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Small FC looking for more to join us and have some fun
Sep 28, 2019
[NA] Diabolos


Hey! Quirkless Heroes is a My Hero Academia themed FC that is just starting up. We have a Small FC House that we will be expanding to a larger plot as soon as we gather the funds. We are seeking friendly and casual players of any level. We will be making a raid group at some point to help people get gear, find awesome looking outfits, and all those little pets.

Why should you pick Quirkless Heroes? We have a multi-game discord that covers various multiplayer community games, a DnD group in the wondrous world surrounding a mysterious city called Bastion, a pokemon bot that gives you something to do during queues and crafting, an active community that loves to chat about everything anime and video games, and a welcome home to casual streamers for networking and hosting. If you are interested send a message in game or join our discord and say hello.