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      Novice Blue Mage Guide by Caimie Tsukino
      Launched: 23 Jan 2019
      Updated: 6 June 2019
      News update: 26 Dec 2019


      In Patch 4.5, by popular demand, Blue Mage (BLU) has been added to FFXIV Stormblood. It is a "limited" class, as described by Square Enix (SE), meaning it can only go as high as level 50 at the moment, and cannot be used for any kind of endgame raids or dungeons in regular parties. It cannot be used for any main story quests either.

      Prior to Patch 4.5, the decision of adding a "limited" Blue Mage into the game has spiked a great variety of opinions. Some complained that this is pointless as the limited class cannot be used for raids (They said, "If this class cannot be used for endgame contents, then it's just a mini-game"! Apparently, they are not interested in mini-games, and believe SE 'wasted' the class). By contrast, some are happy that at least the class made it to the game, and they trust that SE will still make it heaps of fun. The reason why BLU is a limited class in FFXIV is because traditionally, BLU's nature is to learn skills from monsters (by seeing it, experiencing it, getting hit by it or consuming your enemy etc.) and then use those skills back against its enemies. This nature makes BLU not fitting into the "tank, healer, DPS" holy trinity setting of FFXIV. For instance, some skills from monsters may be way too overpowering. Well, how about nerfing them? If these skills are all nerfed, then they are not fun to play any more. Also, if BLU is to learn its skills from different enemies, then players with more skills will be favored by parties over players with fewer skills, which may create problems in the community, as some BLU may not be welcomed into parties. By contrast, if you let all BLU be equal and start with a set of pre-determined skills, then suddenly BLU isn't BLU anymore. This is the dilemma that SE faced when people were demanding BLU to be added into FFXIV. In the end, SE created this "limited" class. So far, I gotta say, I've been having a ton of fun playing it!


      Since Patch 5.1, the glitch has been fixed, and it longer works to power level Blue Mages.
      Outdated Content (open)

      For those who had been worried of getting banned by SE for exploiting this "glitch". No worries now! Please see below:
      As you can see above, they are not going to ban anyone using this "glitch" to quickly level. Honestly, it is not a game-breaking glitch. It just makes you reach level 50 a lot faster. But the "real grind" for BLU is about acquiring needed skills/actions for participating the "Masked Carnivale". That is the real endgame for BLU at the moment in Patch 4.5, and it's a lot of work to get there. Currently, they have no immediately plans to fix these glitches until 5.0. So I would actually encourage you to take this opportunity to easily level up your BLU right now.

      So, what are these glitches??? Well, currently, there are two ways to power-level BLU:

      Quick Leveling Method #1 (playing solo): You need to have a very high level caster, such as red mage (RDM), (black mage) BLM or white mage (WHM). Ideally level 70. For example, if you're using a level 70 RDM, use it to cast "Jolt" on a single target enemy. You must one-shot the enemy, and you must not aggro anything else. When the target dies, quickly switch to BLU, and the gained EXP will fall under BLU now. After the enemy dies, there's approximately 1 second delay before EXP is granted. Switching to BLU takes about 0.5 second. So you should be able to do this, as long as you have the gear-changing button set up on your hotbar. The target enemy CANNOT be level 50 or above. It has to be level 49 or below. Thus, the best enemies would be those in Northern Thanalan because they're level 49. Ideally, you want to chain your kills. So that you gain the bonus EXP from your chain. For this reason, it's better to stand near a big group of tightly packed, yet individual enemies. One such location is the "Abandoned Amajina Mythril Mine". But the mine not the only place that can be utilized... even the nearby areas have plenty of level 49 mobs. Personally, I used this method to level my BLU. It took me about 3 to 4 hours to get from level 10 to level 50.

      Quick Leveling Method #2 (with a partner): You need a partner who plays level 70 Scholar (SCH) or Astrologian (AST). DO NOT party up. First, have your friend shield you with Adloqium or Aspected Benefic under Nocturnal Sect. This way you won't get one-shotted by the enemy. Then you go aggro a single enemy target (enemy details same as described above in Method 1) by hitting it with any spell. Then have your SCH/AST friend one-shot the enemy while aggro was on you. You will then gain the EXP. Ideally, you want to use "Flying Sardine" as your choice of attack because it has zero cast time and has a superb 25 yalm range. If you just use your regular "Water Cannon" (2 sec cast time), it will take you a very long time to level up, and will be difficult to chain anything.

      Leveling of Blue Mage before Level 50

      Keep in mind NOT to do FATEs! You get more EXP by killing a single mob than completing a whole FATE! So the best way is to CHAIN UP MOB KILLS while using food (any food), FC buff (Heat of Battle II) and resting bonus (logging off in FC house, inn or private house) to increase EXP gain. Remember to bring your chocobo to help with healing yourself.

      One of the most popular location for leveling Blue Mage before level 50 is still the Abandoned Amajina Mythril Mine at Northern Thanalan (25,23). There are a bunch of level 49 mobs there. Most of them are single mobs, so you won't be accidentally overpulling too many of them.

      - Your Blue Magic Spellbook is located under the "Character" tab.

      - Drag it onto your hotbar (red arrow), so that you can easily access it. It also helps a lot to have your Red Mage and Blue Mage gear sets buttons on your hotbar (green arrows), so that you can easily switch between the two when you're leveling.

      - The most favored location for leveling Blue Mage is here... at the "Abandoned Amajina Mythril Mine" Northern Thanalan (25,23). This place has a lot of tightly packed level 49 mobs. You can chain them up easily. For the 3 mobs shown at the top right of this picture, you can even use RDM's "Contre Sixte" to kill them all together in a single blow, and then switch to BLU to earn all the EXP.

      Leveling of Blue Mage before Level 50

      The best location for leveling from 50 to 60 is Azys Lla. Assuming you're already level 50, and has a bunch of pretty good skills learned in your spell book, you should be able to take down even level 59 mobs in Azys Lla. But if you're having some trouble, you can start off in the Sea of Clouds first. After getting a few levels up, then move on to Azys Lla. Same trick as before, it's all about CHAINING UP MOB KILLS while using food (any food), FC buff (Heat of Battle II) and resting bonus (logging off in FC house, inn or private house) to increase EXP gain. Remember to bring chocobo. Keep in mind to avoid doing any FATE. The mobs in FATEs give very little EXP, and completing a single FATE gives fewer EXP than killing a single regular mob.


      - Blue mage's initial gear set

      Where do I unlock BLU?
      BLU unlock quest location: Limsa Lominsa. The quest is called "Out of the Blue".

      What is the primary attribute of BLU?

      Should I use FATEs to level up?
      No one says you can't, but it really is not a good way to do it. Let's say you're level 8. Each level 8 FATE will only give you approximately 2000 EXP. But each level 10 mob in the open world will already give you like 400 EXP (whereas the mobs in the level 8 FATE will give you barely like 50 EXP). Thus, doing FATEs is really a waste of time without achieving very much.

      Should I bring my chocobo?
      Yes, having chocobo is very important when facing enemies in the wild all by yourself. E.g. if you're level 8 and you're tackling a level 10 monster in the open world, chocobo will do wonders.

      So is BLU only for solo play?
      The simple answer is NO. At the beginning, I thought BLU was for solo play. But now I found that you actually need help from a lot of other people in order to acquire skills from dungeons, trials etc. in order to even complete your class quest. So, NO, BLU is not for solo play. You need to play with other people and get help from them.


