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      So you’ve just completed your final book of challenges and upgraded your relic weapon to Animus. Congrats on your shiny new i100 weapon! Now on to the next grind. To further upgrade your relic weapon to Novus you will need to obtain 75 Alexandrite and use that to infuse your weapon with the power of materia.

      The game gives you a few options to obtain Alexandrite and what course you choose is entirely up to you. You can grind fates much like you did for Atma or you can perform hunts and spend 200 allied seals per Alexandrite. Your other option, and possibly your most guaranteed one, is to obtain and use Mysterious Maps.

      The focus of this guide is to cover the methods for obtaining Mysterious Maps, locations of where you will need to go and the monsters you will have to battle to win your much needed Alexandrite.

      – Obtaining Mysterious Maps –

      There a couple ways you can go about obtaining Mysterious Maps. One involves a daily quest with hand in and the other requires you to spend Soldiery Tomes. Now you might consider just handing in Soldiery Tomes to get your maps, but if you’re currently in the process of gearing up your character, I’d recommend also doing the daily quest as you’ll also be earning Poetic Tomes that can go towards i120 gear. Doing this allows you an easy way to get a Mysterious Map, improve your gear through Poetic Tomes, get more Soldiery Tomes to spend on maps and also provides the chance to get higher level crafting mats. As you can see, it’s a better use of your time.

      The first way to obtain your maps is to speak with a “charming” older woman, named Brangwine, who is located in Revenant’s Toll in Mor Dhona. You can find her by a vegetable stand located between the “Summoning Bell” and the tent where you can repair and buy gear. Her coordinates will be 22x and 6y on your map.

      Upon speaking with Brangwine, she will give you the following quest:

      Morbid Motivation:
      Reward: Mysterious Map

      Description: Brangwine is willing to give you a Mysterious Map in exchange for essentially robbing the dead. Though you cannot help but be suspicious as to her motivation, you must do as bid if you would be king of your kitchen. The personal effects of your slain peers are likely to be found where the deadliest creatures in the land prowl.

      The key item can be obtained by clearing a dungeon via Duty Roulette: Expert.

      Objectives: Obtain a sack of adventurer’s effects by clearing a dungeon via Duty Roulette: Expert.

      This is a daily quest that can be accepted once a day, obviously, and becomes available to accept each day at 8:00am pst. After accepting the quest you will then need to join a party using the Duty Finder to complete a Duty Roulette: Expert. Typical wait times for this duty can be anywhere from 11 to 17 minutes but in my experience can also take as little as 9 minutes to as much as 45 minutes. During this time I would suggest running fates around Mor Dhona as it gives you extra opportunities to earn Alexandrite and can help to speed up the process.

      Now with all that said you will need to have completed at least one run through of Keeper of the Lake, The Wanderer’s Place (Hard), and Amdapor Keep (Hard) to unlock Duty Roulette: Expert. Each dungeon will require you to be Lv 50 and have a minimum iLvl of 90 to enter. At this point you should already be working on your unlocks so typically you should be working on these either for story progression or as part of your daily grinds.

      Upon completing the Duty Roulette: Expert, you will be awarded the following Key Item:

      Adventurer’s Effects - A simple leather satchel belonging to an adventurer no longer adventuring in the corporeal realm.

      This item will automatically be awarded to you after a successful run and can be found in your Key Items tab in your inventory. No chests to loot or loot rolls to be made, thankfully.

      With that done, return to Brangwine to hand over the Adventurer’s Effects and congratulations, you now have a Mysterious Map. You will find it in your inventory with the following description:

      Mysterious Map ~ Miscellany
      This bottle is holding what appears to be a timeworn map of unknown origin, bearing peculiar markings.

      Use the action “Decipher” to extract the map and examine its contents.
      Level 50 recommended.


      The second way to obtain your Mysterious Maps is to speak with Auriana who is also located in Revenant’s Toll in Mor Dhona. You can find her in the Eastern most tent close to the entrance to “Coerthas Central Highlands”. Her coordinates will be 22x and 6y on your map. Auriana is also the NPC you talk to to exchange Soldiery and Poetics Tomes for gear. Simply scroll through her list of options and select the following:

      Mysterious Map Exchange
      Exchange 400 Allagan Tomestones of soldiery for a mysterious map.

