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      *Updated 23 Mar 2015
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      FF14 Advanced Crafting Guide by Caimie Tsukino

      -= A Tribute to All my Fellow Crafters =-
      “The best crafter is not the one with the best stats, but the one who makes the best use of one’s stats” – Caimie Tsukino


      This guide will be slightly different from most basic crafting guides. Apart from some basic information & mechanics, this guide is intended to be a "Crafting Encyclopedia" to inspire rising crafters to achieve a higher level of understanding in crafting. It may be longer & wordier, but in the end I hope someone can benefit from my experience, avoid the mistakes that I made, and able to succeed and enjoy end-game crafting in FF14.

      Ch1: A Reason to Craft
      Ch2: Picking a Few Main Crafting Classes for your DoW/DoM
      Ch3: The Benefits of Leveling All Crafting Classes to Level 15 for Cross Class Skills
      Ch4: The Importance of WVR & BSM to Crafting
      Ch5: The Importance of CUL & food
      Ch6: Gathering Classes to Support Crafting
      Ch7: Retainers to Support Crafting
      Ch8: The Basic Mechanics of Crafting
      Ch9: Basic Crafting Skills
      Ch10: Cross Class Skills
      Ch11: Crafting Conditions
      Ch12: Generating a Crafting Rotation by Combining Skills & Conditions
      Ch13: Leveling Crafting Classes
      --------Ch13A: Tradecraft Leves
      --------Ch13B: Grand Company Supply/Provisioning Missions
      --------Ch13C: Crafting Logs
      --------Ch13D : Ixali Beast Quests
      Ch14: Builder of the Realm - The True Beginning of a Crafter
      Ch15: Acquisition of End-Game Crafting Gear
      Ch16: Materia Overmelds on End-Game Crafting Gear
      Ch17: The Offhand
      Ch18: Spiritbonding to Make Your Own Materia vs Buying
      Ch19: Master Recipe Books
      Ch20: Artisan Crafting Tools / Artisan's Spectacles
      Ch21: Desynthesis & Desynthesis Recipes
      Ch22: Supra Crafting Tools
      Ch23: Lucis Crafting Tools
      Ch24: Master Recipe Books II
      Ch25: Artisan’s Offhands & Artisan's Gear
      Ch26: Ehcatl Sealants

      Ch27: Hints/Tips for All End-Game Crafted Items from 1 Star to 4 Star
      Ch28: Calculation of Byregot Strength under Different Buffs
      Ch29: Furniture, Minions & Glamor Clothing

      Ch1: A Reason to Craft

      What is the point of crafting? Why should I take up a crafting job?

      (1) I want to be able to make my own gear/weapons that benefit my main DoW/DoM class!
      (2) I want to make more gil and be rich!
      (3) I want to make cute minions & beautiful furniture for my FC house!
      (4) It seems fun! I think I like it!

      All these are valid reasons, but each will lead you to a different path...

      If (1) is your reason, you need to understand that, although HQ (High Quality) crafted gear are better than the free NQ (Normal Quality) ones you get from your main story quests, most crafted gear are not as powerful as those obtained from loot-rolling in dungeons. Almost any green/pink (background color) gear will outmatch a HQ crafted gear of the same level. But since you have to roll for every item in dungeons, you can’t expect to get everything from dungeons! Therefore, at lower levels, HQ crafted gear becomes a wonderful supplement for items you cannot obtain from dungeons. After your DoW/DoM is level 50, you'll be buying most of your gear with tomes (soldiery & poetic). Almost any gear bought with tomes will be stronger than a crafted gear. However, you can only get very few poetic tomes per week. So at this point, end-game crafted gear can speed up your increase of average item level (avg ilvl), allowing you to proceed quicker to higher dungeons and trials. Yet, when your avg ilvl reaches about i90, this benefit will start to fade off, since most end-game gear is better off not to be crafted. The only cool thing about crafted end-game gear is that they can attach materia to tweak your stats (Materia gear guide: http://ffxivrealm.com/guides/how-to-use-materia-to-tweak-stats-of-end-game-gears.38/). But the effort to make those items is enormous. You need to be an all-50 crafter, and you need to fully meld the HQ crafted gear with the best materia before you can enjoy the benefit.

      If (2) is your reason, you need to understand that, although crafting can make more gil, it can also drain your gil. It’s like an investment… the more time & gil you put into crafting, the better stats you’ll acquire and the more expensive items you can craft to sell. The investment you need to make at end-game is in the amount of millions, but the gil return is also in the amount of millions. So think about this carefully, because along the way, you could be very poor depending on how much gil you spend on powering your crafting. If you stop investing gil at a point, you will have a very stable income, but your stats & income will stop increasing.

      If (3) is your reason, then you can pretty much ignore the word “HQ” in crafting. For minions & furniture, there is no difference between HQ vs NQ. All you need is just completing the item. However, furniture of the highest level is still quite hard to make if you do not have ALL crafting classes at level 50. If you’re careless, you can lose a lot of precious crafting materials. It is recommended that you at least have Waste Not (LTW lvl 15), Piece by Piece (ARM lvl 50), Ingenuity II (BSM lvl 50) & Careful Synthesis II (WVR lvl 50).

      If (4) is your reason, then, WRONG! It’s not “it seems fun”! It IS fun!!! And you will LOVE IT! Why? Because crafting is like puzzle solving. You get a lot of satisfaction when you beat a tough puzzle. It is also solely dependent on just yourself. You don’t need to rely on anyone else in the game. It’s all in YOU! Furthermore, when you finished crafting an item, your name is imprinted at the bottom of the stats of it. So having a HQ difficult item with your name on can make you feel very proud. You can keep it, you can wear it, you can give it to someone, or you can sell it! The person who wears the gear will forever be seeing your name there, knowing that YOU are the magnificent crafter who made that gear/weapon.

      Ch2: Picking a Few Main Crafting Classes for your DoW/DoM

      The game is designed so that all crafting classes are intertwined with each DoW/DoM. You can’t take up just 1 or 2 crafting classes and expect to fully empower your main DoW/DoM. You need almost everything (except Culinarian) if you want to make all your gear for a single DoW/DoM. But since the most basic gear in the game are the chest piece, pants & weapons. I’m going to suggest the following as your MAIN crafting classes.

      Abbrev for all the crafting classes:
      WVR: Weaver
      GSM: Goldsmith
      LTW: Leatherworker
      CRP: Carpenter
      ARM: Armorer
      BSM: Blacksmith
      ALC: Alchemist
      CUL: Culinarian

      Gladiator (GLA)/Paladin (PLD) -----------> ARM makes armors, BSM makes weapons.
      Marauder (MRD)/Warrior (WAR) --------> ARM makes armors, BSM makes weapons.
      Pugilist (PGL)/Monk (MNK) --------------> LTW makes chest piece/pants/weapons, BSM makes some weapons.
      Rogue (ROG)/Ninja (NIN) -----------------> LTW makes chest piece/pants, BSM makes weapons, ALC makes the final "pre-relic" weapon.
      Archer (ARC)/Bard (BRD) -----------------> LTW makes chest piece/pants, CRP makes weapons.
      Lancer (LNC)/Dragoon (DRG) ------------> ARM makes armors (LNC lvl 17 to start wearing Haubergeon, lvl 23 to start wearing Scale Mail armor), CRP makes weapons.
      Thaumaturge (THM)/Blackmage (BLM) -> WVR makes chest piece/pants, GSM makes weapons.
      Conjurer (CNJ)/Whitemage (WHM) ------> WVR makes chest piece/pants, ALC/CRP makes weapons.
      Arcanist (ACN)/Summoner (SMN)/Scholar (SCH) -> WVR makes chest piece/pants, ALC makes weapons.

      Notice that this is rather subjective… Honestly, you can pick anything you like, and it’s not gonna hurt. Most importantly, if you aim at becoming an "advanced crafter", you'll be aiming at all-50 anyway.

      Ch3: The Benefits of Leveling All Crafting Classes to Level 15 for Cross Class Skills

      Even if you’re only interested in 1 or 2 crafting classes, the best way to level crafting is really to take up ALL crafting classes at once, and level them all to level 15 before focusing on 1 or 2. This is because you get "Cross Class Skills" at level 15. By achieving all-15, you can acquire all these skills which can be used by ALL crafting classes, and it will make your crafting life a lot easier (See "Cross Class Skills" section below for more details).
      (Visit here for a basic guide if you have no idea how to set up your Cross Class Skills: http://ffxivrealm.com/guides/crafting-101.13/)

      The game is designed that all crafting classes are inter-dependent on each other at certain areas. So by taking up all crafting classes, the crafted products from one class will support another. E.g. metal ingots from BSM/ARM are constantly used by LTW/CRP, lumbers from CRP are frequently used by BSM, pieces of cloth from WVR are often used in LTW etc. So having more classes is always beneficial. But of course, leveling all crafting classes at the same time is almost impossible at higher levels (unless you’re oh-so-patient). So when you reached a point where you just can’t level them all, you will have to just focus down on a few classes, and buy stuff from market board to support your main crafting classes.

      Ch4: The Importance of WVR & BSM to Crafting

      The main sources of a crafting class's "craftsmanship" stats come from the mainhand tool, offhand tool & chest piece. WVR makes most of the chest pieces & pants for most of the crafting classes & gathering classes, and some hats & gloves too. Having a good WVR just makes life so much easier for crafting. Similarly, BSM makes all kinds of mainhand/offhand tools, and it’s just so beneficial to all crafting & gathering classes. I’m not saying the other classes are not important (GSM makes accessories, ARM makes CUL & ALC tools, CRP makes some boots, LTW makes belts, some boots, clothes & hats), but WVR & BSM are just wonderful to have.

      Ch5: The Importance of CUL & food

      People tend to neglect & underestimate the power of food. At levels as low as 10 to 15, perhaps it’s not that important. But eventually, you’ll learn that having good food feels like having an extra 10% power for everything (crafting, gathering, dungeons etc). And you level 3% faster for everything too. The most important of all is that you get Steady Hand II at level 37 CUL (see Ch10: Cross Class Skills). This is 1 of the most important cross class skills you’ll ever learn.

      If you don't have access to good food yet, or if you don't feel like wasting your expensive crafting food. You can still use a SALT COD any time. It cost only 15 gil each, but it boosts 4 control for 30 min & adds 3% bonus exp. You can buy it from food vendor at market place of ANY city. So it almost never hurts to eat one! I always have about 50 of them with me at any given time, and I pop'em at will.

      Salt Cod - 15 gils for 4 extra control, plus faster leveling! Why not?

      Ch6: Gathering Classes to Support Crafting

      Unless you are already a billionaire, it is quite important that you take up at least 1 gathering class to support your crafting classes. Instead of buying all your mats (crafting materials) from the market board, you can get mats for free if you have gathering classes.

      Miner (MIN) supports mainly ----- GSM, LTW, ARM, BSM
      Botanist (BTN) supports mainly -- CRP, ALC, WVR, CUL
      Fisher (FSH) supports ------------- CUL
      (There will be some overlapping.)

      It’s a lot of work, but if you think you can handle, feel free to take up more than 1 gathering class. Having a gathering class also means that you can have a gathering retainer to do the work for you using ventures, which will also benefit your crafting & income too.

      As a quick reminder, please explore each of the crafting guild's mat supplier & vendors at market place for cheap crafting mats. Don't do what I did: I once bought a Chicken Egg from the market board for 300 gil when I could have bought it at the vendor right next to the market board for 5 gil.

      Ch7: Retainers to Support Crafting

      Retainers provide storage space, sell items on the market, and gather raw mats to empower our crafting via "ventures". It is very beneficial to own lvl 50 retainers as they can help gather a great variety of things including shards & crystals for crafting.

