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      Flying in FFXIV: Heavensward is not only a convenient way to get things done, but some of the scenery and otherwise impossible locations to access can be breathtaking. It makes completeing side quests, doing Hunts, Farming and FATE grinding much easier and faster. So if you want to get off the ground, here's a summary of what it takes for you to begin flying in 3.0

      ------How Unlocking works------
      *Note; to fly on any given map generally requires that you first complete your Main Scenario quests available on that map

      Doing your Main Scenario Quests in Heavensward, you'll quickly come across the level 50 quest Divine Intervention issued by the NPC House Fortemps Steward--the rewards for which are a Black Chocobo and a Compass. In order to begin flying on your Black Chocobo you'll need to locate and attune to all Aether Currents on the map.

      ---Found Aether Currents
      The compass (found under key items) will help you locate Aether Currents on a map by telling you how far and in which direction the nearest Aether Current is located. Simply interacting with the Aether Current will add it to your collection for that map. For speedy locating of nearby Aether Currents I recommend puting your Compass on your hotbar and using it frequently to ensure you aren't going past a Current or in the wrong direction. But for those of you eager to fly, who don't enjoy the tedious hunting of Currents, there is a full list of Current Locations below. 10 of this type of Current will exist in each zone (with the exception of one zone which has none)

      ---Quest Aether Currents
      The above is to locate the Aether Currents spread through out each zone, but there's another type that you'll need which comes from quests. When doing Main Scenario as well as side quests from random NPCs you'll find some which offer Aether Currents as rewards. Simply complete the quest and the Current is yours. However, keep in mind some of these quests are buried behind other quests that need completing first--below you'll find a list of Quests offering Currents as rewards, as well as their prerequisite quests. 5 of these quests will exist in each zone.

      To view your collection go to your Main Menu and select Travel where you'll get the following display
      *Green markers represent found Aether Currents 10 are required per map
      *Red markers represent Aether Currents acquired from quests 5 are required per map

      The above will allow your Black Chocobo and other 3.0 flying mounts to fly. To enable your pre-3.0 mounts to fly, you need to complete the quest

      I believe I can fly -- Foundations, 7x,11y -- Issuing NPC: Arnoulain

      This includes your other chocobos, such as the one gained through your GC, your Fat Chocobo, and Legacy Chocobo.

      You can Click here for a google doc. explaining Aether Current locations
      (Credit goes to GetIgnited on Reddit) or scroll down to view my breakdown of Aether Current locations, which includes some information missing from the google Doc.

      *In the format below, coordinates that are not in the corresponding zone will be specified in brackets
      *MSQ stands for Main Scenario Quest

      ------Coerthas Western Highlands------

      ---Locations of found Aether Currents
      1. X21, Y34
      2. X25, Y27
      3. X29, Y24
      4. X11, Y18
      5. X23, Y9
      6. X13, Y7
      7. X34, Y26
      8. X31, Y11
      9. X24, Y8
      10. X30, Y33
      ---Obtaining Quest-gained Aether Currents

      Quest: For All The Nights To Come Lvl 51 - x16, y22
      Requires MSQ Sounding Out The Amphitheatre Lvl 51 - x31, y12

      Quest: Baby Steps Lvl 51 - x16, y22
      Requires MSQ Sounding Out The Amphitheatre Lvl 51 - x31, y12

      Quest: Protecting What's Important Lvl 51 - x16, y22
      Requires MSQ Camp of the Convictors Lvl 51 - x16, y22

      Quest: Bridge Over Frozen Water Lvl 50 - x32, y35
      Requires MSQ Divine Intervention Lvl 50 - (Fortemps Manor in The Pillars) x6, y6

      Quest: Purple Flame, Purple Flame Lvl 51 - x16, y22
      Requires MSQ Camp of the Convictors Lvl 51 - x16, y22

      ------The Dravanian Hinterlands------

      ---Locations of found Aether Currents
      1. X19, Y31
      2. X27, Y26
      3. X20, Y37
      4. X5, Y33
      5. X11, Y23
      6. X6, Y21
      7. X17, Y18
      8. X23, Y23
      9. X37, Y21
      10. X36, Y26
      ---Obtaining Quest-gained Aether Currents

      Quest: Saro Raggo's Common Life Lvl 59 - (Matoyas Cave) x6, y6
      Requires MSQ Matoyas Cave Lvl 59 - (Idyllshire) x7, y8