      (1) Leveling to 50 while picking up skills. Since the previous glitches no longer works, it is a bit hard to level up to level 50 first before start acquiring skills. You may need to learn skills in the wild while leveling up.

      (2) Gear up briefly. Purchase i120 Ironworks gear using Poetics tomes at Mordhona, or acquire the crafted i115 Rainbow Casting Set (https://ffxiv.gamerescape.com/wiki/Rainbow_Casting_Set). This will give you a nice boost in power and survivability. You may upgrade some gear to i130, but that is only if you have extra Poetics tomes. Since your Level 50 Class Quest will get a full set of i130 left gear that includes weapon, hat, chest, gloves, pants and shoes, it is better to focus on the pieces that you don't have, which includes the belt, earrings, choker, bracelets and the two rings (Note: You can't have 2 identical unique Ironworks rings.). Alternatively, crafted HQ gear (i115) is also fine. At this point, you don't actually need the best gear yet. You just want to fill every slot with an item that is above i110.

      - After purchasing i120 Ironworks gear / accessories from Mor Dhona, you can upgrade them to Augmented Ironworks (i130) at Drake in North Shroud (30,20). NOTE: Since Patch 5.15, since BLU's level cap has increased to level 60, there's no point to waste poetics on upgrading i120 to i130 anymore.


      - The upgrade requires a Carbontwine or Carboncoat (also bought from Mor Dhona). NOTE: Since Patch 5.15, since BLU's level cap has increased to level 60, there's no point to waste poetics on upgrading i120 to i130 anymore.

      (3) Learn some basic skills from the open world. At this point, you can start wandering around the world to collect skill actions. Some of these skills are just awesome to have early. This includes the following (for detailed skill description, please see the skill list below):

      - 1000 Needles: This is one of the best skills to have early, as it deals a fixed 1000 damage (shared by all enemies). Its drawback is its long cast time. But if you pair it up with Swiftcast, then you'll be fine. This is a skill required for your Level 40 Class Quest anyway.
      - Blood Drain: This is useful on the sense that it is a weak attack that can be used to aggro stuff without killing them.
      - Bomb Toss: A decent skill that can be easily learned. It is an AoE that stuns the enemies. So it helps with the early game.
      - Self Destruct: This is useful as a mean to perform "Free Teleport Home". Treat this as your "Return" button, but with no cooldown.
      - Toad Oil: Do not underestimate this. A nice 20% evasion is almost equivalent to having a 20% damage reduction. It's actually significant.
      - Bad Breath: It's... just... fun... to give your enemies a really bad day.
      - Flying Sardine: A super long range attack that does almost no damage and very little aggro. It's just useful for pulling things from afar. In addition, its "silence" effect is crucial at endgame when you enter the Masked Carnivale.
      - Faze: This AoE doesn't do any damage, but stuns your enemies for 6 sec, which is quite nice for early game. This is a skill required for your Level 30 Class Quest anyway.

      Remember, since you're level 50 now, you may one-shot some low level enemies using Water Cannon. So in order to learn skills from them, you need to keep them alive by using very weak attacks on them (such as Blood Drain or Flying Sardine). Aggro a bunch of them mobs, and then let them gang on you for a bit. Wait for each of them to use the skill that you want to learn. After a little while, just use AoE on them (such as Bomb Toss or Mind Blast), and finish them all together.

      The role skill "Addle" is something that you can use to aggro them, but it has a very long re-cast time. Another skill would be "Blood Drain" (20 potency). If available, "Break" can also be used since it has only 50 potency. Once you have Flying Sardine, it is a even better choice, as it has only 10 potency and a wonderful 25 yalm range.

      (4) Learn Mind Blast from Tam Tara. Once you have some skills from the open world, you can now try to jump into dungeons to learn some skills there too. The first dungeon you wanna do would be Tam Tara Deepcroft. You can do this dungeon unsynced solo... This is also a good reason why you wanna quickly reach level 50 first... It makes things like this easier. What you want to acquire here is "Mind Blast":
      - Mind Blast: Possible one of the best skills for a fresh level 50 BLU. Although it has only 100 potency, it is an AoE skill that has only 1 sec cast time. That is incredibly fast! You're basically doing about 100 potency damage per second. Most other skills give only between 120 to 150 potency but has a 2 sec cast time. Thus Mind Blast actually trumps them all on damage per second. Not to mention it leaves a nasty 30 sec paralysis status on enemies, which sometimes stops their casts. This skill is also required for your Level 20 Class Quest. So you will need it anyway. Since the hotfix on 23rd Jan 2019, the drop rate has been increased to 100%. So you just need to run Tam Tara once.

      (5) Acquire White Wind and Mighty Guard from NPC. Once you have learned 10 spells, speak to the NPC Wayward Gaheel Ja (Steps of Thal 12,13), and learn "White Wind". This is your primary healing spell, and you will need it asap. If you would like to do your class quests now, feel free. But you will need "Glower" to do your Level 50 Class Quest. And to get Glower, it's better to first get White Wind so that you can heal yourself in Aurum Vale. Similarly, you should acquire Mighty Guard (required learning 10+ spells) and Off-guard (required learning 5+ spells) from Wayward Gaheel Ja. Mighty Guard can reduce incoming damage by an amazing 70%, but it sacrifices 40% of your
      damage output. It also increases your enmity. So don't always pop this. Use it only when you need it. Off-guard acts like a debuff for a target, and basically makes your magical attacks more powerful on the target.
      - White Wind and Mighty Guard can be unlocked when you have unlocked 10+ spells in your spell book.

      (6) Learn other useful/cool skills from unsync dungeons. Once you have a small arsenal of 10+ skills and has White Wind, Mighty Guard and Off-guard, you can continue to farm skill actions from dungeons. These may include:

      - Glower:
      This is a relatively strong skill (130 potency) that paralyzes your targets for 6 sec. You learn it from the 2nd ogre boss (Coincounter) in Aurum Vale. It is also a required skill for your Level 50 Class Quest. However, you will need a level 70 partner to run through Aurum Vale quickly for you. I have tried this before with just 2 Blue mages, but it was very, very tough to do Aurum Vale. Since the hotfix on 23rd Jan 2019, the drop rate has been increased to 100%. So you just need to run Aurum Vale once. In fact, you don't even need to complete the dungeon. Just kill Coincounter, and then you can leave the place already.

      - Glower

      - Ram's Voice & Dragon's Voice: These are actually very nice skills to have. Ram's Voice effectively freezes your enemies for a long time, allowing you to do a few Mind Blasts on them. Dragon's Voice allows you to practically hide behind obstacles from afar, and hit your target(s). When chained together, the combo gives extra damage as well. One of my favorite combo is: (i) Peculiar Light (increasing magic vulnerability of enemies at close range), (ii) Ram's Voice (freezes them), (iii) Mind Blast x3 (AoE damage and paralyzes them), (iv) run away a bit and then Dragon's Voice (big damage). This combo effectively freezes multiple enemies, while dealing huge damage. Ram's Voice and Dragon's Voice can be acquired from the Chimera trial fight from A Realm Reborn. Alternatively, they can be acquired from Cutter's Cry's final Chimera boss. If you're doing this way, you will need to run the dungeons a few times. We found that having 4 Blue Mages is actually sufficient to effectively farm it from Cutter's Cry (Unsync, a.k.a. set as undersized party). So you don't necessarily need a level 70 here. The Chimera trial fight would be easier though since you don't have to get through a whole dungeon to fight the Chimera.
      - Ram's Voice from Cutter's Cry

      Diamondback: This is quite a powerful skill that reduces damage by 90% while immobilizes you for 10 seconds. This is very useful when you are doing the Masked Carnivale.

