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      Greeting and salutations, so I hear you want to kill the Extreme Elemental Aetherial Mistress of Air Garuda, well come on down and I'll Give you some tips on how to beat her,

      Firstly, she retains all of her weapon skills from before, wicked wheel, friction, down burst and Slipstream However they hit much harder so tanks be ready to avoid slipstreams and melee especially watch out for wicked wheel, it hurts (especially when she is with an add).

      Secondarily I'll touch upon a mechanic that happens through out the fight, during each phase transition when she teleports into the sky and during the Add Phases (2 and 4) small Red marks will appear near Garuda's last position (More if she is with suprana) These will do heavy Damage and Leave a Clensable Debuff, it's important to be ready for these as healers are taxed heavily during the fight.

      The fight consists of 4 Distinct phases, with the last 2 repeating until you kill her, we will go through each of them in turn to show you how it works.

      Phase 1

      After you pull, you will have 20 seconds before she enters phase 1, feel free to use this time to use your DPS Cool downs and get prepared for the fight, melee should be near the Boss and Ranged should stack up right in between the pillars, as shown in the Phase 1 positioning below. After these 20 seconds she will cast Calm within the storm, which is the purple AOE around the edge of the arena from the Hard mode, Tanks and melee should run into the center of the arena, and then everyone should hide behind the pillars for the mistral shriek similar to like in Hard mode the first one comes from the north.

      Then she will return, using the small fight arena it would be best to tank and position similar to this:


      This is so frictions cast on melee or the Ranged do not damage the pillars, as they are still vitally important for Surving reckoning later.

      As soon as she returns she will summon Razor plumes (which now explode for 2k) and 1 Satin plume, every DPS and the Offtank need to be ready for this, with at least 2 DPS focusing down the satin plume as the rest kill Razor Plumes.

      When the plumes are down do Maximum Damage to the boss, if you do enough (Reduce her to 70%) she will transition into Phase 2, otherwise she will Teleport away and do a Shriek From the east, so use the pillars accordingly. (You can tell if she has transition by the fact she will have a massive emote appear on the screen, that means she is about to summon adds.

      Summary for Phase 1:

      Dps Boss -> Run to Middle and Hide behind Pillars -> Kill Plumes -> DPS boss-> POssibly hide behind pillars again

      Phase 2

      Phase 2 Is the first time in the fight Garuda will summon adds, this will give us a chance to talk about how they work, firstly the Adds will have lines connecting 1 to garuda, and 1 to the other, this both puts a permanent shield on Garuda until the Adds are Dead and a Scaling Buff to both adds the closer they are to each other (and Chirada is to Garuda) This means that Your main tank will need to pick up Suprana and pull her to the north (by the big rock) and your off tank will pull Chirada to the south, watch for the stacks of the debuff, 1 is the minimum. Tank them similar to the picture below:


      A Brief note on picking the adds up, unlike Hard mode Suprana will always have the red line (and spawn on the west side) while Chirada will always have the green line (and spawn east of Garuda) This makes picking them up predictable, so tanks you don't need to worry about waiting, just select the name or the add on your side to get them under control as quick as possible.

      Both Chirada's and Suprana's friction abilities now have a red circle to let you know they are targeting you, so feel free to avoid them to reduce raid damage (Garudas will still just hit you though so some damage will happen).

      Now the rest of this phase is DPS race to kill the Adds before Garuda casts Reckoning, as even if you have 100% of the pillars, if even 1 add is alive the reckoning will still deal 9k Damage, as they provide a massive multiplier. DPS down CHirada first then move on to suprana, then any spare time should be spent DPSing Garuda.

      Healers and the main tank should watch out, Garuda and suprana hit hard, and tend to stack weapon skills, the most dangerous attack is when they teleport in the air (raining feathers down to Dot you) then return and immediately down 2 heavy hits on you using wicked wheel. The main tank should call out when this happens so healers can stoneskin/lustrate at the right time.