      We can have 2 retainers for FREE in the game. But we can all have up to 4 retainers if we just pay an extra ~$2 per month in our S-E subscription.


      I have 2 lvl 50 MIN retainers, 1 lvl 50 BTM retainer, and 1 lvl 50 hunter retainer (Pugilist. Retainers cannot acquire Monk job. They cannot equip soul crystal. For this reason, we should save up a set of i100 gear for our hunter retainer). It seems to work optimally for me, since this arrangement covers everything. If you don't plan to have 4 retainers, set 1 retainer as either a MIN or BTN, and set the other 1 as a hunter.

      To unlock the venture function of retainers and details of how to do ventures, please see:
      http://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/Retainer_Ventures or

      Keep in mind that both hunter & gatherer retainers can only be 5 levels below yourself, except when you're lvl 50, which they can reach lvl 50. Due to this reason, it is of utmost importance that you set your hunter retainer same as your main DoW/DoM, ideally a class at lvl 50. For the gathering retainer, set it to the same class as your strongest DoL. DO NOT try to diversify by setting your retainer to a BTN if you're a MIN. It won't work!

      For hunter retainers (DoW/DoM), their average ilevel matters a lot. I suggest you get them to at least avg ilvl 80+ when they reach lvl 50 (need ilvl 85+ to get Silver Dye. ilvl 90+ can get rare minions.). For MIN/BTN, the stats "GATHERING" is what matters.

      Many people don't know, you can actually buy extra unique untradable mainhand gathering/crafting tools (blue background tools, obtained from guild masters by completing lvl 50 class quests) from the Calamity Salvager. E.g. If you're a MIN, and you own a Mammon, you can give the Mammon to your retainer, and then buy a new one for yourself from the Calamity Salvager. This way, you can dramatically increase your retainers' gathering stats. For me, I even did some melding of gathering materia on my retainers' gear. Before I did these things, my lvl 50 MIN retainer was only bringing me 20 level 45-50 items per run. But after I gave her a Mammon & some materia melds, she brings back 30 items per run.

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      The Mammon & Rauni (Level 50 Class Quest Reward). Extra Mammons /Rauni can be easily bought from the Calamity Salvager (Location: Limsa 11, 14; Uldah 12, 13; Gridania 10, 8) for your retainer.

      Ch8: The Basic Mechanics of Crafting

      I shall start off with some basic information here first. I'll try to run through them as brief as possible, then we'll proceed to the more advanced sections.

      As everyone knows, crafting is simply: Within a given amount of durability (durab), use touches to hit 100% on the quality bar & use synthesis to hit 100% on the progress bar to complete the craft. 100% quality bar will guarantee you an HQ item (high quality), which has better stats than an NQ one (normal quality). A crafter has 3 kinds of stats: "Craftsmanship" contributes to the strength of your synthesis, "Control" contributes to the strength of your touches, and "CP" (Crafting Points) allows you to use different crafting skills. The RNG (random number generator) of FF14 is your greatest enemy. You can hit 96% quality, and it can sometimes still give you NQ more often than you expect. So you should always try your best to hit 100% quality.

      - A graph showing how HQ rate is calculated from the % completion of the Quality Bar. When the Quality Bar is 50% filled, you only get 15% HQ success rate. However, an exponential increase occurs when the Quality Bar is between 70% & 80%. After that, it slows down again. When the Quality Bar reaches 95%, the HQ rate becomes somewhat linear.

      Ch9: Basic Crafting Skills

      These are skills that you will acquire in ANY crafting class. Their usages are very straight forward, and can easily be understood just by playing the game. If you have trouble understanding what the basic crafting skills do (like Great Strides, Steady Hand, Inner Quiet, Basic Synthesis etc), please visit the basic crafting guides:

      If you need further explanations to what "Inner Quiet" does, please visit:

      Before you have acquired your "Cross Class Skills" (see below), you can still do well in crafting. There are some very basic tricks you can do, like the method of "baiting for conditions". Please see:
      "Tricks" for beginner crafters lvl 20 or lower

      Ch10: Cross Class Skills

      These are skills that you will acquire at level 15, 37 & 50 of each crafting class. Each crafting class has its own unique "Cross Class Skills". As its name suggests, once a Cross Class Skill is acquired, it can be shared by all crafting classes as long as the class has reached the minimum required level. If you don't know how to set up Cross Class Skills for other classes, please visit 1 of those Basic Crafting Guides listed above.

      OK, enough basics. We’re now moving on to advanced mode… I am not just going to explain how to use these Cross Class Skills in the most basic terms, but I’m also going to explain how these skills can benefit higher levels of crafting… hopefully giving the reader some inspiration.

      Level 15 Cross Class Skills:

      [​IMG] Waste Not (LTW) (56 CP) (a.k.a. WN)

      Arguably the best level 15 cross class skill, Waste Not lets you consume only 5 durability for touch/synthesis for the next 4 steps. So Waste Not basically breaks down 20 durab into 4 pieces, so that you decrease only 5 durab for each touch/syn. This is probably the most CP-efficient way to add more touches/syn at lower levels. Beginners will soon learn that this skill is much better than Master's Mend. The cool thing about WN in advanced crafting is that you can leave 5 durab hanging. Let’s say, if you have 15 durab left when a WN is over, it’s actually equal to having 20 durab (See WN Case 1 & 2 below). Taking a “Trick of the Trade” (ALC lvl 15. See below) under WN is of course not ideal, as it consumes a step, but usually 1 Trick is ok, as it leaves the 5 durab hanging. This skill is extremely powerful for any 80 durab items, even for 2 star items.

      WN Case 1:
      Inner Quiet
      Steady Hand
      Waste Not (40 durab left)
      Basic Touch (35 durab left)
      Basic Touch (30 durab left)
      Basic Touch (25 durab left)
      Basic Touch ( 20 durab left) (WN ends)
      Great Strides
      Steady Hand
      Basic Touch (10 durab left)
      Basic Synthesis (0 durab left)

      WN Case 2:
      Inner Quiet
      Steady Hand
      Waste Not (40 durab left)
      Basic Touch (35 durab left)
      Trick of the Trade (35 durab left)
      Basic Touch (30 durab left)
      Basic Touch (25 durab left) (WN ends)
      Steady Hand
      Basic Touch (15 durab left)
      Great Strides
      Standard Touch (5 durab left)
      Basic Synthesis (0 durab left)

      - In both WN Case 1 & 2, you're able to touch 5x & syn 1x. But in Case 2, you're able to take in a Trick of the Trade for an extra 20 CP, which allowed you to substitute the last Basic Touch (under Great Stride) with a Standard Touch (of which its power is doubled because of the Great Strides before it).

      IMPORTANT: Be very careful if you plan to use WN TWICE in a rotation though. If you have already taken a Trick in the 1st WN, leaving 5 durab hanging, you cannot take another Trick in the 2nd WN. Else, the 5 durab will be "neutralized", and you actually lose a touch. This means your 2nd WN would only have bought you 1 extra touch instead of 2 with that 56 CP spent. Anyway, an alternative to using WN multiple times would actually be Master's Mend II (MM II) if you have enough CP for it. MM II is actually more CP efficient than WN. However, it has to be an item with more than 60 durability. And you gotta make sure you have enough CP to do everything else after performing MM II.

      [​IMG] Manipulation (GSM) (88 CP)

      Restoring 10 durab after each step for the next 3 steps. This skill has some similarities with Waste Not. Both skills can reduce the decrease of durab so that you can touch more. So why is this requiring 32 more CP? That’s because there are a few things Manip can do, but WN cannot.

      1st e.g., to utilize a Waste Not (WN), you need 20 durab, and you can touch 4x in there. But if you use Manip, you can touch 4x, and your durab will only decrease by 10 (See Manip Case 1 - 3 below).

      2nd e.g., if you do something like a Steady Hand or Trick of Trade in the middle of Manip (which doesn’t consume durab), you will actually GAIN 10 durab, provided your durab is not currently at max.

      3rd e.g., If you activated Steady Hand, and is about to use WN, but a Good condition popped, you can’t really make use of the condition. If you don’t immediately use your WN, you won’t have the following 4 touches covered under the Steady Hand. But for Manip, you have flexibility. After you use Steady Hand, if you get a Good condition, you can touch first to make use of the Good, and then do you Manip after. At the end you’ll still only lose 10 durab from 4 touches (See Manip Case 1 - 3 below). This skill is not so great at low levels when CP is a big issue, but it is particularly important for starred 40 durab items.

      Manip Case 1:
      Normal ------ Steady Hand II
      Good --------- Waste Not
      Normal ------ Basic Touch
      Normal ------ Basic Touch
      Normal ------ Basic Touch
      Normal ------ Basic Touch
      (durab decreased by 20)

      Manip Case 2:
      Normal ------ Steady Hand II
      Good --------- Manipulation
      Normal ------ Basic Touch
      Normal ------ Basic Touch
      Normal ------ Basic Touch
      Normal ------ Basic Touch
      (durab decreased by 10)

      Manip Case 3:
      Normal ------ Steady Hand II
      Good --------- Basic Touch
      Normal ------ Manipulation
      Normal ------ Basic Touch
      Normal ------ Basic Touch
      Normal ------ Basic Touch
      (durab decreased by 10)

      - In Manip Case 1, the position of WN is inflexible. Therefore, you cannot make use of the "Good" condition for touches. In Case 2, Manip is used, and it results 10 less decrease of durab. In Case 3, the position of Manip is moved, so the 1st Basic Touch was able to take advantage of the "Good" condition. The resulting durab decrease is unchanged in the end.

      IMPORTANT: DO NOT use Manip when your durab is down to 10 or 5. Manip restores 10 durab AFTER each step. If you're only 1 step from having 0 durab, your item will reach 0 when you touch, and botch before Manip restores the 10 durab. The only exception is if you know you will immediately use a skill that does not consume durability after the Manip, like Steady Hand II. Then it's OK to let durab fall to 10 or 5 before using Manip.

      [​IMG] Hasty Touch (CUL) (0 CP) (a.k.a. HT)

      Yes, I know this skill has only 50% success rate. But it’s equal to a Basic Touch that requires no CP, and that just makes it useful in many ways. Most of the time, you wanna pair this up with Steady Hand (+20% success), or even better, with Steady Hand II (CUL lvl 37) (+30% success). Sometimes, you spent all your CPs, but still have some extra durability left. Then it really doesn’t hurt to test your luck even if you use it without Steady Hand. This skill is not that useful for 1 star & 2 star crafting due to its low fidelity, but it’s indispensable for 3 & 4 star crafting, when CP is a big issue.

      [​IMG] Careful Synthesis (WVR) (0 CP) (a.k.a. CS)

      Everyone knows the pain of Basic Syn having only 90% success rate. That 10% always gets to you at the wrong time, right? Well, sometimes you can get away with Careful Syn. It provides only 90% progress, but it has 100% fidelity. You can back-calculate to see if you can finish your craft with CS. Let’s say you know your Basic Syn gives 84 progress. Then 90% of 84 would be 75.6. Remember this: ALWAYS round off to the lower number, so in this case, CS gives 75 progress. If you can do your math right, you can use less Basic Syn. Therefore, in some cases, you may use one less Steady Hand and save 22 CP for an extra Basic Touch instead of a Hasty T. This skill, however, is completely replaced by Careful Syn II when you acquire it at WVR 50, which can be used for all lvl 50 classes.

      [​IMG] Trick of the Trade (ALC) (gain 20 CP) (a.k.a. TT)

      Trading a Good condition for 20 CP. We all love CP! It’s like free food! Everyone loves it! This skill is extremely helpful in so many ways, especially in 3 & 4 star crafting. But just be careful where you take your TTs. Over-taking of TTs at the wrong time will ruin your chances of touching. It’s like eating too much free pizzas, and you’ll end up getting sick.

