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      Launched in May 2014
      Updated: 19 Feb 2018
      Re-vamped: 20-31 Aug 2021 for ShB
      Updated 6 Sep 2021
      Updated 9 Sep 2021
      Updated 21 Sep 2021
      Re-vamped: 19 Jun - 5 Jul 2022 for EW patch 6.15
      Updated on 12 Aug 2022

      FF14 Advanced Crafting Guide by Caimie Tsukino (Re-vamped 2022 for Endwalker)
      -= A Tribute to All my Fellow Crafters =-
      “The best crafter is not the one with the best stats, but the one who makes the best use of one’s stats” – Caimie Tsukino

      Preface: Re-Vamping A Blast from the Past

      This guide was a massive hit in 2014-2017, which inspired many people to take up crafting and changed the world of crafting for many people. It was referred to as the "Bible" by some fellow crafters, and had even attracted many players to world-transfer to Zalera and join our FC.

      It is 2021 right now, and the guide is completely outdated. Crafting has been made 10x easier since Stormblood and continued that way through Shadowbringers. That had discouraged me from writing up any crafting guides for Shadowbringers. However, I recently saw a post on Facebook -- someone was asking for help with learning Weaver, and one of the answers I heard from a fellow crafter was: "Crafting is all about stats and macros", and shockingly the comment received a "like". This hurt me so much. Has my beloved crafting game really deteriorated and fallen so much in FFXIV? Surely, stats are important, but crafting is much more than just about stats, and definitely not just about macros. In my opinion, the most important part of crafting is about how to make the best use of the stats (a.k.a. how to craft). This prompted me to start re-vamping on this prehistoric, ancient crafting guide again.

      Just like 6 years ago, this guide will be slightly different from most basic crafting guides. Apart from some basic information & mechanics, this guide is intended to be a "Crafting Wikipedia" -- to inspire rising crafters to achieve a higher level of understanding in crafting. It may be longer & wordier, but in the end I hope someone can benefit from my experience, avoid the mistakes that I made, and able to succeed and enjoy endgame crafting in FFXIV.

      Warmest hugs,

      P.S. My personal house is on Zalera, Shirogane, Ward 10 Plot 13. Our FC house of AoT is on Zalera, Goblet, Ward 1 Plot 5. Please feel free to drop by and say hello / drop a note on our message boards!

      My Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011135982662
      Feel free to add! :cat:


      Ch1: A Reason to Craft
      Ch2: Leveling All Crafting Classes Together
      Ch3: The Importance of WVR & BSM to Crafting
      Ch4: Gathering Classes to Support Crafting
      Ch5: Retainers to Support Crafting
      Ch6: Inventory Space Management
      Ch7: Craftsmanship, Control, CP and the Basic Mechanics of Crafting
      Ch8: Crafting Actions
      Ch9: Crafting Conditions
      Ch10: Generating a Crafting Rotation
      Ch11: Common Mistakes that Novice Crafters Make
      Ch12: Learn to Modify Rotations According to Conditions
      Ch13: Macro-crafting
      Ch14: Methods of Leveling
      --------Ch14A: Leveling via Crafting Log
      --------Ch14B: Ishgard Restoration - The Firmament
      --------Ch14C: Tradecraft Leves
      --------Ch14D : Grand Company Supply/Provisioning Missions
      --------Ch14E: Collectables
      --------Ch14F : Beast Tribes
      --------Ch14G: Massively macro-crafting ingots/lumber/cloths
      Ch15: Buffs for EXP & Stats
      --------Ch15A: Engineering Manuals
      --------Ch15B: Food & Medicine
      --------Ch15C: Free Company Buffs
      --------Ch15D : Crafting Facilities
      --------Ch15E: Resting Bonus EXP
      Ch16: Leveling Gear Sets to Bridge Over Expansions
      Ch17: The Specialist System
      Ch18: White/Purple Scrips & the Scrip Exchange NPC
      Ch19: Custom Deliveries
      Ch20: Rowena's Representative (Sundry Splendor)
      Ch21: The True Beginning of a Crafter
      Ch22: Master Recipe Books
      Ch23: Materia
      --------Ch23A: Materia Overmelds
      --------Ch23B: Melding Cap
      --------Ch23C: Materia Retrieval
      --------Ch23D : Materia Extraction
      --------Ch23E: Melding Strategies for Leveling Crafters
      --------Ch23F: Overmelding Strategies for Endgame Crafters
      --------Ch23G: Materia Transmution
      --------Ch23H: Spiritbonding to Produce Materia

      Ch24: Endgame BiS Gear Set
      Ch25: Skysteel Tool Saga (crafting "relic" tools from Shadowbringers)
      Ch26: Expert Recipes
      --------Ch26A: Skybuilders' Expert Recipes for Skybuilders' Tools
      --------Ch26B: Restoration(4) Expert Recipes for Skyward Pts
      --------Ch26C: Resplendent Expert Recipes for Resplendent Crafting Tools
      Ch27: Endgame Rotations & Macro Collections

      Ch1: A Reason to Craft

      What is the point of crafting? Why should I take up a crafting job?

      (1) I want to be able to make my own gear/weapons that benefit my main DoW/DoM jobs!
      (2) I want to make more gil and be rich! $$$
      (3) I want to make my own glamor gear, cute minions & beautiful furniture for my FC house! <3
      (4) I want to be able to repair my own gear (and my friends' gear) anywhere & any time (including during instanced duties).
      (5) It seems fun! I think I'll like it!

      All these are valid reasons, but each will lead you to a different path...

      If (1) is your reason, you need to understand that, most crafted gear are not as powerful as those obtained from loot-rolling in dungeons. Almost any green/pink (background color) gear will slightly outmatch a HQ (high quality) crafted gear of the same level. But since all the loots in dungeons have to be "rolled", you can’t expect to get everything from dungeons! Therefore, at lower levels, HQ crafted gear becomes a wonderful supplement for items you cannot obtain from dungeons. At endgame, gear that are exchanged using "tomes" are usually stronger than crafted gear. However, collecting tomes can be a very slow process. Thus, crafted gear can speed up the process by a lot, allowing faster increase of average item level (avg ilvl), which in turn allowing you to proceed quicker to higher dungeons and trials. Another cool feature about endgame crafted gear is that they can attach "materia" to tweak your stats.

      If (2) is your reason, you need to understand that, although crafting can make more gil, it can also drain your gil. It’s like an investment… the more time & gil you put into crafting, the better stats you’ll acquire and the more expensive items you can craft to sell. The investment you need to make at endgame is in the amount of millions, but the gil return is also in the amount of millions. So think about this carefully, because along the way, you could be very poor depending on how much gil you spend on powering your crafting. If you stop investing gil at a point, you will have a very stable income, but your stats & income will stop increasing. A common mistake that people make is by over-investing gil to level up. This should not happen! There are many ways to level up that will earn you gil instead of drain your gil.

      If (3) is your reason, then you can pretty much ignore the word “HQ” in crafting. For minions & furniture, there is no difference between HQ vs NQ. All you need is just completing the item. It is similar for glamour gear as well, because they are usually glamoured over gear for stats, so people can't actually tell if the glamour gear was made HQ or not. However, glamour gear / furniture of the highest level are still quite hard to make if you lack the knowledge of what your buttons do. If you’re careless, you can lose a lot of precious crafting materials (as much as millions of gil!). It is recommended that you at least know how to make use of Manipulation, Veneration, Waste Not, Groundwork, Careful Synthesis etc. before you attempt a very difficult minion/furniture.

      - The Dalmascan Draped Top is a glamour item crafted by the Weaver class.

      If (4) is your reason, then I assume you do a lot endgame (lv 90) raiding activities. This means you will need lv 90 for almost every crafting class (Weaver, Leatherworker & Armorer for gear, Blacksmith, Carpenter & Alchemist for weapons, Goldsmith for accessories etc.). Just keep in mind that you will need to carry Grade 8 Dark Matter to repair any level 90 gear/weapons. Apart from being able to repairing your own gear and your friends' gear inside duties, another advantage of using crafting classes for repair is that it results in over 100% status. E.g. a gear at 30% will be repaired to 130% instead of 100%. So it won't require attention from you for quite some time.

      If (5) is your reason, then, WRONG! It’s not “it seems fun”! Crafting IS fun!!! And you will LOVE IT! Why? Because crafting is like puzzle-solving. You get a lot of satisfaction when you beat a tough puzzle, right? Crafting is also solely dependent on just yourself. You don’t need to rely on anyone else in the game. It’s all in YOU! Furthermore, when you finished crafting an item, your name is imprinted at the bottom of the item. So having a HQ difficult item with your name on can make you feel very proud. You can keep it, you can wear it, you can give it to someone, or you can sell it! The person who wears the gear will forever be seeing your name there, knowing that YOU are the magnificent crafter who made that gear/weapon.

      - Pride of a crafter: a crafter's name is forever imprinted on a crafted gear/ tool/ weapon (circled in green).

      Ch2: Leveling All Crafting Classes Together

      Even if you’re only interested in 1 or 2 crafting classes, the best way to level crafting is really to take up ALL crafting classes at once, and level them ALL together.

      Reason 1: One class helps another, be self-sufficient to save gil
      The game is designed that all crafting classes are inter-dependent on each other at certain stage (except CUL, which is independent). So by taking up all crafting classes, the crafted products from one class will support another. E.g. metal ingots from BSM/ARM are constantly used by LTW/CRP, lumbers from CRP are frequently used by BSM, pieces of cloth from WVR are often used by LTW etc. So having more classes is always beneficial. This allows you to become SELF-SUFFICIENT, and avoid the need of buying ingots/lumbers/cloths from the marketboard (MB), which is the place where people rip off people. (Most of the times, you wanna be the person to rip off people on the MB, not the one being ripped off!)

      But of course, leveling all crafting classes at the same time is almost impossible at higher levels (unless you’re oh-so-patient). So when you reached a point where you just can’t level them all, you will have to just focus down on a few classes, and buy stuff from MB to support your main crafting classes.

      Reason 2: Sharing gear, saving armory inventory space
      All crafting jobs can share most of the gear sets. If you level your jobs one after another, that means even if you acquire new gear set approx every 15 levels, you will still end up with many many gear sets in your armory inventory (assuming that you are not destroying them, but saving them for every class). By the time you reached max level on your first class, your armory inventory would be exploded already. By contrast, if you level everything together, all your jobs can share gear sets of the same level at the same time, so after everything has climbed up another 15 levels or so, you can craft a new set of gear, extract/retrieve materias from the old gear set, and desynthesize the old gear set to retrieve some crafting materials while leveling desynthesis as well. This in turn frees up your armory inventory. (Note: Desynthesis is an action that allows you to break down crafted products to retrieve some materials, or to obtain "demimateria" for crafting some special items. For more info, please visit: https://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/Desynthesis)

      The only drawback of leveling everything together is the problem of inventory space and retainer inventory space. For more retainers, please see "Ch5: Retainers to Support Crafting" below, as well as acquiring the Chocobo Saddlebag (see Ch6: Inventory Space Management).

      Ch3: The Importance of WVR & BSM to Crafting

      The main sources of a crafting class's "craftsmanship" stats come from your mainhand tool (MH), offhand tool (OH) & chest piece. "Craftsmanship" stats facilitates the completion of a craft (Insufficient craftsmanship will forbid you from initiating a craft, so it is quite essential to a new crafter, but keep in mind that craftsmanship is actually the least important out of the 3 crafting stats to an endgame crafter). WVR makes most of the chest pieces & pants for most of the crafting classes & gathering classes, and some hats & gloves too. Having a good WVR just makes life so much easier for crafting. Similarly, BSM makes all kinds of mainhand/offhand tools, and it’s just so beneficial to all crafting & gathering classes. I’m not saying the other classes are not important (GSM makes accessories, ARM makes CUL & ALC mainhand tools, CRP makes some offhand tools & boots, LTW makes some boots, clothes, hats & accessories), but WVR & BSM are just wonderful to have.

      Ch4: Gathering Classes to Support Crafting

      Unless you are already a billionaire, it is quite important that you take up at least 1 gathering class to support your crafting classes. Instead of buying all your mats (crafting materials) from the market board, you can get mats for free if you have gathering classes.

      Miner (MIN) supports mainly ----- GSM, LTW, ARM, BSM
      Botanist (BTN) supports mainly -- CRP, ALC, WVR, CUL
      Fisher (FSH) supports ------------- CUL
      (There will be some overlapping, and some weird crosstalks at higher levels. But this is the basic idea.)

      It’s a lot of work, but if you think you can handle, feel free to take up more than 1 gathering class. Having a gathering class also means that you can have a gathering retainer to do the work for you using ventures, which will also benefit your crafting & income too (see next chapter below).

      - Maxing out your gathering classes is a huge advantage for crafting. Shown here are my MIN and BTN with lvl 80 Resplendent Tools.

      Ch5: Retainers to Support Crafting

      The major functions of retainers are:
      (1) provide storage space,
      (2) sell items on the market, and
      (3) gather raw mats to empower our crafting via "ventures".
      It is very beneficial to own max level retainers as they can help gather a great variety of crafting mats including elemental shards & crystals for crafting.

      The game provides us with 2 FREE retainers. But we need to set them up ourselves at the beginning of the game. To set up retainers, please visit ANY Retainer Vocate NPC in ANY big city:
      Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (x:13.4, y:9.8) (Closest Aetheryte: Ul'dah - Steps of Nald → Sapphire Avenue Exchange)
      Old Gridania - Shaded Bower (x:14.6, y:9) (Closest Aetheryte: New Gridania → Leatherworkers' Guild)
      Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks - East Hawkers' Alley (x:8.3, y:11.5) (Closest Aetheryte: Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks )
      Foundation (Heavensward region) - The Pillars (x:8.2, y:10.9) (Closest Aetheryte: Foundation → The Jeweled Crozier)
      Kugane (Stormblood region) - Kugane Ofunakura (x:11.7, y:12.2) (Closest Aetheryte: Kugane → Kogane Dori Markets)
      The Crystarium (Shadowbringers region) - Musica Universalis (x:10.5, y:13.2) (Closest Aetheryte: The Crystarium → Musica Universalis Markets)
      Old Sharlayan (Endwalker region) (x12.6, y:10.8)

      Retainers can be assigned as either a battle job (DoW/DoM, Disciple of War/Magic) or a gatherer's job (DoL, Disciple of the Land).

      I highly recommend setting up your 1st retainer as the same job as your MAIN battle job. Keep in mind that your retainers' levels can only be as high as you in that specific job. E.g. if your main is a level 73 Paladin and your Dragoon is currently at level 1, don't try to set up a Dragoon retainer, else your Dragoon retainer will be stuck at level 1 forever! Setting up your 1st retainer same as your main job is also great, because every time you upgrade your own gear, you can actually pass your old gear to your retainer to wear, which mean your retainer keeps getting upgrades on gear.

      For your 2nd retainer, I recommend setting it up as either Miner (MIN) or Botanist (BTN). Fisher (FSH) is good, but for crafting FSH is not as essential as MIN & BTN.

      We can have 2 retainers for FREE in the game. But we can all have many more retainers if we just pay an extra ~$2 per month in our Square-Enix subscription.

      To acquire more retainers, visit the Mog Station website (just Google it), select the 1st button, "Your Account". After that, click "Retainer Service", and you will be able to buy more retainers.

      - Additional retainers can be acquired via the Mog Station website.

      Personally, I have a total of 9 retainers:
      - 3 maxed battle retainers (WAR, WHM & BRD... because I main these jobs),
      - 2 maxed MIN retainers,
      - 2 maxed BTN retainers, and
      - 2 maxed FSH retainers.
      You don't have to get as many retainers as I do, but more retainers certainly helps with acquiring more mats, selling more items, earning more gil, and more storage space.

      Stats that are important for retainers
      For battle retainers (Disciple of War - DoW / Disciple of Magic - DoM), their average ilevel is what that matters. The higher are their ilevels, the more items they will return from ventures (in terms of crafting mats). This increase in quantity stops at 15 items at max.

      For MIN/ BTN/ FSH, the stats "gathering" and "perception" are important. "GP" does not seem to matter at all. For "gathering", there is a "threshold" for every item. Once the gatherer retainers passes certain thresholds, they will be allowed to gather those crafting mats. Extra gathering has no impact at all once you have passed the threshold. "Perception" affects the number of item that the retainers returns with.

      As of Endwalker (23 Dec 2021), the current magic number for perception for retainers is 3420 (see https://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/451857-I-FOUND-IT!-3420-is-the-Perception-you-want-for-your-MIN-BTN-retainers!). This number will continue to grow higher with new gear being gradually introduced to the game every few patches.

      Venture coins are what you pay your retainers for them to acquire crafting mats for you.

      To unlock the venture function of retainers and details of how to do ventures, please see:
      http://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/Retainer_Ventures or

      Venture coins can be purchased from at least 3 sources (there are more):

      - Venture coins are available from your Grand Company (GC). Speak to the Quartermaster NPC, and use GC seals to purchase Venture coins.

      - The Hunt Billmaster NPC at your GC also sells Venture coins for your Allied Seals. In addition, he also sells Aethryte Tickets, which provides you with FREE teleportation. Allied Seals are acquired from lvl 50 A-rank and S-rank Hunt Marks from ARR (A Realm Reborn) (see: https://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/The_Hunt).

      - The NPC Ardolain at the Forgotten Knight at Ishgard (Foundation) (x13.0, y11.8) also sells Venture coins for your Centurio seals. In addition, he also sells Aethryte Tickets, which provides you with FREE teleportation. Centurio Seals are acquired from lvl 60 & lvl 70 A-rank and S-rank Hunt Marks from HW (Heavensward) & SB (Stormblood) (see: https://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/The_Hunt).

      Ch6: Inventory Space Management

      Managing your inventory will always be a pain for you in this game. But there are some tricks to help. For instance, many have asked me how to open up the inventory like I did shown in the picture below. This is called the "Open All" style of inventory interface that can be accessed from Character Config -> Inventory Settings -> Inventory Interface. This "Open All" interface makes it a lot easier to find and choose items from your inventory.

      - Shown here is the "Open All" style of inventory interface that can be chosen from Character Configuration.


      - Inventory settings can be accessed from System -> Character Configuration (or "K" on keyboard).

      - Then click Inventory Settings on left, select "Inventory Interface", and use the pull down menu to select "Open All".

      Inventory space has always been, and will always be a problem. Each retainer provides 175 spaces. It sounds like a lot, but it really isn't. If you're a crafter, space is an everyday problem. Below, I'm listing 2 temporary solutions that may help with alleviating the problem.

      (1) Chocobo Saddlebag
      The Chocobo Saddlebag is an additional storage location for you to utilize once you have a chocobo companion and have completed the My Feisty Little Chocobo quest. It can be opened under the the Character menu, or by pressing the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+I. The saddlebag contains 70 slots for items.

      - Chocobo Saddlebag can be access from Character -> Chocobo Saddlebag (or Ctrl+Shift+I). Drag the text "Chocobo Saddlebag" onto your hotbar to create a shortcut button.


      - The Chocobo Saddlebag button on my hotbar is shown here. When clicked, 70 additional inventory space will be shown.

      (2) Listing Items on the Market for Sale as a Mean to Store Things
      Sometimes you may see items on the marketboard (MB) listed as 99,999,999 million gil. It is clear that someone is just trying to use this as a mean of storage.

      Each of your retainer can list up to 20 items on the market for sale. If you have 5 or more retainers, it is hard to imagine you will have over 100 items to sell simultaneously. So in this case, you may list some items at an unreasonably high price as a mean of storage. However, I usually do NOT list anything at prices that are unaffordable. I would list an item 2 folds, or even 4 folds higher than the usual price, and let it sit on the market. If someone decided to take it, he/she can have it, and I'll gladly take the gil. Otherwise, my items will just safely sit there.

      If you do NOT access your retainer for a long time, the listed items will no longer be on the market, as they are "expired". But you won't lose anything. The moment you access your retainer again, those items will immediately be listed back onto the market.

      - This is an example of how I use one of my retainers listing ability to store some additional items. I set prices that are much higher than the market price, but are still affordable by people. The Zonure Skin is usually around 200-800 gil each on the market. The Vampire Vine Sap is usually around 400-900 on the market. Sometimes, people do pay this higher price for the sake of convenience as they need a large amount of something.

      Ch7: Craftsmanship, Control, CP, and the Basic Mechanics of Crafting

      The 3 Crafting Stats
      Crafting is simply: Within a given amount of durability (durab), use "touch" actions to hit 100% on the quality bar & use "synthesis" actions to hit 100% on the progress bar to complete the craft. 100% quality bar will guarantee you an HQ item (high quality), which has better stats than an NQ one (normal quality).

      A crafter has 3 kinds of stats: "Craftsmanship" contributes to the strength of your synthesis, "Control" contributes to the strength of your touches, and "CP" (Crafting Points) allows you to perform different crafting actions. The RNG (random number generator) of FF14 is your greatest enemy. You can hit 96% HQ rate, and it can sometimes still give you NQ products more often than you expect. So you should always try your best to hit 100% on the quality bar.

      At low levels, Craftsmanship & Control seem more important, because you don't have many actions to utilize anyway. However, soon, the truth will come out:

      The Golden Rule of Crafting:
      CP > Control > Craftsmanship

      ...CP is actually the most important stats out of all 3!

      Think this way: if you have just a few more CP, perhaps you can already substitute 1 Hasty Touch with 1 Basic Touch. Instead of blowing up an unlucky Hasty Touch, you can now secure a chunk of quality, and an extra Inner Quiet stack. And it means significantly more power in your Finisher Phase of a rotation. This is just 1 simple example of how a little bit more CP could change the world!

      The Inner Quiet stack (IQ stack)
      Every time you perform a "touch" action (quality-increasing action), it increases your Inner Quiet stack (IQ stack) by 1. Each additional IQ stack gives you bonus control stats. Thus, the higher is your IQ stack, the stronger your touch actions become. The IQ stack is basically the "backbone" of crafting. The whole stack is eventually consumed when you execute "Byregot's Blessing" (lv 50), which is your most powerful, ultimate quality-increasing action in the crafting game.

      - Your IQ stack is shown at the top of your screen, as well as right next to your name on the party list.

      Crafting Log
      The "N" button on your keyboard is your shortcut to open your crafting log (which you will be using everyday!). Each time you complete an item on your crafting log, you will get a "check mark" next to the item. This indicates that the item has been completed at least once, which unlocks the option of Quick Synthesis of that item.


      - The check marks (shown by red arrows) indicate that the item has been completed at least once, which unlocks the option of Quick Synthesis of that item.

      Pay attention to the "Recipe Level". Avoid taking on recipes higher than your own levels. You need to learn how to distinguish "Recipe Level" from "Item Level". There are 3 kinds of "levels" you have to deal with. "Recipe Level" is listed on the crafting log but NOT on the item itself. It indicates the difficulty of the recipe for the crafter (i.e. how difficult it is to craft that item). "Item Level" (a.k.a. ilvl) is listed ON the item. It contributes to the final "average ilevel" when the item is being worn, and each ilvl has its own melding cap for materia. Finally, the "level" number listed below the "class" ON the item refers to the "Minimum level of that class to wear the item". When I said pay attention to "Recipe Level", I mean the information on the crafting log, not the item itself. E.g. if the Recipe Level is 56, then you should not be attempting to make it when you're only a level 53 crafter. You can do it, but it'll be very difficult to HQ it. A level 53 crafter should be able to take on a level 53 recipe with ease, and perhaps level 54 too if you are a skilled crafter.

