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Greetings, my Realmy brethren!

Answa here, and it’s been far too long! Let us correct this by talking about one of the coolest new features in Final Fantasy XIV: Housing! I’m incredibly excited about most of the things that surround this subject and have taken the time to scour through the interwebs for those scattered nuggets of tasty information for which we so fervently salivate for your reading pleasure!


Housing in Final Fantasy XI was all about money. While your own moghouse was free and provided functions invaluable to the game’s systems (like changing your main and sub jobs), its finer details ranged from inexpensive to exhaustive—the more useful things being bonuses brought from expensive furniture, storage capacity, and products acquired through gardening.

For FFXIV 1.0, the housing system was completely nonexistent until instanced Inn rooms were introduced late into its life. These rooms featured four things: the sole source of rested EXP bonuses, an armoire for storing specific gear, a journal that allowed you to revisit every cutscene you’d experienced throughout your quests, and items acquired if you logged out by resting on your bed (what became known as “hecking your bed” through a notorious typo in the patch notes). The Inn rooms, accessible from all three city-states, were free to each player once they completed a simple quest (one for each city) featuring our favorite agent of inquiry (and Inspector Extraordinaire!) Hildibrand.

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However, as useful as these inn rooms were, they seemed empty and uninspired. As part of the incoming changes from ARR, Housing will feature a massive spectrum of innovation and detail. We start by discussing the location of one’s real estate. All three city-states will have their own instanced areas peppered with plots of purchasable land. Once a deed has been secured (Yoshi-P has alluded to how expensive it will be various times) by an individual, several individuals, or a Free Company, construction may begin.

As these instanced areas will not be monotonous, different plots of land will have different views which players may choose from their aesthetic preferences or proximity to landmarks or other criteria. In an effort to reduce conflicts that may arise from this fact, plots of land will be paralleled across different instances (one can purchase a plot of land that is purchased—it will be located in another instance). Furthermore, deeds to plots of land can be sold in the market wards or traded in one-on-one transactions with other players (note that this means they can be given as gifts to other players).


Coincidentally, the developers are still evaluating how many assets will be available with the Housing system. This means that the exterior customizability is still kind of up in the air between preset houses and moldable structures. Whether these presets or customizable pieces would be strictly reserved as styles for each city-state is not known. Regardless, whether your little slice of heaven is yours alone or shared with either your Free Company or group of friends, you’ll be able to customize individual rooms inside the structure to accommodate your varying personalities.

If your hoarding nature is twitching at the thought of amassing so much cool stuff to display on your house that there won’t be enough space, fear not! In a patch introduced post release we’ll have the ability to purchase larger plots that will be able to sate your mountainous instincts and effectively move to this location without any major losses. For those wishing to establish their superiority (or simply indecisive as to which city-state offers the most beautiful vistas) the development team is currently evaluating whether it will be possible to own more than one house.

Now, on to the juicy feature stuff. Naturally, Disciples of Hand will bring a lot to Housing through crafting various installable components for your house. We’ve even heard passing comments of using group synthesis techniques to produce heftier components (such as airships, if you’re inclined to get excited over something that will probably not happen—like me *sob*). What is not clear yet (to me, at least) is whether these components will produce the bonuses we know will be present. These bonuses (for example, for EXP, HQ yields for DoH or DoL) will come from expansions known as towers. If there will be other sources, I do not yet know. On the Disciples of Land side, one’s estate will have the capacity of supporting a nice little private garden, presumably to amass valuable resources without leaving home.

Another resource, naturally, will be attained through chocobo raising, which is for now known to be married to the Housing system. We’ve known for some time that you’ll be able to use your chocobo as a companion in battle—similar to your NPC buddy in FFXI. Through chocobo raising, you’ll be able to nurture your feathered steed to be a fighter, a mage(er?), etc. depending on your needs. I’m not aware if it’s been completely cleared up, but the subject of being able to manipulate your chocobo’s color has also been thrown in there (squee!). As has been shown through various pieces of conceptual art, you’ll be able to fit your chocobo with some cool-looking gear.

And that about wraps up this episode of The Realm’s Featured Highlights. If you have any inquiries, be sure to throw them my way!

I hope you’re all having a terrific time waiting for Phase 3 and beyond!
Answa Martes
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  1. Jesse Welch
    Thank you for this! I plan to buy the biggest plot of land in Limsa Lominsa!
    Jesse Welch, May 11, 2013
    Very good, informative piece. I've been waiting for some info on player housing. Thanks, Answa.
    JMATAWWCL, May 11, 2013
  3. Danforth Wright
    Not sure the link for housing footage is working Answa.
    Danforth Wright, May 11, 2013
  4. Answa Martes
    It works now. (Protip: expanding pictures kill links)
    Answa Martes, May 11, 2013
  5. Aster
    I expect inflation once housing hits...
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    Aster, May 11, 2013
  6. Answa Martes
    Really? I expect the opposite. Player housing, as Yoshi has been consistently alluding to, is to be really expensive. It's a huge gil sink for the initial plot. If expansions aren't crafted but bought, they'll continue maintaining prices down by keeping currency outside of players' coffers.
    Answa Martes, May 11, 2013
  7. Danforth Wright
    Unfortunately I agree with Aster. I have never seen anything of this much value do anything but become a huge in-game bubble. After becoming completely astronomical some dev team tweak will usually make it affordable, long after the prestige is complete gone. But that doesn't mean it isn't super awesome and I'm going to save gil like a wild man to get one!
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    Danforth Wright, May 11, 2013
  8. Estebanx1
    Well I'm not into living alone so I'll most likely going to live with my FC mates
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    Estebanx1, May 11, 2013
  9. Syjak_Silversong
    Very nice bit of information. Well done!

    Now, if check my digi calender too often, will my phone break?
    Syjak_Silversong, May 18, 2013