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      Note Version Updated for Patch 2.45

      (Use Official Patch Notes to Catch Up for Major Story Parts, if you are coming back to the game)

      Official Patch Notes:

      2.1 (12/14/14) - http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodest...7af43f3c43828a
      2.2 (03/26/14) - http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodest...0fb8139b3464da
      2.3 (7/8/14) - http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodest...582d59335acd84
      2.4 (10/28/14) - http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodest...0482c3e441d852
      2.5 (1/20/15)

      SE's Help for Getting Started in FFXIV:
      Guild Locations: Available Battle Classes

      Limsa Lominsa (LL) - Marauder (MRD), Arcanist (ACN), Rouge (ROG) <Need to Be Level 10 in another Class First to Unlock Quest>
      Gridania (GRD) - Archer (ARC), Lancer (LNC), Conjurer (CNJ)
      Ul'dah (ULD) - Pugilist (PGL), Gladiator (GLD), Thaumaturge (THM)

      Q - How Do I Unlock a (Advanced) JOB?

      Complete all your Primary Class Quests thru Level 30, Meet Requirements, Then you get Job Quest.
      Requires the Following Conditions to be Met:

      Paladin (PLD) - Requires Gladiator 30, Conjurer 15
      Warrior (WAR) - Marauder 30, Gladiator 15
      Monk (MNK) - Puglist 30, Lancer 15
      Dragoon (DRG) - Lancer 30, Marauder 15
      Bard (BRD) - Archer 30, Puglist 15
      White Mage (WHM) - Conjurer 30, Arcanist 15
      Black Mage (BLM) - Thaumaturge 30, Archer 15
      Summoner (SMN) - Arcanist 30, Thaumaturge 15
      Scholar (SCH)- Arcanist 30, Conjurer 15
      Ninja (NIN) - Rogue 30, Puglist 15

      - You get One Cross Class Slot to Equip an Ability every 5 Levels; 1 Every 10 with your Advanced Job.
      - Sub Classes that you can pull Abilities from Change with Job Selection.
      - Complete a Quest to get Job Soul Crystal which is then Equipped.
      * BONUS EXP Awarded for getting one Job to Level 50, When Learning Others.
      Limit Breaks:
      Level 1 - Party of 4-7
      Level 2 - Party of 8 or 4-7 and engaged in a boss
      Level 3 - Party of 8 and engaged in a boss

      Increased Party Defense - Marauder/Warrior, Gladiator/Paladin
      Single Target Attack - Pugilist/Monk, Lancer/Dragoon
      Area of Effect Attack - Thaumaturge/Black Mage
      HP Restoration (Raise at level 3) - Conjurer/White Mage, Archer/Bard
      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      Rested bonus for logging off in an INN or SANCTUARY
      There are FC Buffs to Aid with bonus Exp
      Use Food Bonus for Extra EXP and Stats.
      Achieve Max Level on one of your Classes/Jobs for an EXP Bonus on your others

      Experience Bar Color: Yellow (Normal), Blue (Rested Bonus Accrued), Red (Rested bonus Accrued beyond current level)

      Aetheryte Network enables Teleporting and Binding yourself to.
      You can set your HOME POINT and a FAVORITE POINT on the Blue Crystals to save you money while you get around.
      You get THREE FAVORITE Destinations (Reduced Prices).
      Airship & Ferry also save Gil respectively.

      You can learn New Classes after you Complete you Level 10 Class Quest!

      Strength - Melee Attack Power; % of DMG mitigated by block and parry
      Dexterity - Ranged Attack Power; Chance to Block & Parry an Attack
      Vitality - Max HP
      Intelligence - Attack Magic Potency
      Mind - Healing Magic Potency
      Piety - Max MP
      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      Guildhests: Unlocked on completion of "Simply the Hest" (10), According to Starting City Location
      GRD - Tierney, Central Shroud - Bentbranch (22,22)
      LL - Swygskyf, Western La Noscea - Swiftperch (34,31)
      ULD - Totonowa, Western Thanalan - Horizon (23,16)
      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      (Q - How do I unlock it? / A - Continue with the "Story Missions" - You get a Quest to Initially Unlock Most)

      Sastasha Seagrot - (L15), (Western La Noscea)
      After You Unlock Airship & Envoy Missions, It's Probably Pirates.
      - Boss Hints: Pick Blue Crystal for first boss; Click on Bubbling Water Grates to Avoid Adds coming up through them.