      - Avoid recipes with higher Recipe Levels than your current crafting class's level.

      Quick Synthesis
      Quick Synthesis allows you to quickly synthesize many of the same item. But it has only a very low HQ rate. Also the EXP you gain from Quick Syn is very minimal. By contrast, if you do a regular Synthesis, and push quality, the EXP you gain is much more significant. And if you manage to get the HQ rate above 70%, you have a much higher chance of getting an HQ item.

      The Crafting Panel & the Calculations Button
      - The Crafting Panel is where you monitor durability, condition, progress & quality during the crafting process.

      - By clicking "Calculations" (green arrow), the Efficiency Calculations panel will pop up, and you can find out how much progress or quality each crafting action does. If you hover your mouse cursor over a particular action (red arrow), it'll tell you what action that is by showing that in the tool tip (yellow arrow).

      - Each time you succeeded in crafting an HQ item, you will do this signature pose of victory.

      HQ Rate
      However, keep in mind that, even if you complete HALF the quality bar, your HQ rate will still remain around 15%, which is very low! However, when you reach around 70 to 80% of the quality bar, your HQ rate will suddenly increase dramatically from ~20% to ~70%. Thus, you should try to fill up at least 80% of the quality bar if you intend to HQ an item. In fact, you should always try to get it up to 100%, because you'll be surprised how often you'll end up with an NQ product at 98% HQ rate... RNG is RNG... That 2% sometimes do happens!

      - A graph showing how HQ rate is calculated from the % completion of the Quality Bar. When the Quality Bar is 50% filled, you only get 15% HQ success rate. However, an exponential increase occurs when the Quality Bar is between 70% & 80%. After that, it slows down again. When the Quality Bar reaches 95%, the HQ rate becomes somewhat linear.

      Trial Synthesis
      To assist you with practicing to craft an item without losing precious crafting mats, the game has introduced a function called "Trial Synthesis" in Shadowbringers. This is very useful if you're taking on a more difficult recipe that you have never tackled before, or if you just want to try out different ways to craft something without losing your mats.

      - The hammer icon near the Quick Syn button is "Trial Synthesis". You can use this on any recipe to practice crafting without losing any materials.

      Ch8: Crafting Actions

      Basic Synthesis
      - Your basic progress-increasing action. As it requires no CP cost, this is usually the final action of any crafting rotation to complete a craft.

      Basic Touch
      - Your most basic quality-increasing action. Each Basic Touch increases your IQ stack by 1.

      Master's Mend
      - Out of all durab-restoring/conserving actions, this is the most wasteful in terms of CP. But this is your only way to restore durability before acquiring Manipulation (lv 65).
      - But it does have the advantage of instantly replenishing your durab by 30. So if you are already very low in durab, like 10 or even 5. You usually need this action instead of Manip.

      Hasty Touch
      - The fact that it requires no CP made this skill a great way to gamble on free touches. However, the low success rate can actually be very CP-draining. Because each 10 durab loss actually costs at least 24 CP to replenish.
      - Eash successful Hasty Touch increases your IQ stack by 1.
      - For Expert Recipe, this action is best performed during Sturdy or Centered condition.

      Rapid Synthesis
      - Strongest progress-increasing action in the game. However, due to it having only 50% success rate, it is pretty much UNUSED in normal endgame recipes. But for Expert Recipes, due to the high difficulty, this is actually a preferred action, especially when Expert Recipes have the Centered condition that can buff its success rate up to 75%.

      - The tool tips says it does nothing. But in truth, it does something - the primary function of Observe is to bait conditions (see following chapter about crafting conditions). Each time you hit Observe, a "step" is executed, and the condition is allowed to change.
      - At higher levels, Observe can be paired with Focused Touch (lv 68) and Focused Syn (lv 67) as a combo to increase their success rate to 100%.

      Tricks of the Trade
      - This is perhaps one of the best actions ever. Normally, our CP pool limits what we can do. As I mentioned before, CP > Control > Craftsmanship. CP is KING! So the ability to increase CP is golden. However, with Expert Recipes, Precise Touch is actually preferred before maxing out your IQ stack.

      Waste Not (WN)
      - WN is NOT a bad skill. In fact, it's one of the most useful durab-conserving skill that a novice crafter would acquire at early levels. It has a very low CP cost, making it more friendly for crafters with a smaller CP pool.
      - The basic use of WN would be something similar to the following combo:
      Waste Not (40 durab & 4 WN steps left)
      Basic Touch (35 durab & 3 WN steps left)
      Standard Touch (30 durab & 2 WN steps left)
      Basic Touch (25 durab & 1 WN step left)
      Standard Touch ( 20 durab left & WN effect ended)
      ...Standard Touch is used after every Basic Touch, because the CP cost for Standard Touch is reduced to only 18 CP (same as Basic Touch) every time after a Basic Touch is executed.
      ...Notice how the durability decreases by 5 in each of the WN steps, so in the end, 4 touches that supposed to consume 40 durab would consume only 20 durab.

      - If you perform an action that does not consume durability, the effect of WN is wasted on that step.
      - Despite the point above, WN still has some flexibility. For instance:
      Waste Not (40 durab & 4 WN steps left)
      Basic Touch (35 durab & 3 WN steps left)
      Tricks of the Trade (35 durab & 2 WN steps left)
      Basic Touch (30 durab & 1 WN step left)
      Standard Touch (25 durab left & WN effect ended)
      ...Notice how durab was not decreased during the step which a Tricks of Trade was taken. In the end, 25 durab remained instead of 20. And since you can perform 3 actions (actions that consume 10 durab each) on a 25 durab item, the 25 remaining durab can be treated in the SAME way as 30 durab. Therefore, no actual durability loss occurred when ONE non-durab-consuming action was performed within the WN for an item with even number durability.

      - However, if you perform 2 such non-durab-consuming actions in the middle of a WN, you WILL lose actual durability. See this:
      Waste Not (40 durab & 4 WN steps left)
      Tricks of the Trade (40 durab & 3 WN steps left)
      Basic Touch (35 durab & 2 WN steps left)
      Tricks of the Trade (35 durab & 1 WN steps left)
      Basic Touch (30 durab left & WN effect ended)
      ...Notice how durab was not decreased for 2 steps, and now the remaining durab is even number again. You end up with only 30 durab. Yet, this time you were only able to do 2 touches during the entire course of WN. You have earned an extra 20 CP, but you ended up losing a chance of touching!
      - The same problem will happen if you use WN TWICE in a rotation, and performed 1 non-durab-consuming action in each of your two WNs.
      - For some recipes that starts off with odd number of durability (such as some 35 durab recipes), you also don't have any flexibility during the course of WN.

      - In high level crafting, WN can be utilized by pairing with Groundwork or PrepT. Groundwork and PrepT usually consume 20 durab per action. But WN can effectively reduce their durab consumption by half, so that each Groundwork/PrepT only consumes 10 durab.
      - Keep in mind that Prudent Touch is banned for use when WN or WN2 is active.

      - Extremely useful in buffing multiple consecutive steps of progress-increasing actions.

      Standard Touch
      - Slightly stronger than Basic Touch, but cost a lot more CP. Definitely NOT a efficient way of spending CP.
      - However, when paired up as a combo after Basic Touch, its CP consumption will be reduced to 18 CP, making it a decent skill to use.

      Great Strides (GS)
      - Great Strides DOUBLES your next quality-gaining action's efficiency. As this action costs 32 CP, we don't usually use it to buff regular touches.
      - We ALWAYS include this action (together with Innov) in our "Finisher" to double the quality gain from Byregot's Blessing. This is the primary function of GS.
      - Using GS too early is a big taboo, as it drains all your CP to double the power of a weak touch while IQ is still low.
      But using GS (and together with Innov) on a really strong touch at IQ11 is acceptable if you have enough CP.
      - For Expert Recipes, after reaching IQ11, we usually start off the "Touch Combo" with GS, and then Innov to buff the Observe+FocT combo (followed by 2x Prudent Touches).

      Innovation (Innov)
      - We usually do not bother using Innov in the early phase of a rotation when IQ stack is low. This is because when IQ is low, the quality gain from each touch is small. So the effect of Innov becomes small as well.
      - For Expert Recipes, we wait till IQ is 11 before using it as part of the Touch Combo. Because in Expert Recipes, we rely mostly on Hasty Touches in the IQ-building phase, which is very insecure. Together with the need of utilizing conditions that may suddenly pops up, it's very easy to "waste steps" of Innov. e.g. If you pop an Innov, fail a Hasty, activate Manip due to a Pliant, and then fail another Hasty, you will end up with just 1 step of Innov left, which is totally not worth your 18 CP spent. This is why we don't usually use Innov before we reach IQ11. But it's a not a strict rule. If you have an ocean of CP to spend, you can potentially add in Innov during IQ build-up phase.
      - Keep in mind that you need to perform at least 2 quality-increasing actions within an Innov to justify its CP spent. If you perform only 1 quality-increasing action, it's a deficit. If you perform 2 quality-increasing actions, it's break-even. If you perform 3 or 4 quality-increasing actions, it's a surplus.

      Final Appraisal
      - A very useful skill to prevent pre-mature completion of a craft. This action does NOT take a step. So, whatever condition you are having (such as a Good) will not change when you execute this action. This is a great action to have, because, let's say you got a Good, and wanted to use Intensive Syn. But you are worried that it would pre-maturely complete the craft. Then you just need to pop this action, and your Good will remain active, and then you can still use that Intensive Syn.

      Waste Not II (WN2)
      - Although in terms of durab conservation per CP, it is very attractive, WN2 runs into the same problem of flexibility as that of WN (lv 15)... and only worse, because now you are inflexible for 8 consecutive steps instead of just 4.
      - Nevertheless, WN2 can be quite useful when you're constructing macros, which no flexibility is needed. Because in macros, conditions are ignored, so you won't modify your rotation in the middle of the course.

      - Before Manipulation (lv 65) is acquired, this action is particular useful for crafting items with high durability, such as those with 70 or even 80 durability, because it is much more CP-efficient comparing to Master's Mend (lv 7).

      Byregot's Blessing
      - I said this before 6 years ago in ARR. I'm saying it again now. Byregot's Blessing is the KAMEHAMEHA (click here if you don't know what it is) of crafting. All that work of building up the IQ stack is just to buff up that one Byregot's Blessing for releasing that one final smash of quality.
      - This action should never be used alone. You should always buff it with Great Strides & Innovation in the Finisher Phase of your rotation.

      Precise Touch
      - Not only does this skill gives 150% efficiency. This skill is ONLY usable on Good condition, and Good condition provides 1.5x bonus on quality gained. Thus, the quality gain from a Precise Touch is not to be underestimated. Furthermore, the additional effect of "Increases Inner Quiet stack by one" actually is an EXTRA IQ stack on top of your usual IQ stack gain per touch. So you actually gain a total of 2 IQ stacks from a Precise Touch.

      - Muscle Memory has 2 effects.
      - (1) It increases progress at 300% efficiency
      - (2) It grants you 5 steps of a progress-buff that can DOUBLE the power of your next progress-increasing actions. However, this buff goes away immediately after you perform a single progress-increasing action.
      - It can only be used on the 1st step of a craft. Thus, this action and Reflect are mutually exclusive -- you can only use either one.
      - A valid opening combo for Expert Recipes would be MusMem, Veneration, Rapid Syn spam (first successful Rapid Syn will be buffed by both MusMem and Vene)
      - An example of a valid opening combo in macros for other endgame recipes would be MusMem, Veneration, WN, Groundwork, Groundwork, Groundwork, PrepT. The MusMem buffs the first Groundwork. The Vene buffs all 3 Groundworks. And the WN covers the 3 Groundworks and the PrepT to reduce their durab consumption from 20 to 10 each, effectively reducing total durab consuption from 80 to 40.
      - During the course of the opener of MusMem, Veneration, WN, Groundwork, Groundwork, Groundwork..., if a Good pops after Vene is up, you should replace WN or Groundwork with Intensive Syn.

      Careful Observation
      - This is a very powerful action that can only performed 3 times in a craft, and it requires you to equip the Specialist Soul Crystal. This action also consumes 1 Crafting Delineation, which is purchased with white scrips from any Scrip Exchange NPC, or just buy using gil from the marketboard.
      - Careful Observ allows you to bait for condition WITHOUT reducing the steps of any existing buffs. Thus, it almost feels like Careful Observ doesn't really count as a "step" (it actually does).
      - For example, in a Finisher Combo, after setting up both GS & Innov, you can keep using Careful Observ to bait for a Good condition before you use Byregot's Blessing.

      Careful Synthesis
      - This is a useful alternative to Basic Syn or Observe+FocSyn.
      - It is stronger than Basic Syn, but it cost 7 CP.
      - It is weaker than Observe+FocSyn, but it cost less CP than that. And it involves only 1 button, so you can easily buff up to 4 Careful Syn with a single Veneration.

      Manipulation (Manip)
      - Note: This action is locked behind lv 65 class quest. For EVERY class, you need to complete your lv 65 class quest before that class can use this action.
      - This is the best durability restoration action in game. However, it restores durability AFTER you perform an action. So if you have only 10 durab left, DO NOT use a durab-consuming action that will reduce durab by 10. Your durab will hit 0 and the item will botch before Manip can restore 5 durab for you.
      - The beauty of this action lies in its FLEXIBILITY in comparison to WN & WN2. During the 8 steps of Manip, if you perform an action that does not consume durability (such as Tricks of Trade), then you will actually gain 5 durability.
      - Because of the above points, the BEST TIME to use this action is when DURAB IS NEITHER MAX NOR MIN. This way, if you do a durab-consuming action, it won't botch the craft; and if you do a non-durab-consuming action, it won't hit max durab and fail to further gain durab either.
      - For most recipes, this action is best paired with Prudent Touch during the IQ-build-up Phase of your rotation. It "suspends" durability while you're spamming Prudent. And since both Manip and Prudent are extremely CP/durab-efficiency, this combo can be utilized for most scenarios.
      - One of my favorite opener combo is "Reflect, Manip, Innov, Prud x4" (this is assuming you have sufficient CP to buff ALL your touches with Innov), which is a pretty good opener for most recipes.
      - For Expert Recipes, I do not usually recommend the above combo, as it will burn off CP a bit too fast. However, if you managed to catch a few Trick of Trades, it is definitely viable to do a Manip + Prudent-spam combo to reach IQ10.

      Prudent Touch
      - This is arguably the most CP/durab-efficient quality-increasing action. Even though it cost 25 CP, which is much higher than a Basic Touch, do not underestimate the impact of reducing only 5 durab per touch.
      - Think this way, the most efficient durab-restoration action is Manip which cost 96 CP for a total of 40 durab gain. So every 10 durab is worth 96/4 = 24 CP. That means 5 durab is worth 12 CP. Prudent is 25 and BasicT is 18 CP. So Prudent is 7 CP more expensive. Yet by spending 7 more CP, you are earning 5 durab that is worth at least 12 CP!
      - This action can pair up nicely with Manipulation to "suspend" durability while increasing your IQ stack.

      Focused Synthesis (FocSyn)
      - Much like Focused Touch but for progress, when this action is paired with Observe, it is actually the best action in terms of progress efficiency per CP cost and per durab consumption, that is independent from conditions.
      - However, its pairing with Observe is also its weakness - you can at most fit only 2 of such combo within the 4 steps of a Veneration.
      - Similar to Observe+FocusT, you CANNOT use Careful Observation in the middle of the Observe+FocSyn combo, otherwise it breaks the combo.

      Focused Touch (FocT)
      - When paired with Observe, this is actually the best action in terms of quality efficiency per CP cost and per durab consumption, that is independent from conditions. This is also why it is the chosen action for the Touch Combo.
      - However, its pairing with Observe is also its weakness - you can at most fit only 2 of such combo within the 4 steps of an Innov. You also cannot make use of an existing favorable condition (such as a Good or Pliant) for the touch action in the combo due to it having 2 actions.
      - Also, in the middle of the Observe+FocT combo, you CANNOT use Careful Observation to bait for conditions. Otherwise it breaks the combo, and the FocT will lose the success rate gained from the Observe.

      - As of Endwalker (Patch 6.0), Reflect has gained a quality increase of 100% efficiency (so it's now a quality-increasing action that gives 1 IQ stack), and it provides 1 additional IQ stack as well. Thus, Reflects immediately grants the IQ2 status at the beginning of a craft.
      - It can only be used on the 1st step of a craft. Thus, this action and Muscle Memory are mutually exclusive -- you can only use either one.

      Preparatory Touch
      - When GS, Innov are both active and a Good pops, you want to use this skill if durab permits.
      - The additional effect of "Increases Inner Quiet stack by one" actually means this action increases IQ by 2. Thus, in some macros for endgame recipes, this action is actually useful in the early phases of a rotation. E.g. You can set up Veneration, WN (or WN2), and then spam Groundwork and Prep Touch to quickly work on progress and increase IQ stacks. The WN (or WN2) will reduce the durab cost of Groundwork / Prep Touch to 10 per action. However, this usage is not recommended for the Expert Recipes.

      - In some macros for endgame recipes, this action is actually useful in the early phases of a rotation. E.g. You can set up Veneration, WN (or WN2), and then spam Groundwork and Prep Touch to quickly work on progress and increase IQ stacks. The WN (or WN2) will reduce the durab cost of Groundwork / Prep Touch to 10 per action. However, this usage is not recommended for the Expert Recipes here.
      (Note: Groundwork has been buffed from 300% to 360% efficiency since Endwalker.)

      Delicate Synthesis
      - Delicate Syn is a costly skill that, if used properly, can have amazing results. Despite it being 32 CP to use, it increases both progress and quality simultaneously, which means you are effectively saving durab.
      - Its effect on quality is equivalent to that of a Basic Touch (100% efficiency), whereas its effect on progress is actually slightly weaker than that of a Basic Syn (120% efficiency). Since a Basic Touch costs 18 CP, this means, for Delicate Syn, 32-18 = 14 CP is spent on the progress part without reducing extra durability. As each 10 durab is worth at least 24 CP, this is really not a bad deal at all.
      - However, the fact that its efficiency on progress is only 100% is an issue. For recipes with a lot of progress to fill, 100% efficiency is really weak even when buffed with Vene.
      - Also, Delicate Syn's blessing is also its curse. When both progress & quality are tied together, it's difficult for you to buff both together using Vene/Innov.
      - Furthermore, after acquring Prudent Touch, we don't really use Basic Touch as a mean to build-up IQ anymore. Thus, even though Delicate Syn offers some benefits over Basic Touch, it is still not as handy as Prudent in most cases.

      Intensive Synthesis
      - A very powerful action that trumps Groundwork in both CP-cost, durab-cost and efficiency in progress. However, because it can only be executed in Good or Excellent conditions, it is only useful in manual crafting most of the times.


      Trained Eye
      - With this, you can one-shot the quality bar of any recipe that are at least 10 lvls below you.


      Advanced Touch
      - First introduced in A Realm Reborn, and then removed from the game in Stormblood and Shadowbringer, and finally it made its way back to the game in Endwalker.
      - Slightly stronger than Standard Touch, but cost a lot more CP. Definitely NOT a efficient way of spending CP.
      - However, when paired up as a combo after Standard Touch, its CP consumption will be reduced to 18 CP, making it a decent skill to use.
      - Thus, in Endwalker, the game has introduced to us a new triple combo of "Basic Touch -> Standard Touch -> Advanced Touch".
      - To fully utilize the combo, Innovation should be used prior to the Basic Touch.
      - In manual crafting, if a Good appears any time during the combo, it is preferred to switch to Precise Touch and break the combo, because Precise gives an extra IQ, and because it is stronger than Standard. In macro crafting, the combo is quite powerful for 70 durab items, but it is difficult to be used in 35 or 40 durab items, because of how draining it is in terms of durab. It can be used, but it requires some good planning. It's just not really a "spammable" combo. Thus, in practice this combo doesn't replace Prudent Touch or Preparatory Touch.


      Heart and Soul
      - This is a very powerful action that can only be performed ONCE in a craft, and it requires you to equip the Specialist Soul Crystal. Much like Careful Observation, this action also consumes 1 Crafting Delineation, which is purchased with white scrips from any Scrip Exchange NPC (or just buy using gil from the marketboard).
      - This action allows you to execute actions that can only be performed under Good/Excellent, including Precise Touch, Intensive Syn and Tricks of the Trade.
      - However, note that the Precise Touch executed under Heart and Soul does NOT gain the 1.5x quality bonus from a regular Good condition. On that sense, it is a bit less powerful than a regular Precise Touch, but at least you can still gain that additional IQ stack.
      - This action is extremely versatile for Expert Recipes. For example, when you are under Veneration and encounter a Malleable condition, in the past you could only gamble with Rapid Syn, which likely fails. Now you can force an Intensive Syn to be available to better utilize the Vene+Malleable condition on a 400%+200% power stroke on progress.
      - Another example for Expert Recipes would be to easily jump from IQ8 to IQ10 without any gambling with Hasty Touches.
      - It can also be used for just obtaining another 20 CP via Tricks of the Trade while giving you another chance to bait for another condition.
      - Lastly, another example for Expert Recipes would be, at IQ10, during the "Touch Combo" of "GS, Innov, Observe, FocTouch, PruT, PruT", if a Pliant pops after GS or after Innov, it used to suck because it would be a total waste to use Observe on the Pliant. But if you use Manip on the Pliant, then you don't have enough steps of the GS for "Observe + FocTouch". Now, with "Heart and Soul", we can do a Manip on the Pliant, and then pop "Heart and Soul" (it doesn't count as a step), and use a Precise Touch instead of Obs+FocT to utilize the GS+Innov.
      - All the different usages of Heart and Soul are all up to your creativity!

      Prudent Synthesis
      - This can be quite useful sometimes since it has the same efficiency as a Careful Syn, but only consumes 5 durab.
      - Sure, it costs more CP than Careful Syn, but it is actually very CP efficient.

      Trained Finesse
      - This can only be used after reaching the maximum stacks of IQ10
      - Trained Finesse doesn't replace Prudent Touch because of its high CP cost, and relatively weak efficiency. Prudent still has its place.
      - It is only good when you have a crap ton of CP left but out of durab.

      Ch9: Crafting Conditions

      During crafting, you will encounter different "crafting conditions". There are 4 types of conditions:
      1) Normal - No effect
      2) Good - Increases to quality are 1.5x higher than normal
      3) Excellent - Increases to quality are 4x higher than normal
      4) Poor - Increases to quality are halved
      These conditions have nothing to do with synthesis (i.e. progress), and has everything to do with touches (i.e. quality). Good conditions pops up at about 1/4 chance (which feels like 1/6). Excellent pops up at about 1/20 chance.

      Rules of Thumb for Conditions:

      Conditions Rule 1 - After a Good condition, it's always followed by a Normal condition.

      Conditions Rule 2 - After an Excellent, it's always followed by a Poor, and then a Normal.