      - Diamondback

      - Missile: This is a hit or miss skill that is actually very overpowering when it lands. I love using it on any dungeon bosses. Sure, it misses a lot. But when it hits, it immediately halves the HP of the target. It's pretty amazing.
      - Missile, acquired from Enkidu in the Battle in the Big Keep.

      - Tail Screw: Similar to Missile, although having a high missing rate, this is also another overpowering skill that does wonders when it actually lands because it reduces the enemy's HP to 1.

      - The Look / Level 5 Petrify: The Look is basically Optic Blast of Cyclops from X-men! And if The Look is like heat vision, then Level 5 Petrify is like cold vision! These skills are not very practical in battle, but they're just so much fun to have! :D

      - Yep, I love my Cyclops cosplay using "The Look" as Optic Blast! It's just awesomeee! :D :D :D

      (7) Do your class quests to obtain your i130 set. Once you have acquired Glower, you can easily finish your Level 50 Class Quest. This will unlock the "Masked Carnivale" for you, and you will also obtain a set of i130 gear (hat, chest, gloves, pants and shoes only).

      - Locations of Blue Mage Class Quests and the Masked Carnivale.

      - Level 50 class quest before unlocked the Masked Carnivale.

      (8) Gear up with the BiS (Best-in-Slot), and get ready for endgame! The endgame for Blue mage is basically farming the super rare 5 star skills from Extreme Primals, as well as to do the Masked Carnivale. As mentioned earlier, completion of the Level 50 Class Quest would grant you the i130 Magus Set (weapon, hat, chest, gloves, pants, shoes). However, the Augmented Ironworks Set is also i130. So which one is better? Well, I personally favor Spell Speed and Crit for my Blue Mage, so I chose the i130 Augmented Ironworks chest piece (see below) to substitute the Magus chest.

      As for accessories, since you cannot obtain any from class quests, it's only natural that the Augmented Ironworks is the best in primary stats (Intelligence). However, pentamelded HQ crafted gear (i115) may act as a very good supplement, as you can meld Vitality there to increase your chance of survival. Also, it allows you to tweak towards your desired secondary stats. I have chosen to use crafted gear for the Choker, Bracelet and 1 Ring to create a build of higher Vitality, Spell Speed and Crit (see below). [EDIT: Since April 2019, I have chosen to use only Choker and 1 Ring from crafted gear. So only 2 pieces are crafted to further increase my Intelligence.]

      NOTE: I do not recommend overuse of pentamelded crafted gear, as it will lower your Intelligence too much, and hurts your DPS in general. You have to strike a balance between Intelligence vs Vitality + Better Secondary Stats. I recommend to use between 1 to 3 pieces only. As mentioned above, I now use only 2 pieces of crafted gear to boost my HP, Spell Speed and Crit sacrificing 8 Intelligence.


      - A comparison of a pentamelded HQ crafted choker vs the Augmented Ironworks. Although the crafted one has 4 less Intelligence, it has 8 more Vitality. And although it has 1 less Determination, it has 3 more Spell Speed, 18 more Crit, and 14 more Direct Hit. 8 more Vitality translates to 116 extra HP (each Vit = 14.5 HP).


      - A comparison of pentamelded HQ crafted bracelet vs the Augmented Ironworks Bracelet. The Mythrite Bangle of Casting has 4 less Intelligence, but 8 more Vitality. It has 8 less Crit, but 3 more Direct Hit, 20 more Spell Speed and 12 more Determination.

      - A comparison of the pentamelded HQ crafted ring vs the Augmented Ironworks Ring. The crafted one has 4 less Intelligence but 8 more Vitality. It has 8 less Direct Hit, but 18 more Spell Speed, 20 more Crit and 1 more Determination.

      - After using 3 pieces of crafted gear, my HP increased by 348, making me much durable. This was achieved by sacrificing 12 Intelligence, but I also have much higher Spell Speed and Crit.


      Water Cannon (Rank 1)
      - Delivers water damage with a potency of 120.
      Requirement: complete quest, ‘Out of the Blue’

      Bomb Toss (Rank 2)
      - Deals fire damage with a potency of 110 to all nearby enemies at a designated location.
      - Additional effects: Stun
      Location: Middle La Noscea – 23,21
      Monster: level 5 Goblin

      Blood Drain (Rank 1)
      - Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 20.
      - Additional effects: Restores MP
      Location: Lower La Noscea – 27,16
      Monster: level 7 Cave Bat

      Ice Spikes (Rank 1)
      - Counters enemies with ice damage every time you suffer physical damage.
      - Additional effects: 15 second duration, 50% when struck, your attacker afflicted with slow +20%
      Location: Central Shroud – 27,24
      Monster: level 9 Trickster Imp

      Self-Destruct (Rank 2)
      - Deals fire damage with a potency of 900 to all nearby enemies while incapacitating self.
      - Additional effects: potency increased to 1,200 when under the effect of Toad Oil
      Location: Western Thanalan – 27,17
      Monster: level 12 Glide Bomb

      Off-guard (Rank 1)
      - Increases damage you deal target by 50%. Recast timer is reset if target is KO’d in battle before the effect expires.
      - Duration: 30 seconds
      Location: Steps of Thal
      Requirement: unlock 5 spells
      NOTE: When a single target is hit by multiple Off-guards from several Blue Mages, you will see multiple Off-guard icons on the target, but their effect don't actually stack. Each Off-guard will only affect the Blue Mage which it came from.

      Final Sting (Rank 2)
      - Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 1,500 while incapacitating self.
      Type: Physical
      Damage: Piercing
      - Location: Middle La Noscea
      Monster: level 13 Killer Wespe

      Mind Blast (Rank 1)
      - Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 100 to all nearby enemies.
      - Additional effects: Paralysis, 30 second duration
      Location: The Tam-Tara Deepcroft – final boss
      Monster: level 16 Galvanth
      NOTE: Your basic spammable AoE with a decent potency considering its short 1 sec cast time. Its 30 sec paralysis is also very powerful.

      Acorn Bomb (Rank 1)
      - Puts target and all nearby enemies to sleep. Cancels auto-attack upon execution.
      - Duration: 30 seconds
      Location: North Shroud – 26,21
      Monster: level 17 Treant Sapling

      Bristle (Rank 2)
      - Increases the potency of the next spell cast by 50%.
      Location: East Shroud – 18,24
      Monster: level 21 Wild Boar
      NOTE: Very useful skill! Wonderful to be used in certain stages of the Masked Carnivale, allowing you to buff up actions like Self-Destruct. Can be used together with Off-guard and Moon Flute to further buff an attack.

      Sticky Tongue (Rank 4)
      Draws target towards caster.
      Additional effects: Stun, 4 second duration
      Location: Western Thanalan – 14-6
      Monster: level 24 Laughing Toad (or the toads in Mordhona or in Aurum Vale)
      NOTE: This skill is very useful in some stages of the Masked Carnivale, as it provides you with a mean to maneuver targets around the arena.