      Once you have obtained your Mysterious Map, you can then decipher it and you will be given a Key Item called Alexandrite Map. Along with receiving the key item, you will also be presented a small map fragment on your screen. Looking at the map fragment shows you what zone to look in as well as a zoomed in view of the general area to look in. One you have your general location, you can then move to the next phase of actually looking for the Alexandrite.

      Note - You can only have one Mysterious Map and Alexandrite Map on your character at a time. To save yourself some teleporting back and forth, you can obtain one Mysterious Map then decipher it for the Alexandrite Map and then obtain another Mysterious Map to decipher later. Also note, that if you have any Timeworn Maps in your Key Items tab that you will NOT be able to decipher the Mysterious Map.

      – Locations By Zone – (Incomplete)

      The following is an unfinished list of Map locations per zone. While I am not 100% percent certain, it appears that each zone can have at least 2 map locations. Even getting 75 for my relic weapon I have not seen them all and the list here are only the ones I have had to find personally.

      – La Noscea –
      Middle La Noscea
      18x 17y - Near “The Cookpot”
      21x 24y - Just Southeast of the entrance to “Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks”
      Lower La Noscea
      23x 39y - Along the road just North of “Oschon’s Torch”
      Eastern La Noscea
      16x 31y - Southeast of “The Severed String”
      Western La Noscea
      32x 27y - Near “The Flock”
      12x 35y - On the “Isles of Umbra” West of “The Ship Graveyard”
      Upper La Noscea
      30x 24y - South of “Camp Bronze Lake”
      14x 21y - By the entrance to “Outer La Noscea”
      Outer La Noscea
      22x 16y - West of the “Kobold Dig”

      – The Black Shroud –
      Central Shroud
      10x 23y - Just Southwest of the entrance to “Haukke Manor”
      East Shroud
      25x 10y - In the “Hanging Barbs”
      15x 20y - North of “The Bramble Patch” by the entrance to “Thornmarch”
      South Shroud
      24x 24y - Near “Amdapor Keep”
      North Shroud
      23x 26y - Along the East road out of “Fallgourd Float”

      – Thanalan –
      Western Thanalan
      19x 26y - By “The West Hammer”
      Central Thanalan
      29x 19y - East of “The Unholy Heir” along the road to “Eastern Thanalan”
      Eastern Thanalan
      23x 27x - Between the “Amalj’aa Encampment” and “Final Prayer”
      Southern Thanalan
      22x 38y - Southeast of “Byregot’s Strike”
      Northern Thanalan
      20x 27y - North of “Camp Bluefog”

      Coerthas Central Highlands
      23x 15y - On the cliffs Northwest of “Camp Dragonhead”

      Mor Dhona
      31x 13y - Near the entrance to the tunnel that leads to “Crystal Tower”

      – Bestiary – (Incomplete?)

      After locating and opening the treasure coffer a powerful monster or group of monsters will attack and you’ll need to defeat all of them to earn your Alexandrite. Depending on your class and current gear, these fights can range from mildly annoying to down right infuriating. All the fights will have some gimmick to overcome and can be hard to recover from if you are not paying attention.

      I recommend you have your Chocobo companion handy before opening the treasure coffer as any extra damage helps during these fights. While I have not found it to be necessary, you might consider teaming up with another player to work on maps together. If you have a pocket healer you can ask nicely, or black mail if that is your thing, it goes along way towards making the fights easier.

      The following is a listing of the monsters you will have to face to obtain your Alexandrite. This is not a complete list as I remember there being a mob of Ogres but have not fought them regularly and didn’t find any info online after a quick search. There may be other mobs not mentioned on this list.

      Dire Gargoyle:
      Lv 50
      Four attack at once
      Grim Fate: AOE frontal cone attack
      Desolation: AOE line attack
      Difficulty: Easy
      The gargoyles do not have an auto attack and cannot be slept. They attack in a repeating pattern of Grim Fate followed by Desolation and will all group up at the player’s location before starting their cast timers. Simply single target one mob at a time while avoiding the cone and line AOEs. While you could AOE the whole group, the fight becomes easier as you pick off each gargoyle.