      Conditions Rule 3 - Usually, using Tricks of the Trade when a Good pops is good choice, because CP is KING! But depending on the situation, sometimes we want to consider using touches on a Good as well. If grabbing 20 more CP with Tricks allows you can restore durab later for more touches, then perhaps Tricks is the way to go. But if grabbing 20 more CP only allows you to substitute a Basic Touch with a Standard Touch, then you might as well just spend 18 CP on a Basic Touch on the Good instead. A Basic Touch under Good condition (1.5x 100% efficiency) is more powerful than a Standard Touch under Normal condition (125% efficiency). Therefore, in some situations, it is better to not take a Tricks of the Trade, but to utilize the Good condition for a touch if you're not in desperate need of CP. This is especially true after you have acquired Precise Touch (lv 53), since the Precise Touch itself gives 150% efficiency (plus the 1.5x quality effect from the Good condition) and provides an additional IQ stack too, which is extremely favorable if you have sufficient CP. However, this is not absolute. In some scenarios, Tricks may be more advantageous than Precise Touch. To make things even more complicated, you will acquire Intensive Syn at lv 78. So you will have to make a decision among Tricks, Precise & IntenSyn. All-in-all, making the right decision to use Tricks, touch or synthesis on a Good requires experience, and it is what makes you a skilled crafter.

      Conditions Rule 4 - A touch at an Excellent condition gives 4X QUALITY of that from a touch at Normal condition. Therefore, you should always try to land a "touch" on Excellent condition. If you were about to use a Basic Touch on Normal, think about using Standard Touch on Excellent here instead. If IQ stacks were high (like IQ7 or above), sometimes you may even consider using a naked Byregot on Excellent. If you were about to use Innov before a touch or a Byregot, even if it's Great Strides, just skip them all, and do the touch or Byregot right away. But please, for the love of the Twelve, DO NOT use Tricks of the Trade on Excellent !!! I have seen too many new crafters wasting the precious Excellent by using a Tricks of the Trade! It kills me to see that!


      Conditions Rule 5 - Both Good and Innov increases quality by 1.5x. So Good can effectively replace the effect of Innov for 1 step without the 18 CP cost. Alternatively, you may take Tricks of the Trade on the Good, and the use the surplus 20 CP for an Innov after. However, Great Strides CANNOT be replaced with a Good, because Great Strides DOUBLES the quality of the next quality-increasing action.

      Conditions Rule 6 - The multipliers of Good and Innov are STACKABLE. This means, while Innov is active (quality of the next touch is mutiplied by 1.5x), if a Good pops, your quality will be further multiplied by another 1.5x. E.g. if a Basic Touch is supposed to give 100 quality at Normal, it will give 150 quality if under the effect of Innov or if it's under Good; and it will give 100 x1.5 x1.5 = 225 quality if under influence of both Innov and Good.

      - Normal condition = white orb -- No effect.


      - Good condition = red orb -- Increases to quality are 1.5x higher than normal.


      - Excellent condition = color-changing rainbow orb -- Increases to quality are 4x higher than normal.

      - Poor condition = dark purple orb -- Increases to quality are halved.

      Ch10: Generating a Crafting Rotation

      Before you even have enough crafting actions to formulate a rotation, you can still HQ items if you use the "baiting" method to land most of your touches on "Good" conditions. Please see the following mini guide for details:
      "Tricks" for beginner crafters lvl 20 or lower

      Phases of a Rotation
      A basic crafting rotation usually contains:
      (1) Opener Phase (or just "opener")
      (2) IQ Build-up Phase
      (3) Finisher Phase (or just "finisher")
      ...and a Progress Phase that can be fitted right after the opener or after the finisher.

      Opener Phase
      As of Endwalker, "Inner Quiet" is no longer an action, so there's no more "Inner Quiet Opener" anymore. Now, the Opener Phase usually consists of just either Reflect (lv 69) or Muscle Memory (MuMe) (lv 54) (or no Opener Phase at all if you have neither). Keep in mind that Reflect and MuMe are mutually exclusive... you can only use either one.

      The advantage of a Reflect opener is that it'll immediately grant you another 2 IQ stacks. After Reflect, you have the choice of following it up with either an IQ Build-up Phase or a Progress Phase.

      If a MuMe opener is used, it means progress is buffed really early (MuMe buff your next progress-increasing action by 100% in the next 5 steps), so it is more logical to follow up with a Progress Phase.

      An example of a MuMe opener + Progress Phase:
      Waste Not
      Groundwork (buffed by MuMe & Vene)
      Groundwork (buffed by Vene)
      Groundwork (buffed by Vene)
      Final Appraisal (does not reduce WN steps) (assuming your next action will pre-maturely complete the craft)
      Careful Syn

      Both MuMe and Veneration buffs progress, so after that we use the strongest progress-increasing action we can have, which is Groundwork (Rapid Syn is stronger, but it is likely to fail. Intensive Syn is stronger, but it requires a Good or a Heart and Soul). Groundwork is bad on the sense that it consumes 20 durab each, so using Waste Not before it can effectively reduce the consumption to 10 durab each.

      IQ Build-up Phase
      In the IQ Build-up Phase, you want to build up your IQ stacks as much as possible in the most CP-conserving way. Thus, before Prudent Touch (lv 66) is acquired, you want to use Basic Touch -> Standard Touch combos, or even Hasty Touch, to try to build up your IQ stacks. Precise Touch (lv 53) is a great choice too if a Good or Excellent condition pops, but make sure you have sufficient CP. Before you do your touches, you must somewhat know what durab conservation/restoration actions that you plan to use. For instance, if this is a 40 durab item, you may consider starting off with a WN, and follow with Basic->Standard Touch combos. If a Good pops, you may either do a Precise Touch or Tricks of Trade. Towards the end of this IQ Build-up Phase, you want to utilize as much of your CP pool as you can to achieve the highest IQ stack possible, while saving up enough CP and durab for your Finisher Phase.

      Finisher Phase
      In the Finisher Phase, you want to set up as many buffs as possible, and then use Byregot's Blessing (lv 50) to do one final push of quality. If Byregot is not yet acquired, even Standard Touch (lv 18) is an acceptable substitute.

      A standard finisher will require 74 CP and 20 durab (15 durab):
      Great Strides
      Basic Syn

      Example of a modified finisher that requires more CP and 40 durab (or 35 durab):
      Basic Touch
      Standard Touch
      Great Strides
      Basic Syn
      ...here, the Innov is better utilized so that it buffed 2 extra touches before the Byregot.

      Another example of a finisher that requires 30 durab (or 25 durab):
      Great Strides
      Great Strides
      Basic Syn

      Progress Phase
      If your Progress Phase is fitted right after the opener, then you should make sure to fill the progress bar until only 1 Basic Synthesis away from completion. If you need to use a strong synthesis that cost CP, or a synthesis that requires the Veneration (lv 13) buff to finish the craft (and the Vene is currently active), then use Final Appraisal (lv 42) before you hit that synthesis to avoid pre-mature completion. You will then be 1 progress away from finishing the craft. In this case, you should design your rotation so that your finisher is executed at either 20 durab or 15 durab, which will leave you either 10 durab or 5 durab for that last Basic Syn.

      If your Progress Phase is fitted after the finisher, then you should make sure you have saved up enough durab and CP to complete the craft in the most CP+durab-conserving manner.

      Examples of a post-finisher Progress Phase:
      Basic Syn
      Basic Syn
      Basic Syn OR

      Careful Syn
      Careful Syn OR

      - At lv 50, the most CP-efficient durab-conservation action is Waste Not II (WN2). It is not so great an action due to its inflexibility, but we don't have much of a choice at this level. Also, due to CP limitation, we are also forced to use numerous Hasty Touches. In this rotation, if a Good condition pops during the streak of Hasties, we should actually take a Tricks of the Trade, and replace one of the Hasties with a Basic Touch. This will help to achieve better security. If 1 Basic Syn under Vene cannot complete this craft for you, you can easily swap out a Hasty Touch for another Basic Syn.

      - At lv 70, we can use the Reflect opener, which grants an immediate IQ2 status. At this level, the most CP-efficient durab-restoration action is Manip. This action is best used when durab is NOT at max and NOT at min. It provides the flexibility to take multiple Tricks of the Trade. In this rotation, if we managed to snatch a bit more CP, we can add in 1 or 2 more Innov during the IQ Build-up Phase. Depending on the need, the post-Finisher Progress Phase could include a Vene, and can use Careful Syn or Obs+FocSyn.

      Ch11: Common Mistakes that Novice Crafters Make

      "Now that I have Great Strides and Innovation, I can use them at every chance to buff my touches."

      - You don't want to use Great Strides or Innov too early in a rotation when your IQ stack is still low. Great Strides cost 32 CP, which is much more than a Basic Touch (18 CP). Similarly, it is NOT effective to use Innov when IQ stack is still as low as 1 or 2. Innov can be used to buff stronger touches when IQ stack is higher later. The most important thing is to make sure you have enough CP so that the LAST touch/Byregot is buffed by both Great Strides & Innov. DO NOT spend all your CP too early, and leave your last touch/Byregot unbuffed. A "naked" Byregot is a total waste of the entire IQ stack!

      "I use Standard Touch as much as I can because it's my strongest touch, but my quality increase still seem so little, and I ran out of CP. What am I doing wrong?"

      - You don't want to use Standard Touch alone as a single action. It is the possibly the least CP-efficient touch to use out of all. Try to use it as COMBO with Basic Touch. It will reduce the CP cost of Standard Touch by a lot. You can, however, plan for a "Great Strides, Innov, Standard Touch" combo as your finisher before you get Byregot's Blessing at lv 50. Since Innov gives you 4 steps of the buff, you can start with Innov first, throw out 2 touches, and then perform "Great Strides, Standard Touch" as the finisher.

      "I just learned Waste Not II (WN2), it is probably the best durab-conservation action. So I'm going to use it on all my crafts."

      - WN2 is an extremely inflexible action. It prevents you from taking multiple Tricks of the Trade. During the 8 steps of WN2, if you use more than 1 non-durab-consuming action, you will waste the durab conservation. It is also NOT a useful skill for any 40 durab or 35 durab items. If you don't have Manipulation (lv 65) yet, you might as well use WN instead of WN2 to tackle 40 or 35 durab items. For items with 70 durab or higher, it's OK to use WN2 if you don't have Manip yet. But you need to be concious about not losing steps when it's active. Visit Ch8: Crafting Actions above, and read more about WN and WN2 for more information.

      "Oh sweet, an Excellent condition popped! I can use Tricks of the Trade for some extra CP!"
      - I don't even wanna comment on this anymore...

      :beg:...it's like the doom of all novice crafters... please just read Ch9: Crafting Conditions above!

      "I'm not interested in the stories, so I'm just going to level up to max level first, before going back to do my class quests"
      - You actually want to be somewhat keeping up with the class quests. Because Manipulation (lv 65) is locked behind completion of the lv 65 class quest. It is the most powerful durab restoration action to-date, so you do want to grab this action as soon as you reach lv 65.

      "DING! I just reached level 50 / 60 / 70 / 80! Let me try to obtain a set of level 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 gear!"
      - You need to realize that lv 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 gear sets were endgame gear of previous expansions. As you may guess, they are particularly expensive and mat-heavy to make. What you want is actually to completely AVOID lv 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 gear sets (whether crafted set or scrips set), but go straight for the lv 51 / 61 / 71 / 81 gear sets (crafted). The lv 51 / 61 / 71 / 81 gear sets (initial sets of an expansion) are just a tad bit weaker than lv 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 endgame gear sets, but much much cheaper and easier to make! The fact is, even if you spend a ton of gil and time to acquire lvl 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 gear sets, they will be obsolete when you reach ~lvl 53 / 63 / 73 / 83 anyway, and stronger gear sets will be available in the crafting log. So why waste gil and time to acquire some outdated endgame gear sets? See "Ch16: Leveling Gear Sets to Bridge Over Expansions" for more details.

      "I got some materia! I'm gonna try this overmeld thingy, so I can gain a little bit more stats while I'm leveling!"
      - Melding low level materia (Tier 8 or lower) on leveling gear is not a problem. Because you can easily use the "retrieve" function to pull materias back out any time, and your chance of retrieval is 100%. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND MELDING LOW TIER CUNNING MATERIA FOR EXTRA CP WHILE LEVELING. However, high tier materia (Tier 9 or above) have a lower retrieval success rate. So it's not recommended to use these materia until you have acquired your final BiS (Best-in-Slot) gear. Overmelding, in particular pentamelding, is a wasteful and expensive process, so overmelding gear that is NOT BiS is a rather foolish action. Overmelds should only be done after you have reached max lvl and acquired BiS gear set.

      Ch12: Learn to Modify Rotations According to Conditions

      Before I keep talking about crafting, I want to talk about martial arts… or at least “fantasy martial arts”.

      Many of you are probably Americans, Australians, Europeans or even Japanese who have never heard of "Jin Yong’s Wuxia novels". Jin Yong (金庸) (a.k.a. Louis Cha) is a famous Chinese novelist who wrote a number of famous “Wuxia” (武俠) (fantasy martial arts) novels, and the stories have been so deeply rooted in the Chinese community since the 80s that they have been publish in many different forms including comics, TV-series, movies, single player RPGs, MMO RPGs etc. One of such novels was “The Smiling, Proud Wanderer” (笑傲江湖).

      In this novel series, the protagonist, Linghu Chong, by chance learned a very formidable sword style called “Nine Swords of Dugu” (The Nine Swords of Solitude 獨孤九劍). To learn the Nine Swords of Dugu, Chong at first had to learn 9 different basic sword techniques. After mastering each technique to its fullest, and able to perform them in “combos”, he was told to FORGET them all… The essence of the Nine Swords of Dugu lies in the ability in detecting the enemy’s techniques’ weaknesses, and then immediately formulates a technique/combo on the spot that targets them. Thus, it’s not bound to any particular forms or combinations, and is ever-changing. Later in the story, no villains could steal or copy Chong’s Nine Swords of Dugu, because there was no particular technique or form to steal from. It also makes the sword style unpredictable in fights. Chong eventually reached the zenith status of swordsmanship. This is a great philosophy that applies not only to martial arts, but even to our real lives.

      - The "9 Swords of Dugu" -- A philosophy that I embrace for my crafting.

      My philosophy of crafting in FFXIV is very similar. First, we have to grind levels, and learn individual basic crafting actions. We need to understand thoroughly what each skill does, and practice “combos”. When we plan to craft something, we formulate a "rotation" to utilize all our CP to the fullest. But when the actual crafting happens, we usually can't just follow through with our rotation. We have to react on the spot according to the CONDITIONS.

      Take this as an example, even if you are a very young level 30-ish crafter, making a 70-durab item with very limited crafting actions, you can still improvise, and modify your rotation on the spot to make it better:

      *Note that Inner Quiet is no longer an available action in Endwalker. The Inner Quiet stack now automatically begins upon your first quality-increasing action.

      On the left, you can see the "original plan" of a rotation that can potentially hit IQ9 before the Standard Touch finisher. The Basic Touches (BTs) and Standard Touches (STs) have been lined up in combos, so that the STs within the combos only require 18 CP to execute. Furthermore, the Innov is designed so that it buffs the 2nd BT/ST combo and the finisher. However, assuming you have only 302 CP to spend, you will have to live with 4x Hasty Touches, which means 2 to 3 of them are likely to fail. So in the end, you're likely to have only IQ6 or IQ7.

      Now on the right, you can see the "actual execution" of the rotation. Right after Inner Quiet, a Good popped, so a quick Tricks allowed intake of 20 extra CP. Right after the first Hasty, another Good popped, so another Tricks was taken. There is now a surplus of 40 CP, so we want to substitute 2 Hasties with 2 secure touches. The choice is a BT/ST combo within the 1st WN. In the 2nd WN, another Good appeared, but as we know, we cannot take another Tricks, else we lose durab (review Waste Not in Ch8 for details). Thus, we're going to touch here instead. We still have to perform 1 more Hasty. But we should NOT perform the Hasty here! Why risk blowing up a Hasty on a Good condition? So we go for a BT instead to make sure the Good is utilized on a secure touch. Now we go back to using Hasty for the last time, and then follow up with a BT/ST combo within the 2nd WN. In the end, although the Innov buffed 1 less ST, we managed to reduced the need of 4 Hasties to only 2. We are much more likely to have IQ8 or even IQ9. Therefore, our chance of HQing the item is much higher than that of the original rotation on the left. THIS IS WHY MANUAL CRAFTING IS ALWAYS MORE POWERFUL THAN MACRO CRAFTING! Because we can adjust our rotation according to conditions!

      Do not underestimate your abilities as a crafter just because you are only level 20-ish. It takes some real skills to be a good crafter even at lower levels. The smarter crafter who can improvise will always be stronger than those who cannot, and this is why even crafters with the identical stats can vastly differ in their abilities in crafting!

      The above example was limited by the very small CP pool and the small number of available crafting actions of a low level crafter, yet it already demonstrated some complex thoughts that one can have during a craft. When you are level 70 or level 80 with a much bigger arsenal of crafting actions, you can imagine how much variety one can have in terms of rotations and ways to tweak a rotation in response to different conditions. This is why EXPERT RECIPES at Shadowbringers endgame is so much fun! Feel free to check out my previous guide on Expert Recipes for the Skybuilders' Tools (http://ffxivrealm.com/guides/caimie-tsukinos-guide-for-expert-recipes-and-skybuilders-tools.201/).

      Ch13: Macro-crafting

      Macro is convenient when you craft a lot

      In the crafting world, a "macro" is a set of self-designed buttons (usually around 1 to 3 buttons) that executes a series of crafting actions in the form of a complex rotation, allowing us to achieve auto-crafting mode. This is extremely useful when we want to massively craft the same items many times.

      To create macros, go to "System", and select "User Macros". You may also drag this text onto a hotbar to create a shortcut button.

      Shown in the pic above is the Macro Panel. Select an empty spot, and start typing in codes (or copying codes from others) to create a macro. Each macro can only contain a maximum of 15 lines. However, for rotations that are >15 actions, you can simply create 2 macros or even 3 macros to execute the whole rotation. After this, simply drag the buttons onto your hotbar for easy-access of the macros you created.

      Then, all you need to do, is to repeatedly press the set of macro buttons to execute complex rotations to craft things. This is a very good way to perform "factory production" of certain HQ items for sale, or even massively produce HQ ingots/ lumbers/ cloths for sale or for leveling.

      Copying is OK, but copying & pasting with no understanding is BAD
      It is very common for players to ask people for endgame macros on Reddit or forums. Because they can then just copy those macros and use them to craft things. COPYING MACROS ISN'T A BAD THING! We all have to start somewhere, so we all copy others at the beginning. But after copying, we should always analyze the rotation, and try to understand why the creator designed the macro rotation that way. If you are just copying macros and using them without thinking or learning anything, then I don't think you qualify to call yourself a crafter at all!

      Macros IGNORE most crafting conditions, so macro crafting is usually not as powerful as manual crafting. However, it can serve its purpose of mass production.

      Designing an outstanding macro rotation is actually a very difficult task to master! It's an advanced puzzle solving game, which you try to mix and match different actions to utilize them in the most effective way possible (and it's really fun too! :cat:). Thus, good macro designers are usually good crafters who can excel in manual crafting as well!

      Learning to write macros, and understanding the beauty in designs
      Each line in a macro looks like this one:

      /ac "Muscle Memory" <wait.3>

      This line executes the action, Muscle Memory, and then wait 3 seconds before moving on to the next line. Keep in mind that no half-seconds can be executed by macros in FFXIV. If you put <wait.1.5> after your line, it'll just round it off and wait 2 sec instead, and then moving onto the next line.

      Usually, crafting actions that involves "buffs" (like Veneration or Innov) just need a waiting time of 2 sec to finish the execution. By contrast, crafting actions that involves "touches" or "syntheses" will need a slightly longer waiting time of 3 sec.

      To generate a comment in your chat box & to produce a sound to notify yourself that a macro has finished running, you can input a line like this:
      /echo Macro Part 1 (594 CP) finished <se.2>

      The "echo" will produce a comments in your chat box, so you are visually notified that that macro has finished running. The <se.2> will produce a sound. You can choose from a list of many different sound effects. Just try <se.1>, <se.3>, <se.4> etc.

      The pic below shows how complex a macro rotation can be at endgame (Note that this endgame rotation was constructed in Shadowbringer. Now that we are in Endwalker, we no longer need to use "Inner Quiet" as an action).
      - This is a very carefully designed lv 80 endgame rotation (back in Shadowbringer) that can be used to generate a macro. Note that almost every action's potentials are utilized to the fullest. The rotation can pretty much ignore crafting conditions (except a "Poor" on Byregot), and can still manage to produce very impressive results. (Note: Inner Quiet is no longer an available action in Endwalker. The IQ stack automatically begins when you use your first quality-increasing action.)

      The rotation in the above pic can be written as a 2-part or 3-part macro. Below, I have broken it down into a 3-part macro:

      /ac "Muscle Memory" <wait.3>
      /ac "Inner Quiet" <wait.2> (Note that Inner Quiet is no longer an action now in Endwalker)
      /ac "Manipulation" <wait.2>
      /ac "Veneration" <wait.2>
      /ac "Waste Not" <wait.2>
      /ac "Groundwork" <wait.3>
      /ac "Groundwork" <wait.3>
      /ac "Careful Synthesis" <wait.3>
      /ac "Preparatory Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Prudent Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Prudent Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Prudent Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Prudent Touch" <wait.3>
      /echo Macro Part 1 (594 CP) finished <se.2>

      /ac Innovation <wait.2>
      /ac "Prudent Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Prudent Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Prudent Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Prudent Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac Innovation <wait.2>
      /ac Observe <wait.3>
      /ac "Focused Touch" <wait.3>
      /echo Macro Part 2 (594 CP) finished <se.4>

      /ac "Great Strides" <wait.2>
      /ac "Byregot's Blessing" <wait.3>
      /ac "Basic Synthesis" <wait.3>
      /echo Macro Part 3 (594 CP) finished <se.6>

      You may notice that the 2nd macro has only 8 lines (excluding the /echo line), and the 3rd macro has only 3 lines. There are a total of 11 lines, so Part 2 & 3 could have been merged together, and the entire thing will be a 2-part macro instead. So why break it into 3 parts? Well, because this is a rotation used for 70 durab items, which are usually final products instead of intermediate crafting mats. For a high level endgame gear, there's a HUGE difference in stats and market price between HQ and NQ. If an Excellent conditions pops right after the FocT in the 2nd macro, then the Byregot would be landed on Poor condition, and there is a chance that the item may end up NQ. To avoid that, we stop the auto-crafting 2 steps before the Byregot, and MANUALLY CHECK on the crafting condition. If an Excellent conditions pops, then we MANUALLY hit Byregot right away, skipping Great Strides. Then manually finish the craft. This procedure makes the crafting process slightly longer, but it guarantees HQ.

      Usually this kind of condition check is NOT needed for intermediate crafting mats such as ingots or lumbers (with 35 or 40 durab)
      . Occasional NQ intermediate mats is not a big deal, because we can still craft HQ final products from them. In fact, we actually prefer FASTER rotations for intermediate mats because we need so many of them.

      A trick to utilize conditions in macros
      Lastly, there is actually a trick that allows you to utilize some crafting conditions in macros. To do so, you need to set up 2 lines of commands this way:

      /ac "Precise Touch"
      /ac "Basic Touch" <wait.3>

      The game will first try to execute Precise Touch. If condition is Normal, then the Precise button is blurred, so the execution will fail. You will get an error message on the screen, which you can just ignore. Then it'll immediately start executing Basic Touch, and then wait for 3 sec.

      If the condition is Good or Excellent, the execution of Precise will be successful, but because it has no wait time, the Basic Touch will fail to execute while Precise is being executed. You will, once again, get an error message on the screen, which you can just ignore. And after the Precise, it'll wait for 3 sec.