      As for melee, when you move to suprana Watch out for the following set of moves: Friction from Garuda and suprana -> small cleave -> Slipstream from Suprana, that means garuda is about to wicked wheel (and Suprana will do it after) try to move out as 2 wicked wheels can either kill or severely hurt you.

      After a set amount of time Garuda will teleport into the middle and cast reckoning (No feather AOE this time), if you have lost only 1 pillar (or 2 pillars at half health) it is survivable without sacred soil, then we enter phase 3

      Summary of Phase 2:
      Suprana + Boss taken North -> Chirada taken far south -> Dps Chirada -> DPS Suprana -> DPS Boss -> Survive Reckoning

      Phase 3

      In phase 3 the Calm in the storm AOE returns, spread out similar to the final phase of Garuda hard mode as there are no pillars to protect, and prepare to deal with Razor plumes, dps them down as quick as possible.

      1 SPiny plume however will spawn with the razor plumes, this plume must not be killed as it is vital to surviving into phase 4, the off tank should taunt the add to gain aggro and use non damaging abilities (such as flash) to maintain it. This add will deal no damage but apply stacks of "thermal low "to the target, if you ever reach 3 stacks it will explode you for 4-5k raid wide damage, which obviously is a whipe. The tanks should taunt this add off of each other to manage stacks. Tanks can feel free to weaken the plume to about 50% but be careful of AOE from Garuda pets/ground AOE if tanked near the boss.

      When Garuda Teleports away this time (more small AOE from the sky, try to avoid them) she will begin to casting an unavoidable mistral shriek, this is where the Add is very important, quickly switch target and kill the add, which will cast a heavy AOE when it does, after this AOE clears a Bubble will appear, granting anyone inside massive wind resistance, allowing you to survive Mistral shriek (it should deal around 500 Damage). We had problems with lag and applying the buff, so be ready to kill and run into the plume quickly, the moment the Red AOE circle fades.

      Summary of Phase 3:

      Kill Razor Plumes -> Taunt Spiny Plume between tanks -> DPS Garuda -> Garuda Teleports -> Kill Plume -> Avoid Aoe -> Run into bubble.

      Phase 4

      This is the final (and arguably) hardest challenge of the garuda fight, after casting Shriek she will teleport to the middle again, dropping a feather AOE, All non tanks should run to the North east to start with to avoid this AOE and prepare, she will summon the Twins again (Suprana to the west, Chirata to the east) The tanks should pull their respective targets to a position similar than this:


      ((What is important is that you have the two tanks on opposite corners with the ranged in between, we use Garuda NW, Healers and ranged NE CHirada SE for example)

      This is to avoid the Plus sign shaped set of Whirlwinds she will summon during the phase.

      This proceed similar to phase 2 then, avoid Damage while killing Chirada then Suprana: However there will be another spiny plume to manage during this phase, as after a set time Garuda will cast Reckoning (aerial Blast) again, and you will need to use the plume's shield to survive it. Again the Main tank will also take heavy damage after Suprana and Garuda Teleport into the air so healer's be ready.

      Generally we had the off tank bring the plume to the Healer's safe zone when Chirada died for easy movement.

      Note: even with the defensive buff Reckoning will still deal 1-2k damage per person, so make sure they are topped up, however reckoning has a longer cast time than mistral shriek so you have time.

      Summary of Phase 4:

      Get Ranged in position -> Pull Twins -> Kill Chirada -> Kill Suprana -> DPS Garuda -> Kill Spiny Plume -> Hide in bubble.

      Then the fight will return to phase 3 (so run into the middle) and will alternate, try to save DPS cooldowns for Phase 4, reapeat this cycle until you kill her.

      Good Luck with it, any questions/anything I have missed please feel Free to ask.

      Note: Thank you to the person that created these pictures. My apologies but I do not know the creator, but thank you all the same
      Created by Arashli of Crimson Rose Gaming. www.crimsonrosegaming.com
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