      Tam Tara Deepcroft - (L16), (Central Shroud)

      Copperbell Mines - (L17), (Western Thanalan) in Ul'dah
      - Boss Hints: Slime - Use Blasting Caps to Break Him into 8 Smaller Version / End Boss - Stop Adds from Breaking Wall

      Trials : Bowl of Embers - Ifrit - (L20), Lord of Inferno Story Quest
      - Boss Hints: When Spike Spawns - destroy it, Stay out of Eruptions on Ground

      Halakali - (L20), (Eastern Thanalan)
      *(Unlock at level 20 after Story Event) Talk to Nedrick Ironheart in Vesper Bay prior to Ifrit, Starts Pre Quest to lead there.

      The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak - (L24), (South Shroud)
      Follow Story Quest Series in South Shroud (Very Long) for Unlock
      - Boss Hints: Lots of Poision; Kill "Tail" when its out, Adds Enter the Fight

      Haukke Manor - (L29), (Central Shroud)
      - Boss Hints: Extinguish 4 Lamps Fast, Adds, AOEs

      Brayflox's Longstop - (L32) (Eastern La Noscea)
      -If you Save Goblin = Win a Chest;
      B1/Pelican: Poison Tank, Adds; B2/Drake: Face Away from Party; B3/Hellbender: (50% HP) Free Person in "Bubbles" (use TAB), DPS Aiatar some ; B4/Aiatar: Poison Cone, Keep Dragon out of Healing Acid

      Trials: The Navel - Titan (34)

      The Sunken Temple of Qarn -(L35) (Western Thanalan)
      *(Unlock at level 32) - Talk to Nedrick Ironheart in Vesper Bay.
      (Memorize: Left and Right objects on Tablet at begining), (Pick Up 3 Objects from Rooms on way to B1)
      B1: Get on Glowing Gold Square to Remove Debuff; Switch to Spawning Adds
      B2: Kill Soulstone to Attack Boss; (Longer Fight)
      (Puzzle 1 - Match Object with Pedestal for Chest) (P2 - Remember the Symbol you saw at the Start and Enter it on the Tablet)
      B3: Kill Floating Heads on Gold Squares (Tip: Have Tank & Healer stand on them); Nuke Spawning Keys (Laser Beam) - DPS Job; Black (Trap) Keys Can't take Damage, IF player walks into it only they can DPS it down & Key looses Protection Buff; White Keys (AOE DMG)

      Cutter's Cry - (L38), (Central Thanalan)
      *(Unlock Level 37; Talk to Sibold in Steps of Thal in ULD "Dishonor before Death")
      B1: Save Damage CDs when Boss HP is 50% and DPS Burst Down, Healer Kites Adds in Big Circle Around (Scholar works better for this).
      B2: Dodge Burrow Phase.
      B3: "Eyes now burn Violet" (@ 50% & 5% Boss Health) All Stack In Close into Chimera Circle; "Ram's Eyes now burn Blue" - Ice AOE, "Eyes Focus on a Single Target" - burst dmg, <Breath Cone Attack, Voice Ice AOE> Dodge Blue Detonating AOE Orbs
      Ram (ICE), Dragon (Electric),

      The Stone Vigil (L41),(Coerthas Central Highlands) - Story (Used to Reward Philo)
      B1: Get Behind or to the Side when it Breathes; B2: 1 DPS Mans Cannons, Dodge Tornado AOE
      B3: (Last Boss) - AOE Ranged Paralysis, Air Breath Passes Vertical & Horizontal (Left, Middle, or Right)

      The Trials: The Howling Eye - Garuda (L44)
      Tips: Boss Powerup AOE Hide Bind Rocks, DPS Plumes (AOE VERY HELPFUL) before they destroy Rock Pillars, Pocket in Storm when Health is Low

      Dzemael Darkhold (L44) - (Coerthas Central Highlands)
      * (Unlock at Carrilaut in The Observatorium at L41), *Grand Company Commander 44 - (L2 Hunting Log, Sgt 1st Class?)
      B1: Tank Eye on Purple Area Near Crystals; B2: Lots of AOE, Can't hit Mobs Above; B3: Frontal Cone, Cleave on Tank; Attack Crystals after he Attunes to it, Boss Focus "Mark" Target has to Dodge away from Party; After 3 Crystals down, LB and DPS boss down, watch out of for AOEs near end.