      White Wind (Rank 3)
      Restores own HP and the HP of all nearby party members by an amount equal to your current HP.
      Location: Steps of Thal
      Requirement: unlock 10 spells
      NOTE: Essential skill for almost anything.

      Mighty Guard (Rank 4)
      Reduces damage taken by 40% while reducing damage dealt by 70% and increasing enmity generation. Effect ends upon reuse.
      Location: Steps of Thal
      Requirement: unlock 10 spells
      NOTE: Please don't turn this on in dungeons if you're running with some level 70 DPS classes, as this skill will generate a lot of aggro, and make enemies attack you instead of your level 70 friend. Use it only when needed to avoid damage, or unless you're really trying to be the tank. This skill TRUMPS Diamond Back on the sense that you're still free to move under its effect. So it has its place in the Masked Carnivale when you're trying to stay alive against certain attacks.

      Toad Oil (Rank 3)
      Increases evasion by 20%.
      Duration: 180 seconds
      Location: Western Thanalan – 14,6
      Monster: level 24 Giggling Gigantoad
      NOTE: Keep in mind to make sure this skill is active before using Self-Destruct in the Masked Carnivale. It increases the potency of Self-Destruct from 900 to 1200, which is a lot.

      1000 Needles (Rank 4)
      Deals a fixed 1,000 damage which is shared by all enemies around you.
      Location: Southern Thanalan – 15,15
      Monster: level 26 Sabotender Bailaor (or the Rank A hunt mark "Sabotender Bailarina")

      Level 5 Petrify (Rank 2)
      Petrifies all enemies in a cone before you. Chance of successful attack is low. Enemy level must be a multiple of 5. Has no effect on enemies whose level is higher than your own.
      Duration: 20 seconds
      Location: Haukke Manor – 2nd floor
      Monster: level 27 Manor Sentry (NOT the mob before the final room... That mob doesn't DIE. It flees when HP is low, so you will never get it from him. You will see him again in the final boss's fight as an add)

      Important point: He will do petrification there in the final boss's room as an add. So learn from him in the final boss fight (don't kill him too fast there, make sure you "see" the skill). When he dies in there, you will have a chance to get it (pray to your RNG goddess). If you don't get it when he dies, don't bother killing the last boss! You can reset the fight by killing yourself. This way, you can re-enter the room and face him again without redo-ing the whole dungeon.

      Bad Breath (Rank 3)
      Blow noxious breath on all enemies in a cone before you, inflicting Slow +20%, Heavy +40%, Blind, and Paralysis.
      Additional effects: Poison (10 potency, 15 second duration), damage -10% (15 second duration), Silence (one second duration)
      Location: Central Shroud – 14,21
      Monster: level 31 Stroper/Heliostroper

      Faze (Rank 3)
      Stuns all enemies in a cone before you.
      Duration: 6 seconds
      Location: Eastern La Noscea – 26,32
      Monster: level 32 Qiqirn

      Flying Sardine (Rank 1)
      Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 10.
      Additional effects: Silence, 1 second duration
      Type: Physical
      Damage: Piercing
      Location: Eastern La Noscea – 30,34
      Monster: level 32 Apkallu
      NOTE: This skill is ESSENTIAL in some stages of the Masked Carnivale. This is your basic "silence" skill to stop certain deadly spells being casted by enemies.

      The Ram’s Voice (Rank 2)
      Deals ice damage with a potency of 130 to all nearby enemies.
      Additional effects: Deep Freeze, 12 second duration
      Location: Cutter’s Cry final boss (or from the Chimera trial in A Realm Reborn)
      Monster: level 38 Chimera (or level 50 Chimera from the trial)
      NOTE: This turns out to be a very useful skill in the Masked Carnivale, as it "Deep Freezes" many types of enemies, stopping them from casting certain deadly spells, or significantly reducing incoming damage from them.

      The Dragon’s Voice (Rank 2)
      Deals lightning damage with a potency of 110 to nearby enemies. Enemies within an 8-yalm radius will be unaffected.
      Additional effects: 10% chance to inflict Paralysis (nine seconds), potency increased to 310 when enemy afflicted with Deep Freeze, then removes the affliction.
      Location: Cutter’s Cry final boss (or from the Chimera trial in A Realm Reborn)
      Monster: level 38 Chimera (or level 50 Chimera from the trial)
      NOTE: This skill is quite fun to play with, and somewhat useful in many situations. It provides you with a mean to hit multiple enemies around you, or behind walls. If the target(s) was hit by Ram's Voice before and was in Deep Freeze status, it becomes significantly stronger.

      Glower (Rank 4)
      Deals lightning damage with a potency of 130 to all enemies in a straight line before you.
      Additional effects: Paralysis, 6 second duration
      Location: Aurum Vale second boss
      Monster: level 48 Coincounter
      NOTE: Apart from this being required in your class quest, this is also one of the most-used skill in the Masked Carnivale. It provides you with a basic spammable ranged attack that damages multiple targets, and is slightly stronger than your Water Cannon.

      Peculiar Light (Rank 2)
      Increases magic damage taken by all nearby enemies by 30%. This action does not share a recast timer with any other actions.
      Duration: 10 seconds
      Location: Mor Dhona – 13,10
      Monster: level 45 Lentic Mudpuppy

      Transfusion (Rank 2)
      Restores all HP and MP of a single party member while incapacitating self.
      Location: Steps of Thal
      Requirement: unlock 20 spells

      4-Tonze Weight
      Drops a 4-tonze weight dealing unaspected damage with a potency of 110 to all enemies at a designated location.
      Additional effects: Heavy, 30 second duration
      Location: The Dragon’s Neck
      Monster: level 50 Ultros/Typhoon

      Snort (Rank 4)
      Deals a 20-yalm knockback to all enemies in a cone before you.
      Location: The Dragon’s Neck
      Monster: level 50 Ultros/Typhoon
      NOTE: This skill is actually considered wind attack in the Masked Carnivale even though it does zero damage.

      Song of Torment (Rank 2)
      Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 50.
      Additional effects: Unaspected damage over time, 25 potency, 30 second duration
      Location: Pharos Sirius final boss
      Monster: level 50 Siren

      High Voltage (Rank 4)
      Deals lightning damage with a potency of 90 to all nearby enemies.
      Additional effects: Paralysis (15 second duration, duration increased to 30 when target afflicted with Dropsy), potency increased to 130 when target afflicted with Dropsy
      Location: The Binding Coils of Bahamut – Turn 1 (or Turn 2)
      Monster: level 50 ADS (or similar monsters in Turn 2)

      Flying Frenzy (Rank 3)
      Delivers a jumping attack with a potency of 80 to target and all enemies nearby it. Cannot be executed while bound.
      Type: Physical
      Damage: Blunt
      Location: Pharos Sirius second boss
      Monster: level 50 Zu

      Aqua Breath (Rank 4)
      Deals water damage with a potency of 90 to all enemies in a cone before you.
      Additional effects: Dropsy, deals water damage over time
      Location: The Dragon’s Neck
      Monster: level 50 Ultros/Typhoon
      NOTE: You can also learn it from Leviathan (Whorleater).