      Quest: Taking Stock Lvl 58 - (Idyllshire) x5, y8
      Requires MSQ Leaving Idyllshire Lvl 58 - (Idyllshire) x7, y6

      Quest: Ebb and Aetherflow Lvl 58 - (Idyllshire) x7, y6
      Requires Sidequest Can You Hear Me Now? Lvl 58 - (Idylshire) x7, y6

      Quest: Louder Than Words Lvl 58 - x21, y18
      Requires MSQ Golems Begone Lvl 58 - (Idyllshire) x7, y6

      Quest: MSQ Forbidden Knowledge Lvl59 - (Matoyas Cave) x6, y6
      Requires MSQ Matoyas Cave Lvl 59 - (Idyllshire) x7, y8

      ------The Sea Of Clouds------

      ---Locations of found Aether Currents
      1. X34, Y20
      2. X27, Y27
      3. X23, Y19
      4. X32, Y18
      5. X26, Y13
      6. X9, Y19
      7. X25, Y38
      8. X12, Y29
      9. X32, Y36
      10. X10, Y34
      ---Obtaining Quest-gained Aether Currents

      Quest: Flying the Nest Lvl 57 - x10, y14
      Requires MSQ Black and the White Lvl 57 - x11, y14

      Quest: Sleepless in Ok' Zundu Lvl 57 - x9, y14
      Requires MSQ Black and the White Lvl 57 - x11, y14

      Quest: Search and Rescue Lvl 56 - x17, y37
      Requires Side Quest Honoring the Past Lvl56 - (The Pillars) x11, y10

      Quest: Clipped Wings Lvl 50 - x17, y37
      Requires Side Quest An Unwanted Delivery Lvl 50 - (The Pillars) x11, y11

      Quest: Bolt, Chain and Island Lvl 57 - x10, y13
      Requires MSQ Black and the White Lvl 57, x11, y14

      ------The Dravanian Forelands------

      ---Locations of found Aether Currents
      1. X25, Y12
      2. X9, Y36
      3. X12, Y19
      4. X22, Y20
      5. X19, Y34
      6. X27, Y39
      7. X26, Y22
      8. X36, Y22
      9. X30, Y24
      10. X37, Y28
      ---Obtaining Quest-gained Aether Currents

      Quest: A Lesson in Humility Lvl 53 - x16, y23
      Requires MSQ A Gnathic Deity Lvl 52 - x24, y19

      Quest: Chocobo's Last Stand Lvl 53 - x31, y22
      Requires Side Quest The Hunter Becomes the Kweh Lvl 53 x31, y22

      Quest: Natural Repellent Lvl 53 - x31, y22
      Requires Side Quest Stolen Munitions Lvl 53 - x24, y19

      Quest: Some Bad News Lvl 52 - x31, y22
      Requires MSQ Where the Chocobos Roam Lvl 52 - x10, y16

      Quest: MSQ Mourn in Passing Lvl 53 - x23, y19
      Requires MSQ Lord of the Hive Lvl 53 - x30, y 37

      ------The Churning Mists------

      ---Locations of found Aether Currents
      1. X18, Y8
      2. X34, Y15
      3. X36, Y26
      4. X21, Y20
      5. X16, Y20
      6. X17, Y28
      7. X7, Y27
      8. X20, Y26
      9. X30, Y35
      10. X23, Y19
      ---Obtaining Quest-gained Aether Currents

      Quest: Waiting to Inhale Lvl 54 - x32, y15
      Requires MSQ Heart of Ice Lvl 54 - x32, y15

      Quest: The Unceasing Gardner Lvl 52 - x12, y32
      Requires Side Quest Hide Your Moogles Lvl 54 - x12, y29

      Quest: Road Kill Lvl 54 - x27, y33
      Requires MSQ Leaving Moghome Lvl 54, x30, y36

      Quest: The Bathing Bully Lvl 54 - x29, y36
      Requires MSQ Moghans Trial Lvl 54 - x30, y36

      Quest: MSQ Into The Aery Lvl 55 - (Foundation) x13, y11
      Requires MSQ Ready to Fly Lvl55 - The Rising Stones

      ------Azys La------

      ---Locations of found Aether Currents
      Found Aether Currents are not required for this zone

      ---Obtaining Quest-gained Aether Currents
      All Quest-gained Aether Currents in this zone are obtained by following the Main Scenario. simply follow your MSQ line to fully unlock flying within this zone!

      Congratulations! You now have access to flying in all current zones that allow it!
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