West of Hawthorne Hut (3-4 fates)

      LEVEL 15-20
      EASTERN THANALAN: Camp Drybone Area (7-9 fates)
      WESTERN LA NOSCEA: Aleport (6-7 fates)
      EAST SHROUD: East of Hawthorne Hut (5-6 fates)
      -Another notoriously bad atma zone, always seems to be packed. My choice for this range.

      LEVEL 20-25
      WESTERN THANALAN: North of Vesper Bay (5 fates)
      UPPER LA NOSCEA: (2-3 fates)
      EAST SHROUD: North of Hawthorne Hut (5-7 fates)
      -This is probably your best bet, but Upper La Noscea is the most fun.

      SOUTH SHROUD- East and West of Quarrymill (6-8 fates)
      -Weird that this isn't the go to now.

      LEVEL 25-30
      EASTERN THANALAN: Highbridge (5 fates)
      -Past High Bridge can be a great place for FATEs again.
      SOUTHERN THANALAN: Little Ala Mhigo (6 fates)
      -Lots of FATEs, good amount of parties.

      NORTH SHROUD: West of Fallgourd Float (4 fates)
      SOUTH SHROUD- Quarrymill (3-5 fates)

      LEVEL 30-35
      SOUTHERN THANALAN: Area around Forgotten Springs (5 fates)
      EASTERN LA NOSCEA: Costa Del Sol (7-8 fates)
      CENTRAL SHROUD: Northwest of Bent Branch (4-5 fates)
      SOUTH SHROUD- Camp Tranquil (4-5 fates)
      COERTHAS CENTRAL HIGHLANDS: First Dicastrial Observatorium

      LEVEL 35-40
      EASTERN LA NOSCEA: South of Wineport
      UPPER LA NOSCEA: Camp Bronze Lake
      -You can occasionally still find a lot of FATE parties here. But Upper La Noscea is more likely these days.

      LEVEL 40-45
      NORTHERN THANALAN: Camp Bluefrog
      : Southeast of Highbridge
      OUTER LA NOSCEA: Beastman Area.
      -There are 4 fates here that spawn very frequently.

      MOR DHONA: Revenant's Toll

      LEVEL 45-50
      SOUTHERN THANALAN: South of Ala Mhigo
      NORTHERN THANALAN: Cerulean Processing Plant
      : Northwest of Aleport
      OUTER LA NOSCEA: Beastmen Area
      -This is going to be your best bet to 50. Happy Hunting!!!

      EAST SHROUD: Northeastern part of map
      NORTH SHROUD: East and North of Fallgourd Float
      SOUTH SHROUD: Small section Southeast of Quarrymill (Odin area)
      Special thanks to this website !
      Use this to get some detailed maps of Eorzea, and see where the fates are.

      Contributors, Eossian, Clinique Chanel, Ramen Moogles FC,

      Originally named Eben's Fate Grinding Guide. 2013
      -Feel free to use however you want just give me some cred.
      -People have been making sure to give me credit and I thank you for that!!!

      If you enjoy the guide please give it some stars!!!
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