      The Aurum Vale (L47) - (Coerthas Central Highlands)
      * Unlock at (L44) - Nedrick Ironheart (Vesper Bay)
      B1 - @2-3 Stacks click on the fruit to clear; B2 - Melee Boss, Run from "Swing", AOE; B3 - Kill Plant Eggs around Boss, Fruit at 2-3 Stacks (also removes ALL Boss Conditions)

      Amadapor Keep (L50) (South Shroud)
      ** (Must first complete AV before he gives you this quest, Must Also have Complete the Story) Nedrick Ironheart (Vesper Bay), Also can come from GC after completion of previous trial, if story is completed.
      B1: (Chest with Minion - Left of Boss Room) / Kill Priest - he summons Real Boss at 50% HP, Mindflayer purple Beams Rock Golems (3) to Life, Interupt/Silence "Obliterate" and Nuke it down Quick; Summons Big Golem who patrols to entrance - don't tank it avoid its BIG AOE; Tank Boss Top Left or Top Right
      B2: (Chest with RING in Right Room of Boss Room) / Avoid Void Zones - Middle & Both (L/R) Sides, "REPEL" - Middle of Room, Close to Boss - Push Back; DPS Left Add 1st (Use LB);
      B3: Tail Swipe - 1 shot; Imminent Catastrophy - Get behind a Pillar, LOS Orb or Dead; Tank Positioning - Top Right of Room - Pillars Destroy Order - Top Left, Bottom Right, Bottom Left, Top Right; DPS Add; 70% purple Line on player, run away from players and pillars and plant bomb (Bottom Left or Right)

      The Wanderer's Palace (L50)
      * Unlock at (L47) Allene (Vesper Bay)
      B1: Frontal AOE Cone, AOE Circle Ranged (Does Pick Random Target)
      B2: If you Get Targeted with Crosshairs - Run; Blue Add Heals Boss, Other Adds give Debuffs (stack on tank and AOE down)
      B3: Kill Adds, "EVERYBODY'S GRUDGE" - Damage Proportionate to Stacks of Rancor Boss Accumulates from Add Kills (More than 4 Stacks Tends to One Shot Tanks), Tank Kites Boss around outside circle; @ 33% Health - If Slasher Adds reach the middle game over, Tank Switches to Inner Circle Kiting

      Duty - Cape Westwind (L49) - 8 MAN!
      Tips: Pick up Adds at 75%, Don't Stand in Stuff; Tank Moving Boss from one side to the other seems helpful when there are too many AOE areas up

      Castrum Meridianum (L50) - (North Thanalan) Unlock with Story - 8 MAN!
      - Chute, Stay out of Search Lights; B3 - P1: Load Cannons & Person Firing Them gets aggro and stands in the middle, protect Cannons and Ammo; P2 - Kill Little Adds, Tank bigger one away

      The Praetorium (L50) - Unlock with Story - 8 MAN!
      B1: Tank/Spank, Get Authorized afterwards; B2: Kill Add before it reaches person it has a purple line with; B3: Watch ground AOE and Blue Cross Attack. B4+: Wind In, Then Out; Use the Edges and Stay out of Stuff, Avoid Green Lasers, Kill Laser Keys.

      [END Of Chapter 1 Story]

      Pharos Sirius - (Isle of Umbra, Western La Noscea)
      Unlock: Aleport, Western La Noscea (X:26, Y:26), NPC: Diamanda; after main scenario quest "The Ultimate Weapon."

      Ruins of Amdapor Township - (South Shroud)
      Unlock: "One Night in Amdapor" Old Gridania (X:6 Y:10) NPC: E-Sumi-Yan

      Hullbreaker Isle -
      Unlock: Mor Dhona (X:22 Y:8), NPC: Bloezoeng, complete the main scenario quest "The Ultimate Weapon."