      Morbol Menace:
      Lv 50
      Medium size morbol uses a nasty root and debuff combo.
      Vine Probe: Instant cast root lasts for about 21 seconds
      Bad Breath: AOE frontal cone attack with multiple debuffs.
      Difficulty: Medium
      Morbol Menace packs a nasty 1 - 2 combo by snaring you and then hitting you with a potent bad breath attack. Getting hit by this combo can easily mean defeat if you are unprepared for it. It’s better to eat the root and then either stun or sleep the Morbol Menace before it can cast Bad Breath. Morbol Menace will telegraph the start of the combo by plunging a tentacle into the ground as part of the Vine Probe root animation. When rooted, players will see a red ring circling their feet. Depending on the length of the fight, Morbol Menace can use the root and breath attack combo multiple times throughout the fight.

      Woken Biast and Woken Drake:
      Lv 50
      Pack of 4 attack at once. 2 Woken Biasts and 2 woken Drakes will be in the pack.
      Biasts attack with an electric AOE frontal cone attack that can inflict paralysis.
      Drakes attack with an fire AOE frontal cone attack that can inflict burning.
      Difficulty: Medium
      At the start of the fight it’s best to sleep or stun as many of them as you can right away. This is a move heavy fight as all the mobs will group on your location and begin to cast their AOE cone attacks. You can take out the mobs in whatever order you prefer but my personal recommendation is to focus down the Woken Biasts first as getting hit by their electrical attack can be fairly annoying. Focus them down one at a time or AOE them down all together if it won’t agro more mobs to you or break any of the Biasts or Drakes out of CC. This fight is more of a tank and spank otherwise.

      Virago and Concubinus:
      Lv 50
      Virago is a sucubus monster that attacks with 2 voidsent called Concubinus.
      Virago uses a frontal cleave attack called Sweet Steel and a Void Fire III(?) AOE
      Concubinus chain casts an AOE called Terror Eye at the start of the fight and switches to an auto attack.
      Difficulty: Easy
      Concubinus is vulnerable to sleep so it is suggested to try and CC them first so you don’t have to deal with them chain casting Terror Eye at the start of the fight. After CCing the Concubinis you can then shift your focus to the Virago as she’ll be the one getting right up in your face.

      For the most part, dodge the AoEs, burn down the Virago and then you can take out the Concubini. The Concubini don’t pose much of a threat as long as you stay out of their AoEs and they don’t hit hard when they switch over to auto attacks.

      Woadback, Goldback, and Wineback:
      Lv 50
      A pack of 3 Pelican type monsters will attack at once each having a different breath attack.
      Woadback uses a frontal AoE petrification breath attack.
      Goldback used a frontal AoE paralyzing breath attack.
      Wineback uses a frontal AoE poison breath attack.
      Difficulty: Easy
      For the most part, this is a fairly straight forward fight. The pelicans don’t hit overly hard and don’t seem to have a lot of health but they can’t be slept so it’s best to just go on the offensive. Single target them and take them out in the order of Woadback, Goldback and lastly the Winback. You will want to take them out in this order as each pelican has its own breath attack and the less of them you get hit by the better.

      While I cannot completely confirm this, they also seem to use their breath attacks in that same order with a slight pause between each breath attack. The Woadback can petrify you so this should be your top priority. After that, the Goldback only poses a minor annoyance as its paralysis breath does not last very long and the Wineback will likely be close to death by the time it uses its poison breath.

      Lv 50
      Bomb type mob that grows in size.
      Uses a AoE explosion attack typical of bomb monsters.
      Difficulty: Easy
      Bombast is a bomb type monster that will attack primarily with auto attacks. It does not hit very hard but you do not want to get hit by its explosive attack as it can do a huge amount of damage at once. Multiple times during the fight the Bombast will grow in size, signaling that it is about to explode. At this point you can run out of range to avoid the explosion but you can also stop attacking and stand there to prevent it from going off in you face.

