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I wanted to write a few things about FFXIV since it seems a few of you have access to Beta Phase 3:

First, I'm wondering how long you all are going to actually play the game because from what I understand from reading posts, some of you never played the original XIV. So this post is for you.

I downloaded the Windows version of the beta, started a character, found a server, MALBORO, and got to a level 3 character. I don't know how long I plan to play this game, as the game has a tendency to make people quit if they don't "get the game" or party mechanics aren't to their liking.

One of the major issues with the original game was the lack of support for new players. There was a very rough non-existent tutorial that hindered a lot of new players from enjoying the game. Link Shells? Levequests,? Lack of single player story, (it's an MMO but people expected single player content, go figure), and a retention wall that didn't really allow you to go out and just kill things to level up, which is sort of standard in most MMOs. The map sucked too and so did cut and paste textures and level design. I could go on...

After spending a few hours in Old and New Gridania, The Forrest Area, I can already tell the game is aesthetically nicer and there are plenty of quest givers to keep you busy, unlike the first game. The game might be giving you too many tutorials to start out with and it may seem a bit boring at first. However, it's better than no tutorial or having to join forums and subscribe to youtube channels just to learn how to play the game, which unless you were playing in a group was almost a necessity. I've only scratched the surface of the game and so far I see vast improvement from the original game, but if you are new to it, you might not be able to notice the changes which might become a problem. It has become similar in style to other MMOs like Rift, and Guild Wars 2 with public events and WoW NPC quests and hot bar commands. So it should be more intuitive for new players.

So far I'm liking the game and still have a ways to go to learn about all the systems like FATE and so on. I haven't tried the PS3 version yet, so I might give that a try as well. So far I approve of the game, albeit the few hours I've spent with it isn't much to make an accurate impression in an MMO. I haven't even gotten into crafting or major enemy battles and such.

So how are you all liking the game? Thoughts?
  1. Rostnhaemer Undbraenasyn
    Yeah, I was a little annoyed at how long they held your hand there at the beginning with the tutorial quests, but then once I realized WHY they did it, I was pretty impressed at how they went about it.

    I never played 1.0 myself, so I can't make any comparisons to it. But I will say I don't think there is anything wrong with adapting to current MMO standards in order to improve quality of life. I'm not one to say "Oh god, I can't believe they ripped off Guild Wars 2/Rift by adding FATEs". If it makes the game better, who cares? Game companies beg, borrow, and steal from each other all the time.

    I'm enjoying the game very much so far, but I'm still on the fence for the most part and would like to play through all of phase 3 before making the decision to pre-order it.
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    Rostnhaemer Undbraenasyn, Jun 18, 2013
  2. Zane
    From what I played of this Beta and the 1.0 Beta, which is how I'm judging them, I would say that the changes to the new game are an improvement. Whether or not new players will want to keep playing it is another question, because there isn't enough single player elements to hold your hand through the whole game. At a certain point, you will need to party up with people to complete the game. After all it is an MMO.
    Zane, Jun 18, 2013