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      Table of Contents
      1. Introduction
      2. Class/Job info and Requirements
      3. Stats and Gear
      4. Spells and Traits/Cross Class Abilities
      a. Spells
      b. Traits
      c. Cross Cross Skills
      d. Spell Discussion
      e. Traits Discussion
      g. Limit Break
      f. Cross Class Discussion
      5. Combat as a Black Mage
      a. Single Target Rotation
      b. AoE Rotation
      6. Primal Fights
      a. Ifrit
      b. Garuda
      C. Titan
      7. End Game Best in Slot

      1. Introduction
      With the release of Final Fantasy XIV: ARR I have decided to put together a guide for the Job I chose to play at launch, and that obviously being Black Mage. With this guide I hope to be able to provide help and advice to new players and players looking try out Black Mage for themselves. I don't claim to have all the answers, most of my post will come from my personal experience and other information I find on the internet. Please feel free to add any information or discuss other things about the job Black Mage. I hope anyone reading this guide finds it helpful!

      Now you may be asking what does a Black Mage have to offer and what kind of damage do they do. Black Mages offer both Outstanding single target dps and aoe dps but also the best CC in the game. Currently based on my experience Black Mages can be the top damage dealer when it comes to Single target dps, also depending on our procs we can provide the best Burst damage as well.
      2. Class/Job Info and Requirements
      Taken from Finalfantasyxiv.com

      With the release of 2.1 the Allagan Scepter is the best possible weapon due to it being ilvl 90. The ancient shield can be achieved by doing all the extreme primal fights, until you get that the darksteel buckler is still good to use as a filler.

      Also one thing to keep in mind while gearing up, when you are replacing pieces of gear even if you lose a little crit as long as you gain int it is an upgrade. Our primary stat is the most important since it increases our overall damage very well. So while you plan out your myth pieces to buy you can also go around what gear is available to you. If you get allagan pieces that are better then what you have by all means use them. This BiS is an eventual gearing setup since some people wont be all too lucky.

      An honorable mention on gear for beginning to gear up your BLM, try you best to get the Vanya Chest/Helm. These pieces of gear will improve your stats greatly and last you a long time until you get the tokens necessary or the luck needed for good drops.
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