      Similarly, if a Good or Excellent pops, you can substitute Groundwork with Intensive Syn using the following 2 lines:

      /ac "Intensive Synthesis"
      /ac "Groundwork" <wait.3>

      As a final reminder, because macros usually cannot utilize conditions, WN2 is actually a very valid crafting action to be used in designing rotations before acquiring Manip (lv 65). WN2's weakness is flexibility in utilizing conditions. But in a macro, this weakness is not a weakness. So feel free to design macros with WN2.

      Ch14: Methods of Leveling

      If you are one of those people who are splurging gil, buying mats from the marketboard to level up a single class, then you're probably doing it wrong. Since Stormblood, every expansion, I earned approximately 5 to 10 million gil by leveling my 8 crafting classes 10 levels. Thus, instead of losing gil, you should be EARNING gil while leveling. The reason why people bankrupt while leveling is because all they do is "leves, leves, leves"! Yes, leves is fast, but it's also the worst in terms of gil. You don't have to resort to leves all the times. There are plenty of ways to level your classes.

      Here is the list of the many ways to level up your crafting classes:
      - Ch14A: Leveling via Crafting Log
      - Ch14B: Ishgard Restoration - The Firmament
      - Ch14C: Tradecraft Leves
      - Ch14D : Grand Company Supply/Provisioning Missions
      - Ch14E: Collectables
      - Ch14F: Beast Tribes (Ixali, Moogle, Namazu & Dwarf)
      - Ch14G: Massively macro-crafting ingots/ lumbers/ cloths

      Leveling of New Crafters
      For any new crafters starting off at level 1, I'd recommend Ch14A: Leveing via Crafting Log using guild vendors and material suppliers from FC house.

      Leveling of Veteran Crafters
      For any veteran crafters who are picking up from lvl 50/60/70/80 at the beginning of a new expansion, I'd recommend the following. This is how I earn up to 10 million gil every beginning of an expansion when I need to level all my crafters for 10 levels:
      (1) Every day, check the list of items for GC provision missions (described in Ch14D). Check marketboard to buy off any cheap items on the list for immediately turn-ins.
      (2) Level up MIN/BTN using leves first, and train up retainers ASAP (leves requires access of Ishgard / Kugane / Crystarium / Old Sharlayan).
      (3) Use Survival Manuals & food, and massively gather (or send retainers to gather) raw mats, such as ores / logs / cottonbolls etc. that can be used for crafting 35 durab items, such as ingots, lumbers, leathers, threads etc.
      (4) While inside FC house or your own private house (to continuously earn bonus resting EXP), use method in Ch14G: Massively macro-crafting ingots/ lumbers/ cloths. Use Engineering Manuals & food, and massively macro-craft the stackable 35 durab items into HQ using the gathered raw mats. Manually LOWER the quality of the HQ raw mats into NQ to maximize EXP gain (see pic below). If power allows, macro-craft from zero quality to max quality to maximize EXP gain. Sell some of the HQ ingots for gil if the prices are hot on the market.
      (5) Use method in Ch14A: Leveling via Crafting Log. Use Engineering Manuals & food, and try to go through as many new items as possible on the Crafting Log. Again, manually LOWER the quality of the HQ mats into NQ to maximize EXP gain when crafting the final products. If the final product is NQ, and the price is really bad on the market, consider desynthesizing it, and redo the crafting until you get HQ. To level up using Ch14A, you will need mats from different classes, thus you should level ALL crafting classes together.
      (6) Sell the HQ final products, including gear / weapons / tools. Find out of these items are needed for leves or GC provision missions. If yes, you can craft more for sale or for self-use.
      (7) Use Ch14C: Tradecraft Leves or Ch14E: Collectables toward the last few levels as "the final touch" to easily finish the job.

      - Quality of your 35 durab items (ingot, lumbers, leathers etc.) can be lowered by right-clicking the items in your inventory, and then selecting "Lower Quality". If you only intend to lower the quality of only some of the mats, use "Split" first to create a separate stack before lowering the quality.

      - Ch14A: Leveling via Crafting Log

      It is extremely easy to dash through the first 15 levels (lv 1 - 15). You can start off by going through each of the items on your crafting log. Each time you complete an item for the first time, you get extra EXP. So by crafting each item on your crafting log ONCE, you can earn a ton of EXP.

      After completing an item for the 1st time, you will get a "check mark", indicating that it has been completed before, and it will become available for Quick Synthesis in the future. However, keep in mind that the EXP you can gain from Quick Syn is pathetic. Whereas, if you use regular synthesis, and push quality with touches, you will gain a lot more EXP with the same amount of mats. EXP is earned via QUALITY GAIN on the quality bar, NOT by achieving HQ on an item.

      E.g. if your quality bar has 2000 and you pushed only 500 quality, then you got lucky and the item turned HQ, you're still earning very little EXP. By contrast, if your quality bar has 2000 and you pushed 1900 quality, then even if you got unlucky and the item turned NQ, you're still earning a ton of EXP.

      As a quick reminder, please explore each of the crafting guild's mat supplier (an NPC standing in each of the crafting guilds), vendors at market place and vendors in your FC house for cheap crafting mats.

      Don't do what I once did: When I started the game, I had only 1000 gil. I bought a Chicken Egg from the market board for 300 gil when I could have bought it at the vendor right next to the market board (MB) for 5 gil. Since then, every time I want to buy something from the MB, I Google search it, to see if any NPC sells them at a cheap price. You'll be surprised that many of such NPCs exist.

      Using these cheap mats, you should be able to push the first 15 lvls, or even 20 lvls without much difficulty.

      - The FC house Material Supplier NPC is a beginner crafter's best friend. It supplies a huge variety of cheap crafting mats for leveling of all 8 crafting classes at low levels.

      - Remember to explore Crafting Guild Supplier NPCs for cheap crafting mats. Sometimes, Crafting Guild Suppliers sell EXCLUSIVE items that cannot be obtained elsewhere. E.g. GSM Guild Supplier is the ONLY NPC that sells Clear Glass Lens, and the ALC Guild Supplier is the ONLY NPC that sells Cloves. Because many new players do NOT know about this, sometimes their prices on the MB are very high. You can capitalize this sometimes to earn a lot of gil just by buying these items from NPCs, and then selling on the market.

      - Every big city has a "Tradecraft Merchant" somewhere. They usually will sell something that are difficult to find elsewhere. For example, the ones in Uldah, Limsa & Gridania sell QUICKSILVER and TALLOW CANDLE, which are difficult to find sources, and are expensive on the MB.

      Comparing to Leves or Ishgard Restoration (see sub-chapters below), this is a much slower way to level up, especially after lv 30+. But this is also the most solid way for you to actually learn how to craft. And guess what? Each item you made can be sold on the market, so you are actually earning gil through this process instead of burning gil like you do with Leves.

      Back in 2014, I was a silly noob who didn't even know about the existence of Leves. Thus I leveled 4 classes to level 50 (former max lvl) without doing a single Leves. But because of that, I became good at crafting, and also earned a lot of gil for buying materia for endgame. Up until now, the most successful crafters I know are still the ones who actually took the time to craft out every single item on their crafting logs.

      Going through crafting log to level up also has one more advantage -- Later, you will find that many achievements are associated with completion of a number of unique recipes. This includes the "Blessed XXX-keep's tool set" and the "Blessed XXX-king's tool set" (https://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/Blessed_King's_Tools). For example, the "Blessed Forgekeep's Hammer" is acquired via the achievement "I Made That: Blacksmith V", which requires you to "craft and record completion of 380 unique blacksmith recipes"; another example would be the "Blessed Forgeking's Hammer", which comes from the achievement "I Made That: Blacksmith VI", which requires you to "craft and record completion of 480 unique blacksmith recipes". If you have been keeping up with going through different items on your crafting logs, then by the time you reach the max level on a crafting class, you will probably have already obtained these achievements (or at least close to having these achievements).

      Note: Keep in mind that Master Recipes do not count toward these achievements.

      - The Blessed XXX-keep's tool set. These tools glow in gold when they are in action (But they do NOT glow when unsheathed like DoW/DoM weapons do).

      - The Blessed XXX-king's tool set. These tools glow in silvery light purple when they are in action (But they do NOT glow when unsheathed like DoW/DoM weapons do).

      - Ch14B: Ishgard Restoration - The Firmament

      In Patch 5.11, Shadowbringers has brought us the theme of "Ishgard Restoration", which crafters and gatherers work together to re-construct "The Firmament", which will eventually become the new Ishgard housing estate.
      The place is practically a crafter/gather's paradise. If you have the crafting mats available, this is currently ONE OF THE FASTEST WAY to level up from lv 1-80.

      To unlock the Firmament, you will need to have a level 60 DoW/DoM job, and have already completed the quest “Litany of Peace” (which is part of the post-Heavensward main story questline). After that, you need to the lvl 60 quest "Towards the Firmament" near the big Ishgard Aetheryte (Foundation x9.7, y11.5). The quest should lead you right into the Firmament. To exit the Firmament, the fastest way is actually just teleport. To re-enter the Firmament, you can access it via the big Ishgard Aetheryte at Foundation.

      - Entering the Firmament from the big Ishgard Aetheryte after it's unlocked.

      Leveling & EXP made easy by Firmament
      For crafters, you are supposed to submit special Ishgard Restoration collectables to the Collectable Appraiser NPC "Potkin" (The Firmament x12.2, y14.6). In return, she'll give you EXP, Skyscrips, and sometimes possibly a Kupo scratch ticket and Skyward Points. The EXP you can gain from these special collectables is INSANE. This is currently one of the fastest way to level crafters. Basically, ISHGARD RESTORATION HAS MADE LEVELING CRAFTERS AN ABSOLUTE JOKE. In the Firmament, you often see people's level-up notifcations popping like popcorns on your chat box. It's pretty disgusting, but well, that's what SE wanted. Since Stormblood, SE has deliberately made crafting super easy, so that more people can be come all-max-level "omni-crafters".

      - This is where you can find Potkin for submitting collectables for leveling, and Lizbeth for playing the Kupo scratch tickets. Leveling is an absolute joke in the Firmament. In the chat box above, you can see a person leveling up from lv 56 to lv 60 within a matter of seconds when they submit their collectables.

      - Turning in Ishgard Restoration collectables at Potkin earns you a ton of EXP and Skyscrips. The higher collectability you obtain in crafting these items, the more EXP and Skyscrips you can obtain from the turn-ins.

      Skybuilders' Scrips (a.k.a. Skyscrips)
      Anyway, back to our main topic of the Firmament here. Skyscrips can be used to exchange for many different items at the special Scrip Exchange NPC "Enie" (The Firmament x12, y14). These items include mounts, minions, hair styles, emotes, gear, materia, dyes, crafting mats etc. The most important ones that you need to remember here are actually the Ruby Red Dye, Cherry Pink Dye, and Dragoon Blue Dye. I have literally made over 30 million gil by selling just these. This may change in Endwalker, but currently (as of Aug 2021), this is the ONLY way in the game to acquire these popular items. So think this way: Skyscrips can actually be exchanged back into gil by buying items for sale. Thus, leveling crafters via submitting collectables at the Firmament is actually NOT as gil-draining as Tradecraft Leves. In fact, leveling your crafters in the Firmament may even earn you more gil because of this Scrip Exchange and because of the rewards from the Kupo Scratch Ticket game! The various mounts available from Enie are also somewhat popular, but they're not as highly in demand as the 3 dyes mentioned above. Gunmetal Black Dye, Pearl White Dye & Metallic Brass Dye are also available from this Enie NPC, and are quite popular on the market too. But they don't make you as much gil because they cost quite a lot of Skyscrips to buy.

      Enie also happens to the same NPC which you exchange your Fete tokens. Fetes are special Fates at the Firmament that gives you free Skyscrips and Fete tokens, which can be used to exchange for a variety of items. Fetes happen every 1.5 hours for a total of 12 times. After that, it stops for 1.5 days before repeating the 12 Fete cycle again. It is possible that these recurrent Fetes will be removed later in Endwalker. If you're new to the Fetes, but wanna try it out. Keep in mind about the important trick of holding down the X button on your keyboard to hide other players' names. This allows you to click on interactive items more easily.

      - Scrip Exchange NPC - Enie (Firmament x12, y14). This is where you can turn your Skyscrips and Fete Tokens into useful items for self-use or for sale.

      - Fetes at the Firmament provides free Skybuilders' Scrips... and A LOT OF FUN! :)

      - The Peacelover attire -- one of the rewards from Fetes.

      Kupo of Fortune (Kupo Scratch Ticket game)
      There are TWO kinds of lvl 80 collectables - one being an Expert Recipe item (with a green background), the other is NOT an Expert Recipe item. Submission of either one (at the appropriate collectability ratings) will earn you a Kupo Stamp. Collecting 5 Kupo Stamps will earn you one Kupo Voucher, allowing you to play the Kupo Scatch Ticket game ONCE. Rewards from the game can sometimes sell for a good amount of gil.

      - My signature glam for this expansion includes the Kupo Jacket and the Kupo Crown from the Kupo Scratch Ticket game. The jacket is from the coffer that comes from one of 1st prizes. The crown is from winning 1st prize 5 times, and the reward is claimed from the achievement log.

      - The Casual Attire shown here (the chest piece) was from the Casual Attire Coffer that was also obtained as a 1st prize from Kupo Scratch Ticket game.

      Skyward Points
      Skyward Pts are class-specific, and are mostly just for the Seasonal Rankings that were already expired. The rankings gave special titles, such as Saint of the Firmament & Beata of the Firmament (check Achievement Log -> Crafting & Gathering -> All Disciplines). However, there are still a few more active rewards associated with Skyward Pts, including the Laladile minion, Malone minion & the infamous Pteranodon mount. Laladile is obtained by earning 50,000 Skyward Pts as ANY DoH class. Malone is from 50,000 Skyward Pts as ANY DoL class. The Pteranodon mount is the ultimate flex of DoH/DoL power, which is obtained by earning 500,000 Skyward Pts from EVERY DoH and EVERY DoL class. It's basically a life-time achievement that requires months or even years to complete. For me, it took me about 2 years. I started in Feb 2020, and got the Pteranodon in Mar 2022.

      - You can check your Skyward Pts for all your classes at Ludovraint (x10.6, y14.6).

      - Laladile & Malone minions can be obtained from the achievement log by earning Skyward Pts.

      - The ultimate life-time achievement called "Castle in the Sky" requires obtaining 500,000 Skyward Pts as every DoH and DoL. I worked 2 years for this since Feb 2020, and finally got it in March 2022.

      - "Castle in the Sky" achievement mount - The Pteranodon! It represents the ultimate lifetime achievement as a DoH/DoL for the Isghardian Restoration event. Currently it is still one of the least owned mounts in the game, with approximately 0.6% players owning this mount. The mount also has unique music, which is the soothing Firmament music that makes one feel very accomplished.

      Where are these Ishgard Restoration collectable recipes?
      They are located in your crafting log -> Special Recipe -> Restoration (4) (see pic below). You should be focusing on the Lv 20 / 40 / 60 / 70 (or even 80) recipes if you are leveling. Avoid the Expert Recipes if you are leveling as they are the ultimate lv 80 challenge for endgame crafting.

      Where do we get the crafting mats for these recipes? Diadem!
      All crafting mats for Ishgard Restoration colletable recipes are collected by Miner & Botanist (NOT Fisher) from DIADEM, which is entered via the NPC Aurvael (x10,8, y14). After obtaining gathered mats, turn them in to Flotpassant, the NPC standing on the left side of Aurvael. Every 5 pieces of Diadem gathered mat will be approved and be turned into 5 pieces of "Approved" mat. The approved mat can then be used for crafting or for sale on the market.

      For more information about the Diadem, you may visit my Miner/Botanist gathering guide for the Pteranodon mount (http://ffxivrealm.com/guides/mining-and-botany-guide-for-the-pteranodon-mount-by-caimie-tsukino.203/). The guide was written for lv 80 gatherers with high stats. But by reading it, you can still gain a better understanding of the overall design of Diadem. The guide contains information about how nodes are spawned, and what monsters will drop what kind of mats at what locations, which can be beneficial to MIN/BTN of any level.

      - If you are leveling, you want to do the Lv 20 / 40 / 60 / 70 (or even 80) recipes, and turn in the collectables at Potkin. Expert Recipes are NOT for leveling crafters. They are the ultimate endgame challenge for expert crafters.

      - Enter the Diadem from Aurvael (x10.8, y14) (right NPC) to gather mats. After that, turn in gathered items at Flotpassant (left NPC) to get them approved, which can then be used for crafting Ishgard Restoration collectables or for sale.

      - Ch14C: Tradecraft Leves

      Leves is one of the fastest but also the most expensive way to level crafting. You're basically trading your gil for fast EXP (So if you're poor, then don't use this method! You have a choice! Don't do this and then complain about being poor!). Leves for crafting classes are called "Tradecraft Leves", which can be taken from the Levemete NPC in the Adventure Guild of every major city. The available Tradecraft Leves in each city corresponds to the crafting class which you can pick up from that city. Therefore, GSM, WVR & ALC leves will be in Uldah's Adventure Guild; BSM, ARM, CUL leves will be in Limsa; and CRP & LTW leves will be in Gridania. You can do leves from these 3 main city Levemete NPCs until level 50.

      If you are level 50+, the Levemete you need is situated in Ishgard. If you are level 60+, the Levemete you need is located in Kugane. If you are level 70+, the Levemete you need is at the Crystarium. If you are level 80+, the Levemete you need is located at Old Sharlayan.

      In Tradecraft Leves, any HQ items you submit will earn you double EXP. Thus, to conserve your leves allowances, it's always better to submit HQ. However, if you have a lot of leves allowances to spare, and if the NQ just happened to be something that can be cheaply obtained through certain guild supplier/vendor, you may consider submitting a large amount of NQ items instead as well.

      There are 3 types of Tradecraft Leves:

      (1) Repeatable leves: This type of leves usually requests a total of 3 identical items, and then after you submitted them, the guy will ask if you want to submit more. If you pick no, the leves ends here. But if you click yes, you can submit 3 more items. After that, the guy will ask you 1 last time if you want to submit more, and you can submit for the 3rd time. This whole process of 3 submissions will only cost you 1 leves allowance. Hence "repeatable". This type of leves is good if you have a lot of that particular item for submission, like ingots, lumbers or even fishes, which you may have a stack of 30 to 99 in hand. If the requested item is actually a gear/accessory, then it is not so ideal as it'll be very inconvenient to make and carry them. Also, this type of leves tend to give slightly less exp than the other 2 below.

      (2) Local leves (non-repeatable): This type of leves requests only 1 item to be submitted to a guy in the same city. This is usually my favorite type of leves, as you don't need to make too many items, and the submission is local, making it convenient. Even though we call it "non-repeatable", you can actually take it as many times as you want. But it'll cost you 1 leves allowance each time.

      (3) Traveling leves (non-repeatable): This type of leves requests only 1 item to be submitted to a guy in a nearby town. This type of leves gives the best exp per item, but it can be costly if too much traveling is involved. Similar to local leves, it costs 1 leves allowance each time, but you can do it as many times as you wish.

      I strongly advice against using leves too early! They're just a luxury! 9/10 people I knew, they would complain that leves had drained their gil. And they would complain how poor they are when leveling DoH classes. This should not happen! Don't throw your cash too quickly into leves when you're still a low level. You CAN use them, but I would recommend not to go overboard and break your bank.

      Lastly, keep in mind you don't always have to use the highest leves available. You can always click on a lower level leves, and utilize them if you find them to be more cost-efficient.

      - Ch14D : Grand Company Supply/Provisioning Missions

      Apart from Tradecraft leves, Grand Company (GC) supply/provisioning missions are also a great way to level crafting & earn GC seals. You can take up these mission from the GC Personnel Officer NPC. However, you can only do these missions ONCE PER DAY for every class.

      (1) If you turn in an HQ item, the EXP & GC seals earned will be DOUBLED.
      (2) If the requested item has a gold star marked next to it, then the reward earned is also DOUBLED (the doubled amount is shown on the EXP return column, indicated by the green arrow in the pic below).
      (3) If the item has a gold star, and you turn in HQ, then the reward earned is QUADRUPLED (4x)! And this is one of the fastest way to earn GC seals as well!

      *NOTE: I recently crafted an HQ item for a friend to do Carpenter. He was lvl 42, and the item on this list was NOT starred. Still, that ONE HQ item I made for him sent his CRP from lvl 42 to lvl 44. It's just solid prove that this method of leveling is not to be underestimated even when an item is NOT starred!

      - Shown by the green arrows, you can see that the gold star items provides double EXP than non-starred items. If you turn in HQ items, it'll double this EXP amount, e.g. with my lv 80 GSM, if an HQ Dwarven Mythril Needle is turned as shown above, then it'll provide a total of 21,650,000 + 21,650,000 = 43,300,000 EXP! The EXP pts from these missions are SCALED, so of course low level crafters will receive less EXP, but still it's very impressive!

      Sometimes the items you need for these missions may actually be cheaper to be purchased directly from the marketboard (MB) than to make it yourself. So make sure you check the availability of each of these items on the MB before you start crafting them.

      Personally, I play on a PC. So without even visiting the GC, I would press the keys "Ctrl U" on my keyboard to open up the listed of wanted items by the GC supply missions. Then just copy item name (see pic below), and paste it onto the opened window of the MB. Then check price, and buy if it's cheap. If it's expensive, then I can just craft it myself.

      - Open the marketboard (MB) window together with the GC provision missions item list (Ctrl-U). Then just right-click the items, copy and paste the names to the MB to check how cheap or how expensive each item is. Then decide on buying or crafting it.

      - Ch14E: Collectables

      Collectables offer an alternative to leves if you run out of leves allowances, and it gives you White Scrips in return as well. It's actually not a bad method, as it gives lot of EXP too, and the White Scrips you earned can be used to buy materia or gear from the Scrip Exchange NPC (see "Ch17: White & Purple Scrips" for a list of items and gear you can buy from the Scrip Exchange). However, currently, it's one of the less popular way of leveling due to how effective the Firmament is. Its main purpose right now is really just to earn scrips. For more information on how to submit do collectables for scrips, please see "Ch17: White & Purple Scrips". For ways to obtain FREE scrips, check out "Ch18: Custom Deliveries".

      - Ch14F: Beast Tribes (Ixali, Moogle, Namazu & Dwarf)

      There are numerous Beast Tribes in the game that are associated with crafting/gathering. These tribes can provide quite a lot of EXP to your crafting/gathering classes if you just take the little bit of time to do them daily (there is max allowance per day).

      Ixali Beast Tribe (<lv 50)
      Since Patch 2.3, Ixali Beast Tribe Quests have been added in the game. The reasons to do these quests are:
      (1) You can get crafting exp if you're not level 50 yet.
      (2) You can earn oaknots for buying crafting mats.
      (3) You can get the Ehcatl Smithing Gloves, which is a pair of gloves with pretty strong stats that can be worn by ALL lvl 50 crafting classes (shared gear).

      To unlock Ixali, please see more information from https://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/Ixali_Daily_Quests.

      Unlike other beast quests, Ixali quests consist of much crafting & gathering tasks. You'll be asked to craft many items using the Ehcatl Wristgloves that were given to you at the beginning.

      - The Ehcatl Wristgloves must be worn to perform all Ixali beast tribe tasks.

      (Rank 1) Neutral 150
      (Rank 2) Recognized 360
      (Rank 3) Friendly 510
      (Rank 4) Trusted 720
      (Rank 5) Respected 990
      (Rank 6) Honored 1320
      (Rank 7) Sworn

      At Sworn, you’ll be able to buy the Ehcatl Smithing Gloves (10 oaknots), which is a pair of gloves with pretty strong stats for a level 50 crafter.