      [​IMG] Rumination (CRP) (0 CP)

      Rumination turns an Inner Quiet stack into CP. At low levels, before you have Byregot’s Blessing, this is very useful. Together with a few lucky Tricks of T, Waste Not, Hasty T & Master Mend, you’ll be able to significantly lengthen your crafting rotation… and longer crafting rotation just means bigger chance of having more TTs, thus you’ll end up with a lot more CP and touch more in the process. You can have fewer than 250 CP, and still capable of touching 9 to 10 times on a 40 durab item (See spoiler below). Rum can just make the impossible become possible! Nevertheless, after you have acquired Byregot’s Blessing, you can completely ditch Rum. Both Rum & Byregot use up the IQ stack, so you can only pick either one, and Byregot is just better.

      IQ=1: 15 CP
      IQ=2: 24 CP
      IQ=3: 32 CP
      IQ=4: 39 CP
      IQ=5: 45 CP
      IQ=6: 50 CP
      IQ=7: 54 CP
      IQ=8: 57 CP

      Caimie's old school Rumination rotation before having Byregot:
      Spoiler Alert! (open)

      [​IMG] Ingenuity (BSM) (24 CP)

      Ingen lowers an item level so that both quality & progress are increased per touch or syn. It helps if you have no other skills to use, or if you're just lacking a tiny bit of craftsmanship to complete an item in 1 or 2 shots of synthesis. But the impact is small. So it's not a very useful skill in general. And when Ingen II kicks in at BSM lvl 50, Ingen I is almost completely replaced. Ingen II, however, is nearly necessary for anything beyond 1 star.

      [​IMG] Rapid Synthesis (ARM) (0 CP)

      50% chance of increasing progress by 250%. It’s more of a life saver to mend an error. It's not bad to have it in your arsenal if you have extra spaces in your cross class skill slots. But given a choice, I wouldn’t choose to use it even under Steady Hand II. [Note: Since Patch 2.4, this skill seems to be a valid tool to use for 4 star crafting or the making of i95 primal weapons (3.5 star), see Ch27.]

      Level 37 Cross Class Skills:

      [​IMG] Steady Hand II (CUL) (25 CP) (a.k.a. SH II)

      Increase success rate by 30% in the next 5 steps. This is pretty much the only important level 37 cross class skill, and it’s really worth your effort to get it. The extra 10% of success rate over Steady Hand is enormous. With this, you can have 100% fidelity with Basic Touches. DO NOT underestimate the importance of BTs. Some people tend to neglect BT when they have acquired Standard & Advanced Touch. But you need to know that having many BTs in a rotation is the key to a strong Byregot's Blessing. Therefore, 100% fidelity for your BTs means 100% fidelity for your Byregot's powers. It makes the HQ-ing of your items more consistent & predictable. SH II also makes your Hasty T slightly more secure than using SH, reaching up to 80% success rate, which is critical for 3 & 4star crafting.

      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
      Brand of Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Earth (15 CP)

      All these elemental synthesis… you can forget them for now. There are very few items in this game that has elemental aspects. Below ilvl 50, the only ones are the "Vintage" items. Any crafted items that starts with the word “Vintage", will have an elemental aspect. Progress of elemental items are HALVED. In such a case, elemental synthesis could help. But keep in mind that these Elemental Brands takes up 15 CP. If you have all those lvl 15 cross class skills above, you really don’t need these Brands of whatever. Just make sure you realize you need to save TWICE as much durability as you usually do on items of same level. [Note: Since Patch 2.3, these Brands are actually useful for crafting the newest i95 weapons (3.5 star items, see Ch27). These Brands are still useless before you reach that point though.]

      [​IMG] Flawless Synthesis (GSM)

      a.k.a. Useless Synthesis.

      Level 50 Cross Class Skills:

      [​IMG] Waste Not II (LTW) (96 CP) (a.k.a. WN II)

      Decreasing durab by half in the next 8 steps. Even though the 96 CP consumption makes it seem like something better than Waste Not (56 CP for 4 steps), in reality it's actually not. The problem of this skill comes from its inflexibility. Once it's activated, you need to do as much as possible within those 8 steps. As your SH/SH II only lasts 5 steps. There will be a few steps within WN II that are not covered by SH/SH II. If you spend a step for an extra SH, and then another step for TT, then you're left with only 6 steps. I mean, potentially, you could do SH II, WN II, touch x4, SH II, touch x3. But honestly, there are better rotations than this. In WN, you spend 56 CP, and it lasts 4 steps. So it's equal to 14 CP per step. In WN II, you spend 96 CP, but if it only last 7 steps (due to an extra SH inside), it's still equal to 14 CP anyway. If you take a TT, and end up with 6 steps, it's equal to 16 CP per steps, so you might as well use WN instead. Thus, even though this is theoretically the most CP efficient skill, in reality it is perhaps the most useless level 50 Cross Class Skill.

      [​IMG] Innovation (GSM) (18 CP)

      Increases base control by 50% for the next 3 steps (including control gained from food, but excluding control gained from Inner Q). Needless to say, this skill is golden. The best combo I love is Great S, SH, Innov, Adv T, Great S, Adv T, Great S, SH, Innov, Adv T. If you have sufficient stats, it’s one of the fastest ways to push quality up on a low level item within 3 touches. Apart from this quick 3 touch use, Innov is also a wonderful skill to be used before a Byregot. If planned well, sometimes you can even share one Innov between the Byregot and the touch before the Byregot by fitting a Great Strides in between.

      [​IMG] Careful Synthesis II (WVR) (0 CP) (a.k.a. CS II)

      100% success rate, 120% progress. Can anything get better than this? Once you have this, you can completely substitute the Basic Syn button for any level 50 crafting class with this. Congrats! You can now remove the ever-annoying Basic Syn button (a.k.a. BS button, yes, it’s absolute BS) for eternity!

      [​IMG] Comfort Zone (ALC) (66 CP) (a.k.a. CZ)

      Investment of 66 CP, but gain back 8 CP for each step in the next 10 steps, i.e. gaining back 80 CP, resulting in a net gain of 14 CP in the end. When my friend first got this, she was like, “This is so useless! All that hard work for ALC 50 just for a few CP? I regret taking ALC!” I was like, “Are you serious? 14 CP is a lot!” At high levels of crafting, even 1 CP is important. We overmeld materia like crazy on our gear just to squeeze out that 1 extra CP. So pls don’t complain about a free 14 CP. I can’t say CZ is necessary, but it is very important for anything beyond 1 star. In 3 & 4 star crafting, think about using this 2x! Just be VERY careful to make sure you have enough steps to gain back the invested CP. If you miss 1 step, you only get back 72 CP, thus only a net gain of 6 CP. If you miss 2 steps, you actually lose 2 CP with this skill.

      [​IMG] Byregot’s Blessing (CRP) (24 CP) (a.k.a. BB)

      Increases quality at 100% efficiency, plus 20% for each bonus to control granted by Inner Quiet, performed at a success rate of 90%... Turning a big IQ stack into a single ultra-powerful touch at the cost of only 24 CP. BB is almost every crafter’s favorite. I call this the “Kamehameha” (google this if you don’t know what it is) of crafting. It’s true! You build up a stack of IQ, set up different buffs like Great S, Innov, Ingen etc., then BOOM, you send out your BB and fill up like half the quality bar all the way till 100%. It is definitely a skill that is cool as hell. This is a critical skill for anything beyond 1 star.
      Kamehameha! (open)

      [​IMG] Ingenuity II (BSM) (32 CP)

      Decrease item level for the next 5 steps, resulting in the increase of the power of both touches & synthesis. While WN is better than WN II, Ingen II is actually better than Ingen. You can get away with not using Ingen or Ingen II for 1 star 80 durab items. But you can’t get away with Ingen II for 1 star 40 durab, 2 star or higher. The more difficult an item is, the more important this skill becomes. The bonus quality it adds is small, but the progress per synthesis is almost doubled with Ingen II for 1 & 2 star items.

      [​IMG] Piece by Piece (ARM) (15 CP)

      Completing 1/3 remaining progress in one step at 90% success rate, ignoring craftsmanship and/or buffs. This skill was useless before Patch 2.2, since everything could be one or two-shotted under Ingen II back then. Probably that’s why they made it useful now for 3 & 4 star crafting. Don’t try to use this skill under Ingen II. It won’t make a difference. This skill is also essential for high level furniture. Without this, you cannot complete the very difficult 3 or 4-star furniture.

      [​IMG] Reclaim (CUL) (55 CP)

      90% chance of reclaiming your mats when synthesis fails. The idea of retrieving mats may be considered when we deal with much more precious mats for 2 star or 3 star crafting. However, the 2 problems of Reclaim are that it costs WAY too much CP (55 CP) and it only has a 90% success rate. When we deal with 3 star crafting, usually we do not know if we can HQ it or not until we finished our Byregot. But when we actually see our final quality being too low after the Byregot, we'll have no CP left to Reclaim. In contrast, if we try to Reclaim earlier, then it practically consumes all your CP and RUINS the rest of the synthesis (The true art of "Reclaim or not" lies in your ability to predict how much quality you can gain from the Byregot phase depending on how many IQ stacks you have & what buffs you can use with your remaining CP. Please visit the data chart in Ch28 for quality prediction calculations, and then use the graph in Ch8 to predict the final HQ rate. If your final HQ rate is way below 60%, you can consider Reclaim instead of proceeding to the Byregot phase. You may also try using this crafting simulator to help predict the outcome: http://www.ffxivcrafter.com/crafting.php). Sometimes the mats are so precious that it's absolutely devastating when we lose everything from a failed Reclaim. Yet, this is not uncommon with the notorious RNG (my life-time enemy!). I have lost a Cashmere Fleece before with Reclaim. Another friend of mine tried to Reclaim a Cashmere Robe of Casting once, and lost EVERYTHING. So the Reclaim button is asking us: "Do you wanna go on NQ this? Or do you wanna risk losing everything so that you may have a chance to try again?" Is this a useful skill? You decide.

      Ch11: Crafting Conditions

      During crafting, you will encounter different "crafting conditions". There are 4 types of conditions:
      1) Normal
      2) Good
      3) Excellent
      4) Poor
      Conditions have nothing to do with synthesis (i.e. progress), and has everything to do with touches (i.e. quality). These are basics, so please visit some basic crafting guides if you need help. Good conditions pops up at about 1/4 chance (which feels like 1/6). Excellent pops up at about 1/20 chance.

      Rules of Thumb for Conditions:

      Conditions Rule 1 - After a Good condition, it's always followed by a Normal condition.

      Conditions Rule 2 - After an Excellent, it's always followed by a Poor, and then a Normal.

      Conditions Rule 3 - A touch at a Good condition adds extra 50% CURRENT QUALITY. Innovation, in contrast, adds extra 50% BASE CONTROL. When Inner Quiet (IQ) is 1, they are almost identical. However, when IQ is more than 1, Good condition will always give a higher bonus. Therefore, if you're about to use Innov before a touch but encounters a Good condition, skip the Innov. Even if you plan to have Ingen II after Innov to further buff your Byregot, the bonus coming from a Good condition is still better, provided that the IQ stack is high (like 6 or above). Therefore, usually, Good > Innov + Ingen II.

      Conditions Rule 4 - A touch at an Excellent condition gives 4x quality of that from a touch at Normal condition. Therefore, if you're about to use any kind of buff before a touch or a Byregot, even if it's Great Strides or Ingen II, skip it. Do your Byregot first, then use your Ingen II afterward if necessary.

