General Rules (Honestly, we don't really need these rules because everyone is so considerate):
- Be friendly.
- There shouldn't be any conflict between people. But if you ever get into one, don't put it on FC chat. Take it to the private /tell. And consult officers for help, let officers help you resolve it in party chat.
- Venting is ok, but no excessive raging on the FC chat or in party chat during FC raids. Try to have fun instead even when the raid fails to win.
- No shouting on Teamspeak during a raid. Keep the atmosphere calm and relax.
- Looting etiquette is appreciated when a trial is won in FC raid. Please be considerate, and ask around if someone needs something before clicking the "Need" or "Greed" button.

Rules for FC Chest:
If you see something in the FC chest that you want/need. By all means, TAKE IT. If you're taking a lot of things or if the item is valuable, drop a small fee into the chest - whatever amount you believe is fair. Always pay LESS than the market board. This is what the FC chest is for - to help you get stuff for free or cheaply. It is an "honor system". We are not going to monitor your activities. As long as you're not clearing the whole chest in a day, we don't care what you take.

(We did have 1 incident before, where an idiot decided to empty the whole chest, and sell all the things with his retainer. We actually didn't kick that member, but just demoted him to Private so he has no more access to the chest. Anyway, he didn't stay very long, and quitted the game soon after.)
Last Updated: May 3, 2015, Updated By: Caimie Tsukino