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We Dodo, We Fix!
Jan 25, 2020
[EU] Zodiark


Elysium <Dodo> is a newly created FC on the Light server Zodiark that is looking to add both new and old players to their family. We're a friendly, small and cozy free company looking for alike minded people who wish to enjoy the game as much as we do.

Elysium is a Free Company like many others before and after it, is comprised of a diverse and intriguing player-base. We’ve then spent some time getting ourselves settled, before getting a house and deciding on our way forward as an FC.

We have an active Discord along with a server based Linkshell and a Cross- World Linkshell. The FC plans to do daily roulettes, Maps, and POTD/HOH. We have a moderately active discord however it is not mandatory, if you don't want to join or use voice comms that is completely fine. If you want friends to chat and hang out with, we'd love to have you [​IMG]