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The home of friendly people and the place where the best crafters are born.
May 3, 2015
[NA] Zalera


The Survey Corps (AoT) is one of the oldest Free Companies on Zalera with some intriguing pages of history. The FC has been through glorious old times (9/2013 - 1/2014), darkest hours (2 - 4/2014), stabilized (5 - 8/2014), and finally at its highest peak at the moment (9/2014 - 4/2015). We are currently one of the most successful casual FC on Zalera which focuses on friendly community. We have over 70 active members with about 8 to 15 online on weekdays and about 20 to 30 online on weekends. We have an active and fun FC chat box, which people would actually say hello and talk. But there's no obligation to participate if you prefer to be quiet.

We do have a good number of competent raiders, and we are capable of beating some end-game content like the Binding Coil of Bahamut, Second Coil of Bahamut & the Extreme Primals. But we're not famous for raiding. Instead, we are famous for having some of the best crafters on Zalera. We are extremely resourceful financial-wise, information-wise and network-wise.

We provide all kinds of support to members, including:
(1) FREE HQ gear for battle/crafting/gathering classes under lvl 50.
(2) The FC buff "Heat of Battle II" running 24/7, providing all members with extra bonus EXP in battles.
(3) Friendly help with raids, from lower level dungeons to some end-game trials. We also hold FC raids to help members through some end-game contents on weekends.
(4) An extravagant "palace" (our FC house) where everything that can be available is available, like retainer bell, mender, material vendor, and junk monger for dyes.
(5) All 8 crafting stations for new crafters to gain a buff when leveling.
(6) Personal tutoring on crafting if needed.
(7) We have chocobo stable for leveling chocobo companions, and to change their colors.
(8) Gardens for those interested in gardening. Some members are making big bucks via gardening.
(9) We can also run 2nd FC buff upon request. We have plenty of FC credits to spare on buffs.
(10) We're one of the first FC on Zalera to have an FC airship! We have so many strong crafters that we completed the ship within 2 hours of release.

We welcome any friendly people joining us! Don't hesitate if you want to come!