FC rules

• Joining
Anyone joining the Blades, you are placed into the "Initiate" rank by default. This isn't anything against you as a player, and will be removed as you participate in events with the exception being you... aren't participating in either our discord or online.

• Leaving the FC
If you've left the FC, I don't want to say that's it for you as I believe in second chances. As this is a small FC at the moment, one time leaving will be forgiven as a mistake. Second time leaving will end up being a permanent leaving of the Blades. There will be very few exceptions to this.

• Language
The Aetherblades have a variety of different people in our ranks already and is run by two happily married women. Therefore we'd like to consider ourselves LGBTQA+ friendly among other things. Statements that are racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise hateful and done in malice WILL NOT be tolerated.

While this applies to FC member, if this behavior is seen outside of our FC, there will be no invite into the Blades. Period.

• Discord!
Discord is our main method of communication outside of the game itself and it is mandatory to join. We don't force anyone to talk on the voice servers if you don't want to. But it's highly encouraged to get to know everyone via that. We also make our events and announcements through there. So it's very important.
Last Updated: Mar 23, 2018, Updated By: Raatha