      Snowcloak -
      Unlocks on 2.4 Story "First Blood" Quest,

      The Keeper of the Lake -
      (Likely) Unlocks on 2.5 Story
      Hard Mode Dungeons:
      Hard Mode Unlocks - See Patch Notes for Specifics; Usually its Talk to People then Visit Location

      (2.1) - Haukke Manor / Copperbell Mines
      (2.2) - Halatali / Brayflox's Longstop
      (2.3) - Tam-Tara Deepcroft / Stone Vigil
      (2.4) - Sastasha, Sunken Temple of Qarn
      (2.5) - Amdapor Keep, Wanderer’s Palace
      ================================================== ===
      Primals: (Normal, Hard Mode, Extreme)
      Extreme - Garuda, Titan, Ifrit; Mog, Leviathan, Striking Tree, Ramuh, Shiva

      ================================================== ====

      The Crystal Tower - (24 Man) (Item Level 80 drops) - IL 55 Minimum to Enter
      Unlock: Mor Dhona (X:30, Y:12), NPC: G'raha Tia; after main scenario quest "The Ultimate Weapon."

      Syrcus Tower - (24 Man) - Floor 2 of Crystal Tower - IL 70 Minimum to Enter
      Unlock: Mor Dhona (X:30 Y:12); NPC: Rammbroes; Prerequisites: Players must first complete the quest "For Prosperity."

      Binding Coil of Bahamut - (8 Man)
      - To Unlock: Clear Story, Clear all 3 Primal Hardmodes from Urianger in Walking Sands to start Quest Chain
      - drops il90
      - "Another Turn in the Coil" Western Thanalan - The Waking Sands (X:6, Y:4) NPC: Urianger*** Players must first complete the quest "Alisaie's Pledge." (Complete T9)
      - drops il110

      - Players must first complete the quest "Fragments of Truth," (Players must first complete the quest "Alisaie's Resolve") and have completed The Final Coil of Bahamut – Turn 4?
      - drops il130

      End Game Gearing:
      Revenant's Toll, Auriana - Turn in Allagan Tombstones
      - of Philosophy il70 "Darklight" (discontinued) - upgraded at a 4:1 ratio
      - of Mythology il90 (discontinued)
      - of Soldiery il100
      - of Poetics il120

      Oil of Time - Drops in Second Coil t2,t4, and ST. Upgrades Gear Allagan Accessories to IL110.
      Sand of Time - Drops in Second Coil t3,t4, and ST. Upgrades Gear Allagan Armor & Weapons to IL110.
      Carbontwine - (Weapon, Armor) upgrade to IL130
      Carboncoat - (Accessory) upgrade to IL130

      *** Weekly Cap of Poetics Resets on Tuesday at 1 am PST (-8 GST) (450 per wk) ***
      - The Coil of Bahamut, The quest "Primal Focus", PvP Weekly Performance

      FFXIV Gear Calculator:

      Relic Weapon - (See Quest Below),
      IL 80 / "Radz-at-Han Quenching Oil" in Mor Dhona.
      (+1) IL90 / 3 "Thavnairian Mist" from Auriana.

      Relic Quest:

      Zodiac Weapon Guide:

      Coil Drops and EX Primal Drops:


      Q - How Do I "Mark" Mobs in Dungeons?
      A - With Macros or by doing this: Action Trait Menu (P), Main Commands, "Signs" (drop that on bar) then activate to pick which ones you want to use. Also Default location bottom right on the Command menu under "Signs".

      TAB - Target Nearest to Farthest
      SHIFT + TAB - Target Fathest to Nearest
      F11 - Target Nearest Enemy

      T - Target Target of your Target (Assist)

      F10 - Target Current Focus Target
      Shift + F - Set/Clear Focus Target

      External Applications: (Battle Parser)

      Party Finder:
      - Gives you a Way to Recruit for a Specific Activity (Primal, Relic Quest Fight); In "Social" Sub Menu

      Duty Finder:
      - Duty Roulette, High Level - Daily+40 Myth, Must Cue Solo and Complete
      Story Tips (As Little Spoilers as Possible):
      - (Around Level 15+) Main Story in your Starting City State starts to Peak and you find yourself in a DUTY. (HINT: Focus on ADD First Over the Boss). Afterwards it leads you to Unlocking the AIRSHIP which allows you travel between the 3 different CITY STATES. AIRSHIP costs gill per trip.
      - (After Level 18+) After you complete 3 Dungeons. Western Thanalan, Horizon is a nice choice for "Favored Location", since its near Vesper Bay which has the Walking Sands. Walking Sands is located in Vesper Bay to the RIGHT of where the 3 Weapon Vendors are standing together.
      - Job Quest L45 - AF Armor Quest 4/5 pieces. Job Quest L50 - AF Chest Piece.