      Conditions Rule 5 - A Basic Touch under Good condition (150% efficiency) is more powerful than a Standard Touch under Normal condition (125% efficiency). Therefore, in some situations, it is better to not take a Trick of the Trade, but use the Good condition for a touch if you're not in desperate need of CP.

      Ch12: Generating a Crafting Rotation by Combining Skills & Conditions

      Basic crafting rotations usually consists of 4 approaches:

      Approach 1 - Before you even have cross class skills, you want to use the "baiting" method to land most of your touches on "Good" conditions. Please see the following mini guide for details:
      "Tricks" for beginner crafters lvl 20 or lower

      Approach 2 - To be wasteful in CP, but pushes out the strongest touches within the shortest time. Each 10 durab spent will be used to greatly increase quality. This approach is used when you have sufficient stats.

      e.g. of a combo using this approach, where the Innovation is applied onto both Advanced Touches:
      Inner Quiet
      Great Strides
      Steady Hand
      Advanced Touch
      Great Strides
      Advanced Touch

      This combo burns all your CP fast, but also pushes quality extremely fast by maximizing the strongest quality skills. If you have enough CP, you can repeat this combo twice in a rotation.

      Approach 3 - To be extremely conserving in CP, by pushing out as many weak touches as possible to build up a high Inner Quiet stack. Then spend most of the CP on recovering durability, and then continue to push out more touches until finally use Rumination to recover one last pool of CP, before finishing up with the last few touches (without Inner Quiet) and synthesis. This approach is used before Byregot's Blessing is acquired.

      e.g. of a rotation with this approach please see "Rumination" in the above chapter. It basically utilizes a combo similar to this:
      Steady Hand II
      Waste Not
      Hasty Touch
      Hasty Touch
      Hasty Touch
      Hasty Touch
      ...where one Hasty Touch could be replaced by Trick of Trade if a "Good" condition pops up.

      Approach 4 - To be extremely conserving in CP, by pushing out as many weak touches as possible to build up a high Inner Quiet stack. Then spend most of the CP on a "Byregot phase", where you activate multiple buffs to power-up your Byregot's Blessing, releasing your "Kamehameha". This approach is used after Byregot's Blessing is acquired.

      e.g. of a classic "Byregot phase":
      Steady Hand
      Great Strides
      Ingenuity II
      Byregot's Blessing

      e.g. of a "Byregot phase" with a Standard Touch buffed by the Innovation inside, and buffed by an extra Great Strides outside:
      Great Strides
      Steady Hand
      Standard Touch
      Great Strides
      Byregot's Blessing

      Ch13: Leveling Crafting Classes

      There are many ways to level up your crafting classes. The most common ones include the following:

      - Ch13A: Tradecraft Leves

      The fastest but also the most expensive way to level crafting is by "Leves". Leves for crafting classes are called "Tradecraft Leves", which can be taken from the "Levemete" guy in the Adventure Guild of every major city. The available Tradecraft Leves in each city corresponds to the crafting class which you can pick up from that city. Therefore, GSM, WVR & ALC leves will be in Uldah's Adventure Guild. BSM, ARM, CUL leves will be in Limsa etc.

      In Tradecraft Leves, the Levemete will ask you to submit certain crafted items to a particular guy in town or out of town, and you will earn crafting exp in exchange. Any HQ items you submit will earn you double exp. Thus, to conserve your leves allowances, it's always better to submit HQ. However, if you have a lot of leves allowances to spare, and if the NQ just happened to be something that can be easily obtained through certain guild supplier/vendor, you may consider submitting a large amount of NQ items instead.

      There are 3 types of Tradecraft Leves:

      (1) Repeatable leves: This type of leves usually requests a total of 3 identical items, and then after you submitted them, the guy will ask if you want to submit more. If you pick no, the leves ends here. But if you click yes, you can submit 3 more items. After that, the guy will ask you 1 last time if you want to submit more, and you can submit for the 3rd time. This whole process of 3 submissions will only cost you 1 leves allowance. Hence "repeatable". This type of leves is good if you have a lot of that particular item for submission, like ingots, lumbers or even fishes, which you may have a stack of 30 to 99 in hand. If the requested item is actually a gear/accessory, then it is not so ideal as it'll be very inconvenient to make and carry them. Also, this type of leves tend to give slightly less exp than the other 2 below.

      (2) Local leves (non-repeatable): This type of leves requests only 1 item to be submitted to a guy in the same city. This is usually my favorite type of leves, as you don't need to make too many items, and the submission is local, making it convenient. Even though we call it "non-repeatable", you can actually take it as many times as you want. But it'll cost you 1 leves allowance each time.

      (3) Traveling leves (non-repeatable): This type of leves requests only 1 item to be submitted to a guy in a nearby town. This type of leves gives the best exp per item, but it can be costly if too much traveling is involved. Similar to local leves, it costs 1 leves allowance each time, but you can do it as many times as you wish.

      - Ch13B: Grand Company Supply/Provisioning Missions

      Apart from Tradecraft leves, Grand Company (GC) supply/provisioning missions are also a great way to level crafting & earn GC seals:

      (1) If you hand in an HQ item, the exp & GC seals earned will be doubled.
      (2) If the requested item has a gold star marked next to it, then the reward earned is also doubled.
      (3) If the item has a gold star, and you hand in HQ, then the reward earned is QUADRUPLED (4x)! And this is one of the fastest way to earn GC seals!

      Even after maxing all my crafting classes, I still occasionally do these provisions to earn GC seals. If I am out of time, I'd just do the ones marked with the gold stars.

      - Ch13C: Crafting Logs

      The most solid way to level your crafting classes is the most classic way - just by crafting out every single item on your crafting log. Do not underestimate this. Yes, this is a longer path comparing with Leves, but this is also the most solid way for you to actually learn how to craft. Back then, I was a silly noob who didn't even know about the existence of Leves. Thus I leveled 4 classes to level 50 without doing a single leves. But because of that, I became good at crafting. Up until now, the most successful crafters I know are still the ones who actually took the time to craft out every single item on their crafting logs. In fact, this is also a superb way to earn money. Most of the time, I used my Miner/Botanist to gather huge amounts of ores/logs, and I would craft out a whole stack of HQ ingots/lumbers. Sure, you can quicksyn too, but quicksyn is also a very wasteful action. It burns though your mats and shards, but only gets about 1/4 of exp comparing to manual crafting where you push quality. I highly recommend you practice your crafting on HQ ingots & lumbers. Sell the HQ ones for money, use the failed NQ ones for making HQ gear/weapons/tools, going through the crafting log. Then sell all those HQ items as well. You will become a better crafter this way, and you will be EARNING MONEY while leveling.

      - Ch13D : Ixali Beast Quests

      Since Patch 2.3, Ixali Beast Quests have been added in the game. The reasons to do these quests are:
      (1) You can get crafting exp if you're not level 50 yet.
      (2) You can earn oaknots for buying precious crafting mats (especially Ehcatl Sealant which can only be obtained from the Ixali tribe).
      (3) You can get the Ehcatl Smithing Gloves, which saves you from overmelding multiple class-specific end-game gloves.

      Unlike other beast quests, Ixali quests consist of much crafting & gathering tasks. You'll be asked to craft many items using the Ehcatl Wristgloves that were given to you at the beginning.

      The gathering tasks only require low level gathering classes, but the crafting part gets pretty hard towards higher ranks.

      (Rank 1) Neutral 150
      (Rank 2) Recognized 360
      (Rank 3) Friendly 510
      (Rank 4) Trusted 720
      (Rank 5) Respected 990
      (Rank 6) Honored 1320
      (Rank 7) Sworn

      At Respected, you’ll be able to take 3 quests in Mor Dhona. You obtain 1 oaknots per quest, and up to a total of 3 oaknots per day.

      At Honored, in addition to the 3 Mor Dhona quests above, you’ll be taking 3 quests in Coerthas Highland, and obtained 6 extra oaknots/day (2/quest). This makes Honored rank able to gain up to 9 oaknots a day.

      At Sworn, you’ll be able to buy Ehcatl Smithing Gloves (10 oaknots) & Ehcatl Sealant (8 oaknots, see later Chapter), which is a key item for obtaining the new Artisan's Offhands/Apron/Mitts/Culottes/Sandals (see Ch25).

      Tips for Young Crafters on Ixali Quests

      Ixali Tips 1: Use a level 50 crafting class to craft out your quest items, but switch to your lower crafting classes before you hand in your quests. This way, you can easily handle the quests, but gain benefits of exp for your lower classes.

      Ixali Tips 2: At Rank 5 (Respected), a handicap will be placed onto you to ban you from using any cross class skills. My way of doing it was to use Weaver. I simply push quality with Great S + Advanced T under Steady H, and then let Careful Syn II finishes up with ease.

      Ixali Tips 3: At Rank 6 (Honored), you'll receive either cross class handicap or CP handicap. Things like Isolator Components are quite demanding in quality for the CP handicap that the quests impose on us (Since Patch 2.5, they have significantly reduced the difficulty of Isolator Components. It may be good news for you, but I think they removed even the only challenge in Ixali, making it extremely boring now.). Make sure you DO NOT activate multiple crafting facilities at the same time. The CP handicap will stack, and you’ll end up with like 99 CP if you take up more than 1 crafting facility. After you finished each component, right-click onto the facility icon at the top of your screen to dismiss it before you take up the next component. There will not be enough CP for Comfort Z for these quests, so skip that. Start with Inner Q, and do your best to build a small IQ stack using Steady H II, Waste Not & Hasty T. Take some Tricks if you can, and push out a Byregot with Great S to wrap it up (You may not even need this anymore... too easy now).

      Ch14: Builder of the Realm - The True Beginning of a Crafter

      The REAL FUN of crafting only just begins after you have acquired all level 50s, and obtaining the title "Builder of the Realm". Unlike a DoW/DoM job, which has only a few cross class skills, any level 50 crafting class is allowed to have like 10 cross class skills. Why? Because that’s what high level crafting is all about! It’s all about how you come up with a way to mix & match these skills to HQ that crafted item! This is why the real fun begins only after you have acquired ALL the different Cross Class Skills. You now have all the "tools" you need for your crafting career!

      Below is a flow chart for you to see what's coming in your near future:

      Ch15: Acquisition of End-Game Crafting Gear

      This may be a difficult task for a fresh lvl 50, or even for a fresh "Builder of the Realm" who does not have the proper gear yet. It's a chicken/egg problem. You need crafting power to craft your own gear so that you have the crafting power.

      (1) I recommend buying the Militia Offhand from the Market Board (or asking someone to make it for you). The offhand will provide a lot of extra craftsmanship & control, which will help a lot in the making of 1 star items.
      (2) A level 50 WVR will also help a lot here, since a strong WVR can craft a good number of end-game crafting gear.

      Your end-game crafting gear are only 1 star 80 durab items (like Weaver's Gibus, Weaver's Gloves, Weaver's Swallowtail etc.), and they're relatively easy comparing to the 1 star 40 durab items (Twinthread, Darksteel Nugget, Hippogryph Leather etc.). Try to gather as much HQ mats as you can and then make your own HQ gear. Even though you may not be able to HQ the Twinthread, you may still be able to HQ your end-game crafting gear. Once you have produced enough gear, your crafting power will be increased much, and you may be able to HQ the 1 star 40 durab mats. And with HQ 1 star 40 durab mats, it'll be a lot easier to HQ the remaining of your end-game gear.

