**Guild Guidelines**


  • If you invite someone to the guild or to Discord, please send a message to an officer letting us know so we aren’t trying to figure out who is who. We do not mind anyone inviting anyone but we like to get to know everyone and make sure that the guild is a good fit for them and vice versa.

  • Ranks: Trials will last for 2 weeks. In this period, we would like to get to know you and allow you to get to know us so we that both parties can make sure each is a good fit for the other as stated previously. After the trial is over, trials will be promoted to veterans Veteran and granted access to chest tabs 1 and 2. Chest tab 3 is reserved for guild provisions, please let an officer know if you need something.

  • We will occasionally organize guild activities. With that, please be courteous to fellow FC Members and come prepared with whatever is asked (quest unlocked, materials, etc.) and be on time so that we can get to doing whichever activity we are all meeting up for!

  • We don’t use Push-to-talk in our main channels, as it makes it difficult on those playing on a console. That being said, using push-to-talk or muting yourself when you won’t be speaking for some time is much appreciated. If you have excessive background noise that is distracting we will have to mute you until it is not an issue anymore. Bottom line: Be courteous.

**Miscellaneous Info**

  • We activate experience and reduced teleport rate buffs each day minus Sunday. Sundays alternate between crafting and gathering buffs. **These are subject to change based on guild requests and activities/company credit availability** (remember just about everything you do generates company credits so it’s a win win).

  • We are saving to move into a medium sized house. We have a goal of 20 million. If you would like to donate feel free to donate to the guild chest. THIS IS NOT MANDATORY BY ANY MEANS. (You can see where we stand on this goal, by viewing the gil in the bank.)

  • The retainer outside the house has various items for sale, if you see something you can use message Sass Afrass.

  • Please note that any toon that is inactive for 45 days or more will be discharged from the free company. We understand real life comes first and we will gladly invite you back when you log back in!

  • If you are new to our guild, I have created a Google survey (see link below) to gain some feedback and I would really appreciate if you filled it out. It is not mandatory but it would be much appreciated. You can also use this in the future to anonymously submit suggestions if you wish to do so. Thanks! https://goo.gl/forms/bpgqKQPSVMaf4gFS2

Finally, if you have any questions, ideas, comments, or concerns about the guild please contact an officer (found in the column to the right of this screen). Have fun!
Last Updated: Aug 14, 2018, Updated By: Sass Afrass