      Once the Bombast shrinks back down to normal size you can then go back to attacking as usual. One thing I did notice is that when the Bombast was large, I stopped attacking and focused on healing myself only to have it explode and take off even more health. This kind of leads me to believe that any movement will cause it to explode when big.

      Gelid Eye
      Lv 50
      Ahriman type monster with a nasty petrify attack
      Level X Petrify: Frontal AoE cone attack with a short fuse.
      Void Fire III: AoE attack centered on the player.
      Difficulty: Medium/Hard
      At the start of the fight a single Ahriman will appear called the Gelid Eye. It attacks primarily by chain casting stone although it will also auto attack from time to time. The two major attacks that you have to look out for are Void Fire III which is a simple AoE centered on your current location and Level X Petrify. For Void Fire III, you can run out of the AoE like any other. It hits moderately hard but nothing you can’t handle although you don’t want to be getting hit by this if at all possible.

      Level X Petrify is the attack you need to worry about as it can petrify you for a long amount of time and has a very short cast time. Your best bet is to move as soon as you see the AoE cone appear and run through the Ahriman and keep running until the cast time goes off otherwise you might not be far enough outside the AoE. As I main BLM, I am not sure if this move can be stunned.

      If you do get hit by Level X Petrify you can expect to be out of the fight anywhere from 15 to 25 seconds which can be deadly depending on how low your HP was at the time you got hit. To make matters worse the Gelid Eye also likes to use Void Fire III when you are petrified so expect to take one of those to the face at some point. A note about Level X petrify is that there seems to be a couple variations of the spell. One that is nearly instant cast and can petrify you for a long time and one that has a slightly slower cast and only petrifies you for a short while. Possibly luck of the draw but all in all this spell sucks to get hit by.

      Mythril Golem
      Lv 50
      Fast moving Golem that summons bomb adds multiple times during the fight.
      Rockslide: Frontal line AoE attack.
      Boulder Clap: Frontal cone AoE attack.
      Difficulty: Hard
      At the start of the fight a single Golem will attack hitting you pretty much with everything, including the kitchen sink. It moves fast and likes to chain its main attacks together in rapid fire. Dodge the AoEs and use any cool downs you feel necessary. While the Golem hits fairly hard it should not be your main concern during this fight.

      At certain intervals during the fight, possibly triggered off the golems health, a pack of bomb type monsters called Foxfires will appear. These need to be dealt with ASAP as these will group up on your position and instantly explode if allowed to live for too long. You can probably eat one explosion if your iLvl is high enough but you are better off killing these right away. After the Foxfires are dealt with, you can go back to burning down the golem. Again, do not let the Foxfires stay alive.

      Monocular Cyclops
      Lv 50
      Hard hitting cyclops with multiple attacks and summons large groups of Puk adds.
      100 Tonze Swing: 360 AoE attack centered around the cyclops.
      Eye of the Beholder: Medium range front arc attack.
      Frontal cone AoE attack.
      Difficulty: Hard
      This monster can be a real PITA as it takes up a large amount of room and has multiple AoE attacks that can hit in a large area around it. This monster moves fast, hits hard and only has one eye for you. Dodge its AoE attacks and be mindful of your positioning as the cyclops’s size can easily leave you trapped if you have to fight it in a confined space.

      The real danger from this fight is the Puk adds that will spawn multiple times during the course of the fight. While each one does not hit very hard, the fact that you will likely be fighting 8 at once can quickly overwhelm you if you do not thin out the herd right away. AoE attacks or defensive cool downs are recommended for this fight so be prepared to switch from the cyclops at a moment notice. Also, do not ignore the Puk adds, as more will spawn and you can find yourself fighting well over 20 at once if you are not quick about it.

      – Closing –
      Like this guide and want to make it better? So far all the info is incomplete and I am missing map locations as well as monster abilities. If you happen to have any locations or monster types not listed in this guide, please leave a comment with anything I may be missing and I'll add it to the guide as well as your name to a special thanks section. I am also looking for pictures of map fragments so if you happen to take any screen shots during your hunting, please pass them along. Thanks for reading and happy hunting!
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