      To acquire HQ 1 star 40 durab mats (like HQ Twinthread, HQ Rose Gold Nugget etc). You may choose to directly buy these HQ mats from market board (MB), or you can try to make your own. To make them yourself, it helps to have HQ raw mats (i.e. HQ Crawler Cocoon, HQ Gold Ore etc). Again, to obtain HQ raw mats, you may choose to buy from MB, or you can gather them yourself. To gather HQ raw mats, it requires a geared-up level 50 Miner/Botanist (please visit Caimie's Unspoiled Gathering Guide: http://ffxivrealm.com/guides/ff14-unspoiled-gathering-guide-by-caimie-tsukino.44/). Sadly, it runs into a chicken/egg problem again as you need crafting powers to make end-game gathering gear. It is very hard for a fresh level 50 MIN/BTN who does not possess end-game gathering gear to gather Unspoiled Mats. There's no real solution to this. If you have enough cash to buy some HQ raw mats, you may do so and try to make your own gear. Otherwise, it might be easier to send mats to an established crafter so that she/he can help you out a bit. Once your gathering classes are geared up, and you have better access to free raw mats, then you can afford to practice on making HQ Twinthread, HQ Rose Gold Nugget etc. With a better supply of these mats, you should have no problem making all your end-game gear for every class. Visit Ch27 for hints on crafting rotations for all these items.

      If you have the Ehcatl Smithing Gloves, you may choose to use this instead of the class-specific gloves. It saves you the trouble of overmelds. The Ehcatl Smithing Gloves can be shared by all classes. It provides 3 more control than fully melded class-specific gloves, but 3 fewer CP.

      Ch16: Materia Overmelds (a.k.a. Forbidden Melds) on End-Game Crafting Gear

      (*By popular demand, I have written a new Overmeld Guide for both crafting and gathering:
      Feel free to visit the above guide for more information.)

      When you are getting close to end-game crafting, it is inevitable that you will need to meld materias onto your final HQ crafting gear.

      What is "Overmeld (or Forbidden Meld)"?

      Overmeld is to meld more materia onto a gear than the number of materia slots that the gear has.

      In this game, most clothing have only 2 materia slots, accessories have 1 slot, vintage items have 3 slots, and head/chest combined or pants/boots combined armors have 4 slots. However, ANY item that has at least 1 slot actually allows a maximum of 5 materia to be melded on it. Melding of materia into slots is an action that is 100% guaranteed success, while any more melds beyond that are "overmelds", and the chance of success is dramatically reduced. When an overmeld fails, the gear remains intact, but the materia is destroyed.

      Overmeld is the worst thing for a crafter. It practically drains all that hard-work money you gain each day within a few minutes.

      However, despite being expensive as hell, it is very important that you try your best to max out the stats cap when you overmeld a piece of crafting gear. In the past, we had to overmeld the i55 AF gear (Artifact gear, a.k.a. standard end game gear) of all 8 classes, each has 6 pieces of class-specific gear. It was insane, and it put us all into bankruptcy. Fortunate for you new crafters, S-E has now given out a lot of help to avoid the need of doing so.

      Your i55 AF hat will later be substituted by the "Artisan's Spectacles (i70)" (see the "Artisan Crafting Tools/Spectacles" chapter below), so it's fine not to meld it to max.

      If you have Ehcatl Smithing Gloves, you may skip the melds of class-specific gloves, and just use the Ixali ones. The Ehcatl gloves provide 3 more control & 3 fewer CP than the fully melded class-specific gloves. But its advantage is that it can be shared among all classes, saving the trouble of melding 8 pairs of gloves.

      The old i55 Militia offhand is designed that you cannot max out all the stats, so it becomes the one signature piece that makes a crafter UNIQUE. You can be high in control or in craftsmanship. You can also add up to 3 extra CP on the offhand if you want (see "The Offhand" chapter below). However, this will eventually be replaced by the new "Artisan's Offhand". So avoid overspending on overmelding this old offhand. Use only Tier III materia or lower.

      With the exception of the above (hat, gloves, Militia offhand), you should overmeld other gear to max for ONE CLASS only. This one class will allow you to:
      (1) complete the Ixali Beast Quests so that you can acquire the shared Ehcatl Smithing Gloves,
      (2) craft out necessary turn-in items so that you can acquire the Artisan's Specs, the new "Shared, Unmeldable i70 Artisan's Gear" (Artisan's Gown, Artisan's Chausses, Artisan's Pattens) & Artisan's Mainhand Tools.
      With the above gear, you can then escape from the need of overmelding other classes.

      Since Patch 2.4, Artisan's Mitts/Culottes/Sandals (i60, meldable) have been added to the game (see Ch25). And in Patch 2.5, they even added the Artisan's Apron (i60, meldable). These are currently the strongest end-game crafting gear that can be shared by all classes, and will eventually replace the i55 class-specific gloves/pants/boots. But they're 4 star recipes (see Ch24) that require 3 Ehcatl Sealants (see Ch25, 26) & 1 Mastercraft Demimateria (see Ch21). So it is impossible for a fresh Builder of the Realm to acquire them, unless he/she seeks help from the best crafters on their server. If you are able to obtain these items, it's a wonderful thing, because once overmelded to max, these are the BiS (Best in Slot) gear in the game right now that are shared by all classes. However, Ehcatl Sealants & Mastercraft Demimateria are very difficult to acquire (see Ch21 Desynthesis & Ch26 Ehcatl Sealant). Furthermore, each fully-melded Artisan's Mitts/Culottes/Sandals only provide 3 extra control over a fully-melded original class-specific gear, thus they're only a slight step up. The Artisan's Apron, however, does provide significantly higher stats than the i55 class-specific chest.

      New Artisan's Offhands (i70) have also been added in Patch 2.4. In contrast to the Mitts/Culottes/Sandals, these new offhands are much more powerful than the old Militia offhands. However, they're 3 star recipes that require 6 Ehcatl Sealants to make. So again, you will need to provide the mats to a strong 3 star crafter to do it for you. These offhands are class-specific, so you will have to meld 8 times for all 8 classes.

      Since fresh Builder of the Realms had no way to produce Mastercraft Demimateria (except by buying), they had no way of acquiring the new i60 meldable Artisan's gear, thus they were still facing the problem of having to overmeld many i55 class-specific gear. To fight this problem, in Patch 2.5, S-E introduced the new "Shared, Unmeldable Artisan's Gear (i70)" to bridge the gap between i55 gear & the extravagant i60 meldable Artisan gear. These new i70 gear are not crafted, but are obtained from Talan at Rev Toll by turning in HQ 2.5 star items, like HQ Silver Brocade. Although these are i70 gear, they are actually weaker than the meldable i60 gear after melding. In fact, these i70 gear are even weaker than fully-melded i55 gear by a very slight bit. However, it is a very nice addition to the game because: (i) it is cheap! - acquisition cost is low, and requires no materia melds; (ii) once acquired, it can be shared by all classes, saving the trouble to overmeld 8 classes' i55 gear. Crafters who cannot afford the Mastercraft Demimateria for the meldable i60 Artisan's gear can now focus on overmelding i55 gear of only 1 favorite class (including maxing out the shared accessories), and have that one class strong enough to (1) craft out HQ 2 star 40 durab items to acquire Master Recipe, (2) craft out HQ 2.5 star items to acquire these i70 gear to power up all their remaining classes. (see Ch25). With these gear and Artisan's mainhand tools/specs, one can already proceed to 3 star crafting as long as they have some slight melds on their Militia Offhands.


      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      The old Militia Spinning Wheel (HQ) provides 107 craftsmanship & 61 control. The new Artisan's Spinning Wheel (HQ) in Patched 2.4 provides 139 craftsmanship & 78 control. Thus, 32 extra craftsmanship & 17 control... a gigantic leap of power!

      Since Patch 2.3, new crafting belt, choker and earrings have been introduced in desynthesis recipes of GSM & LTW (see Ch21 Desynthesis). As you can see from the above table, the stats cap for those items differ from the old accessories.

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      The old Raptorskin Merchant's Purse (HQ) does not provide any CP, but can add up to 3 CP from melds. The new Dodore Belt (HQ), similarly, can add up to 3 CP from melds.

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      The old Electrum Choker (HQ) comes with 30 CP, with 6 additional CP from melds. The new Rose Gold Choker (HQ) comes with 32 CP, with the same 6 additional CP from melds.

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      The old Red Coral Earrings (HQ) comes with 28 CP, with 5 additional CP from melds. The new Mosshorn Earrings (HQ) comes with 32 CP, with 6 additional CP from melds.

      In conclusion, these new accessories offer an extra 7 CP comparing with the old ones. Thus, before Patch 2.3, the maximum achievable CP value was 348 (or 391 after using Bouillabaisse HQ). After Patch 2.3, the maximum achievable CP value is 355 (or 398 after using Bouillabaisse HQ).

      As mentioned before, each of your crafting gear can add up to 5 materia in total. Hat, Chest, Gloves, Pants and Boots (LEFT gear) have 2 slots for materia that allows melds with 100% success rate. On the 3rd meld, 4th meld & 5th meld, each meld will have your success rate reduced by a lot in a non-linear regression (shown in diagram below). You can imagine you may need about 15 to 20 materia to get the last meld successful. For accessories (RIGHT gear) and the belt, they have only 1 slot, so it's even harder to overmeld.

      Technically speaking, tier of materia actually have a slight effect on melding success rate (comparison of the lines in the graph below). However, the difference is as small as 1 to 6%. If you're melding a Tier IV materia on your 1st overmeld, success rate is 29%. If it is a Tier III, it's 35%. If it's a Tier II, 41%. If it's a Tier I, 45%. However, a difference of 4 - 6% in S-E's retarded RNG is almost meaningless. It feels like whatever % you get, you'll still fail a lot anyway.


      Overmeld Rules of Thumb:

      Overmeld Rule 1 - Most expensive goes first - ALWAYS meld the most expensive materia first. Therefore, PLAN all your melds ahead, and determine the sequence of melds according to the prices you see on the Market Board.

      Overmeld Rule 2 - Higher Tier goes first - Each overmeld will always become harder than the previous. But a lower level materia will always have a slightly better success rate (shown above), so they should be added later. E.g. on the 3th overmeld, a Tier III has 11% success rate, and a Tier II has 13% success rate. But on the 4th overmeld, both Tier III & II are having as low as 7 to 8% success rates. So if you do Tier III first, and then Tier II, you get 11% & 8%. If you do Tier II first, then Tier III, you get 13% & 7%. The Tier III with 7% will really suffer from low success rate. This is why it is usually better to save the lower level materia for later. However, if a Tier II materia is more expensive than a Tier III (e.g. Command II is more expensive than Competence III on some servers), then you should still meld the Tier II first... i.e. RULE 1 > RULE 2.

      For more information about overmelds, please visit:
      Caimie's Overmelding Guide

      Ch17: The Offhand

      Since Patch 2.4, new Artisan Offhands (i70) have been added to game. However, the cost of these offhands are extremely high due to the requirement of 6 Ehcatl Sealants and because it is a difficult 3 star item. I suggest you stick with the old Militia Offhands first, and have them "partially melded" with Tier III materia or lower only if you plan to transition into the new offhands later. Save all the Tier IV materia for the Artisan's Offhands. Keep doing Ixali Beast Quests to acquire Ehcatl Sealants, until you become a prominent 3 star crafter to take on the task of making your own Artisan's Offhands. Alternatively, once you have collected all the mats, seek help from a very strong 3 star crafter to get you the new Artisan Offhands before you start overmelding with the Tier IV materia.

      Overmelding of the old Militia Offhands (i55)

      Below are offhand builds that suit the old Militia Offhands - as a mean of TRANSITION before you are able to acquire the Artisan's Offhands.