      Plaincracker (Rank 2)
      Deals earth damage with a potency of 130 to all nearby enemies.
      Location: Copperbell Mines HM second boss
      Monster: level 50 Gogmagolem
      NOTE: You can also easily learn it from the golems at the south (not the southwest ones) of the North Shroud aetheryte, or the golems outside Qarn temple entrance at South Thanalan.

      - I Learned Plaincracker outside the Qarns temple near Little Ala Mhigo at Southern Thanalan.

      Drill Cannons (Rank 2)
      Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 120 to all enemies in a straight line before you.
      Additional effects: potency increased to 420 when target is afflicted with Petrification. This affliction is then removed
      Type: Physical
      Damage: Piercing
      Location: Northern Thanalan – 16,16
      Monster: level 50 Magitek Vanguard H-2
      NOTE: This is quite essential for the completion of a number of stages in the Masked Carnivale. It provides you with a spammable ranged physical attack that hits multiple targets.

      The Look (Rank 2)
      Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 130 to all enemies in a cone before you.
      Additional effects: increased enmity
      Location: Amdapor Keep final boss
      Monster: level 50 Anantaboga
      NOTE: you can also learn this from the "Necro" battle leves in Mor Dhona - The Liminal Ones.

      Sharpened Knife (Rank 4)
      Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 120.
      Additional effects: potency increased to 250 when target is stunned
      Type: Physical
      Damage: Slashing
      Location: The Wanderer’s Palace final boss
      Monster: level 50 Tonberry King
      NOTE: This skill is quite essential for some stages of the Masked Carnivale as it is the only single target spammable physical attack. When two targets are present, and one is vulnerable to only physical attacks (and the other reflects physical attacks), then this skill can be used instead of Drill Cannons.

      Loom (Rank 1)
      - Move quickly to the specified location. Cannot use when bound.
      Location: Northern Thanalan (usually 17,17 or 24,24)
      Monster: level 50 Flame Sergeant Dalvag
      NOTE: This skill is REQUIRED for the completion of certain stages of the Masked Carnivale. It allows you to move freely even when a very severe slow debuff is applied onto you.

      Flame Thrower (Rank 4)
      Deals fire damage with a potency of 130 to all enemies in a cone before you.
      Location: Brayflox Longstop HM final boss
      Monster: level 50 Gobmachine G-VI
      NOTE: This is quite useful in the Masked Carnivale as one of the stages comes with some pretty strong targets that are vulnerable to fire damage.

      Missile (Rank 4)
      Deals damage equal to half target’s current HP. Chance of successful attack is low. Has no effect on enemies whose level is higher than your own.
      Location: Battle in the Big Keep
      Monster: level 50 Enkidu
      NOTE: Enkidu uses it during Phase 1 of the trial. If you don't get it by the time Enkidu dies. Just leave and redo Phase 1 of the trial.

      Tail Screw (Rank 4)
      Reduces target’s HP to 1. Chance of successful attack is low. Has no effect on enemies whose level is higher than your own.
      Location: Sastasha HM first boss
      Monster: level 50 Karlabos

      NOTE: You can also learn it from the monster "Crag Claw" in the open world (The Peak 23,11). But since it's a level 61 Monster, you will need a level 70 partner in your party to help.

      Ink Jet (Rank 3)
      Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 120 to all enemies in a cone before you.
      Additional effects: Blind, 30 second duration
      Location: Sastasha HM final boss
      Monster: level 50 The Kraken

      Diamondback (Rank 4)
      Reduces damage taken by 90% and nullifies most knockback and draw-in effects. Unable to move or take action for the duration of this effect. If used when Waxing Nocturne is active, its effect will transition immediately to Waning Nocturne. The effect of this action cannot be ended manually.
      Duration: 10 seconds
      Location: The Stone Vigil HM second boss
      Monster: level 50 Cuca Fera
      NOTE: You can also learn from the turtle add (Horde Armor Dragon) in "The Steps of Faith" too. This is actually a much better choice. Go with a level 70 who can solo everything.
      This skill is quite essential for some stages in the Masked Carnivale.

      Fire Angon
      Deals fire damage with a potency of 100 to target and all enemies nearby it.
      Location: The Wanderer’s Palace HM first boss
      Monster: level 50 Frumious Koheel Ja

      Feather Rain (Rank 5)
      Deals wind damage with a potency of 180 to all enemies at a designated location. Shares a recast timer with Eruption.
      Additional effects: Wind damage, potency 20, 6 second duration
      Location: The Howling Eye Extreme (Extreme ONLY)
      Monster: level 50 Garuda

      Eruption (Rank 5)
      Deals fire damage with a potency of 220 to all enemies at a designated location. Shares a recast timer with Feather Rain.
      Location: The Bowl of Embers Extreme (Bowl of Embers Hard also works!!!)
      Monster: level 50 Ifrit

      Mountain Buster (Rank 5)
      Deals earth damage to all enemies in a cone before you with a potency of 310 for the first enemy, 30% less for the second, 60% less for the third, and 70% less for all remaining enemies. Shares a recast timer with Shock Strike.
      Location: The Naval Extreme (Naval Hard also works!!!)
      Monster: level 50 Titan
      NOTE: This skill is considered a PHYSICAL attack. This can be used against targets that reflects magical attacks.

      Shock Strike (Rank 5)
      Deals lightning damage to target and all enemies nearby it with a potency of 310 for the first enemy, 30% less for the second, 60% less for the third, and 70% less for all remaining enemies. Shares a recast timer with Mountain Buster.
      Location: The Striking Tree Extreme (Striking Tree Hard also works!!!)
      Monster: level 50 Ramuh

      Glass Dance (Rank 5)
      Deals ice damage to all enemies in a wide arc to your fore and flanks with a potency of 290 for the first enemy, 15% less for the second, and 30% less for all remaining enemies. Shares a recast timer with Veil of the Whorl.
      Location: Akh Afah Amphitheatre Extreme (Extreme ONLY)
      Monster: level 50 Shiva

      Veil of the Whorl (Rank 5)
      Counters enemies with water damage (50 potency) every time you suffer damage. Shares a recast timer with Glass Dance.
      Duration: 30 seconds
      Location: The Whorleater Extreme or (Whorleater Hard also works!!!)
      Monster: level 50 Leviathan

      Moon Flute (Rank 1)
      Grants the effect of Waxing Nocturne, increasing damage dealt by 50% and movement speed by 30%.
      Duration: 15 seconds
      Additional effects: when effect ends, player afflicted with Waning Nocturne, preventing use of auto-attacks, weapon skills, spells, or abilities
      Requirement: complete 10 stages of the Masked Carnival

      Doom (Rank 4)
      Inflicts Doom on target. When effect expires, the target will be KO’d. Chance of successful attack is low. Has no effect on enemies whose level is higher than your own.
      Duration: 15 seconds
      Requirement: complete 20 stages of the Masked Carnival


      Too Fast, Too Furious: Completed performance faster than the ideal time.

      Slow and Steady: Completed the performance faster than the standard time.

      10 Ways to Die: Used ten or fewer unique spell types.

      4 Ways to Die: Used four or fewer unique spell types.

      Can't Touch This: Took zero damage.

      Ain't Got Time to Bleed: Restored zero HP.

      Modus Interruptus: Interrupted a target's casting.