      Helpful Quest Buyable Items to Carry on you to Save Time:
      <pre 10 level>, Orange Juice (W Than) for Dye unlock <pre 20>, Chicken Egg (S Shroud) <low 20's>, Lentils & Chestnuts <N Shroud high 20s>, Bronze Ornamental Hammer <E Than, After Titan>

      Q - How do I Learn More Classes outside of my Starting City?
      A - Finish the Story it will Unlock the Airship (L15+) OR take Rent a Chocobo (L10+) and run to the another City State.
      (Airship Cost > Ferry Cost)
      How To:
      Chocobo Path from Ul'dah to Grindania:
      (First Rent the 10 Minutes Mount in the City and don't dismount and dodge monsters)
      Path - Central Thanalan, Eastern Th, South Shroud, Central Shroud. (Once you get into the South Shroud "FOREST" you should be able to dismount and get the path to Grindania from the Chocobo Keeper. Will Need to get into Eastern Th "DESERT" if coming from the other direction to do the same. You Want the First Chocobo Porter in that City State to unlock the Taxi Back to their City. Pro Tip: Avoid All Mobs since you will be under level to limit your deaths).
      Ferry - Western Thanalan to LL for gil.

      Q - How do I get a Personal Chocobo Mount?
      A - Get one with 2,000 Seals from a Grand Company, Follow your Story Quest to unlock Grand Company (After Level 20).
      Q - How do I get my Personal Chocobo to fight with me?
      A - (Level 30) Quest - "My Fiesty Little Chocobo" (South Shroud, Camp Tranquil), (E Than, Camp Drybones),
      Q - Where do I get more Gyshal Greens?
      A - Right Outside of Main Aetheryte in any of the CITY STATES from npc vendor that sells racial clothes, under tools. Same seller sells Minions for 2.4k GIL each.
      Q - What is the max amount of companion skill points? (Rank 10)
      A - 55
      Q - After Rank 10 companion, how many skill points do you get per level?
      A - 4
      Hunter's Log:
      * REMEMBER * Your Grand Company has a Hunting Log as well!

      Challenge Log:
      Rising to the Challenge (15), Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:11 Y:10), NPC: I'tolwann (Unlocks) - Introduced in 2.2

      Collecting Minions:

      http://ff14craft.com/ - (Has Gathering Maps)

      Materia Guide:
      - Must be Level 19 Disciple of the Hand, other than Culinary to learn Materia Crafting Quest (Story Shows you Where)
      *** http://www.ffxivguild.com/ffxiv-a-re...materia-guide/

      - Spirit Bond - Comes from Equipping Gear and using it over a period of time; Once you unlock the ability thru Storyline (L20 ish) you can breakdown 100% spirit bound pieces into Materia based off the Level of the Item. (Tier Breakdown: L45+ = Tier 3 Materia)

      Treasure Maps:
      Happen upon them from Level 40+ Gathering Nodes as a Disciple of the Land.

      Timeworn Toadskin Map: (South Umbral Isles and Rathefrost only)
      Timeworn Boarskin Map: (Reaver Hide and the Tangle only)
      Timeworn Peisteskin Map: (Lake Tahtotl, Parata's Peace, and the North Shards only).

      * Timeworn maps cannot be found at unspoiled gathering points or guildleve gathering points.
      * Once you obtain any rank of timeworn map, then you will be unable to obtain new map for next 18 hours in earth time.

      The contents of the treasure chest and the enemy that spawns will vary depending on the type of map.

      Timeworn Map Leather (40) / Goatskin (45) /
      Timeworn Toadskin (50) / Boarskin (50)
      Timeworn Peisteskin Map: Recommende Level 50 (Full Party)

      Unhidden Leather Maps (Added in 2.3)


      Wolves' Den, Coliseum - Ferry Goes there from Aleport in Western LL; (4v4 Arena Battles)
      - Unlock Level 30 Visit your GC to start Unlock Chain.
      * Players may equip up to 10 PvP actions at any given time.
      * The ◆ symbol displayed below PvP action names represents their enhancement status.