      High Craftsmanship Build (11+ craftsmanship):

      Command III (+3 control)
      Competence III (+5 craft)
      Competence III (+5 craft)
      Competence II/III (+4/+5 craft)
      (last slot open)

      After acquisition of the "Supra Tool", people can have craftsmanship above 415 if they have at least 11 craftsmanship melded on their Militia Offhands. In 3 star crafting, this high craftsmanship results in 75 progress per Careful Syn II under Ingen II, which in turn allows the substitution of a "Piece by Piece" by a Careful Syn II under Ingen II. Normally, it takes 2x PBP + 3x CS II under Ingen II to complete a 3 star item. With 415 craftsmanship, you may use just 1x PBP + 4x CS II under Ingen II. Thus, increasing fidelity, and freeing 15 CP. Together with the extra CP from the new accessories, it's sufficient to use an extra Basic Touch.

      Thus, for a high craftsmanship offhand build (11+ craftsmanship), although your touches will be weaker, you will have very high flexibility on ways to craft things.

      - Some of the strongest High Craftsmanship Builds on Militia Offhands that reach 11+ craftsmanship. However, there's no need to make Militia Offhands this strong now because of the new Artisan's Offhands that will eventually replace them.

      High Control + Extra CP Build

      Command III (+3 control)
      Command III (+3 control)
      Competence III (+5 craftsmanship)
      Cunning II or III (+2/+3 CP)
      (last slot open)

      Although it sounds ridiculous, but I have found a good use for 2 extra CP squeezed out from the offhand in 3 star crafting back in Patch 2.2. It allowed me to substitute one Hasty T with a Basic T when the condition allows. And that just means a lot more fidelity for the final Byregot.

      However, since Patch 2.3, the new accessories (Rose Gold Choker & Mosshorn Earrings) offer 7 extra CP. With this change, the 2 or 3 extra CP from offhand no longer give as much an edge. At this point, it seems wiser to add more craftsmanship or control instead.

      - Caimie's favorite offhand build for 3 star crafting back in Patch 2.2 - the "High Control + Extra CP" build. However, the function of the extra CP has diminished in Patch 2.3 due to the extra CP that came from the new Rose Gold Choker & Mosshorn Earrings.

      Offhand Rules of Thumbs (old Militia Offhands):

      Craftsmanship on Offhand:
      (1) 5 craftsmanship = enough for most basic items & 3 star items.
      (2) 6 craftsmanship = enough for i95 primal weapons if Supra Tool is acquired (hitting 410 craftsmanship)
      (3) 11 craftsmanship = enough for a better rotation for 3 star crafting if Supra Tool is acquired (hitting 415 total craftsmanship).

      CP on Offhand:
      (1) Before acquisition of Rose Gold Choker & Mosshorn Earrings, 2 extra CP from offhand is beneficial to 3 star crafting.
      (2) After total CP has gone over 347 (390 after eating Bouillabaisse HQ), extra CP from offhand is not that beneficial.

      Control on Offhand:
      - As many as you can get!

      Overmelding of the new Artisan's Offhands (i70)

      Unlike the old Militia Offhands, due to the strict requirements for 4 star crafting, the new Artisan's Offhands melds are quite inflexible. It's almost a universal thing to meld in the following way to satisfy 4 star requirements:

      Command IV (+4 control)
      Craftsmanship III/IV (+5/+6 craft)
      Craftsmanship III/IV (+5/+6 craft)
      Craftsmanship III (+5 craft)
      (last slot open)

      Most of us currently leave the last spot open in case we need certain stats in future patches.

      Before Patch 2.5 which the Artisan's Apron was added, the melding of 15 craftsmanship on the Artisan's Offhand results in a total of 451 craftsmanship, just enough to fulfill the minimum requirement for 4 star crafting. The melding of 17 craftsmanship results in a total of 453 craftsmanship, allowing the use of alternative rotations for 4 star crafting & i95 Primal Weapon crafting (see Ch27).

      After Patch 2.5, 453 craftsmanship can be achieved with the help of the Artisan's Apron, as well as with the help of the new Lucis Crafting Tools. Thus, you don't have to meld as much as 17 craftsmanship on the Artisan's Offhand anymore to access those alternative rotations. However, I would still recommend melding at least 15 craftsmanship on the offhand, as S-E probably expected us to have at least 15 craftsmanship there. It is possible that they may release new recipes that require very high craftsmanship to access.

      Command IV & Competence IV are so expensive! Is it really worth buying one to make the offhand?

      If you intend to go as far as 3 & 4 star, the answer is yes, you should use Tier IV for the Artisan's Offhands. For the Militia Offhands, since they're only a transition, you may get away with less powerful materia.

      Ch18: Spiritbonding to Make Your Own Materia vs Buying

      Many people consider buying materia too expensive. Is there another way to obtain those expensive materia? Indeed, spiritbonding crafting tools/gear, then convert into materia is a viable option. All level 48, 49, 50 tools/gears like the Patrician's Coatee or Gloves can be converted into Tier III/ Tier IV crafting materia. They usually turn into Tier III, but once every ~10 times, you'll get a Tier IV. However, the process of generating your own materia is much slower than buying. In my opinion, it's much faster to aim at making a ton of gil, and then buy materia from the Market Board when you see that the price is right. Personally, I do BOTH ways - I actively spiritbond my own materia as well as buying from the MB.

      There are a few tricks in spiritbonding that you need to know:

      Spiritbond Rule (1) - Make sure the gear that you're spiritbonding is HQ. HQ gear bonds a lot faster than NQ.

      Spiritbond Rule (2) - Melding/Overmeld ANY materia on a gear will make it spiritbond faster. I always meld 2 to 3 elemental tier I or Cunning I materia on my Patrician's Coatee to accelerate the process.

      Spiritbond Rule (3) - You may wear crafting gear in dungeons to spiritbond them.

      Spiritbond Rule (4) - Avoid spiritbonding tools/gear that are too high in item level. i55 items are very hard to spiritbond, but they don't give better chances of a Tier IV materia than an i50 or i48.

      Ch19: Master Recipe Books

      Since Patch 2.2, Master Recipe Books have been added to the game. These recipe books contain the super exciting 3 star recipes, as well as a few special 2 star recipes (a.k.a. 2.5 star items) that is needed to obtain the Artisan Crafting Tools & Artisan's Spectacles. You should NOT be making 3 star items until you have Artisan Tools & Specs (or Artisan's Offhand + Specs).

      To obtain Master Recipe Books, you need find a guy called "Talan" at the upper left corner of Revenant's Toll, and turn-in the following:

      WVR: 5 Vanya Silk HQ
      GSM: 5 Rose Gold Ingot HQ
      BSM: 5 Darksteel Ingot HQ
      ARM: 5 Darksteel Ingot HQ
      CRP: 5 Treated Spruce lumber HQ
      LTW: 5 Hard Hippogryph Leather HQ
      ALC: 5 Growth Formula Delta Concentrate HQ
      CUL: 5 Sauteed Coeurl HQ
      (Visit Ch27 for tips on how to craft these items.)

      Ch20: Artisan Crafting Tools / Artisan's Spectacles

      Since Patch 2.2, Artisan Mainhand Tools/Specs have been added to the game for 3 star crafting. Artisan Tools (i70) are your 3rd-most powerful class-specific crafting tools in the game, and Artisan's Specs (i70) is currently still the strongest head gear that can be shared by all crafting classes.

      Artisan Tools offer 32 more craftsmanship & 17 more control than the original lvl 50 class quest mainhand tool, which is A LOT!

      Artisan Tools/Specs are obtained from "Talan" again at Rev Toll. To obtain an Artisan Tool for a class, you must possess the corresponding Master Recipe Book, and produce the following 2 star items to exchange for the tool.

      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

      *Since Patch 2.45, the required HQ items for obtaining Artisan Tools have been dramatically reduced from 50 to "8, 10 or 20". S-E did this to encourage people obtaining all Artisan Tools before Supra Tools. Also, the previous advantages of CUL & ALC in Artisan Specs production have been eliminated.

      Artisan's Needle: 8 Silver Brocade HQ (2 Twinthread, 1 Silver Ingot)
      Artisan's Chocobotail Saw: 8 Spruce Plywood HQ (1 Spruce Lumber, 2 Horn Glue)
      Artisan's Cross-pein Hammer: 10 Darksteel Hook HQ (2 Darksteel Nugget)
      Artisan's Raising Hammer: 10 Darksteel Wire HQ (2 Darksteel Nugget)
      Artisan's Mallet: 10 Rose Gold Gear HQ (2 Rose Gold Nugget)
      Artisan's Round Knife: 10 Gryphonkin Strap HQ (2 Hippogryph Leather)
      Artisan's Alembic: 20 Spirits of Salt HQ (2 Volcanic Rock Salt & 1 Vitriol)
      Artisan's Frypan: 20 Spicy Tomato Relish HQ (1 Dzemael Tomato, 1 Dark Vinegar, 1 Cinnamon, 1 Table Salt)

      Artisan's Spectacles: 4 Silver Brocade HQ or 4 Spruce Plywood HQ, or 5 of any of the other HQ items above (but cannot mix & match)
      (Visit Ch27 for tips on how to craft these items.)

      Should I skip Artisan Tools & acquire Supra Tools directly?

      Since Patch 2.3, new mainhand "Supra Tools" have been added (see Ch22). Supra Tools are more powerful than Artisan. But still, Artisan Tools are worth the time to get, as they're much cheaper & easier to acquire than Supra, yet the power increase is huge comparing with the original lvl 50 class quest tools. As of Patch 2.45, the requirements for obtaining Artisan Tools have been significantly reduced. It makes no sense to try to skip any Artisan to jump to Supra anymore. It is better to obtain them all Artisan first so you get sufficient powers for 3 star crafting.

      Ch 21: Desynthesis & Desynthesis Recipes

      Before you start desynthesizing anything, STOP! Please be aware that you only have 300 points 350 points (changed since Patch 2.5) to distribute among all your crafting classes for desynthesis. Thus, it is CRITICAL that you choose only 3 classes to level for desyn (with 3 classes at level 115, and the remaining 5 classes forced to remain at level 1... they can't go zero). Once you raised the level of a class for desyn, it is very difficult to get it back down, and it may screw you over if you change your mind later to level desyn on another class. Please read Namasu's "How to Lock Desyn level & Choose what to Delevel" guide before proceeding (see below).

      Since Patch 2.3, a kind of skill called "Desynthesis" has been added to the game. This skill allows the breaking down of gear/accessories/fish (NOT crafting mats like ingots or lumbers!) to obtain precious items called "Demimateria" (a.k.a. Damn-it-materia, due to how hard it is to obtain one).

      "Desynthesis" & "Desynthesis Recipes" are 2 very distinct things. Even with just 1 crafting class at lvl 30, you can already learn "Desynthesis" (The quest for desyn starts at market place of any city). You can then start breaking down things to obtain demimateria. You need to submit 5 Fieldcraft Demimateria I & 5 Battlecraft Demimateria I to "Talan" at Rev Toll to obtain the new "Desynthesis Recipes". Each crafting class has its own unique Desyn Recipe, so you need to do this submission many times to obtain them all. However, if you're only a lvl 30 crafter, you probably cannot craft anything in those recipes. Desyn Recipes are like an extended version of the Master Recipe Books mentioned in Ch19. They're quite demanding in crafting stats. This is because the Desyn Recipes contain items that require "demimateria" to craft. Demimateria are not available in HQ, so most of the times you have to start with very low initial quality.