      - The Ehcatl Smithing Gloves - a reward you can get after reaching Sworn rank.

      Moogle Beast Tribe (lv 50-60)
      Moogle Beast Tribe was introduced in the later patches of Heavensward. The crafting in Moogle Beast Quests are soooo ridiculously easy that they can barely be called crafting. But the quests give soooo much EXP between lv 50 & lv 60 that it should not be missed. You really should be doing this daily if you're leveling between level 50 to 60! For more details in unlocking Moogle Beast Tribe, please visit: https://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/Moogle_Daily_Quests

      - This fluffy mount is the final reward from Moogle Beast Tribe.

      Namazu Beast Tribe (lv 60-70)


      - The Mikoshi mount, which is the final reward for completing the Namazu Beast Tribe.

      - There is also this Gilded Mikoshi mount, but it is NOT from the Namazu Tribe. It's sold by an NPC merchant called Edelina (Mor Dhona x22, y5) for a "measely" 50 million gil! It's basically a show-off for how rich you are.

      Dwarf Beast Tribe (lv 70-80)

      - Tank mount which is the final reward from the Dwarf tribe.

      - Ch14G: Massively macro-crafting ingots/ lumbers/ cloths

      Although this is an unpopular method of leveling, this is actually what I have done for Stormblood, Shadowbringers & Endwalker. It's a great method because instead of losing gil while leveilng, I actually earned ~5 million gil when I was leveling all my DoH from lv 80 to 90. And this method is pretty much fully automated (using macros), so it's very easy!

      In all these expansions, what I did was...
      (1) Use my Miner/Botanist classes to gather huge amounts of ores/logs (and use retainers to do the same too);
      (2) Set up multiple EXP buffs (see next chapter);
      (3) Design the perfect macro according to my own stats and available crafting actions, to macro-craft, turning thousands of NQ gathered mats into hundreds of HQ crafted mats (i.e. HQ ingots/ lumbers/ cloths... basically the 40 or 35 durab items).

      The reason why I prefer to grind EXP by making ingots/ lumbers is because these recipes require very minimal variety of mats, so it's easy to gather the required mats. Also, the products are stackable, so they won't fill up your inventory like weapons or gear do.

      Sure, you can quicksyn too, but quicksyn is also a very wasteful action. It burns though your mats and shards/crystals, but only gets about 1/4 of EXP comparing to pushing quality in a regular synthesis. So macro-crafting to push quality has its perks in regards to conserving mats for EXP gain.

      This approach is NOT so great before lv 50, as we have rather limited crafting actions to design macros. But the higher level you are, the easier this approach becomes.

      It is expected that some crafted mats may end up being NQ, and that's ok. As long as it has gone through the quality-pushing process, then EXP gain is maximized. I sometimes sell the HQ mats for gil (or even submit some to do Leves). As for the NQ ones, I'd actually use them to make HQ gear/ weapons/ tools, going through the crafting log. Then sell all those HQ items as well.

      This process allows me to become a BETTER CRAFTER because I have to design my own rotations/macros, and it allows me to be EARNING GIL while leveling. Personally, I found this to be a very nice method of leveling, because after the intensive brainwork of creating the rotations/macros is done, the leveling part is actually brainless -- I just need to repeatedly hit the macro buttons, and I can watch Youtube while leveling. It's very relaxing.

      Ch15: Buffs for EXP & Stats

      There are many ways to buff your crafting classes for more EXP or better stats:

      - Ch15A: Engineering Manuals

      Engineering Manuals provide some of the best buffs for crafting EXP. There are many kinds of Engineering Manuals.

      From Grand Company:
      Company-issue Engineering Manual is for best used for leveling from lvl 1 to 40. 150% EXP boost (i.e. extra 50% EXP), max of 250,000 EXP.
      Company-issue Engineering Manual II is for best used for leveling from lvl 41 to 50. 150% EXP boost (i.e. extra 50% EXP), max of 500,000 EXP.

      From Scrip Exchange:
      Commercial Engineering Manual is for best used for leveling from lvl 51 to 70. 150% EXP boost (i.e. extra 50% EXP), max of 1,750,000 EXP.
      Revised Engineering Manual is for best used for leveling from lvl 71 to 80. 150% EXP boost (i.e. extra 50% EXP), max of 2,000,000 EXP.

      From GC Squadron:
      Squadron Engineering Manual can be used for leveling at ANY level. It has NO MAX EXP LIMIT. But only provides 20% bonus EXP.

      Please see pics below for more details.

      - Company-issue Engineering Manual is for best used for leveling from lvl 1 to 40. It provides 150% EXP boost up to a maximum of 250,000 EXP points. It is purchased with 1440 GC seals at the GC Quartermaster NPC.

      - Company-issue Engineering Manual II is for best used for leveling from lvl 41 to 50. It provides 150% EXP boost up to a maximum of 500,000 EXP points. It is purchased with 2300 GC seals at the GC Quartermaster NPC.

      - Commercial Engineering Manual is for best used for leveling from lvl 51 to 70. It provides 150% EXP boost up to a maximum of 1,750,000 EXP points. It is purchased with 30 white scrips at ANY Scrip Exchange NPC.

      - Revised Engineering Manual is for best used for leveling from lvl 71 to 80. It provides 150% EXP boost up to a maximum of 2,000,000 EXP points. It is purchased with 30 white scrips at ANY Scrip Exchange NPC.

      - Squadron Engineering Manual can be used for leveling at ANY level. It provides +20% bonus EXP with NO UPPER LIMIT in terms of EXP points. It is acquired via GC Squadron ONLY.

      - Ch15B: Food & Medicine

      People tend to neglect & underestimate the power of food. At levels as low as 10 to 15, perhaps it’s not that important. But eventually, you’ll realize how important food is, in terms of both buffing of stats and providing 3% more EXP (ALL food provides 3% bonus EXP).

      If you don't have access to good food yet, or if you don't feel like wasting your expensive crafting food. You can still use a Stone Soup at any time. It cost only 37 gil, but it adds up to 17 CP for 30 min, which can be very powerful when you try to HQ something.

      - Stone Soup: 37 gil for 17 extra CP, plus faster leveling! Why not? Stone Soup is sold by the Alehouse Wench at Buscarron's Druthers (South Shroud x17, y19) and Grege (Tap Keeper) at the Gold Saucer (x5.0, y6.4). I always keep >99 of this with me, and pop them at will! And I always just freely hand out a stack of them to any new crafters in my FC.

      - These are some of my favorite CP food. Although Matcha HQ is the weakest of all, it is a level 70 item. This means "Trained Eye" can be used to one-shot-HQ the item. Also, the mats for Matcha is very cheap. So Matcha HQ is definitely a spammable food if you have a lvl 80 CUL to mass-produce them. Blood Bouillabaisse HQ is an upgrade from Matcha HQ. Meijillones al Ajillo HQ buffs CP and craftsmanship. Chili Crab HQ is currently the best lvl 80 CP+Control food available in Shadowbringers.


      - In Endwalker (Patch 6.0), Tsai tou Vounou HQ has become the strongest lvl 90 crafting food.

      Medicines are items that can be used in parallel with Food for a buff that lasts only 15 min. For crafting, there are medicine for all 3 stats (listed below). However, I'd only recommend the ones for CP, because CP is always KING!

      List of medicine for crafting:

      Competent Craftsman's Tea
      NQ: Craftsmanship +2% (Cap: 20)
      HQ: Craftsmanship +3% (Cap: 25)

      Competent Craftsman's Syrup
      NQ: Craftsmanship +2% (Cap: 33)
      HQ: Craftsmanship +3% (Cap: 41)

      Competent Craftsman's Draught
      NQ: Craftsmanship +2% (Cap: 40)
      HQ: Craftsmanship +3% (Cap: 50)

      Commanding Craftsman's Tea
      NQ: Control +2% (Cap: 20)
      HQ: Control +3% (Cap: 25)

      Commanding Craftsman's Syrup
      NQ: Control +2% (Cap: 34)
      HQ: Control +3% (Cap: 42)

      Commanding Craftsman's Draught
      NQ: Control +2% (Cap: 40)
      HQ: Control +3% (Cap: 50)

      Cunning Craftsman's Tea
      NQ: CP +4% (Cap: 10)
      HQ: CP +5% (Cap: 13)

      Cunning Craftsman's Syrup
      NQ: CP +5% (Cap: 13)
      HQ: CP +6% (Cap: 16)

      Cunning Craftsman's Draught
      NQ: CP +5% (Cap: 17)
      HQ: CP +6% (Cap: 21)

      - Cunning Craftsman's Syrup is my favorite crafting medicine in Shadowbringers. I don't even make them myself. I just buy them from the marketboard when their prices are low. I use the NQ ones when I perform certain macros (which I needed a boost on CP, but I don't need the best stats), and I use the HQ ones when I deal with very difficult Expert Recipes.


      - Cunning Craftsman's Draught is currently the strongest CP medicine since Endwalker. However, their prices are high, and I don't seem to need them at all. So I just use Cunning Craftsman's Syrup from Shadowbringers instead. I buy HQ Cunning Craftsman's Syrup when their prices are 200 gil or lower, and they're nearly as strong as NQ Cunning Craftsman's Draught. I do keep a few HQ Cunning Craftsman's Draught with me, but I haven't found a need for them yet.

      - Ch15C: Free Company Buffs

      Ask your FC to activate FC buffs for you. "Helping Hand II" can increase your EXP gain by 10%; "In Control II" increases Control stats by 10; and "Meat and Mead II" increases food duration by 10 min (has no effect on medicine).

      So if you are leveling, Helping Hand II will be a good choice. If you are handling some very difficult recipes, then In Control II will be a great pick. If you are macro-crafting to mass produce certain items while using an expensive food, then Meat and Mead II is definitely your go-to buff.

      - Helping Hand II increases EXP gain by 10%; In Control II increases Control stats by 10; and Meat and Mead II increases food duration by 10 min (has no effect on medicine).

      - Ch15D : Crafting Facilities

      Some FC houses may have crafting facilities inside. These facilities can increase CP by 10 if you're level 80 or below, and as long as you stay inside the FC house (the buff dissipates if you leave the building).

      - Crafting facilities can increase CP by 10 if you're level 80 or below.

      - Ch15E: Resting EXP Bonus

      Remember to log off in your FC house / private FC chamber / private house / any inn in order to gain "resting EXP bonus". The bonus EXP appears as a darker color EXP bar ahead of your current EXP that is indicated by a lighter color EXP bar (When the lighter color bar reaches the end of the gauge, it becomes a pale blue bar on your EXP bar, as shown in pic below).

      In fact, even just STAYING INSIDE the FC house while online will continuously increase your resting EXP bonus. So feel free to craft inside your FC house or AFK (away from keyboard) there inside your FC house to gain this bonus.

      - As long as you're inside the FC house or FC house private chamber, your resting EXP bonus (blue bar pointed by the red arrow above) will continue to grow, regardless whether you're online or offline.

      Ch16: Leveling Gear Sets to Bridge Over Expansions

      Most leveling crafters make the critical mistake of always trying to acquire a new set of gear at exactly level 50/60/70. In my opinion, this is NOT a good approach. Lv 50/60/70 is "endgame" of ARR, HW and SB. Do you think it's easier to acquire endgame crafting gear of an expansion? Or do you think it's easier to acquire entry-point crafting gear of an expansion? The answer is obvious - it's much easier to acquire the "Entry Sets" at the beginning of an expansion.

      Lv 50/60/70 gear sets are particularly expensive and mat-heavy to make. What you want to do, is to go straight for the lv 51/61/71 gear sets. These Entry Sets are just a tad bit weaker than lv 50/60/70 endgame gear sets, but much cheaper and easier to make! The fact is, even if you spend a ton of gil and time to acquire lv 50/60/70 gear sets, their stats will be obsolete when you reach ~lvl 53 / 63 / 73 anyway, and stronger gear sets will be available in your crafting log. So why waste gil and time to acquire some outdated endgame gear sets? Well, I guess if you just want them for glamour, that would be a valid reason. Some of them do look quite nice.

      - Lv 51 Entry Set for Heavensward.

      - Lv 61 Entry Set for Stormblood.

      - Lv 71 Entry Set for Shadowbringers.

      - Lv 81 Entry Set for Endwalker.

      Ch17: The Specialist System

      Since Heavensward, S-E has created "Specialization" for crafting classes as an attempt to prevent market monopoly by omni-crafters (a failed attempt regarded by many, and yet the system remained in the game until today). You can choose up to 3 classes for Specialization at any given time, and let each of those classes equip a "Soul of the Crafter" (a.k.a. Soul Stone, Soul Gem or Soul Crystal), which grants additional stats of 20 craftsmanship, 20 control & 15 CP. It also allows the class to gain access to certain specialist recipes and special crafting actions (There used to be a whole "Whistle While You Work" system many years ago, which granted a great variety of specialist crafting actions. But now, the Whistle system has been completely removed from the game, and ONLY 2 special crafting actions are kept in the game, which are "Careful Observation" & "Heart and Soul". See "Ch8: Crafting Actions" above for its details.).

      - Soul of the Crafter (a.k.a. the Soul Stone, Soul Gem or Soul Crystal) is used to assign a DoH class as "Specialist". You start with 3 of these. Extra ones can be purchased from any Scrip Exchange NPC for 480 Yellow Crafters' Scrips.

      - After assigning the Soul Crystal to a particular crafting class, it grants that class additional stats of 20 craftsmanship, 20 control and 15 CP.

      At level 55, you will be able to take a quest called "Beloved of the Builder" from Lydirlona at Mor Dhona (x22.3, y6.8). She will give you 3 Souls of the Crafter. However, in order to equip the Soul Crystals, you need to go and visit Alderan (The Pillars, x14, y10) at Ishgard (closest Aethryte shard: Athenaeum Astrologicum). There, you will be able to select the classes you want to equip the Soul Gems.

      After equipping the Souls, you can still make changes to your choices, but limited to 3x per week only. In order to change any Specialist class, you need to buy a new Soul of the Crafter using 480 White Crafters' Scrips from any Scrip Exchange NPC, and re-visit Alderan at Ishgard with the new Soul Gems.

      FYI, Lydirlona at Mor Dhona also offers another quest at level 56 called "No Longer a Collectable", which allows your DoL classes to learn "Aetherial Reduction". This action is one of the most powerful DoL skills to acquire Shards / Crystals / Clusters for crafting.

      - Lydirlona (the NPC for acquiring your 3 initial "Soul of the Crafter"), Scrip Exchange NPC and Collectable Appraiser NPC at Mor Dhona. The pic also shows how I purchased the ALC Master Recipe III from the Scrip Exchange NPC.

      - Alderan (The Pillars, x14, y10) is the NPC that lets you choose your specialization and equip your "Soul of the Crafter". He's near the Athenaeum Astrologicum at Ishgard.

      Ch18: White/Purple Scrips & the Scrip Exchange NPC

      Since Stormblood, the "Blue & Red Scrips" system has been replaced by the "Yellow & White Scrips" system; And since Endwalker, the "Yellow & White Scrips" system has been replaced by "White & Purple Scrips" system. White & Purple Scrips can be used to purchase a wide variety of things from the Scrip Exchange NPC, including Master Recipe Books, materia, tools, gear, crafting mats, furniture, music scrolls etc.

      - Clicking on the gil coin icon near the bottom of the screen or pressing "Ctrl-C" on keyboard opens your Currency Panel. Then select "Other", and you will be able to see the amount of White & Purple Scrips that you're currently possessing.

      - The Scrip Exchange & Collectable Appraiser NPCs -- the two are always together. They can be found in Mor Dhona, Idyllshire (x5.7, y7.1), Rhalgr's Reach, Eulmore, and even in all big cities. They are everywhere!

      - Since Endwalker (Patch 6.0), the Scrip Exchange NPC has become "Unified Scrip Exchange", with its steep organization of items simplified. Clicking on it will give you 6 categories on the first pull-down menu: Crafters' Scrips (Gear), Crafters' Scrips (Master Recipes/Materials/Misc.), Crafters' Scrips (Materia), Gatherers' Scrips (Gear), Gatherers' Scrips (Materials/Misc.), and Gatherers' Scrips (Materia). Then you select your subcategory from the second pull-down menu. For your convenience, I have recorded EVERY subcategory selection in the table below.

      - Every category and subcategory under the current Scrip Exchange NPC (as of Patch 6.0 of Endwalker).

      Ways to earn scrips #1: Collectables

      Right next to the Scrip Exchange NPC is always the Collectable Appraiser NPC, which allows you to turn in collectables. The two NPCs always come as a pair.

      - At the Collectable Appraiser NPC, you can see the collectable items that give Purple Scrips and White Scrips.

      - Collectables Recipes are located on your crafting log's the Special Recipe tab, then open the Collectables pulldown menu. Currently, the lv 90 item gives Purple Scrips, while the others give White Scrips.

      Ways to earn scrips #2: Weekly Custom Deliveries
      Every week, we have an allowance of 12 Custom Deliveries. It is basically FREE White/Purple Scrips. So try not to miss out. For more info, please see chapter below on Custom Deliveries.

      Ways to earn scrips #3: Crystarium & Studium Deliveries
      Shadowbringers and Endwalker have introduced these special deliveries for leveling and as an alternative way to obtain White/Purple scrips. Crystarium Deliveries (located at the Crystarium) is for leveling from 70 to 80, while Studium Deliveries (located at Old Sharlayan) is for leveling from 80 to 90.
      For more information, please see:

      Ways to earn scrips #4: GC Squadron
      GC Squadron is also another way to earn occasional White Scrips (and crafting materia) if you have the right "chemistry" set up for your team (see pics below).

      - This is my GC Squardon set-up. You can see how I have fine-tuned the team's "chemistry" so that I have a great chance of obtaining Crafters' Scrips & Gatherers' Scrips (squadron only gives White Scrips).

      - GC Squadron can occasionally earn you White Scrips if you have the right "Chemistry" that gives White Scrips.

      Ways to earn scrips #5: Ocean Fishing
      To obtain Gatherer's scrips from Ocean Fishing, please visit:
      Novice Ocean Fishing Guide by Caimie Tsukino

      Don't bother to push White Scrips until higher levels
      The lowest level to turn in collectables for White Scrips is level 50. If you just want to level up with collectables, that's fine -- just submit collectables at any levels above lvl 50. However, turning in collectables at lvl 50-ish / 60-ish is really not a efficient way to earn White Scrips, because the amount of White Scrips per turn-in is very minimal. Therefore, although some gear sets or tools purchased with White Scrips may act as good transitional gear sets while leveling (such as the lv 58 i130 shared gear set & lv 70 i350 shared gear set), they are not something that I would deliberately try to grind collectables for. For instance, it's pretty easy to just craft your own HQ lvl 58 crafting gear or HQ lvl 65 crafting gear. If you have White Scrips to spend, you might as well use them for buying Master Recipe Books instead.

      Lv90 i570 mainhand tools & class-specific gear are NOT good starters for endgame
      Between Patch 6.0 and Patch 6.15, the lv 90 i570 mainhand tools & class-specific gear set (purchased with Purple Scrips) are the strongest scrip gear you can acquire. They are very Purple Scrip-heavy to acquire, and yet they are NOT good -- They are only a tad bit stronger than your basic crafted i560 white gear, but yet the left gear is class-specific, meaning you have to purchased 8 sets. Also, none of them can be melded with materia. So they are horrible. Please do NOT bother.

      As of Patch 6.15, the strongest crafted gear set is the Pact gear set (i590) that includes mainhand, offhand and left gear (NO right gear... i560 accessories are still the strongest as of Patch 6.15).

      Avoid scrip gear for accessories, pants & boots
      However, keep in mind to AVOID buying any accessories, pants and boots using White Scrips. Because comparing with crafted gear, scrip gear lack materia slots to add additional CP. Accessories, pants and boots happen to have a pretty big quota of CP for us to max out on using materia. So if we use scrip gear for these items, we'll suffer a pretty big deficit in CP, which is a big deal.

      Are the lv 60/70/80 Scrip gear sets worth buying?
      For example, the lv 60 i200 tools/gear do have very good stats - these Heavensward endgame gear can be worn as early as lvl 60 yet they are i200; whereas the crafted "Entry Set" of Stormblood is worn at lvl 61 and are only i180 (as described in previous Ch16: Leveling Gear Sets to Bridge Over Expansions). However, the lv 60 i200 gear sets are CLASS-SPECIFIC, whereas the lv 61 Entry Set is SHARED. Buying class-specific gear is obviously a total waste of scrips since you will need to buy 8 sets. They will also take up a lot of your inventory space. It is obvious that a leveling crafter should choose the i180 crafted lv 61 set over the i200 scrip set. In my opinion, these i200 gear are mostly just for GLAMOUR PURPOSES.

      Please note that these i200 are basically the "Scrip version" of the crafted i170 gear in Master Recipes (3) in your crafting log. So if you want the item for glamour, you have the alternative to just craft it yourself instead of spending White Scrips. In fact, for mainhand tools, there is a GOLDEN version of it under Master Recipes (4) (see pic below).

      - The famous "Pizza Cutter" that spins when unsheathed -- it's the mainhand tool of Leatherworker.

      - The crafted version of the "Pizza Cutter" tool can be found under Master Recipes (3) in your crafting log too.

      - The GOLDEN version of the spinning "Pizza Cutter" can be found under Master Recipes (4).

      - Some of the i200 scrip gear are very stylish glamour. However, they are class-specific, and take up a lot of inventory space.

      - The crafted version of the gear are under Master Recipes (3) in your crafting log.

      Ch19: Custom Deliveries

      The main purpose of doing your weekly Custom Deliveries is just to obtain FREE White & Purple Scrips for both crafters and/or gatherers.

      Other rewards include how you'll be allowed to play "barbie dress-up" with the client NPCs (except Ehll Tou & M'naago) after maxing out the ranks with that particular client.

      And sometimes, you get other rewards too, such as the dragon mount from Ehll Tou Custom Delivery (see pic below), which is pretty neat!

      The list of clients for Custom Deliveries:
      Zhloe Aliapoh (lv 60) at Idyllshire
      M'naago (lv 70) at Rhalgr's Reach
      Kurenai (lv 70) at The Ruby Sea (Tamamizu)
      Adkiragh (lv 70) at Idyllshire
      Kai-Shirr (lv 80) at Eulmore
      Ehll Tou (lv 80) at The Firmament
      Charlemend (lv 80) at The Firmament
      Ameliance (lv 90) at Old Sharlayan [added in Endwalker Patch 6.15]

      Each week, you are limited to delivering only 12 items (cumulatively from all NPCs), and only 6 items at max per NPC.

      If you're NOT maxed out with ranks on a client yet (the 5 "hearts" logos on an NPC), she/he will change the requested items on the list after EVERY 3 DELIVERIES. So DO NOT rush into crafting or gathering 6 items yet! Do 3 first, then submit, wait for the change, then do another 3.

      After you have maxed out ranks with a particular client, then she/he will NOT change the requested items on the list for the whole week. Thus, each week you can craft or gather all 6 items, and dump them all at once onto the NPC to get your scrips.

      Each week, different items will be randomly labeled "Bonus". It means you'll earn extra White/Purple Scrips from that item. Because you're only limited to submitting 12 items in total, it's always a good idea to check ALL the clients on your list each week, and search for the ones with "Bonus".

      If you're doing "crafting" deliveries, your recipe in in Crafting Log -> Special Recipe -> Custom Delivery. The mats for crafting items for a particular client NPC will always be sold by another Merchant NPC who's very close by. So just walk around the area, and you should be able to find it.