      A Walk in the Park: Refrained from using Sprint.

      Master of Fire/ Water/ Earth /Wind/ Ice/ Lighting: Cast only the corresponding elemental spells or unaspected spells (NOTE: You CAN cast Off-guard, Bristle, White Wind, Swiftcast etc.).

      Elemental Mastery: Cast spells aspected to all six elements (NOTE: Snort is a Wind-aspected spell even though it does zero damage. It COUNTS towards this mastery.).

      Total Mastery: Used actions aspected to all six elements and three damage types (blunt, piercing, slashing). (NOTE: Mountain Buster and Flying Frenzy are Blunt. Drill Cannons and Flying Sardine are Piercing. Sharpened Knife is Slashing.)

      Enfeeble Me Tender: Applied six or more enfeeblements (NOTE: See next section below for list of enfeeblements).

      Enfeeble Me Tenderer: Applied ten or more enfeeblements (NOTE: See next section below for list of enfeeblements).

      Let's Get Physical: Used only physical type actions (NOTE: Mountain Buster is considered Earth-aspected physical attack. So it CAN be used.).

      Advanced Spellcasting: Cast only Rank 4 or 5 spells (NOTE: You CAN'T use White Wind / Toad Oil since they are Rank 3 spells. You also CAN'T use Off-guard, Peculiar Light, Bristle and Song of Torment, as they are Rank 2 spells. You can, however, use Drain from Role Skills for some minimal emergency healing. You CAN also use Mighty Guard, Diamond Back and Sticky Tongue for stun as they are Rank 4 spells. Sharpened Knife and Glower are your best friends - spammable Rank 4 spells.).

      Beginner Spellcasting: Cast only Rank 1 or 2 spells (NOTE: You CAN'T use White Wind / Toad Oil since they are Rank 3 spells. You also CAN'T use Mighty Guard or Diamond Back as they are Rank 4 spells. You can, however, use Drain from Role Skills for some minimal emergency healing. Feel free to use Bristle, Off-guard and Song of Torment, as well as spamming Water Cannon, Drill Cannon or Mind Blast. But your best friend is the Ram's Voice + Dragon's Voice combo - a VERY powerful attack combo that can also temporarily freezes enemies. Heavy is also a nice role skill to use.).

      Four-faced: Use four or more unique actions that are fired from the face (NOTE: The Look, Level 5 Petrify, Glower, Flame Thrower etc.).


      Slow (Ice Spike)
      Deep Freeze (Ram's Voice)
      Paralyze (Mind Blast, Glower or Dragon's Voice)
      Stun (Bomb Toss, Faze or Sticky Tongue)
      Silence (Flying Sardine)
      Petrify (Level 5 Petrify)
      Magic Vulnerability (Peculiar Light)
      Reduced Intelligence (Addle)
      Heavy (Break)
      Off-guard (Off-guard)
      Bleed (Song of Torment)
      Sleep (Acorn Bomb)
      Blind (Ink Jet) [Rank 3 skill]
      Silence / Paralyze / Malodorus / Slow / Blind / Poison / Heavy (Bad Breath) [Rank 3 skill]
      Dropsy (Aqua Breath) [Rank 4 skill]

      - Enfeeblement from Bad Breath (Heavy absent due to full-resistance of the target).


      Stage 1: All's Well That Starts Well
      - Pull mobs one at a time, and just Mind Blast them till death.

      Stage 2: Much Ado About Pudding
      - Silence "Golden Tongue" with Flying Sardine (else their attacks become really strong).
      - Ram's Voice + Dragon's Voice combo is quite useful with mob control and killing them.

      Stage 3: Waiting for Golem
      - Silence "Obliterate" with Flying Sardine.
      - Keep Off-guard up, and keep DoT up (such as Song of Torment, Aqua Breath and/or Feather Rain), and just Water Cannon him to the end.

      Stage 4: Gentlemen Prefer Swords
      Act 1:
      - The doggie is afraid of fire, and the bats are afraid of lightning spells.
      - If all 3 mobs jump onto you at the same time, it can get dangerous. I prefer to kill off the bats first.
      - First, I use Bristle. Then I Off-guard on one bat, and then hit with Glower. Once they're all jumping at you, use Ram's Voice + Dragon's Voice combo (use at least 2x Mind Blast between the 2 Voices). One of the bat should be dead or almost dead. Finish it off quickly with Glower.
      - Then Ram's Voice + Dragon's Voice combo again, and finish off the 2nd bat.
      - Use Break and Drain (Role Skills) on the final doggie if he's really hurting you. He can't kill you alone if you keep healing with Drain and slowing him down with Break.
      Act 2:
      - Silence Kreio's "Magitek Field", as it greatly buffs his resistance against attacks. But it's not lethal if you don't do it.
      - When the beetles appear, first, silence the boss's "Magitek Field".
      - Next, use Bristle while waiting for the adds to group up onto me.
      - Then use Peculiar Light on all of them.
      - Ram's Voice to freeze them.
      - 3x Mind Blast (which also added paralyze on them) [this is super good as they have a long freezing time, so waking them up immediately with Dragon's Voice would have been a waste. Doing 3x Mind Blast while Peculiar Light is still active is very effective]
      - Run away, and use Dragon's Voice before freezing effect ended. This will deal insane damage.
      - Next, just freeze them up again with Ram's Voice, do 1x Mind Blast, and then run away and do Dragon's Voice once more.
      - Repeat once more with freeze and (no more Mind Blast this time) then Dragon's Voice, and they should all be dead.

      Stage 5: The Threepenny Turtles
      - Turtles have extremely high armor.
      - Swiftcast 1000 Needles to win (1000 Needles ignores armor).
      - Alternatively, if you have Missile or Tail Screw, they work even better, especially Tail Screw (I totally prefer Tail Screw).

      Stage 6: Eye Society
      - The Mandragoras have an AoE that will blind you. You actually wants to be blinded by them. This way the Catoblepas cannot petrify you with gaze.
      - Act 2 is very similar. As long as you're blinded, you can deal with them using the same strategy in Act 1 of Stage 4: Gentlemen Prefer Swords.

      Stage 7: A Chorus Slime
      Act 1: Killing Lava Slime (immobile and low hit point) --> BOOM. Ice Sprites all die.
      Act 2: Use Sticky Tongue to pull each of the slime near an Ice Sprite. Then detonate them one at a time from a good distance.
      Act 3: Use Sticky Tongue to drag all 3 slimes near each of the towers, and detonate them. You can detonate all 3 slimes at the same time for each tower, and their damage will add up together onto the tower. The tower will blow once all 3 slimes detonate.
      - The towers constantly cast "Low Voltage", which deals about ~1500 damage on you.
      - When the towers die, they deal 99999 damage, so make sure to hide behind the walls.

      Stage 8: Bomb-edy of Errors
      Act 1:
      - Killing the front-most Cherry Bomb --> BOOM. Everything dies.
      Act 2:
      - Run around the bombs to the far North of the arena, and face South.
      - Bristle, Off-guard on the Progenatrix, and Swiftcast Song of Torment.
      - The Progenatrix will throw an AoE on you. Walk to the right side, and hit a Cherry Bomb. This will blow up the Ice Bomb, and freezes and Progenatrix and also deals great damage to him.
      - Stand near the iced-up Progenatrix, and use your long-ranged Water Cannon to hit the far-left Cherry Bomb. This will ice up the Progenatrix once more.
      - Do the same on the last Cherry Bomb, and now he should have less than 50% HP.
      - You cannot silence him on his big AoE (which will one-shot you), but you can use Faze or Bomb Toss to stun him.