      There are many types of demimateria (damn-it-materia):
      (1) Battlecraft Demimateria I, II & III (BC1, BC2, BC3)
      (2) Fieldcraft Demimateria I, II & III (FC1, FC2, FC3)
      (3) Clear Demimateria I, II & III
      (4) Mastercraft Demimateria (MD)
      (5) Demimateria of Inferno/Vortex/Crag & Demimog Demimateria

      (1) BC1 is used for obtaining Desyn Recipes. BC1 & BC2 are for crafting i90 accessories of DoW/DoM (GSM Desyn Recipe). BC2 & BC3 are for crafting Augmented i90 gear, which are sparking in appearance & in motion (LTW, WVR & ARM Desyn Recipes). BC3 is also used for crafting the new i95 Primal & Mog weapons.

      (2) FC1 is used for obtaining Desyn Recipes and the new crafting accessories (Dodore Belt, Rose Gold Choker & Mosshorn Earrings). FC2 is used in WVR Desyn Recipe to make items in the Crescent Moon Nightgown set & some furniture. FC3 is for acquisition of the new crafting mainhand "Supra" tools & some exotic furniture.

      (3) Clear Demimateria are useless. You can treat them as Allagan pieces: You carry them across server, and their value retains, thus allowing you to carry more cash to another server, more than the limit set by S-E.

      (4) Mastercraft Demimateria are critical for obtaining the Supra Crafting Tools (See next chapter), and the shared meldable i60 Artisan's gear (Ch25).

      (5) Demimateria of Inferno/Vortex/Crag & Demimog Demimateria are for crafting the new i95 Primal & Mog weapons.

      Below is a list of what these damn-it-materia can be used for:

      Augmented i90 gear & i95 Primal weapons are widely considered as 3.5 star items. The sparkling Augmented i90 gear has difficulty of 667, requiring one extra Piece by Piece.

      Despite i95 Primal weapons have only 445 difficulty, they have elemental aspects (similar to vintage items), thus all progress from synthesis are HALFED. This makes them 1 of the hardest items to HQ.

      Mastercraft Demimateria is necessary for obtaining the new "Supra Crafting Tools" & the shared meldable i60 Artisan's gear. GSM, BSM & ARM are the only classes that can obtain this kind of materia.

      Desyn Recipe in Weaver allows you to craft the Crescent Moon Nightgown set.

      Alchemist's Desyn Recipe allows you to craft "AF gear Augmentation" (AF gear are the old class quest Artifact Gear, which you were able to wear since level 45). These Augmentation allows dying of the AF gear into any color you want.

      The desyn of rare big fishes such as the Gigantshark by CUL allows you to obtain glamour items like the Sea Breeze Summer Halter & South Sea Talisman.

      How do I choose which class to train desyn on?
      As mentioned before, we can only train up to 3 classes for desyn (3x level 115).

      GSM is 1 of only 3 classes that can produce Mastercraft Demimateria (MD), since it can desyn Artisan's Specs. Artisan's Specs cost less mats than other Artisan's Tools, but produces only 1 Mastercraft at a time, at a rate of about 1/6 to 1/10. GSM can also desyn Artisan's Needle, which produces from 1 to 3 Mastercrafts at a time, similar to BSM & ARM. GSM can also produce BC3 & FC3, although not efficiently. It is the most versatile class.

      BSM is also very good for MD production, since it can desyn many Artisan Tools, including the Artisan's Chocobotail Saw (cost more mats than Artisan's Specs, but produces from 1 to 3 Mastercrafts at a time, rate unknown - probably also 1/6 to 1/10). It can also desyn a large variety of old primal/mog weapons (i60 to i80 from HM Primals/Mog) to produce primal/mog demimateria.

      ARM is also very good for MD production. It can desyn Artisan's Alembic & Artisan's Frypan, similar to how BSM works.

      CRP can desyn a large variety of old primal/mog weapons (i60 to i80 from HM Primals/Mog) to produce primal/mog demimateria.

      ALC is the only class that can desyn Titan weapons. But it is also perhaps the hardest class to train to lvl 100.

      CUL is a separate entity. Instead of breaking down food, CUL can only desyn fish. And the goal is to obtain exotic swimwears & minions like Assassin Fry by breaking down rare, expensive fishes like the Gigantshark & Ninja Betta.

      - Assassin Fry, a minion that will dive itself into water whenever it is above water.

      LTW is the new class of highest potential & popularity in Patch 2.4. LTW can desyn Best Man's Gaiters & Bridesmaid's Sandals (i70 -> lvl 100 desyn will have 100% success rate) from city vendor for 6K gil each to obtain FC3. We thought this was a glitch before, but apparently, S-E is keeping it in the game. Thus, this class became the most gil & time-efficient class to produce FC3. One of the "byproducts" of desynthesis of Bridesmaid's Sandals by LTW is Spruce Lumber (NQ or HQ). Since Patch 2.45, one of the newest, most efficient way to produce MD appears to be Spruce Plywood HQ (for exchanging into Artisan's Specs or Artisan's Chocobosaw). Thus, these "byproducts" can actually be used for MD production. LTW can also produce BC3 at a reasonable rate.

      WVR can also desyn Best Man & Bridal clothing for 12K gil each, making it the 2nd most desirable class for FC3 production. It can also desyn a large variety of dungeon drops (especially DoM gear), or crafted i90 gear to generate BC3. WVR also allows you to desyn the exotic swimwear from CUL for super rare items like Waterproof Cotton etc. These rare mats are for LTW to create even MORE exotic swimwear, like the Coeurl swimsuit set. Therefore, if you're a top notch Fisher, you may consider taking CUL desyn, and then later WVR desyn. They'll all fit together into 1 big production of very rare items. WVR cannot desyn any primal/mog weapon.

      - The glorious moment in Patch 2.4 when we found that the vendor item Bridesmaid's Sandals can be desyn into FC3 by LTW.
      IMPORTANT: The price of FC3 seems to be very low nowadays. You may choose to just buy them instead of training LTW or WVR on desyn to make them.

      Be ware though, training desyn to level 100 requires sacrificing a crap load of NQ 3 star i90 gear (except CUL & ALC). When I was leveling my GSM, I used at least 60 i90 items to train to level 100. This means >60 NQ Gold Ingot (i.e. a lot of Raziqsand & Native Gold) & >120 NQ Terminus Putty (i.e. Tawny Latex & Filtered Water), plus a huge amount of clusters.

      Tips on Mastercraft Demimateria (MD) Production

      By today, I have produced over 70 MD myself. I take pride that I have never bought a single one from the marketboard. However, I might just buy them in the future. The amount of work to produce MD are just tremendous. These MD are selling approximately 450K each on Zalera. In my opinion it's not too high for the amount of work put into it. From my experience, I have came up with the following rules/tips:

      (1) If you intend to produce MD yourself, you should train your GSM, BSM or ARM to at least level 100. Why? Because at level 100, all i70 Artisan's Specs or Tools will be desynthesized at 100% rate. Really, these Artisan's Specs or Tools take forever to generate, and are very costly. You don't want to botch even a single one. So bite your teeth, and train yourself to level 100 please. Even if you're level 99.96, your desyn successful rate will only be 98.5%. And trust me, when you desyn enough times, that 1.5% will get to you at the worst time, and your Artisan's items will botch more frequent than you believe.

      (2) Please produce HUGE batches of Artisan Specs / Tools for this production. The drop rate of a MD from a desyn can be as frequent as 1/6 or can be as infrequent as 1/20. It's an RNG game, and the only way to beat that RNG is by sheer number. If you try to desyn 2 to 3 Artisan's Specs per batch, you will very unlikely get a MD. If you go for the Artisan's Specs route, I suggest you prepare at least 2 & 1/2 stacks of 99 Spruce Plywood HQ to exchange for over 60 Artisan Specs all at once. If you go for the Artisan's Tool route (Artisan's Needle for GSM desyn, or other tools to be desyn by BSM/ARM), prepare at least 120 Silver Brocade HQ, and obtain at least 15 Artisan's Needle before you desyn them.

      For detailed Desynthesis Guides, please visit the following:

      Desynthesis Endgame Guide by Nyalia:

      How to Lock Desyn level & Choose what to Delevel by Namasu:

      If you are just interested in producing demimateria for making money, please visit Lebensohl's desyn guide for gil-making:

      Myths on Increasing Desyn Success Rate (& BUSTED here!)

      There were rumors about how 100% spiritbonded or HQ gear having higher chance of desynthesis success rate. To hell with them! None of them was true! Desyn success rate has absolutely nothing to do with spiritbonding or gear quality. What actually matters is just the melding of materia on a gear! Each materia meld increases desyn success rate of an item by 5%. Therefore, for the desyn of expensive i70 & i90 gear, it is highly recommended that you meld ~4 materia on them. HQ gear does have a slightly higher rate for successful materia melding though. So if you're making the very expensive i70s, and planning to penta-meld them (penta-meld = melding 5 materia). Then you could consider making the gear HQ just to assist in melding. This effort of HQ-ing the item for melds is NOT worth for i90 though, because i90 are 3 star items, which are much harder to HQ. Just make NQ i90, and meld 3 to 4 materia.

      Bacon Broth is a food that can slightly increase desynthesis success rate, which can be useful if you plan to desyn large amounts of expensive gear. This food, however, is a 4 star item. HQ broth adds 5% success rate to desynthesis, but are very expensive. NQ ones are much cheaper, but less effective.

      Ch22: Supra Crafting Tools

      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
      Since Patch 2.3, "Supra Crafting Tools" have been added to the game. Supra Tools (i75) are now the 2nd-strongest mainhand tools, 1 step above Artisan Tools (i70). They are the "Novus Weapons" of crafters. They require a ridiculous amount of grinding or $$$ to obtain, but they do not provide as much power increase. Supra Tools only provide 10 more craftsmanship & 5 more control over Artisan.

      The purposes of Supra Tools are:
      (1) Reaching 415 craftsmanship (need 11 craftsmanship on the old Militia offhand), allowing the substitute of 1 PBP with a CSII under Ingen II in the making of regular 3 star items (including i95 Mog Weapons).
      (2) Reaching 410 craftsmanship (need 6 craftsmanship on Militia offhand), allowing the completion of i95 Primal Weapons (3.5 star item) with minimal steps & CP cost.
      (3) Assists in the making of "3.9 star" Monstrosity Items for the acquisition of Master Recipe Books II.
      (4) A minimum requirement to craft 4 star items.

      To obtain Supra Tools, you need to hand in the following demimateria & special 3 star items (NQ) to Talan.

      Urcaguary Supra (GSM) - Urcaguary, 3 Mastercraft Demimateria (MD), 5 NQ Calibrated Rose Gold Cog
      Pinga Supra (LTW) - Pinga, 3 MD, 5 NQ Water-Hardened Hippogryph Strap
      Clotho Supra (WVR) - Clotho, 3 MD, 5 NQ Intricate Silver Brocade
      Vulcan Supra (BSM) - Vulcan, 3 MD, 5 NQ Balance Darksteel Hook
      Kurdalegon Supra (ARM) - Kurdalegon, 3 MD, 5 NQ Reinforced Darksteel Wire
      Ullikummi Supra (CRP) - Ullikummi, 3 MD, 5 NQ Reinforced Spruce Plywood
      Paracelsus Supra (ALC) - Paracelsus, 3 MD, 5 NQ Concentrated Spirits of Salt
      Chantico Supra (CUL) - Chantico, 3 MD, 5 NQ Rich Tomato Relish

      *Notice you just need to make these items NQ. They're pathetically easy.

      The only way to obtain Mastercraft Demimateria is to desyn i70 Artisan Specs/Tools (or Forager Tools). And the only classes that an desyn Artisan Specs/Tools are GSM, BSM & ARM.