      If you're doing "gathering" deliveries, then just Google your item to easily find out where to gather them from the open world.

      For more info, such as where to unlock them, visit:

      - The Ehll Tou mount from completion of Ehll Tou Custom Deliveries.

      If you press "Ctrl U" on keyboard, you can check for each week's Custom Deliveries, and find out what items each client request each week, and which one(s) actually gives bonus(es). The hearts here represent the rank with that particular client NPC. Once you have maxed out the hearts, you can see that you will access the dress-up function (except for Ehll Tou & M'naago). Why not M'naago though? We have no idea! S-E just won't let us put her into bikini, I guess...

      - After selecting one of the clients, look for the word "bonus". If the item has bonus, it gives a lot more White/Purple Scrips. (This pic was from Shadowbringers. Yellow Scrips are no longer in the game.)

      - Ameliance was added in Patch 6.15. Note that in Endwalker, lvl 90 deliveries provide additional purple scrips comparing to other NPCs (while white scrips remain the same among all NPCs). In this picture, both DoH deliveries were under bonus, but Ameliance deliveries provided more purple scrips (see green arrows).

      - The crafting mats for Ameliance Custom Deliveries is not really sold by an NPC near Ameliance, but is sold by Synnove <<Apothecary>> located at Old Sharlayan 12.7, 10.3.

      - There is no Scrip Exchange NPC near Ameliance. The only Scrip Exchange at Old Sharlayan is at the Studium (5.0, 9.3). Honestly, it's rather inconvenient.

      - The Appoint Attire (I used only the hat, chest and gloves here) from completion of Ameliance Custom Deliveries.

      - After maxing out the ranks with a particular client NPC, you will be allowed to play "barbie dress-up" on it (except M'naago, for whatever reason!). Being shown here is Kurenai at Tamamizu, at the Ruby Sea.

      Ch20: Rowena's Representative (Sundry Splendors)

      As of Patch 5.3, "Rowena's Representative (Sundry Splendors)" NPCs have been added to the game.

      There is a Sundry Splendor in every major city:
      Ul'dah (9.1,8.3)
      New Gridania (11.9,12.3)
      Limsa Lominsa (9.1,11.1)
      Foundation (10.5,11.8)
      Kugane (12.2,10.8)

      You can buy a variety of crafters' goods from these NPCs with White Scrips. Some of them overlap with the items sold by the Scrip Exchange NPC, including Master Recipes III-VIII and various materia (White Scrip exchange ONLY at the Sundry Splendor).

      On the other hand, these NPCs do sell some items that are not available at the Scrip Exchange as well, such as the NQ i55 crafted crafter/gatherer set (class-specific) (offhands and left gear only, i55 mainhands are from completion of lv 50 class quests).

      - Sundry Splendors can be found near the big aetheryte of any major cities, including Uldah and Limsa.

      - NQ i55 crafted gear sets for crafters & gatherers can be purchased with white scrips. But usually I would NOT recommend this. Why spend scrips when you can easily craft the HQ versions of these gear sets by yourself (In fact, why not just craft the lv 51 set, which is SHARED among all classes. Offhands are class-specific anyway though.)? Well... unless the NQ i55 sell for a lot of gil on the marketboard, then suddenly, this becomes a great way to earn gil. Sometimes this may happen, especially for offhands!

      - Various materia are sold by the Sundry Splendors under the category of "Crafting Supplies" (but only exchange via White Scrips, not Purple Scrips).

      Ch21: The True Beginning of a Crafter

      The REAL FUN of crafting only just begins after you have maxed out the levels of all crafting classes and become an "OMNICRAFTER"! Just like your DoW/DoM jobs, which there are savage raids and extreme trials at endgame, there's also a vast world of endgame crafting waiting for you to discover beyond the name of "omnicrafter"!

      At endgame, you should first acquire all the Master Recipe Books via the Scrip Exchange NPC, and gear yourself up. Acquisition of Master Recipe Books allows you to access the strongest battle gear, crafting gear & gathering gear to-date, as well as the newest glamor gear, minions, mounts, bardings & furniture.

      After obtaining BiS (Best-in-Slot) or near-BiS status via overmelds of materia, you will then be ready to take on the ultimate crafting challenge in Shadowbringers -- the daunting "EXPERT RECIPES"!

      Ch22: Master Recipe Books

      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
      Master Recipe Books (a.k.a. Master Recipe Tomes) contain special recipes that allow you to craft the latest endgame battle gear, crafting gear & gathering gear, as well as glamour gear, minions, mounts, bardings & furniture.

      Master Recipes are no longer for masters
      8 years ago in A Realm Reborn, leveling required months of work, omnicrafters were rare, and Master Recipes were for real "crafting masters" who were skilled. The recipe books were extremely difficult to obtain, and only the best crafters out there had access to them. Thus, only the best crafters were able to craft and sell endgame battle gear, and these crafters were able to easily get rich.

      Since the second half of Stormblood, leveling became... *cough cough* ...quite a joke. With the power of Ishgard Restoration in Shadowbringers, thousands of people become omnicrafters. Master Recipe Books are now acquired via White Scrips, which EVERYONE can easily obtain. And the recipes for endgame battle gear? They are now MACROABLE, which means you can go into factory mode to craft them. This is why the market for the newest endgame battle gear nowadays always CRASHES within 3 to 7 days after release, due to saturation of sellers.

      My point is that, although Master Recipes are still endgame recipes, they are are no longer for masters now. It's almost like a Master Degree in the real world these days. Sooooo many people have it already. If you have it too, it's not really something worth bragging about. If you don't have it, ...well, there's nothing to be ashamed of either, but you should probably think about getting it too... just so that you're not left behind when everyone's competing for the same job interview. The same can be said for Master Recipes. There are thousands of omnicrafters in the game now, and almost every omnicrafter have these recipes unlocked. So you SHOULD get them too if you not done so.

      Master Recipe Books I & II
      To unlock these books, you need to undertake a lv 50 quest called "Just Tooling Around" given by the NPC Guiding Star at Mor Dhona (x21.9, y6.9). This will unlock the NPC Talan (x22, y6), and you will be directed to submit various HQ crafted items to him in exchange for the books.

      Please note that the HQ crafted items for Master Recipe Books II are actually very difficult to craft by a level 50 crafter. These were what we described as the "Monstrocity Items" back in the old days of A Realm Reborn. I highly recommend you attaining at least lvl 53 before attempt them, so you can easily HQ them with overwhelming stats.

      Master Recipe Books III to IX
      As mentioned earlier, at this point, Master Recipe Books are no longer for masters. The older Master Recipe Books (III to VIII) are ridiculously easily obtained from any Scrip Exchange NPC via White Scrips. The newest Master Recipe Books (IX) takes a bit more scrips to obtain, but it's still nothing difficult.

      Master Recipe Books III: 100 White Crafters' Scrips
      Master Recipe Books IV: 100 White Crafters' Scrips
      Master Recipe Books V: 100 White Crafters' Scrips
      Master Recipe Books VI: 100 White Crafters' Scrips
      Master Recipe Books VII: 300 White Crafters' Scrips
      Master Recipe Books VIII: 400 White Crafters' Scrips
      Master Recipe Books IX: 1200 White Crafters' Scrips

      (The above information applies to Patch 6.15.)

      Master Recipes: Glamours & Master Recipes: Demimateria
      Apart from the generic Master Recipe Books, there are also 2 special kinds of Master Recipe Books available from Mor Dhona.

      Master Recipes: Glamours books are sold by Tataroga at Mor Dhona (x22, y6). These recipe books (1 for each crafting class) allow you to craft Glamour Prisms. However, please note that Glamour Prisms are now sold cheaply by Grand Company using GC seals. Crafting of Glamour Prisms is no longer a profitable approach.

      Master Recipes: Demimateria books are sold by Talan at Mor Dhona (x22, y6). These recipe books (1 for each crafting class) unlock various weapons, gear, and items involving Demimateria.

      IMPORTANT: Note that most of these Master Recipes actually DO NOT contribute to the achievements related to crafting certain numbers of "unique recipes" (which award you the glowing glamor tools - "The Blessed tools"). Master Recipes do not give "check marks" after completion. If you find that you have gone through pretty much all regular recipes, but you are still in need of more "unique recipes", then try to craft FURNITURE recipes. Many furniture recipes will actually give "check marks" after completion, and they do count towards the achievements.

      Ch23: Materia

      Crafting materia (always in blue color) serves to enhance the stats of a piece of equipment. There are 3 types of crafting materia in the game:
      Craftsman's Competence Materia: adds craftsmanship
      Craftsman's Command Materia: adds control
      Craftsman's Cunning Materia: adds CP

      To meld (a.k.a. affix) materia on a piece of equipment, you can either:
      (1) Do it yourself if you have the appropriate crafting class (that matches the item) and with sufficient level,
      (2) Request the meld from any player who has the appropriate crafting class and with sufficient level,
      (3) Request the meld from a Materia Melder NPC who will perform the service for a small fee.

      - Ch23A: Materia Overmelds

      Overmelds (a.k.a. Advanced Materia Melding or Forbidden Melds) is a process which you meld more materia than the number of materia slots on a piece of item. To unlock overmelds, you need to complete the lv 25 quest "Melding Materia Muchly" given by the goblin Mutamix Bubblypots at The Bonfire in Central Thanalan (x23, y13).

      Only CRAFTED gear can perform overmelds, and there's a limit of a total of 5 materia to be melded on a gear. For e.g., a crafted offhand tool with a single materia slot would mean it allows 1 in-slot meld and 4 overmelds.

      Materia of a higher tier (a.k.a. grade) will give you a smaller success rate of ovemelding. Also, each successive overmeld on an item will also come with a reduce success rate for the next overmeld.

      RNG is bxxxh in this game. Thus, a "30%" chance of success may mean "1-shot and done for", or it may mean "30 failures in a row without success". I have seen it all with my own eyes since old times in ARR. If you're unlucky, you can be really unlucky sometimes. Thus, overmelding endgame equipment can be very a wasteful and expensive process.

      Note that Tier 6 and Tier 8 materia CANNOT be used for multiple overmelds. They can only be used to perform the 1st overmeld.

      Also, please see Ch23E: Melding Strategies for Leveling Crafters & Ch23F: Melding Strategies for Endgame Crafters below about the "Price Rule".

      - A picture that illustrates the "in-slot melds" & "overmelds" on a pentamelded gear. The red text on the gear indicates that craftsmanship has reached the item's melding cap (explained below).

      - Ch23B: Melding Cap

      Every item has a "Melding Cap" which limits the amount of stats you can gain from materia melding. Once the melding cap of a particular stats is reached, no more of that stats can be added via materia melding. The melding cap is determined by ilevel -- items with the same ilevels will always have the same amount of maximum control / craftsmanship / CP that they can hold.

      - An example of how more control / craftsmanship could be added to an offhand tool via overmelds. However, this offhand tool has already melded with a CP +6 materia, and it has reached it melding cap for CP. No further addition of CP can be added via melding at this point.

      - Ch23C: Materia Retrieval

      You can remove materia from a piece of equipment, starting from the latest materia added to the equipment. The removal of materia is always 100% in success rate, but whether you can safely retrieve an intact materia will depend on the materia grade.

      Retrieval of Tier 8 or lower materia is always 100% in success rate.
      Retrieval of Tier 9 materia is always 80% in success rate.
      Retrieval of Tier 10 materia is always 40% in success rate.

      Keep in mind that the success rate of materia retrieval is NOT dependent on whether it was from an overmelded materia or not. It is also NOT dependent on the gear being HQ or NQ.

      - Retrieving a materia from a gear. (Picture taken during Shadowbringers in 2021, which Tier 8 materia was the highest at that time, so success rate was only 40%.)

      - Ch23D : Materia Extraction

      When spiritbonding of a tool or a gear reaches 100%, you can earn a new materia via Materia Extraction. The extraction will not destroy your gear. You gear will remind intact, and spiritbonding status will be reset back to 1%.

      - When an item finishes spiritbonding, the vertical bar on the left side of its icon will become white. Similarly, the "dot" that represents the item in your inventory will become white. Alternatively, if you're wearing the item, then the "green dot" that supposed to represent your equipped gear (left side of the inventory "blue dots") will become white.

      - After spiritbonding of an item finishes, the "Extract Materia" option will appear when you right-click the item.

      - Ch23E: Melding Strategies for Leveling Crafters

      Melding low level materia (Tier 8 or lower) on leveling gear is not a problem. Because you can easily use the "retrieve" function to pull materias back out any time, and your chance of retrieval is 100%, so all materia are RECYCLED. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND MELDING LOW TIER CUNNING MATERIA FOR EXTRA CP WHILE LEVELING, SO YOU CAN CREATE STRONGER MACROS. However, high tier materia (Tier 9 or above) have a lower retrieval success rate. So it's not recommended to use these materia until you have acquired your final BiS (Best-in-Slot) gear.

      Overmelding, in particular pentamelding, is a wasteful and expensive process, so overmelding gear that is NOT BiS is a rather foolish action. Overmelds should only be done after you have reached max lvl and acquired BiS gear set.

      - Ch23F: Overmelding Strategies for Endgame Crafters

      For endgame overmelds, we mostly follow the "PRICE RULE": Always start with the most expensive materia first, and progress with cheaper materia. Thus, even though CP>Control>Craftsmanship, very rarely would we meld with Cunning materia for CP first, because Cunning materia are usually cheaper than Command materia.

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      - On the left, one can see that I started off with Command VIII for the In-Slot melds, then overmelded with Competence VIII, followed by Command VII and finally Cunning I. Because in terms of market price, Command VIII > Competence VIII, and Command VII > Cunning I. We can only use VIII materia for the 1st overmeld but not the 2nd overmeld or later ones, so definitely use Comptence VIII before Command VII regardless of the price difference between these two.
      - On the right, we have a similar strategy, but this time we used Cunning VIII on the 1st overmeld. Cunning VIII was cheaper than Command VIII, so it is the choice for the overmeld rather than Command VIII. After 1st overmeld, we cannot add more VIIIs, so an VIII materia was chosen for overmeld. Then we followed the "price rule" again to continue with the rest of the overmelds to try to max out the melding cap as much as possible. (Picture from Shadowbringers in 2021.)

      Below is the complete list of ALL materia for crafting:



      - Tier 5 & 6 materia were added to the game in Stormblood. Tier 7 & 8 materia were added to the game in Shadowbringers. Tier 9 & 10 materia were added to the game in Endwalker. Please note that Tier 6 materia actually has more stats than Tier 7, and Tier 8 actually has more stats than Tier 9. However, Tier 6, 8 & 10 materia CANNOT be used for multiple overmelds. They can only be used to do the 1st overmeld (i.e. melding without a materia slot, which is indicated by the first red dot on a gear). After the 1st overmeld, only Tier 1-5, 7 & 9 materia can be used for further overmelds. (However, if a piece of gear has 5 open slots, then you can perform 5x in-slot melds of Tier 10 materia!)

      - Ch23G: Materia Transmution

      Materia transmution allows you to trade in 5 materia of any kind for a single, random materia. To unlock transmution, you need to complete a lv 19 quest called "Marvelously Mutable Materia" given by the NPC Kokosamu at Central Thanalan (x23, y14) (This quest has a pre-requisite of completing the lv 18 MSQ quest "Life, Materia and Everything").

      After the quest, the goblin Mutamix Bubblypots (Central Thanalan x23, y13) will allow you to perform materia transmution. Occasionally, the resultant materia may be of a higher grade than the ones that were traded in. But this happens at a very low rate.

      Note that the resultant materia will NEVER be the same as any of the 5 materia used for the transmution. Thus, to avoid getting trash materia, you want to use as many different kinds of trash materia as possible for the transmution. However, in contrary to this theory, there is an unconfirmed rumor around saying that if you use 5 materia of the same kind, it'll give you a slight boost in the rate of obtaining a higher grade one. I have not been able to confirm this though.

      - Ch23H: Spiritbonding to Produce Materia

      With the high demand of materia for overmelds on endgame gear, spiritbonding becomes an important strategy in generating more materia. Apart from spiritbonding, you may also (1) use White/Purple Scrips to buy crafting materia from Scrip Exchange, or (2) buy materia straight from the MB. But if you craft a lot, it's only natural to make use of spiritbonding for materia production as well.

      There are a few important rules to remember:
      (1) Melding more materia on a gear will make it spiritbond significantly faster.
      (2) HQ gear spiritbond FASTER than NQ gear (NQ is approximately 20% slower than HQ).
      (3) Crafting an HQ item by manually pushing quality will earn more spiritbonding than Quicksyn of the same item.
      (4) Some potions and manuals can increase spiritbonding rate. But potions are considered medicine, so you cannot use spiritbond potions together with other medicines, such as Cunning Craftsman's Syrup.
      (5) The effect from a spiritbond manual actually do NOT stack with FC buff on spiritbonding.

      - Spiritbond Potion provides "Increased Spiritbond Gain +3". This potion cannot be crafted into HQ; Potent Spiritbond Potion provides "Increased Spiritbond Gain +4" (+5 if HQ); Superior Spiritbond Potion provides "Increased Spiritbond Gain +5" (+6 if HQ).

      - Apart from Spiritbond Potions, Spiritbonding Manuals also exists! These manuals can be IN PARALLEL with food and medicine. So you can boost your spiritbonding rate with these manuals even if you are using food and medicine for other stats, such as CP and control.

      Ch24: Endgame BiS Gear Set

      It is important to acquire the latest lv 90 BiS (Best-in-Slot) gear set, and perform substantial overmelds of materia melds on them in order to be able to craft the latest recipes. However, keep in mind that pentamelding of the mainhands & offhands of 8 individual classes is a VERY extravagant move, and is usually unnecessary. Personally, I have NOT pentamelded my tools since Heavensward. I usually just max out the CP on my tools with a single materia.

      Tools (Mainhand [MH] / Offhand [OH])
      The crafted i590 Pactmaker's tools are the BiS MHs & OHs since Patch 6.15. These recipes are from Master Recipe Book IX.

      Gear set (Left gear)
      The crafted i590 Pactmaker's gear set is the BiS left gear since Patch 6.15. These recipes are from Master Recipe Book IX.

      Accessories (Right gear)
      The crafted i560 Integral accessories are the BiS right gear since Patch 6.15.

      - I am showing my Patch 6.15 Specialist & Non-Specialist class here. The Specialist classes have 20 more craft & control, and 15 more CP coming from the Soul Crystal.

      - BiS mainhand and offhand in Patch 6.15. There's NO NEED to pentameld these. Since Stormblood, crafting has been so easy that it's just a waste of gil and materia to pentameld tools.

      - These are my pentamelded gear (a.k.a "left gear"). Note that A LOT of CP could be melded on pants & boots. Thus, we should avoid using Scrip Gear for pants & boots, as those cannot add any extra CP. You can see that my 5th melds for all these gear are just Piety Materia, which give no stats for crafting. This is because I just didn't need to pentameld these gear, so I used cheap materia to fill up the remaining slots for faster spiritbonding.


      - These are my pentamelded BiS accessories (a.k.a. "right gear"). Note that I only used Tier VIII materia for some of the 1st slots. That's only because I pentamelded these in Patch 6.0 when Tier X materia were not easily available. They were over 200,000 gil a piece, and I wasn't ready to spend that much gil on them (especially because there had been no need to push so hard on stats anyway... Today is 12 Aug 2022, Patch 6.2 is coming, and there had been no real challenges so far since Patch 6.0). Now Tier X materia are less than 15K gil a piece, and I have also been getting free ones from doing weekly Custom Deliveries. So when the game introduce new accessories in the future patches (possibly Patch 6.3?), I will use definitely use Tier X materia instead.

      - My specialist classes have extra crafts/control/CP that come from the Soul Crystal.

      - These are the OUTDATED lv 80 BiS mainhand tools in Shadowbringers.Now they are just glamor tools.

      Ch25: Skysteel Tool Saga (crafting "relic" tools from Shadowbringers)
      (updated on 12th Aug 2022)


      The "Skysteel Tool Saga" is the "relic weapon saga" for crafters in Shadowbringers. It is arguably the best lv80 BiS mainhand tool with i510 ilvl and a nice +6 CP that is absent in Scrip tools (the other possible lv 80 BiS are the Resplendent Tools and the Aesthete Tools). The saga involves a 3-stage upgrade of the Skysteel tool into Skybuilders' tool.

      STAGE 1 (ridiculously easy):
      Skysteel tool (i440) Skysteel tool +1 (i450) (as an intermediate stage) → Dragonsung tool (i475)

      STAGE 2 (a bit more difficult, but nothing too hard):

      Dragonsung tool (i475) → Augmented Dragonsun tool (i485) (as an intermediate) Skysung tool (i500)

      STAGE 3 (Expert Recipes):
      Skysung tool (i500) Skybuilders' tool (i510)

      Only when the tool reaches the final stage of Skybuilders' will it shine in blue with patterns of colorful scales when unsheathed or when in-action, and becomes a beautiful glamor item in addition to being an arguable BiS.

      To begin this saga, you need to undertake the lv 80 quest "Mislaid Plans" from the NPC "Skysteel Engineer" at (Foundation x14.2, x12.5) near the Airship Landing site in Ishgard. This will then lead to more quests from Neillemard and Nimie near the Skysteel Manufactory (7.9, 10.6).

      Your 1st Skysteel tool is free (received in the form of a coffer from the NPC), but your 2nd and subsequent ones has to be purchased from Denys inside the Skysteel Manufactory (x8.0, y10.0) for 80,000 gil each.

      To upgrade from Skysteel tool (i440) to Skysteel +1 tool (i450),

      You need to turn in:
      CRP: HQ Oddly Specific Petrified Orb x20
      BSM: HQ Oddly Specific Rivets x20
      ARM: HQ Oddly Specific Wire x20
      GSM: HQ Oddly Specific Whetstone x20
      LTW: HQ Oddly Specific Leather x20
      WVR: HQ Oddly Specific Moonbeam Silk x20
      ALC: HQ Oddly Specific Synthetic Resin x20
      CUL: HQ Oddly Specific Seed Extract x20

      Made from "White Scrip mats" bought from Scrip Exchange NPC at 25 White Scrips each:
      Oddly Specific Petrified Log x20
      Oddly Specific Iron Sand x20
      Oddly Specific Iron Ore x20
      Oddly Specific Uncut Gemstone x20
      Oddly Specific Skin x20
      Oddly Specific Cotton x20
      Oddly Specific Quartz x20
      Oddly Specific Seeds x20
      ...these mats cost 25 White Scrips each, so you need to spend 500 White Scrips per 20 mats for 1 DoH class, or a total of 4000 White Scrips for all 8 classes.

      Note: Since Endwalker (Patch 6.0), the quality bar of these items can be maxed out with a single "Trained Eye" button. So there's no need for a rotation to push quality. One can just set up the following macro:

      /ac "Trained Eye" <wait.3>
      /ac "Veneration" <wait.2>
      /ac "Groundwork" <wait.3>
      /ac "Careful Synthesis" <wait.3>
      /echo Relic Stage 1 or 2 done! <se.6>

      To upgrade from Skysteel +1 tool (i450) to Dragonsung tool (i475),

      You need to turn in:
      CRP: HQ Oddly Specific Shaft x30
      BSM: HQ Oddly Specific Fitting x30
      ARM: HQ Oddly Specific Chainmail Sheet x30
      GSM: HQ Oddly Specific Gemstone x30
      LTW: HQ Oddly Specific Vellum x30
      WVR: HQ Oddly Specific Velvet x30
      ALC: HQ Oddly Specific Glass x30
      CUL: HQ Oddly Specific Seed Flour x30

      Made from the SAME "White Scrip mats" as in Part 1, bought from Scrip Exchange NPC:
      Oddly Specific Petrified Log x30
      Oddly Specific Iron Sand x30
      Oddly Specific Iron Ore x30
      Oddly Specific Uncut Gemstone x30
      Oddly Specific Skin x30
      Oddly Specific Cotton x30
      Oddly Specific Quartz x30
      Oddly Specific Seeds x30
      ...this time you need 30 mats per DoH class, so you need to spend 750 White Scrips per class, or a total of 6000 White Scrips for all 8 classes.