      Stage 9: To Kill a Mockingslime
      - Pretty much the same as Stage 2: Much Ado About Pudding, but with a boss.
      - Use "Focus Target" on boss before the fight, and monitor his casts.
      - Silence "Golden Tongue" with Flying Sardine (else their attacks become really strong).
      - There are a total of 6 adds that will pop up one by one.
      - Ram's Voice + Dragon's Voice combo is quite useful with mob control and killing them. Filler with Mind Blast.
      - Kill adds ASAP.

      Stage 10: A Little Knight Music
      - Crom Dubh is a small iron giant. Each time he casts "King's Will", he'll grow bigger/stronger.
      - Silence "King's Will" with Flying Sardine.
      - Silence "Black Nebula" with Flying Sardine.

      Stage 11: Some Like It Excruciatingly Hot
      Act 1 & 2:
      - These Gas Bombs cast "fulmination". If any finishes the cast, it'll wipe you.
      - You can do almost anything to disrupt their cast, including regular attacks.
      - Just grab them together using Sticky Tongue, and push them all together against a wall using Mind Blast. Then just AoE them all to their deaths.

      Stage 12: The Plant-om of the Opera
      Act 1:

      - The Roselets are quite fragile, and can be one-shotted by either Water Cannon or Drill Cannon.
      - Before your first attack, cast "Ice Spikes". Then go attack then. They'll just die from their own attacks.

      Act 2:
      - Hydnora has a skill called "Inflammable Fumes", which will do great damage to you. Try to stun it using Bomb Toss or Faze when he is casting this spell (you can't silence it with Flying Sardine!).
      - Whenever he casts "Spore Sac", the Roselets will be summoned as adds. So use Ice Spikes, and just let them kill themselves. You can also use some AoE, such as Ram's Voice or Dragon's Voice to hit them before they hit you. If the Roselets are allowed to live too long, you will be severely poisoned to death.
      - Apart from Ice Spikes, Veil of the Whorl is also a very good skill that can be used here. It has a longer duration, and has double the power of Ice Spikes. However, Veil has a long cooldown, so you should still bring Ice Spikes with you even if you have Veil.
      - For the later rounds of adds (which comes in 2 batches), you may need to use Ice Spikes 2x (or a single Veil of the Whorl).

      Stage 13: Beauty and a Beast
      Act 1:
      - The two mobs at the back are petrified at the start, so you can pull the center mob and burn it down quickly first. When the two mobs are awakened, Ram's Voice + Mind Blast x3 + Dragon's Voice is your great friend here. Personally though, I LOVE using Tail Screw on all of them one by one, and it works great as well. I also start with the middle one first.
      Act 2:
      - When Carmilla summons the add, the add must be killed ASAP. If the add doesn't die fast enough, Carmilla will absorb it. And then when she casts Blood Rain, it will do 99999 damage. The spell cannot be silenced, and you cannot stun her either. So it will be the end of you.
      - So when add appears, use Off-guard on it. Bristle, Swiftcast + Song of Torment etc. Do whatever it takes to bring it down ASAP.

      Stage 14: Blobs in the Wood
      Act 1:
      - When the Jams die, they will cast "The Last Song", and will instantly kill you if it hits you. So use move behind walls when they die.
      Act 2:
      - The Jams will now cast a super slow debuff onto you, making you almost completely immobile. During this state, if you sprint, you can kind of move slowly. But ideally you want to bring Loom with you, so you can move around freely, and hide behind walls when they blow up.

      Stage 15: The Me Nobody Nodes
      - The Beastial Node will regularly cast "High Voltage". This needs to be silenced with Flying Sardine, as it leaves a nasty paralyze effect on you.
      - It has a few spells: (i) Superstorm: Medium Donut AoE. (ii) Piercing Laser: Column AoE. (iii) Spellsword: Cone AoE. (iv) Ballast: No cast bar, 270 degree Cone AoE and knock back when hit. Grows in 3 stages.
      - Because of of these spells, I usually stay close at melee distance. This way I can react to these different spells accordingly. Even if I get hit by Ballast since it has no cast bar, I won't get knocked to the edge too much.
      - When the first add appears, it has a super strong damage buff that lasts a short period. It is best to use Acorn Bomb to sleep the add, and avoid waking it until the damage buff wears off. Keep a good eye on his damage buff. Once it wears off, you must kill the add ASAP. Do everything you can do bring it down while silencing the boss's "High Voltage". If the add lives too long, it will gain the big damage buff again, and you are surely going to die.
      - When the snakes adds appear, just Ram's Voice + Mind Blast x3 + Dragon's Voice them, and kill them near the boss. When they die, they will leave a vulerability debuff on the Beastial Node, and this will greatly shorten the fight for you.

      Stage 16: Sunset Bull-evard
      Act 1:

      - ALWAYS stay away from Cyclops. Keep a good distance, and kite them. They can be slowed down further with 4-Tonze Weight or Break.
      Act 2:
      - Tikbalang is actually not as dangerous as the Cyclops at melee distance. So do your best to kite Tikbalang, but when he summons two Cyclops, it's more important to stay away from the Cyclops.
      - Burn down the Cyclops asap.
      - Tikbalang has a combo, which pulls you in towards him, and then casts 1111-Tonze Swing. This swing is pretty gigantic in radius, will hurt you a lot, and will push you all the way to the edge into the hurt zone of lightning. So after he pulls you in, you should Swiftcast Diamondback. Alternatively, if you lures him to the very edge, then when he casts 1111-Tonze Swing, you can actually Loom your way to the edge at the other end. There will be a safe zone there.

      Stage 17: The Sword of Music
      Act 1:
      - Left Claw (on your right side) reflects all magical damage.
      - Right Claw (on your left side) reflects all physical damage.
      - It doesn't really matter which one you kill first. But I personally prefers to kill the Left Claw first (because auto-attack counts as physical damage, and accidentally auto-attacking the Right Claw is pretty dangerous when both claws are alive).
      - First, I Off-guard the Left Claw (which will hurt myself a bit), and then just continuously use Sharpened Knife on it until it dies. Heal with White Wind if necessary.
      - Then, I Off-guard the Right Claw, put some DoT on it (like Song of Torment or Feather Rain), and then just finish it off with any ranged magical spells (like Glower) while kiting it from a distance to avoid auto-attacks.
      Act 2:
      - We face Kreios again from Stage 2. He often casts "Grand Strike", which is a long-ranged, thin rectangular AoE, which hurts A LOT. So make sure you dodge this. It usually comes in 2x or 3x.
      - Left and Right Claw from Act 1 will be summoned as adds. So just burn them down again.
      - Kreios will use Magitek Field and Magitek Ray. You can silence the Field, but if you failed it won't kill you. It just slows down the fight. Ray leaves a puddle on the floor, so just get away.