      The best way to obtain Artisan Specs is to make HQ Spicy Tomato Relish (CUL) or HQ Spirits of Salt (ALC). Thus, generating the famous Tomato Rush since Patch 2.3. As of Patch 2.45, HQ Spicy Tomato Relish/ Spirits of Salt are no longer the best way to obtain Artisan Specs. The newest best way appears to be HQ Spruce Plywood or HQ Silver Brocade, since it only takes 4 of them to get 1 Artisan Specs. The famous Tomato Rush is finally over. Spruce Plywood HQ is made from Spruce Lumber HQ, and Spruce Lumber HQ happens to be a "byproduct" of desynthesis of Bridesmaid's Shoes in the production of Fieldcraft III by LTW.

      Each of those NQ items listed above (like Intricate Silver Brocade) takes 2 Fieldcraft Demimateria III (FC3) to craft. Thus, needing a total of 10 FC3 per Supra Tool.

      The easiest way to produce FC3 is from desyn of Bridesmaid's & Best Man's shoes & clothing by LTW & WVR. Other classes can do it too, but not even close to their efficiency. However, CHECK Market Board first! Apparently, on some server, they're now DIRT CHEAP. You may choose to just buy FC3 instead of producing them yourself.

      Alternatively, if you're rich, you can just BUY all these MD & FC3 from the market board, and save yourself from the grind (S-E really should not have made these items tradable. It's disgusting.). (FC3 is now really cheap on many servers!)

      Once collected all the items, the Supra Tools are exchanged at "Talan" again at Rev Toll.

      For more info, pls visit these threads on the forum:

      Ch23: Lucis Crafting Tools

      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

      In Patch 2.5, Lucis tools (i90) have been added, and are now the strongest mainhand tools in the game. They are "upgraded" from Supra Tools. Thus, you need to sacrifice your Supra to acquire Lucis. These tools are 31 craftsmanship & 14 control above Supra Tools. You can dye these new tools to any colors you like, including the metallic colors. Although, the tools themselves automatically let most colors appear as semi-metallic. So you don't necessarily need metallic dyes to make them glossy.

      There are two independent parts to it that involves grinding a total of 928,000 GC seals.
      (1) is grinding for GC seals to buy a crap load of untradeable Moonstones, which annoys and tortures me most, as this is boring as hell. (4000 seals x 20 Moonstones per class x 8 classes = 640,000 GC seals.)
      (2) is grinding GC seals or Allied seals to buy a crap ton of untradeable mats for crafting the new 3 star 40 durab turn-in items, HQ x20. (600 seals x 3 mats per item x 20 item per class x 8 classes = 288,000 GC seals.)

      For more information, please visit the following thread:
      Lucis Crafting Tools in Patch 2.5

      Ch24: Master Recipe Book II

      Since Patch 2.4, these new recipe books have been added to the game. They contain the brand new 4 star recipes, which contains new i110 crafted gear, minions like the Nana Bear, and furniture like the Armoire.

      To obtain the Master Recipe Book II for a class, you must hand-in the following special 3 star items to Talan at Rev Toll:

      WVR: 3 Intricate Silver Brocade HQ
      GSM: 3 Calibrated Rose Gold Cog HQ
      BSM: 3 Balanced Darksteel Hook HQ
      ARM: 3 Reinforced Darksteel Wire HQ
      CRP: 3 Reinforced Spruce Plywood HQ
      LTW: 3 Water-Hardened Hippogryph Strap HQ
      ALC: 3 Concentrated Spirits of Salt HQ
      CUL: 3 Rich Tomato Relish HQ

      These items have 80 difficulty & 8965 quality. They are harder to HQ than the “3.5 star” i95 primal weapons or Augmented Gear. Hence, I’ve been calling them “3.9 star Monstrosity Items". In my opinion, even 4 star recipes do not match the difficulty of HQ-ing these items. It cost 2 Fieldcraft Demimateria III (FC3) to make 1 of these monstrosities, and there will be many failures. So one should prepare at least 15 FC3 per class. You will need more than a stack of 99 FC3 to get all the recipe books (for methods to acquire so many FC3s, please visit the Desynthesis chapter).

      The game made these untradeable Monstrosity Items so difficult in order to separate the real skilled crafters from the rest. So people can’t easily buy their way out with gil. You really gotta craft your heart out (However, the recent addition of Artisan's gear & Artisan's Offhand have made them easier.).

      There are many ways to craft these Monstrosity Items, but the most commonly recognized approach is Reclaim. No matter what you do, you will be Reclaiming a lot. You will need to come up with a rotation to hit IQ10 or IQ11, and learn how to “bait” a Good condition on the Byregot to HQ these items.

      If you need tips on how to make these items, please visit the following thread:

      And also Lebonsohl's Crafting Guide:

      I have also added tips into Ch26 of this crafting guide.

      Notice that the new 4 star recipes in these Master Recipe Books II have a VERY high requirement on craftsmanship & control (451 craftsmanship & 407 control!!!). Thus, even after you have successfully made 3x HQ 3.9 star Monstrosities, and acquired the new recipes, you must still possess the new Artisan’s Offhand with overmelds before you can craft any 4 star items.

      Ch25: Artisan’s Offhands & Artisan's Gear

      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

      Patch 2.4 has introduced the class-specific i70 Artisan’s Offhands & shared meldable i60 Artisan’s Mitts/Culottes/Sandals. Patch 2.5 has introduced the shared meldable i60 Artisan's Apron & shared unmeldable i70 Artisan's gear set. Below is the list of ALL Artisan's Offhands/Gear:

      Class-specific Artisan's Offhands (i70) (3 star crafted items):
      Artisan's File
      Artisan's Claw Hammer
      Artisan's Pliers
      Artisan's Awl
      Artisan's Grinding Wheel
      Artisan's Spinning Wheel
      Artisan's Culinary Knife
      Artisan's Mortar

      Shared, meldable i60 Artisan's Gear (abbr. "shmi60") (4 star crafted items):
      Artisan’s Mitts
      Artisan's Culottes
      Artisan's Sandals
      Artisan's Apron

      Shared, unmeldable i70 Artisan's Gear (abbr. "shui70") (exchanged items):
      Artisan's Gown
      Artisan's Fingerstalls
      Artisan's Chausses
      Artisan's Pattens

      (For melding caps of these items, please see Caimie's Overmelding Guide.)

      Artisan's Offhand vs shmi60

      The new offhand is a giant leap of power. Each Artisan's Offhand provides 32 more craftsmanship & 17 more control over the old Militia Offhand. Even unfinished with melds, the new offhand will outmatch the old Militia Offhands with full melds. The new offhand is not required to make the 3.9 star Monstrosity Items, but it definitely helps. I was rushing to get my recipes, so I made all those 3.9 star items without the new offhands, proving that it’s doable without the new Artisan's offhand & without Artisan's gear, but just a Supra Tool. But if you have a lot of trouble with them, you can wait until you possess the new offhand before acquiring your Master Recipe Book II.

      The "shmi60" (Mitts/Culottes/Sandals) provide only very minor increase of stats. After fully-melded, these Artisan's gear only provide 3 extra control each over a fully-melded original i55 class-specific gear.

      In Patch 2.5, they added the new Artisan's Apron, which is a shmi60. Now this is a very interesting piece of equipment. You cannot max out all the stats cap with overmelds. The apron has a melding cap of:
      18 craftsmanship
      6 control
      3 CP
      However, you cannot max them all with the 5 available melds. So you have to sacrifice either 2 control, 6 craftsmanship or 3 CP.

      Please see this thread for details:


      If you follow my melding method of sacrificing 2 control, then your final apron will have 11 more craftsmanship & 1 more control over the old i55 chest.

      The Artisan's Offhands are crafted from regular 3 star recipes that require 6 Ehcatl Sealants from the Ixali Beast Quests to make; whereas the shmi60 are 4 star recipes that require 3 Ehcatl Sealants & 1 Mastercraft Demimateria each.

      In Patch 2.4, in order to craft 4 star recipes, one must possess:
      (1) the Supra Tool (or Lucis Tool),
      (2) a semi-melded new Artisan’s Offhand, and
      (3) at least 1 of the new Artisan’s Mitts/Culottes/Sandals (or the Ehcatl Smithing Gloves!)
      ...to fulfill the strict requirement of 451 craftsmanship & 407 control. The game basically forces us to meld the new offhand. If we don’t meld it, we can’t even touch the 4 star recipes that we have acquired! You can't really use food to boost craftsmanship nor control since you need to use Bouillabaisse HQ for CP. Luckily, there's FC buffs & the Ehcatl Smithing Gloves! If you don't have enough craftsmanship or control, FC buff can allow you to temporarily get above the requirement. The Ixali gloves can also provide 3 extra control over your class-specific gloves. With the help of these things, you can then access 4 star recipes, test them out using the most economical way, and then make your own shmi60.

      I suggest first obtaining the Artisan's Offhand for BSM (Artisan's File). This way you can have more confidence in making the remaining offhands for other classes. Next, followed by Artisan's Offhands of CRP, WVR, & LTW (in this order), which will allow you to craft the 4 star recipes of the Artisan's Apron, Sandals, Culottes & Mitts respectively (with LTW being least prioritized because Ehcatl Smithing Gloves already provides the same amount of control as the Artisan's Mitts. The Artisan's Mitts are only 3 CP better than the Smithing Gloves. CRP is prioritized before WVR because CRP can make GSM & WVR offhands!). WVR is also good, because you can then make your own Artisan's Apron early, but the Apron does not provide as much extra power as the Artisan's Offhand.

      The shui70

      The shui70 added in Patch 2.5 (Gown, Fingerstalls, Chausses, Pattens) are obtained from Talan at Rev Toll. You need to hand in HQ 2.5 star 80 durab items to acquire them, similar to how you obtain Artisan's Mainhand Tools & Artisan's Specs.

      The stats of these shui70 gear are not bad at all.

      Artisan's Gown:
      Craft 107
      Control 35
      CP 2

      Artisan's Fingerstalls/Chausses/Pattens:
      Craft 4
      Control 35
      CP 2

      Compare them to the old class-specific standard i55 AF gear...

      i55 Standard AF Chest (HQ base stats + melds):
      Craft 92+16 = 108
      Control 31+5 = 36
      CP 3

      i55 Standard AF Gloves/Pants/Boots (HQ base stats + melds):
      Craft 4
      Control 31+5 = 36
      CP 0+3 = 3

      Altogether, they have only 1 less craftsmanship on the chest, and only a slight bit less control & CP than fully-melded i55.

      What does this mean? From now on, no one has to overmeld materia on 8 classes, ever, ever again (except the class-specific Militia Offhand, which you may still slightly meld it if you find yourself lacking a bit of stats). What you need is only 1 SINGLE class with i55 AF gear melded to near max, acquire the strongest shared accessories and meld them to max, do your Ixali for sealants & Ehcatl Smithing Gloves, craft your HQ 2.5 star turn-in items, and exchange for these i70 gear. Once acquired, you can use these gear for all 8 classes, and save yourself from any further melds. You do, however, need at least a few level 50 classes to make your own HQ 2 star 40 durab items to acquire Master Recipe before you have access to the HQ 2.5 turn-in items.

      The shui70 are weaker than the shmi60. So the shmi60 are still currently the BiS. However, young crafters have no way to acquire those Mastercraft Demimateria to make those shmi60. The shui70 presents itself as a wonderful transition gear for someone to take on 3 star crafting. With the power to do 3 star, one has the ability to train desyn to level 100. And with the power of desyn & the power to massively produce HQ 2.5 star items, one can produce one's own Mastercraft Demimateria, for the acquisition of Supra Tools & the shmi60.

      Unfortunately, the shui70 are not desynable. As you can see from the above picture, the desynthesis option is not available on these gear. Thus, they cannot be used for Mastercraft Demimateria production.

      Due to word limitation, the remaining chapters (including tips/rotations to craft all starred items) have been transferred to Part 2 of this guide:
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