      Note: Since Endwalker (Patch 6.0), the quality bar of these items can be maxed out with a single "Trained Eye" button. So there's no need for a rotation to push quality. One can just use the Trained Eye macro above in Part 1.

      - The recipes for the Skysteel tools saga are under Special Recipes -> Ishgard Restoration -> Skysteel Tools. These recipes always require some White Scrip mats that can be purchased from the Scrip Exchange NPC. You must be equipped with the required tools in order to craft these items.

      To upgrade from Dragonsung tool (i475) to Augmented Dragonsung tool (i485), you need to turn in 90 pots of Gobbiegoo (class-specific) for each tool.

      The collectable item for each class to earn class-specific Gobbiegoo:
      CRP: Oddly Specific Cedar Lumber
      BSM: Oddly Specific Iron Nails
      ARM: Oddly Specific Mythril Rings
      GSM: Oddly Specific Silver Nugget
      LTW: Oddly Specific Gaganaskin Strap
      WVR: Oddly Specific Cloth
      ALC: Oddly Specific Glue
      CUL: Oddly Specific Oil

      Made from "White Scrip mats", bought from Scrip Exchange NPC at 30 White Scrips each:
      Oddly Specific Cedar Log
      Oddly Specific Coerthan Iron Ore
      Oddly Specific Mythrite Sand
      Oddly Specific Silver Ore
      Oddly Specific Gagana Skin
      Oddly Specific Fleece
      Oddly Specific Sap
      Oddly Specific Aloe

      No. of Gobbiegoo earned from Collectability:
      360-539: 2x Gobbiegoo
      540-719: 3x Gobbiegoo
      720+: 5x Gobbiegoo

      If you are able to meet the maximum threshold of 800+ collectability, then you just need to do a total of 18 crafts per class. Each Oddly Specific mat cost 30 White Scrips, so you need 540 White Scrips per class.

      Note: Since Endwalker (Patch 6.0), the quality bar of these items can be maxed out with a single "Trained Eye" button. So there's no need for a rotation to push quality. One can just use the Trained Eye macro above in Stage 1.

      To upgrade from Augmented Dragonsung tool (i485) to Skysung tool (i500), you need to turn in 105 pots of Highly Viscous Gobbiegoo (class-specific) for each tool.

      The collectable item for each class to earn class-specific Highly Viscous Gobbiegoo:
      CRP: Oddly Specific Cedar Plank
      BSM: Oddly Specific Iron Ingot
      ARM: Oddly Specific Mythril Plate
      GSM: Oddly Specific Silver Ingot
      LTW: Oddly Specific Gagana Leather
      WVR: Oddly Specific Undyed Woolen Cloth
      ALC: Oddly Specific Rubber
      CUL: Oddly Specific Paste

      Made from (White Scrip mats, bought from Scrip Exchange NPC):
      Oddly Specific Cedar Log
      Oddly Specific Coerthan Iron Ore
      Oddly Specific Mythrite Sand
      Oddly Specific Silver Ore
      Oddly Specific Gagana Skin
      Oddly Specific Fleece
      Oddly Specific Sap
      Oddly Specific Aloe

      No. of Gobbiegoo earned from Collectability:
      400-599: 2x Highly Viscous Gobbiegoo
      600-799: 3x Highly Viscous Gobbiegoo
      800+: 5x Highly Viscous Gobbiegoo

      If you are able to meet the maximum threshold of collectability, then you just need to do a total of 21 crafts per class. Each Oddly Specific mat cost 30 White Scrips, so you need 630 White Scrips per class.

      Note: Since Endwalker (Patch 6.0), the quality bar of these items can be maxed out with a single "Trained Eye" button. So there's no need for a rotation to push quality. One can just use the Trained Eye macro above in Stage 1.

      STAGE 3 - SKYBUILDERS' TOOL (has just 1 part)

      To upgrade from Skysung tool (i500) to Skybuilders' tool (i510), you need to turn in 60 Oddly Delicate Parts (class-specific) per class. NOTE: The turn-ins of these Oddly Delicate Parts are no longer at Denys in the Skysteel Manufactory, but at Spanner the robot NPC at the Firmament (9.7,14.6).

      The collectable item for each class to earn class-specific Oddly Delicate Parts:
      CRP: Oddly Delicate Pine Lumber
      BSM: Oddly Delicate Silver Gear
      ARM: Oddly Delicate Wolfram Square
      GSM: Oddly Delicate Celestine
      LTW: Oddly Delicate Gazelle Leather
      WVR: Oddly Delicate Rhea Cloth
      ALC: Oddly Delicate Holy Water
      CUL: Oddly Delicate Shark Oil

      Made from "White Scrip mats" bought from Scrip Exchange NPC at 45 White Scrips each:
      Oddly Delicate Pine Log
      Oddly Delicate Silvergrace Ore
      Oddly Delicate Scheelite
      Oddly Delicate Raw Celestine
      Oddly Delicate Gazelle Hide
      Oddly Delicate Rhea
      Oddly Delicate Mistletoe
      Oddly Delicate Hammerhead Shark

      ... and you also need many Approved Grade 4 Artisanal Skybuilders' crafting mats that are gathered from Diadem. However, these items are so cheap on the marketboard (MB) these days that it's rather pointless to go gather them yourself. Probably easier to just buy from MB.

      No. of Oddly Delicate Parts earned from Collectability:
      470-849: 1x Oddly Delicate Part
      580-1229: 2x Oddly Delicate Parts
      1230+: 3x Oddly Delicate Parts

      If you are able to meet the threshold of 1230+ collectability, then you just need to do a total of 20 crafts per class.

      However, note that these are EXPERT RECIPES! They are quite difficulty for most people! For more details about how to do these Expert Recipes for the Skybuilders' tools in "THE OLD WAY", please visit my other guide:
      Caimie Tsukino's Guide for Expert Recipes and Skybuilders' Tools


      Note: You CANNOT use "Trained Eye" to one-shot these items! However, since Endwalker (Patch 6.0), these lv 80 Expert Recipes have become a lot easier. We can now macro-craft everything safely, so there's NO NEED to utilize crafting conditions via manual-crafting (see below).

      - The final upgrade of Skysung tools to Skybuilders' tools require you to craft Expert Recipes. These recipes are under Special Recipes -> Ishgard Restoration -> Skysteel Tools. You must be equipped with the i500 Skysung tools in order to craft these items.

      - Back in ShB, we could NOT ignore conditions and use macros. We had to manual-craft, and make use of the conditions that came at us. Now in EW, I can completely macro the whole thing (I just needed to use a food, but I don't even need medicine!). With my sub-optimal melds, I couldn't reach the maximum of 14618 quality, but one just needs to reach 12300 (i.e. 1230 collectability) for the maximum number of Oddly Delicate Parts earned anyway. And my stats were more than enough for that.

      Here is the 2-part macro of the above rotation:
      /ac "Muscle Memory" <wait.3>
      /ac "Manipulation" <wait.2>
      /ac "Veneration" <wait.2>
      /ac "Waste Not II" <wait.2>
      /ac "Groundwork" <wait.3>
      /ac "Final Appraisal" <wait.3>
      /ac "Groundwork" <wait.3>
      /ac "Innovation" <wait.2>
      /ac "Preparatory Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Preparatory Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Preparatory Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Preparatory Touch" <wait.3>
      /echo Relic Stage 3 - Part 1 done! <se.2>

      /actionerror off
      /ac Innovation <wait.2>
      /ac "Prudent Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Prudent Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Prudent Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Trained Finesse" <wait.3>
      /ac "Innovation" <wait.2>
      /ac "Trained Finesse" <wait.3>
      /ac "Tricks of the Trade" <wait.3>
      /ac "Great Strides" <wait.2>
      /ac "Byregot's Blessing" <wait.3>
      /ac "Basic Synthesis" <wait.3>
      /echo Relic Stage 3 - Part 2 done! <se.6>
      /actionerror on

      *Note: The "Tricks of the Trades" in the last macro is to prevent a Poor condition on the Byregot. It may incur an error message, which will be suppressed by the actionerror commands. The first actionerror command suppresses all error messages. The second command reverts your setting back to normal.

      - I ran the above macro rotations a few times, and it's been consistently giving me over 14000 quality (1400 collectability).

      - The beautiful "perfected" Skysteel Tool - The Skybuilders' Tool! It shines in blue with a color dragon scale pattern.

      Ch26: Expert Recipes


      New Expert Recipes were introduced in Endwalker Patch 6.2!!!
      See new guide:
      Endwalker Expert Recipe Guide by Caimie Tsukino

      The Little Story behind Expert Recipes

      Crafting of the i510 Exarchic gear from Master Recipes VIII is nothing difficult. I mean, technically, as long as you have sufficient stats, you can even just copy and paste from the list of macros which I have included in the chapter about "Rotations and Macro Collections" below. ANYONE can do it, and it's boring.

      In Shadowbringers, the ultimate crafting challenge is actually the "EXPERT RECIPES". And there's actually a bit of history about it... Please allow me to tell you a little story...

      Since Stormblood, endgame crafting has become ridiculously easy. Everything could be macroed, so there was a real lack of challenges, and the marketboard has since been flooded with endgame crafted gear because every crafter was able to macro anything. Macro is a very important part of the crafting game. But if everything in the game is macroable, crafting would be easy, boring and dull, as no skill/decision-making will be involved.

      Because of how easy and boring crafting had become, I created a mega-thread in Feb 2020 on the FFXIV official forum, representing the community of veteran crafters, to request for harder recipes and better rewards from Yoshi P and his team of developers:
      Request for better challenges and better rewards (Formal Letter/Megathread)

      Both the Expert Recipes and the shiny Skybuilders' Tools were probably their partial answers to our request.

      The ideas behind Expert Recipes are that:
      (1) You should NOT be able to macro them, because even a regular Byregot finisher at IQ11 will not give you enough power to effectively hit max quality.
      (2) You need to make use of conditions, and be able to improvise and utilize different crafting actions.

      As of 29 Aug 2021, there are only 3 circumstances that require you to take on these very difficult Expert Recipes:

      (1) The final step of Skybuilders' Tools acquisition
      (2) Earning Skyward Points for Seasonal Rankings (expired) & the Pteranodon mount
      (3) Acquisition of Resplendent Crafting Tools

      - Ch26A: Skybuilders' Expert Recipes for Skybuilders' Tools

      The Expert Recipes for the Skybuilders' Tools are the EASIEST out of all to master, because they have only 65,000 quality to fill, and they come with the "Centered" condition which allows effective use of Hasty Touch and much higher success rate of Rapid Syn.

      From now on, I shall call these the "Skybuilders' Expert Recipes".

      I have documented all the details about Skybuilders' Expert Recipes in my other guide:
      Caimie Tsukino's Guide for Expert Recipes and Skybuilders' Tools
      Please visit to understand the basics about crafting Expert Recipes.

      - Ch26B: Restoration(4) Expert Recipes for Skyward Pts

      The Expert Recipes for Skyward Pts are accessed from Special Recipes -> Ishgard Restoration -> Restoration(4). I shall called these the "Restoration(4) Expert Recipes". In contrary to Skybuilders' Expert Recipes, these Restoration(4) Expert Recipes are actually arguably the HARDEST Expert Recipes currently in Shadowbringers. They have 12,046 Difficulty & 81,477 Quality, and they have only 55 durability instead of 60. Furthermore, they do not come with the "Centered" condition. Instead, they come with the "Malleable" and "Primed" conditions.

      Prepare Your Gear, Food, Medicine, FC buff, Soul Stone & Delineations
      You can't take Expert Recipes lightly and tackle them with crappy gear. You do need the "sharpest tool in the shed" in regards to tools & gear, i.e. at least i470+... preferably i490+, with pentamelds on most gear. The best choice for mainhand would be either the i510 Skybuilders' tool or a pentamelded i490 Aesthete tool (remember to max CP). The new i500 white scrip gear is not prefered, but it is "OK" for tools/ hat/ chest/ gloves/ belt, but you should at least get the crafted i490 Aesthete pants & boots so you can add significantly more CP on those. Keep in mind to max out your CP as much as possible.

      For food, you can use as lowly as HQ Matcha, which is dirt cheap to make, but you should really shoot for at least HQ Blood Bouillabaisse, or even HQ Chilli Crab, which is the strongest CP+control food in Shadowbringers.

      For medicine, you can just use as lowly as NQ Cunning Craftsman's Tea or the strongest HQ Cunning Craftsman's Syrup. It's up to you.

      The Free Company buff "In Control II" is also helpful as it adds 10 extra control stats to you. If you have access to it, I recommend you utilize it.

      Try to set "Specialist" onto the class you're working on as well, i.e. equip your "Soul of the Crafter". Not only does the Soul Crystal gives you extra stats, it also allows you to use the crafting action "Careful Observation" which costs Crafter's Delineations. Buy these Delineations from the marketboard or exchange them from any Scrip Exchange NPC using Yellow Scrips. You will easily go through a stack of 99 of them if you're going after the Skyward Pts.

      Crafting Conditions for Restoration(4) Expert Recipes
      Normal: N/A
      Good: Increases to quality are 1.5x higher than normal
      Sturdy: Reduces loss of durability by 50%
      Pliant: Reduces CP cost by 50%
      Malleable: Increases to progress are 1.5x higher than normal
      Primed: Next status granted by an action will last two additional steps.

      Unlike regular recipes, there's no "Excellent" nor "Poor" conditions in Expert Recipes. Furthermore, unlike regular recipes, "Good" can appear 2 times, or even 3 times in a row here.

      General Approach on Sturdy (same as Skybuilders' Expert Recipes)
      Sturdy is theoretically supposed to be best paired with actions that cost a lot of durability. However, there are only 2 such actions (Preparatory Touch (PrepT) & Groundwork), and in reality both actions are usually buffed with other actions before use (such as Great Strides+Innovation or Veneration). So you can't really use them when a Sturdy pops up. In the end, Sturdy is mostly just used for some harmless Hasty Touches or Rapid Syn spamming instead. It is still a very helpful condition though.

      General Approach on Pliant (same as Skybuilders' Expert Recipes)
      Pliant is probably the MOST important condition of all. It is best paired with crafting actions that cost the most CP, i.e. Manipulation (Manip), Master's Mend (MM) or Waste Not II (WN II). Because the more CP cost is the action on Pliant, the more CP is saved. Thus, whenever a Pliant pops, you always try your best to use Manip. If Manip is already active, see if you can use MM. If Manip is already active and durab is too high to use MM, I'd rather do a Prudent Touch instead of WN II. I have tested WN II many times, and I HATED it. Once WN II is activated, you can't do anything except performing durab-consuming actions. Otherwise, you lose steps of WN II for nothing. Because of this inflexibility, I usually end up doing things I don't want to do, or end up doing things I want to do but lose like 3 steps of WN II. My conclusion: Don't bother using WN II at all even if it's on Pliant.

      General Approach on Good (DIFFERENT from Skybuilders' Expert Recipes)
      Good is usually used for Precise Touch, Intensive Syn or to be used for "Tricks of the Trade" for CP gain. For Skybuilders' Expert Recipes, if Veneration is active, and you're trying to work on progress, Good should be spent on Intensive Syn to reduce Rapid Syn spamming. However, we are talking about Restoration(4) Expert Recipes here, and so we have a slightly different approach! Since Restoration(4) Expert Recipes have Malleable but no Centered, it is EASIER to push progress when Malleable shows up, whereas it is more difficult to accumulate IQ stacks due to success rate of Hasty Touch being very low. Thus, we PRIORITIZE building up IQ stack over progress during Good conditions. Regardless of whether Vene is active or not, whenever a Good pops, don't do Intensive Syn but do Precise Touch instead (as long as IQ is not yet maxed).

      When you're done with 11x IQ stacks, then depending what other actions are active you may use it on Precise Touch, Preparatory Touch (when both Great Strides & Innovation are active) or Tricks of Trade.

      General Approach on Malleable (absent in Skybuilders' Expert Recipes)
      It is a no-brainer that Malleable is best paired with Rapid Syn. Unfortunately, the success rate of Rapid Syn on a Malleable remains at 50%. So may of these Rapid Syns are likely to fail. Keep in mind that the effect of Malleable is actually STACKABLE with Vene. So if you happened to have Vene active and a Malleable pops, and you actually managed to land a Rapid Syn successfully, then it'll fill up a huge chunk of progress. For me, 2x Rapid Syn under either Malleable or Vene + 1x Rapid Syn under Malleable+Vene will complete the item. So remember to use Final Appraisal before the 3rd Rapid Syn.

      General Approach on Primed (absent in Skybuilders' Expert Recipes)
      Primed is a rather versatile condition that can be paired with Manip, Innov or Vene. Primed adds two additional steps to the effect of these actions. Given a choice, it is actually more CP-efficient to pair Pliant with Manip than Primed with Manip. But sometimes if Pliant just don't show up in time, then hitting Manip on Primed is not a bad idea, as it basically provides a FREE 10 durability bonus. Pairing Primed with either Innov or Vene are also quite effective. If paired with Innov, you can then be quite flexible with the executing the Touch Combo (explained below) or Prudent spam. If paired with Vene, you can have 2 more chances of Rapid Syn, and also gains a slightly higher chance of landing a Malleable+Vene-buffed Rapid Syn.

      Openers + Progress Phase (DIFFERENT from Skybuilders' Expert Recipes)
      For Skybuilders' Expert Recipes, both Muscle Memory and Reflect openers are fine. However, for Restoration(4) Expert Recipes here, because IQ stacks are harder to acquire, it is more beneficial to use Reflect as opener.

      After Reflect...
      - If Pliant pops, immediately use Manip.
      - If Malleable, use Rapid Syn.
      - If Primed, use Vene and start spamming Rapid Syns.
      - If Sturdy, use either Hasty Touch or Rapid Syn.
      - If Good, use Precise Touch.
      - If Normal, you can either Observe once to bait for the above conditions, or directly use Vene to proceed with Rapid Syn spam.

      If Pliant appears again after Manip on Pliant, you can either do Prudent Touch or simply proceed with Vene. Avoid WN II.

      When Vene is active, spam on Rapid Syn to work on progress. Use Final Appraisal before the last Rapid Syn you need to prevent pre-mature completion of the craft.

      When Vene is active, if Good pops, DO NOT bother with Intensive Syn as with Skybuilders' Expert Recipes, but opt for Precise Touch instead to push IQ stacks.

      If Vene is active but a Pliant pops, then see if Manip needs renewal or not. If yes, click Manip before going back to Rapid Syn. If Manip is already active, but durab is low, you can do MM before going back to Rapid Syn. If you can't use Manip nor MM, then just Prudent, before going back to Rapid Syn.

      Similar to Skybuilders' Expert Recipes, if Vene effect ended, but you didn't successfully land enough Rapid Syn, and your durab is running low (15 durab), then consider using Careful Observation (cost a Delineation) or even just Observe 1-3x to bait for a Pliant (or a Primed) to use Manip. If your durab is 10 or 5 after using Manip, you MUST recover your durab by using 1-3x Observe (or use Tricks of Trade if a Good pops). Alternative, if your durab is already as low as 10 or 5 when the Pliant pops, then considering directly using MM instead of Manip. However, note that the Primed condition does not help with MM. So if durab is already as low as 10 or 5, and a Primed pops, I'd rather first use Manip, before considering other options.

      Also, unlikely Skybuilders' Expert Recipes, if my 1st Vene effect ended, but I didn't land enough Rapid Syn, then even after recovering durab to 25+ with Manip or MM, I prefer NOT to immediately use a 2nd Vene for Restoration(4) Expert Recipes. I prefer to work on quality a bit with Hasty Touches, and try to bait for a Malleable condition for Rapid Syn at this point. This is particular true if all you need is just ONE or TWO more Rapid Syn under Vene. Then you might as well wait for those Malleable instead of spending another 18 CP on Vene. But, if ZERO Rapid Syn landed during my 1st Vene, then I will consider using another Vene -- but hopefully, I can activate the 2nd Vene on a Primed, which will greatly help with lengthening the Vene effect.

      Similar to Skybuilders' Expert Recipes, I prefer NOT to use Groundwork for these Restoration(4) Expert Recipes. Groundwork is best used under the effect of both Vene and Waste Not (WN). WN cuts the durab cost in half, making Groundwork deducting only 10 durab each time. However, Groundwork itself is already 18 CP each, and WN is another 56 CP. It just burns off CP too quickly. Furthermore, Groundwork is only 300 efficiency, which is far too inferior to Rapid Syn, especially when under Vene or Malleable. So all in all, I prefer not to use Groundwork here. I like Groundwork a lot for some other recipes though.

      Inner Quiet Stacking Phase (DIFFERENT from Skybuilders' Expert Recipes)
      For Skybuilders' Expert Recipes, you want to work on progress until it's 1 Basic Syn away from completion before you move onto building up that IQ stacks. But for Restoration(4) Expert Recipes, you don't have to. In fact, you shouldn't. Any time when a Good pops (even during Progress Phase with Vene active), you jump at Precise Touch to increase IQ stacks (assuming durab is 15+). And if progress is not yet close to completion from previous phase, then just jump at using Rapid Syn any time when a Malleable pops.

      Similar to Skybuilders' Expert Recipes,
      - In general, you want durab to be floating between 15 to 25 during this phase... This allows flexibility in utilizing conditions that suddenly pop up.
      - If Manip is already active from the previous Progress Phase, you can start spamming Hasty Touches.
      - Alternatively, you can keep using Observe to bait for Sturdy / Good before using Hasty Touch / Precise Touch.
      - During the baiting using Observe, if Malleable pops, and progress is not yet close to finish, you can either do a Focused Syn or Rapid Syn.
      - During the baiting using Observe, if Manip is already active and a Pliant pops, and durab is 25 or higher so you can't use MM (otherwise, durab will go over max), then you can actually use Focused Touch to increase IQ stack (Because you just used Observe, the Focused Touch will become 100% in success rate).

      - If Manip is already active and a Pliant pops, and durab is 20 or lower, then you can use MM to replenish durab.
      - If Manip is NOT active or has only 1 step left, and a Pliant pops, use Manip before spamming Hasties.
      - If Manip is NOT active, durab is high, condition is Normal, you can still keep spamming Hasties, and bait for a Pliant or Primed for Manip.
      - If durab is maxed at 55 after using MM, and if Manip is active too, make sure your next action is a durab-consuming action so that durab is not wasted from the durab recovery from Manip.
      - If you have only 1 step of Manip left and a Pliant or Primed pops, you should use Manip instead of MM.
      - If 2 steps of Manip left and a Pliant pops, you can consider renewing the Manip if durab is high.
      - If durab is low (15 durab), Manip is NOT active, and no Pliant/Primed, you can try Careful Observation or Observe 1-3x to bait. If you don't get any Pliant/Primed at all after baiting, then too bad, you have no choice but to either Manip or MM on Normal. If Manip, then keep using Observe to recovery durab.
      - If durab is 15 or 10, but a Sturdy happens, you may try to bait 1 more time with a Hasty Touch. But keep in mind that you MUST use MM when durab is 10 or 5. Otherwise, if you use Manip, your durab remains at 10 or 5 right after Manip, and your craft will botch if you try to touch again immediately.

