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      I thought about posting a guide for those who don't know how to make a PS3 to work on a PC.

      I had to post this before the actual game release, to avoid tons of possible threads about this "issue".

      Now first, what you will need:
      • A Playstation 3 controller (Dualshock 3)
      • "MotioninJoy", a set of drivers and softwares
      • A USB cable to connect your controller to the PC
      • Optional: A Bluetooth adapter (if you want wireless connection)
      First, access this page:

      Download the latest version of MotioninJoy
      The latest version published (at the time I'm writing this) is Version 0.7.1000(testing)

      Now you will need to install the software. Just follow the wizard steps. Nothing too difficult.

      After the installation is completed, you will see a "DS3 Tool" shortcut on your desktop. Open it.

      You will see something like this:


      Plug in your PS3 controller (and your bluetooth adapter if you have one). Now click on "Driver Manager" (at the top of the window). NOTE: I highly recommend to disconnect any other controller or bluetooth adapter if you have more than one.

      Click on "install all". Windows may give you a warning message about the driver. Just click install anyway. Like this "Install this driver software anyway":


      Now in the DS3 Tool window, some text should appears at the bottom, like this:


      If you see the line "SUCCESS:Install completed", everything is perfect. Your controller should work in wired mode.

      Now you can customize your controls with the "Profiles" window:


      Just don't forget to click on "Enable" to apply the changes ;)

      Now to use your controller in wireless mode, click on "BluetoothPair". You should see something like this:


      NOTE: If there's no Bluetooth adapter listed in the "Bluetooth Adapter" section, then your adapter isn't compatible.

      While your controller is still plugged with the USB cable, select your Bluetooth adapter, then your Dualshock 3 controller, and click "Pair Now". Wait a couple of seconds. Now you can unplug the USB cable and play wirelessly.

      --- Troubleshooting ---

      1. I tried to pair my controller with my bluetooth adapter, but when I unplugged the cable, it keeps flashing.

      Try to turn your controller off (hold the PS button for a while) then turn it back on.

      2. Why are the LED on my controller indicate I'm the fourth (or third or second) player, when there are no other controllers plugged ?

      By default, the LED will indicate the battery level. 4 is nearly full, 1 is nearly empty.

      I'll update this guide, do not worry. I'm just posting it now to avoid losing all my work.
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