      Stage 18: Midsummer Night’s Explosive
      Act 1:
      - The Firestand Kegs will blow up when they are damaged in any way.
      - Keep a distance from the Manticore, stand near (but too close) to the kegs, hit the keg and let it blow up on an incoming Manticore. This will do great damage to the Manticore. Alternatively, you can just hit the Manticore with attacks like Drill Cannons which will damage to keg along the way anyway to blow it up.
      - If you get hit by a keg, it will hurt about half your HP bar. So be prepared to heal with White Wind.
      - The Manticore rotates among a few moves: (1) Wild Charge, (2) Fire AoE, and (3) Swipe. Wild Charge is the most dangerous, because when you're getting hit, you lose your positioning, which can be dangerous if you got pushed into a Firestand Keg's AoE. Other than this, Fire AoE and Swipe are easily dodgeable.

      Act 2:
      - Pretty much the same strategy, but now you need to monitor 2 Manticores' activities.

      Stage 19: On a Clear Day You Can Smell Forever
      Act 1:
      - As its name suggests, Reflective Rebekah will reflect any kind of magical spell.
      - You can still apply Off-guard and take a little self-inflicted damage, and then just stay at melee distance and Sharpened Knife your way with it (occasional Mountain Buster also good).
      - You CAN silence Offal Breath with Flying Sardine if you want to, but it's not necessary.

      Act 2:
      - Reflective Rebekah will now cast "Schizocarps", which summons are bunch of "Hot Hip" near the edge of the arena. These balloon thingies will stun you with their gazes. So when Rebekah does Schizocarps, use "Ink Jet" on Rebekah to blind yourself. This way, you are immune to the Hips' gazes.

      Stage 20: Miss Typhon
      Act 1:
      - Make sure you bring Toad Oil, Off-guard, Bristle, Peculiar Light, Moon Flute and Self-Destruct. These skills, when chained together, is commonly referred as the "Kamikaze Combo".
      - Use the Kamikaze Combo in this order: Start with Toad Oil, Bristle, Moon Flute, Off-guard (which draws him in), Peculiar Light (short-ranged and short duration) and then Swiftcast Self-Destruct, and it should instantly one-shot Typhon.

      Act 2:
      - Use the Kamikaze Combo, and it should one-shot Ultros.
      Act 3:
      - This time Typhon will have a bit more HP. So the Kamikaze Combo alone may not be sufficient. So you may either VERY quickly deal some damage to it before the Kamikaze Combo, or simply use an Intelligence Potion to further boost your Kamikaze Combo in order to kill it.

      Stage 21: Chimera on a Hot Tin Roof
      Act 1:

      - The Imps will sometimes cast Void Blizzard, which deals high damage and slows you. Be sure to silence this with Flying Sardine.
      - These Imps are afraid of fire, so feel free to use Flame Thrower. But you're also welcome to use the Ram's Voice + 3x Mind Blast + Dragon's Voice combo.
      - The suicidal Kamikaze Combo also works really well as Self-Destruct is a fire spell.

      Act 2:
      - Unlike the Chimeras in other places, you CAN'T silence or stun this Chimera. So be sure to dodge everything.
      - When the Imps appear as adds, just burn them down like you did in Act 1 while monitoring and dodging the Chimera's spells.

      Stage 22: Here Comes the Boom
      Act 1:

      - Arena Grenades must be killed with a single hit, else they wake up and BOOM you to death.
      - You CAN first use Off-guard on them, and then quickly cast any 130 potency spells, such as Glower on them to one-shot them. If this is not enough to one-shot them, use Bristle before Off-guard, and you will be fine.

      Act 2:
      - When Forefather casts "Bombshell Drop", an Arena Grenade will be summoned as add. Kill adds ASAP before he manually ignites it and wipe you. So just use the trick in Act 1 to one-shot them.
      - When Forefather casts "Gas Bomb", use Sticky Tongue to pull it near Forefather. It will then cast a spell, blow up and stuns the Forefather to stop him from wiping you. Be sure NOT to use any AoE on the Forefather during this period, as this might accidentally disrupt the Gas Bomb's cast.

      Stage 23: Behemoths and Broomsticks
      - This fight against the Behemoth is pretty much a straight-up hardcore fight that requires good controlling skills from the player.
      - The behemoth cycles among the following casts:
      - Comet: Light unavoidable damage in a cone, summons several large AoE circles in a random pattern in a cone normally followed by Trounce and another set of random circle AoEs.
      - Trounce: Cone AoE in front of boss
      - Charybdis: AoE Circle below you, place along the side of the arena. Leaves a Maelstrom behind doing mild damage over time and casting Maelstrom.
      - Maelstrom: A small point blank circle AoE around the caster. (Cast by the Maelstrom adds created by Charybdis)
      - Ecliptic Meteor: Slow cast but does around 20k that wipes you. Use Mighty Guard (optional), Addle (optional), and Diamondback (mandatory) to survive. Even with these, it will still burn over half your HP bar, so you will need to heal with White Wind afterwards.
      - Circle around the edge of the arena, to bait the Maelstroms along the edge.
      - Let him face somewhat towards the outside of the arena, and then dodge Trounce by running towards the center. If you get hit by Trounce/Comet, it will place a vulnerability debuff on you. Two stacks of this debuff will likely end your run, as you will live through the unavoidable AoEs.

      Stage 24: Amazing Technicolor Pit Fiends
      Act 1:
      - You face Arena Viking and Arena Magus. Use magical spells on the Viking and use physical attacks on the Magus.
      - I suggest killing the Magus first with Sharpened Knife, as its "Lightning Sparks" can paralyze you. Be sure to silence it with Flying Sardine.

      Act 2:
      - You face the Arena Scribe. When he casts Silence on you, just silence him with Flying Sardine to silence him from silencing you! :p
      - His silence will be followed by "Condensed Libra" and "Triple Hit". You will die unless you use either Mighty Guard or Diamondback. I prefer to use Diamondback.
      - When he is near his death, you may choose to use Bristle, Peculiar Light, Off-Guard and Final Sting combo to end him quickly. Alternatively, just burn him down in a normal fight.

      Act 3:
      - You face Epilogi. "Head Down" is an unavoidable hit that will knock you backwards, so make sure you don't get pushed into the green gassy clouds.
      - After you get knocked back by "Head Down", he will use "Magic Hammer", which is a pretty big AoE, so just dodge that too.
      - He will summon the Magus as adds in the lightning zone at edge. You can't use Sticky Tongue to pull them out. So be sure to bring 4-Tonze Weight or Drill Cannons with you, so that you can hit them with physical attacks from afar.

      Stage 25: Dirty Rotten Azulmagia


      Each week, there will be 3 weekly challenges which you can pick up at the Masked Carnivale. Novice challenge only requires completion of the requested stage. Moderate will have 1 to 2 requirements from the bonus achievement list. Advanced will have 2 to 3 requirements from the list. You will have to satisfy ALL the bonus achievements simultaneous in a single mission to earn complete the weekly challenge.

      For e.g., if the requirements for Advanced is "Enfeeble Me Tenderer" and "Beginner Spellcasting" (see pic below), then you can only use Rank 1 and Rank 2 spells (and role skills), and you must also use 10 or more enfeeblements during the same mission.

      Rewards for the challenges are as follow:
      Novice: 3000 gil, 100 Allied Seals, 80 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics
      Moderate: 5000 gil, 150 Allied Seals, 120 Poetics
      Advanced: 10000 gil, 300 Allied Seals, 240 Poetics
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