      Frontlines - Large Scale PvP Battles between the 3 City States
      Quest - "Like Civilized Men and Women" (Look at your GC), Need: Level 50, il80
      First Side to get 1600 Points first wins. Capping Locations over time and killing mobs in the middle of the map (PvE) gets your side points.

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~
      - Private Chambers Cost 300k for FC House

      Chocobo Stables:
      Unlock - Central Shroud (X:20 Y:21), NPC: Luquelot; Prerequisites: must first complete the quest "My Feisty Little Chocobo" and also belong to a free company which owns an estate.
      Chocobos can be trained once per hour, and will demand one of the following fruits or vegetables as a reward for their efforts:
      Krakka Root / Curiel Root / Sylkis Bud / Mimett Gourd / Tantalplant / Pahsana Fruit / Thavnairian Onion

      For chocobos that have already attained the maximum rank, rewarding them with a Thavnairian onion following training will increase this upper limit by one.
      Stable, Train, Reward them with an Thavnairian Onion. (Chocobo Must Be Capped)
      * Chocobo companions cannot exceed rank 20.

      To clean the stable, access the chocobo stable interface and select Clean Stable. You must possess a magicked stable broom in your inventory to make use of this option.

      Companion Quest - "Bird in Hand" (Required Level 30), Location: Central Shroud (X:20 Y:21), NPC: Luquelot
      (Prerequisites - Players must first complete the quest "My Feisty Little Chocobo" and also belong to a free company which owns an estate.)

      Ceremony of Eternal Bonding:
      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

      Misc Info:
      +3 Leve Allowances every 12 hrs

      - Beast Tribe Dailys - At Rank 1 (3 Per Day), At Rank 2 (6 Per Day), Rank 4 Unlocks Mount (100k) and Minion (25k)
      - Free Company - Costs 15k Gil, Need to be Level 25, Plus 3 others. 24 hour CD before joining another.

      - Can Cue for them with Duty Finder, Good Source of EXP and GIL for First Time Clears of any Class.

      (Taking Pictures For Windows 7) - Pictures Located in Documents / My Games / FFXIV ARR / Screenshots
      HOME - 1st Person
      Scroll Lock - Remove UI
      Pause Break - Face Camera
      Print Screen - Click!

      (For PS3)
      Print Screen if you have the Keyboard / L1 + Start (if no keyboard), L1 + Select (Removes UI)
      They Save in XMB, Under Photos

      Some Helpful Quick Keys:
      H - Hunter's Log, (Unlocks after Level 1 Class Quest) , (Grand Company Hunters Log Unlocks after you Pick a GC)
      L - Linkshell Options
      ; - Free Company
      U - Duty Finder (Group Finder)
      O - Social Menu (Different Tabs have different Options - including Party)

      TAB - Many Chat Options with Red/Green Arrows (When done in Chat)
      ALT + L - Cycle Thru Linkshells
      ALT + R - Reply to Whisper
      ALT + Up Arrow to cycle thru past typed info (once you are in typing mode)
      /shout - Zone Chat

      Macro Sounds:
      To add sounds just use <se.#> in party chat. The number can be like 1 through 20 something. Each one is a different sound.

      Frequently used Terms:
      Free Company (FC) = Traditional Guild, LinkShell (LS) = Chat Channel, Enmity = Aggro / Hate

      Market Board: Auction House (different Taxes in each of the City States)
      *Locations: (GRD - Shaded Bower, LL - Hawker's Round , ULD - Shaphire Avenue Exchange)
      Retainers = Look for Hiring them (After Unlock) in the above locations. They act like Mobile Banks and sell stuff on AH; Can be Summoned at a bell

      Aesthetician / Beauty Salon cost 2k gil - Accessible from Summoning Bell after Quest.
      Unlock: (Level 15) Limsa Lominsa - Upper Decks (X:11, Y:11), NPC: S'dhodjbi (Drowning Wrench), Players must first complete the main scenario quest "Call of the Sea."

      Achievement rewards can be redeemed by speaking with Jonathas in Old Gridania (X:10, Y:6)

      Challenge Log: Quest: "Rising to the Challenge" (15); Location Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:11, Y:10); NPC: I'tolwann
      Prerequisites: Players must first complete the quest "Call of the Sea."


      Eorzea Map:
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