      For Restoration(4) Expert Recipes, without the Centered condition from Skybuilders' Expert Recipes, it's slightly more difficult to accumulate IQ stacks. So if you're at IQ9, have sufficient CP, and don't want to gamble with Hasty anymore, then just do Observe+FocusT. It cost you 25 CP, but it's a valid move. The Observe step allows you to bait for another favorable condition. If something great happens, awesome! If nothing happens, then just proceed with Focused Touch. It's still a nice move, as it is 100% secure and gives you a decent amount of quality boost even at IQ9... and it safely sends to you the maximum IQ10.

      Touch Combo after IQ11 (DIFFERENT from Skybuilders' Expert Recipes)
      Similar to Skybuilders' Expert Recipes, after IQ reaches 10, you want to stop using risky Hasty Touches, but switch to using 100% secure touches instead. Check your durab and Manip status. You need at least 30 durab to use your "Touch Combo". This 30 durab may include any Manip steps that are still active, i.e. you can have 20 durab left and 2 steps of Manip left, or you can have 10 durab left and 4 steps of Manip left. If you don't have enough durab+Manip steps, you will need to burn off any remaining Manip steps using Hasties (or Observe), and try to refresh a Manip on Pliant or Primed by Careful Observation. At this point, CP is critical, so you don't want to waste much CP on more Observe for baiting anymore. Worst case scenario, if durab+Manip steps is <30, and no Pliant or Primed, then just Manip on Normal.

      At this point, if you have >300 CP and your Manip is active, you're in very good shape. If your CP is ~200, then you're in danger.

      Now, just like Skybuilders' Expert Recipes, do this Touch Combo: "Great Strides (GS), Innovation (Innov), Observe, Focused Touch (FocT), Prudent, Prudent".

      Before GS:
      - If a Pliant pops before GS, land the GS on the Pliant to save 16 CP if your Manip is already active.
      - If a Sturdy pops before the GS, and if you have >30 durab+Manip, you can test your luck with a Hasty before starting the combo, or you can just ignore the Sturdy, and proceed with the combo anyway.
      - If a Good pops before GS, take Tricks of Trade for CP, and proceed with the combo.
      - If a Primed pops before the GS, use Innov first! Primed will provide 2 extra steps of Innov. Then now you go back to using GS, Observe, FocT etc. to continue with the Touch Combo. If you follow through with the original plan of the combo, in the end, you will gain 1 extra step of Innov, which you can use on an extra Prudent, which is already pretty good. However, after GS, Observe, FocT, you will still have 3 extra steps of Innov, so you can actually do another GS, Observe, FocT, which is even better than 3x Prudent. The GS, Observe, FocT combo is more CP-efficient and only consumes 10 durab instead of 15 durab. THIS, is the biggest difference between the Touch Combo in Skybuilders' Expert Recipes vs Restoration(4) Expert Recipes!

      After GS:
      - After hitting GS, if Good pops, immediately do Precise Touch (need 15+ durab... if not, then just Tricks of Trade, Innov, Prudent, GS, Observe, FocT).
      - After hitting GS, if Pliant pops, see if you have Manip active. If Manip is NOT active, or if there's only like 1 step left, then just renew the Manip on Pliant. This leaves you with just 2 steps of GS, which is NOT enough to cover "Innov, Observe, FocT", so modify the combo into "GS, Manip (on Pliant), Innov, Prudent, GS, Observe, FocT". This way, you can utilize the Pliant properly on a Manip while not wasting your GS since you already initiated the combo.
      - After hitting GS, if Primed pops, SWEET! This is as good as it gets! Follow through with Innov, Observe, FocT, and you'll still have 4 more steps of Innov! So you can just repeat GS, Observe, FocT again, and then followed by a Prudent.

      After GS, Innov:
      - After hitting "GS, Innov", if Good pops, you actually want to do Prep Touch. Check to see if you have 25 or more durab. If yes, this is the best scenario, do Prep Touch. If you only have 20 or 15 durab, do Precise Touch instead. You should NOT be 10 durab or less here because your Manip should be active, so you should gain 5 durab after the GS. Thus, you should have no chance of using Tricks of Trade after Innov.
      - After hitting "GS, Innov", if Pliant pops, you may consider using Prep Touch or Manip. Check to see if you have 25 or more durab, and check to see if you have a good number of Manip steps left. If you have plenty of durab and Manip is active, then do Prep Touch. If only 1 step or zero step of Manip is left, you might as well just do Manip instead. And then modify the combo to "GS, Innov, Manip (on Pliant), Prudent, Prudent, Prudent".

      After GS, Innov, Observe:
      - After hitting "GS, Innov, Observe", if Good pops, follow the above and try to do Prep Touch. Otherwise consider Precise Touch if durab is an issue.
      - After hitting "GS, Innov, Observe", if Pliant pops, just follow the combo and do Focused Touch to save some CP.
      - After hitting "GS, Innov, Observe", if Sturdy pops, this is actually great, just follow the combo and do FocT.

      After GS, Innov, Observe, FocT:
      - After hitting "GS, Innov, Observe, FocT", you will still have 2 steps of Innov left. If a Good pops any time, replace any of the Prudent with Precise Touch.
      - After hitting "GS, Innov, Observe, FocT", if a Pliant pops, use "GS, Prudent" to replace "Prudent, Prudent". Apart from CP being saved on the GS (on Pliant), the "GS, Prudent" combo also allows you to conserve 5 durab.

      Rules of thumb (same as Skybuilders' Expert Recipes):
      - Keep in mind that each Innov SHOULD be utilized by at least 2 touches to be worth its CP spent (either the buffed FocT + 1 Prudent, or 2x Prudent).
      - Each step of Manip restores 5 durability AFTER your actions. So if you have only 10 durab left, and you perform an action that consumes 10 durab, you will hit ZERO durab and botch the item before your remaining active Manip steps can restore durability. Thus, try NOT to stay at 10 durab or lower for too long. It limits your next action... e.g. if a Good pops at 10 durab, you CANNOT do Precise Touch, but is forced to use Tricks of Trade.
      - If you have only 1 step of Manip left, and got a Pliant, you PROBABLY SHOULD renew your Manip.
      - If you have 2 steps of Manip left, and got a Pliant, you should consider using MM. Otherwise, renewing Manip is an OK option too.
      - If you have 1 step of Manip + 1 or more steps of Innov left, and got a Pliant, you should still consider renewing your Manip.
      - If you have 2 steps of Manip + 1 or more steps of Innov left, and got a Pliant, you should probably just Prudent Touch, because activating a Manip would mean quite a lot of CP wasted in those remaining steps.

      Basic Finisher Combo (same as Skybuilders' Expert Recipes)
      You need 15 or 20 durab and at least 74 CP for your basic "Finisher Combo", which is "GS, Innov, Byregot" and then complete the item with a Basic Syn or a Careful Syn (cost an extra 7 CP). Your finisher should be able to produce around ~20,000 quality. So you just need to have around ~61,500 quality before the finisher to max the quality bar.

      If a Good pops after GS, you should skip Innov and immediately use Byregot.

      Tempering the Rotation Near the End (same as Skybuilders' Expert Recipes)
      Towards the end, this is a critical time which I call "twisting the dragon's tail". Depending on the situation, you want to tweak your rotation to meet that ~61,500 quality before the finisher, while catering your remaining durab and CP.

      For example, keep in mind that ~150 CP & 25/30 durab is required if you want to merge your last Touch Combo (just GS, Innov, Observe+FocT without the 2x Prudents) with the Finisher Combo (GS, Byregot). This allows the last Touch Combo to share the same Innov with the "GS, Byregot".

      And for example, if you have 150 CP left, but durab is only 20... Then you can't use the above combo, otherwise you run out of durab. So you can do "GS, Innov, Prudent, GS, Byregot" instead.

      However, if you have 150 CP left, and durab is only 20, BUT you're still FAR from reaching 61,500 quality (and you already used your 3x Careful Observation). Then perhaps you should consider gambling -- Spend 88 CP on an MM to restore durab. You will end up with only 62 CP left, which is NOT enough for the 74-CP basic Finisher Combo. However, you can now test your luck by spamming Hasty Touches to bait for more CP. If you get a lucky Good, then you can restore 20 CP with Tricks of Trade. Then you pop Innov, and continue spamming Hasty Touches before finally using GS + Byregot under the Innov. If you don't get a lucky Good, your Hasty spam may still work, and then you just finish off with GS + Byregot without Innov.

      Another scenario... if you have only 99 CP and 25 durab left. You can still do "Innov, Observe, FocT, GS, Byregot" to maximize quality.

      Lastly, even after you completed your Finisher Combo and having only 5 durab left, if a Good comes and you take in Trick of Trades, you can still consider doing a Delicate Synthesis to complete the craft while making a last ditch on quality.

      Just keep in mind that you need to be ultra-flexible towards the end of the rotation to utilize everything you have on hand.

      Other interesting facts (same as Skybuilders' Expert Recipes):
      Prudent Touch cannot be used under the effect of WN (or WN2).
      Under Sturdy, Prudent Touch will decrease durab by 3.
      Under Sturdy, if WN (or WN2) is active, Hasty Touch will decrease durab by 3.
      Under Sturdy, if Manip is active, Hasty Touch will NOT decrease durab.
      When both WN (or WN2) and Manip are active, Hasty Touch will NOT decrease durab.
      Under Sturdy, WN and Manip, Preparatory Touch will NOT decrease durab.
      Under Sturdy, if WN (or WN2) and Manip are both active, Hasty Touch will actually increase durab by 2.

      - Expert Recipes for Skyward Pts are under Special Recipes -> Ishgard Restoration -> Restoration(4). These recipes are crafted using gathered mats from Diadem. In particular, one of the mats comes from special weather nodes in Diadem.

      - If you right-click on the Expert Recipe, you will see an option called "Potential Conditions List", clicking it will open the list as shown by the panel on the right side. On this panel, you can see that these Restoration(4) Expert Recipes do not have the "Centered" condition, but they have "Malleable" and "Primed".


      - This plot shows the relationship between Skyward Pts and collectability for Restoration(4) Expert Recipes. Notice how there is a huge jump of Skyward Pts increase at 5800 / 6500 / 7400. At 5800 collectability, Skyward Pts earned is increased from zero to nearly 200. At 6500, Skyward Pts is increased from 200-ish to 300-ish. At 7400, Skyward Pts is increased from 600-ish to 800-ish. Also, notice how the slope of the plot becomes steeper towards the right. This means Skyward Pts earned per collectability is higher at high collectability. E.g. the difference in Skyward Pts earned between 5800 and 6400 is minimal (around 60); by contrast, the difference in Skyward Pts earned between 7400 and 8000 is much more significant (nearly 400). This tell us that if we are already sitting at high collectability, then striving for slightly more collectability is actually worth it. The closer you are to the max quality of 8144, the harder you should try to max it out.

      - Ch26C: Resplendent Expert Recipes for Resplendent Crafting Tools

      The Expert Recipes for Resplendent Crafting Tools are accessed from Special Recipes -> Master Recipes -> Master Recipes(8). I shall called these the "Respledent Expert Recipes". There are actually 3 kinds of Resplendent Expert Recipes used in the 3 stages of Resplendent Crafting Tool acquisition.

      The Resplendent Crafting Tool is both an outstanding glamour tool, as well as arguably BiS mainhand tool in Shadowbringers. For more details, such as comparison of this tool vs other endgame BiS tools, please re-visit Ch22: Endgame BiS Gear Set above.


      - Crafting mats for the STAGE 1 are called "Resplendent XXX Material A", which are sold via White Scrips from Scrip Exchange. (The pic was from Shadowbringers. Each Material A now costs 50 White Scrips instead of 100 Yellow Scrips.)

      STAGE 1
      The 1st kind of Resplendent Expert Recipes uses "Resplendent XXX Material A" to craft "Resplendent XXX Component A". These recipes have 12,089 Difficulty & 75,378 Quality, which is slightly less than the 81,447 Quality from Restoration(4) Expert Recipes. Similar to Restoration(4) Expert Recipes, they have only 55 durability. But in terms of available conditions, they are the same as Skybuilders' Expert Recipes -- with the Centered condition, and without the Malleable & Primed conditions. I shall call these "Resplendent Expert Recipes A".

      Strategy: As these recipes have the Centered condition, you can basically just treat them the same way as Skybuilders' Expert Recipes. They are not that difficult to deal with if you make use of Centered for Hasty Touches and Rapid Syn.

      You need 2x "Resplendent XXX Material A" to craft 1x "Resplendent XXX Component A". But if you can max out quality in your crafts, 1x "Resplendent XXX Component A" can be used to exchange for 2x "Resplendent XXX Material B" at Limbeth (Eulmore x11.6, y10.9).

      STAGE 2
      The 2nd kind of Resplendent Expert Recipes uses "Resplendent XXX Material B" to craft "Resplendent XXX Component B". These recipes have 12,132 Difficulty & 78,180 Quality, which is also slightly less than the 81,447 Quality from Restoration(4) Expert Recipes. Similar to Restoration(4) Expert Recipes, they have only 55 durability. In terms of available conditions, they are the same as Restoration(4) Expert Recipes -- with the Malleable & Primed conditions, and without the Centered condition. I shall call these "Resplendent Expert Recipes B".

      Strategy: As these recipes do not have the Centered condition but have Malleable & Primed, you can just treat them the same way as Restoration(4) Expert Recipes. So prioritize IQ stacks by using Reflect. Use Good for Precise Touch instead of Intensive Syn. And make use of Malleable for Rapid Syn. Make use of Primed for Vene and Innov if possible, and even use Primed for Manip if Pliant is not available.

      You need 2x "Resplendent XXX Material B" to craft 1x "Resplendent XXX Component B". But if you can max out quality in your crafts, 1x "Resplendent XXX Component B" can be used to exchange for 2x "Resplendent XXX Material C" at Limbeth (Eulmore x11.6, y10.9).

      STAGE 3
      The 3rd kind of Resplendent Expert Recipes uses "Resplendent XXX Material C" to craft "Resplendent XXX Component C". These recipes have 13,024 Difficulty & 85,033 Quality, which is steeper than the 12,046 Difficulty & 81,447 Quality from Restoration(4) Expert Recipes. However, these recipes have 60 durability. In terms of available conditions, they COMBINED both Skybuilders' Expert Recipes & Restoration(4) Expert Recipes -- with Centered, Malleable & Primed conditions. I shall call these "Resplendent Expert Recipes C".

      Strategy: Although Resplendent Expert Recipes C have the steepest difficulty & quality, they are actually NOT as hard as Resplendent Expert Recipes A & B because these have 60 durab. Don't underestimate that 5 extra durab. It's actually significant. I basically just combined all the strategies used above depending on the conditions that pops. I mean, come on, my friend, GET REAL! If you are at this point, you really don't need tips from me. You're already a freaking master of Expert Recipes. You can decide what's best for you. Remember the analogy I made in Ch12: Learn to Modify Rotations According to Conditions? You have mastered the "9 Swords of Dugu" at this point! You're ready for anything that comes at you!!! :)

      You need 2x "Resplendent XXX Material C" to craft 1x "Resplendent XXX Component C". But if you can max out quality in your crafts, 1x "Resplendent XXX Component C" can be used to exchange for 2x "Resplendent XXX Final Material" at Limbeth (Eulmore x11.6, y10.9).

      Finally, 60x "Resplendent XXX Final Material" is used to exchange for the Resplendent Crafting Tool at Limbeth (Eulmore x11.6, y10.9). [Seriously, who the hell designed this? It's just ridiculous!]

      Thus, you need at least 60x "Resplendent XXX Material C"
      . This means at least 60x "Resplendent XXX Material B", and it also means at least 60x "Resplendent XXX Material A" to begin with. However, if you cannot attain max quality in your crafts, then the amount will be DOUBLED. And if you fail at even attain the minimum required collectability, or if you botch an item, you'll have to repeat all the previous work, which is pretty annoying. It's a pretty safe bet that NOBODY would be able to get the tool with just 60x "Resplendent XXX Material A". Even if you're a skilled crafter, starting with 80-90 Material A is probably reasonable.

      Epilogue of Ch24C
      Anyway, it's such a pain to even get one of these Resplendent Crafting Tools. But it's definitely more enjoyable than the grind for the Pteranodon mount, because the Miner & Botanist parts of the Pteranodon grind were so unbearable, and the final glamour from the Resplendent is just so much better. I'd say, it was worth at least getting one such tool! *cat*

      As of Endwalker (Patch 6.15), we know that we CANNOT use Trained Eye to one-shot Resplendent Expert Recipes. However, with sufficient stats, these recipes are now MACROABLE (see ).

      FYI, in contrast with the Resplendent Crafting Tools, the Resplendent Gathering Tools for Miner & Botanist are actually VERY EASY to obtain. You just need to gather certain number of unique items on the gathering log, and then you can claim the tools from your achievement log.

      - Resplendent Expert Recipes A and its potential conditions.

      - If you can max out quality in your crafts, 1x "Resplendent XXX Component A" can be used to exchange for 2x "Resplendent XXX Material B".

      - Resplendent Expert Recipes B and its potential conditions.

      - If you can max out quality in your crafts, 1x "Resplendent XXX Component B" can be used to exchange for 2x "Resplendent XXX Material C".

      - Resplendent Expert Recipes C and its potential conditions.

      - If you can max out quality in your crafts, 1x "Resplendent XXX Component C" can be used to exchange for 2x "Resplendent XXX Final Material".

      - Finally, 60 Resplendent XXX Final Materials are submitted to Limbeth again for the Resplendent Crafting Tool.


      - The Resplendent Crafting Tool: A very beautiful glamour with some very steep grinds on Expert Recipes. NOTE: To make the tool shine while on my back, I used a 2-line macro:
      When you execute this macro, you will sit down, and the tool (or weapon) will shine on your back. After that, you can stand back up, and it'll remain shining.

      - All 8 Resplendent Crafting Tools being shown here. They are very beautiful!

      - A funny picture I made for the Resplendent Cauldronfiend's Alembic (ALC's tool).

      Ch27: Endgame Rotations & Macro Collections

      Note: I strongly recommend using "Trial Synthesis" to test out the macros first before using it for an actual craft! Sometimes too much or too little craftsmanship may render the macros to fail!

      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

      Macros/rotations for EW 2-star 35 durab items,
      such as Lunar Adamantite Ingot / Amynodon Leather / Golden Silk etc. (Difficulty 2925, Quality 7800)

      /ac "Reflect" <wait.3>
      /ac "Manipulation" <wait.2>
      /ac "Veneration" <wait.2>
      /ac "Waste Not" <wait.2>
      /ac "Preparatory Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Groundwork" <wait.3>
      /ac "Groundwork" <wait.3>
      /ac "Final Appraisal" <wait.3>
      /ac "Groundwork" <wait.3>
      /ac "Innovation" <wait.2>
      /ac "Prudent Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Manipulation" <wait.2>
      /ac "Prudent Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Prudent Touch" <wait.3>
      /echo EW 2* 35dur #1 605cp Done! <se.2>

      /ac "Innovation" <wait.2>
      /ac "Basic Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Standard Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Advanced Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Great Strides" <wait.2>
      /ac "Tricks of the Trade" <wait.3>
      /ac "Innovation" <wait.2>
      /ac "Byregot's Blessing" <wait.3>
      /ac "Basic Synthesis"
      /echo EW 2* 35dur #2 605cp Complete! <se.6>

      If more "power" is needed, an extra Trained Finesse can be added to the macro's second part above:
      /ac "Innovation" <wait.2>
      /ac "Basic Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Standard Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Advanced Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Trained Finesse" <wait.3>
      /ac "Great Strides" <wait.2>
      /ac "Tricks of the Trade" <wait.3>
      /ac "Innovation" <wait.2>
      /ac "Byregot's Blessing" <wait.3>
      /ac "Basic Synthesis"
      /echo EW 2* 35dur #2 637cp Complete! <se.6>

      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
      Macros/rotations for EW 2-star 70 durab items,
      such as Classical Longsword, Classical Signifier's Chiton, Classical Sagittarius's Wrist Torque, Grade 6 Tincture of Strength, etc. (Difficulty 3900, Quality 10920):

      /ac "Muscle Memory" <wait.3>
      /ac "Manipulation" <wait.2>
      /ac "Veneration" <wait.2>
      /ac "Waste Not II" <wait.2>
      /ac "Groundwork" <wait.3>
      /ac "Final Appraisal" <wait.3>
      /ac "Groundwork" <wait.3>
      /ac "Final Appraisal" <wait.3>
      /ac "Delicate Synthesis" <wait.3>
      /ac "Innovation" <wait.2>
      /ac "Preparatory Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Preparatory Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Preparatory Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Preparatory Touch" <wait.3>
      /echo EW 2* 70dur #1 658cp Done! <se.2>

      /ac Innovation <wait.2>
      /ac "Prudent Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Prudent Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Prudent Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Prudent Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Great Strides" <wait.2>
      /ac "Tricks of the Trade" <wait.3>
      /ac "Innovation" <wait.2>
      /ac "Byregot's Blessing" <wait.3>
      /ac "Basic Synthesis"
      /echo EW 2* 70dur #2 658cp Complete! <se.6>

      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
      Macros/rotations for EW 2-star 70 durab items,
      such as Pactmaker's Cross-pein Hammer, Pactmaker's Turban of Crafting, Pactmaker's Vest of Crafting, etc. (Difficulty 4300, Quality 12800):

      /ac "Muscle Memory" <wait.3>
      /ac "Manipulation" <wait.2>
      /ac "Veneration" <wait.2>
      /ac "Waste Not II" <wait.2>
      /ac "Groundwork" <wait.3>
      /ac "Groundwork" <wait.3>
      /ac "Final Appraisal" <wait.3>
      /ac "Careful Synthesis" <wait.3>
      /ac "Innovation" <wait.2>
      /ac "Preparatory Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Preparatory Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Preparatory Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Preparatory Touch" <wait.3>
      /echo EW 2* 70dur #1 638cp Done! <se.2>

      /ac Innovation <wait.2>
      /ac "Prudent Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Prudent Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Prudent Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Prudent Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Great Strides" <wait.2>
      /ac "Tricks of the Trade" <wait.3>
      /ac "Innovation" <wait.2>
      /ac "Byregot's Blessing" <wait.3>
      /ac "Careful Synthesis"
      /echo EW 2* 70dur #2 638cp Complete! <se.6>

      Custom Deliveries macros:

      lvl 80 or below Custom Deliveries:
      /ac "Trained Eye" <wait.3>
      /ac "Veneration" <wait.2>
      /ac "Groundwork" <wait.3>
      /echo Custom Deliv done! <se.6>

      lvl 90 Custom Deliveries:
      /ac "Reflect" <wait.3>
      /ac "Manipulation" <wait.2>
      /ac "Waste Not" <wait.2>
      /ac "Innovation" <wait.2>
      /ac "Preparatory Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Preparatory Touch" <wait.3>
      /ac "Great Strides" <wait.2>
      /ac "Byregot's Blessing" <wait.3>
      /ac "Veneration" <wait.2>
      /ac "Groundwork" <wait.3>
      /ac "Groundwork" <wait.3>
      /echo Custom Deliv (366 CP) done! <se.6>

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